Taylor – timelines, trails and tracks

Of all of the Real Housewives, none has generated the level and amount of controversy of that one singular sensation – Shana Hughes Taylor Ford Armstrong.  For the name changes alone, she deserves her own spot here.

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  1. Designdiva says:

    Well…Looks like I got me some work to do…..
    Will go to the RED FOLDER and start posting stuff for all your viewers…..


    • Deco says:

      you’re dilly dallying.. you gots lots of work to do. but i’m certain the RED FOLDER is well organized. Poor Taylor. *WINK* She doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to your sleuthing, LOL

  2. Adgirl says:

    Hey Diva, We are looking forward to your finds so we can chat about them. Maybe it will be fun just to give us one or two things to get us talking and keep us drooling for the next installment. I’ll keep checking in on you.


  3. Designdiva says:


    Well we will start a discussion about what a piece of road kill Andy and Bravo is……I am awaitng OTHER info on a player in the game of SLHTFA….. Sounds like a disease when you say all the letters together… !!


  4. Designdiva says:

    Okay..something else for discussion. I have been asked by a “few” people how come Russell name is allowed to be slandered..etc
    So I did a google search for that very subject matter.
    Here is what I found..
    I AM NOT A LAWYER….But I did once party at a HOLIDAY INN..>!!!!!


    Can you be sued for libel or slander if the alleged target is dead?
    If the person is already dead, then would a lawsuit against you work if you defamed them? I would imagine not, but if their family sued you, would it go to court?

    Brandon Baum, Disruptive tech lawyer
    The deceased may still enjoy a “right of publicity” that survives death. Thus, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center has been found to have a right to protect MLK’s image
    And individual states have passed statutes protecting the rights of deceased celebrities. For example, California Civil Code section 3344.1 provides, in part, “Any person who uses a deceased personality’s name, voice, signature, photograph, or likeness, in any manner, on or in products, merchandise, or goods, or for purposes of advertising or selling, or soliciting purchases of, products, merchandise, goods, or services, without prior consent from the person or persons specified in subdivision (c), shall be liable for any damages sustained by the person or persons injured as a result thereof.”

    On the other hand, where the claim is purely based on reputational injury (libel/slander/defamation), in most states the claim terminates upon death and does not pass on to the estate or heirs. However, since this is a state by state determination,you need to review each state’s law to be certain. See, for example, Texas Civil Practice Code 71.021 (“A cause of action for personal injury to the health, reputation, or person of an injured person does not abate because of the death of the injured person”) http://law.onecle.com/texas/civi

    This is not legal advice, rather it is purely informational. If you have specific questions about specific facts, contact an attorney and never (ever!) rely on the internet for legal matters.

  5. Designdiva says:


    “But, until my husband Russell’s suicide, I didn’t feel safe to tell anyone for fear of my own safety and the safety of my daughter. With Russell’s passing, I now feel safe to bring my story into the light, to help all battered and abused women, and men, and aid them in their struggle.”

    UM..SURE….. But she did not have a problem telling over TWO MILLION PEOPLE ON CAMERA !!!!!

  6. Designdiva says:

    Taylors book tour schedule….
    FEB 7th 2012
    211 E. Ridgewood Avenue

    FEB 10th 2012
    6430 Sunset Blvd
    Suite 300
    Los Angeles,CA

    FEB 15th 2012

    189 The Grove Drive
    Los Angeles,CA

  7. Designdiva says:

    Empress.. well there you go,,,when in doubt ask Diva..she’ll find the answer for you QUICKLY…Which to my way of thinking that PO could backfire on her..I bet the JUDGE does not grant it…. His wife prob watches BH HWS and HATES TAYLOR….hahahahahahahaa

  8. Designdiva says:

    Want to bet it does not go to trial ??? they will settle out of Court…. CONFIDENTIAL of Course cause she’s gonna use that ace card she has….You know..the journal with all the PLAYERS names in it…..WINK

    • A settlement would be smart on her part because she would make a crappy witness. She probably has whole lot of things up her sleeve, too.
      The plaintiffs have to agree to it though, and if they think they can prove she has a whole bunch of $$$ hidden somewhere, well…

  9. Adgirl says:

    Thanks Diva! Appreciate the links and everything here. I didn’t realize Taylorsoraus wants a PO. Maybe the investors are losing their cool.

    • Designdiva says:

      Adgirl…It’s just a power play PLOY on the part of the Defense…. I have a feeling that the PO will not be issued..Too much at stake and the Plaintiffs are going to push hard to protect the interests of their investors. They have deep pockets.Deeper than taylors for sure.. cant wait to see the list of witnesses that will be recieving their subpoenas….
      Hmm..Dandy Andy..Bravo…Producer blah blah…the list will be endless….
      Filming for HWs starts the second week of March….LOL

  10. Adgirl says:

    BTW can’t she go through all this and file for BK protection? Can she have the proceeds from the book go to Kennedy? like in an account that Taylor controls?

    • Designdiva says:

      Adgirl…not being an Attorney I dont believe that even if she filed for BK that it would be granted…Considering the circumstances. I would need to go check and see IF Judgements can be written off…..

    • Designdiva says:

      Adgirl…. taylor is being sued for breach of contract. And according to some one I asked about her filing for BK because of the Judgement…He says it would be a snow balls chance in hell that the BK would be granted. The debt would have to exist for three years prior or something like that….PLUS you know that as soon as MMR gets that judgement awarded to them they will file for every garnishment they can against taylor ..her book deals…. her possible employment at bravo..etc…. As far as kennedy..taylor needs to go file for Social Security Death Benefits just like other people do… I cant feel soory for taylor that she has a daughter to support blah blah blah…My poor grand daughter will never know her father either and her mother has to make do with SS benefits and VA benefits… Time for Taylor to BUCKLE UP and realize that the world DOES NOT revolve around her…….

  11. Designdiva says:

    Carrying this over from the other post
    Russell’s final interview…


  12. Designdiva says:


    Geez..last night she stated that russell abused her every SIX WEEKS…so do the math..it would be 52 times…and notice the quote in there about how many women die each day from DV..She said the same thing last night…

    • Deco says:

      Long time, it seems 🙂 Good to see you.!!! You’re still on the case..is the RED FOLDER ready to spew its guts?
      In the article from findlaw^^^……….:
      “She alleges that the abuse was at one point severe enough to fracture her face and cause brain damage. It also occurred while she was pregnant”
      does this imply that Russell fractured her face once when she was pregnant and once again this past summer?
      Taylor is despicable. I watched part of the reunion last night. I think she is the embodiment of evil. Her smiles and smirks in response to questions (do you think he was murdered?) are downright creepy.

      • Designdiva says:

        Hey DECO….hope all is WELL in your world…. I have been BUSY indeed..time to clean out the RED FOLDER…
        I think the writer meant the “abuse” happened when she was also pregnant…It is sorta kinda a poorly structured article…LOL
        I dont for one minute think Russell was murdered…Never have… I believe that he KNEW that he was going to be crucified this season and sometimes and Mr Ford agrees, that when a mans character is questioned and the man himself may have some emotional issues…..well you know…so YES I believe he took his own life….and I feel and it’s just my inner feelings …that it was his way to give the old EFF YOU to taylor….
        I feel he knew that a shit storm was going to happen because of his death…

        • Deco says:

          DIVA….I never thought Russell was murdered either. When i said that Taylor’s smirks were creepy when asked questions (ie:russ murdered?), I only used that one as an example. She has a way of implying something without speaking.
          I thought that they were saying Russ had fractured her face twice…once when prego and once in Vegas. I see now what you mean…implication was she was ALSO abused when pregnant. ehh… what’s the difference.. i can’t believe a thing she says.

          As for my REAL WORLD. still running (more than ever) taking care of things. Daughter is home and will be for a while. She has at least 2 months of healing ahead of her. But she’ll be ok…Thanks for the PINK and WHITE CANDLES…;)
          I missed you but thought of you often… your “voice” is often heard when I’m driving North on 95….I think it’s luring me…… hahahahaha… Looking for trouble?

  13. Designdiva says:


    One source told RadarOnline, “Russell hit Taylor in the face so hard she had to go to Cedars Sinai hospital in June.” The source added, “The damage to her face was so extensive that she spent days in the hospital and had to have a plastic surgeon give her reconstructive surgery to repair what Russell did to her.” A second source confirmed that Russell hit Taylor and as a result, she ended up in the hospital.

    The source pointed out that Taylor hid the violent act from her daughter. “She made sure Kennedy was unaware of what was going on between her parents.”


    One of Taylor’s most graphic stories of abuse is the one she recounted during an appearance with television’s Dr. Phil last September. As the program displayed a shocking close-up photo of Taylor with a black eye, she tearfully told the TV host about a fight she and Russell had after celebrating her 40th birthday at the Four Seasons Hotel with a group of friends. She says her husband confronted her about his suspicions that she’d cheated on him and punched her in the eye. he injury was so bad, Taylor told the audience, that she immediately saw black and nearly lost her eye.

    Taylor told Dr. Phil the injury happened after the couple “got home.” However, in her interview with The Daily Beast, Taylor said, “It happened on June 11 … in our hotel room at the Four Seasons.” Asked to explain the discrepancy, Taylor said, “I just meant when we got home to the hotel.”

    On June 12, 2011, Taylor tweeted to followers: “@TaylorArmstrong Now we’re pool side at the 4 seasons and i am thinking of never leaving … i had the BEST birthday party ever! thank you Russell and all my crazy pals who joined in on the mayhem.” Asked if that upbeat tweet wasn’t out of character for a woman who had been assaulted just hours earlier, Taylor said that Russell always “sat next to me and told me what to tweet.” Asked why she would stay the next day and party at the pool with a black eye, Taylor said, “No, no. I had orbital floor blowout—never a black eye from the punch.” But if Taylor didn’t have a black eye, then what was the photograph shown on Dr. Phil? “That,” she told The Daily Beast, was a picture taken after her July 5, 2011, reconstructive surgery, which included inserting titanium mesh inside her orbital floor to, literally, keep her eyeball in the socket.

    According to Taylor’s account, more than 25 days passed between the injury and Taylor’s July 5 reconstructive surgery. During that time, Taylor made public appearances at events in Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, and on the set of The Real Housewives. Asked why several contemporaneous photographs taken of her showed no sign of any eye injury, Taylor said it was because Russell’s half-open handed jab had caught his knuckle in her eye socket in such a way as to cause only internal injuries, not external injuries. She said the whole thing was made worse because she’d had Lasik surgery shortly before the punch, and the force of the blow had dislodged and wrinkled the (cornea) flap that had been cut during surgery.

    • Deco says:

      Hallelujah !!! Is an interviewer/writer finally putting the statements Taylor made together, lining them all up and realizing there’s some tall tales being told? That the facts and timeline don’t mesh? That the only MESH there is, is the ‘titanium mesh that holds her eyeball in’?
      Ohhh. I think Taylor’s coming to the end of the road. She’s starting her double talk but she won’t be able to talk her way out of this.
      I will be positively gleeful when she is exposed and hope Russell’s children get some relief from the accusations she hurled at their father.
      Once the timeline and story starts getting some more ‘main stream’ press (DIANE DIMOND) this story should really begin to steamroll.
      I hope the average dick and jane read these stories and begin to understand the truth behind TA. If their only impression of her is what was seen on Bravo there are a lot of deluded “fans” out there. So many only watch Bravo and don’t read the blogs. They have not had the opportunity to see DIVA”S timeline..
      I cant wait.

  14. Designdiva says:

    taylor on FOX this a.m. sounds like she took a page out of faye resnicks book…remember faye and kyle talking in the kitchen the day of the ranch birthday party after the tea party ???


    She’s such a BEEITCH…

  15. Designdiva says:


    A MUST WATCH… self implode 321 orbital blowout…she just can SHUT UP…..LOL LOL
    Hopefully now Bravo has ENOUGH..

  16. Designdiva says:


    Designdiva says:
    February 20, 2012 at 1:07 pm

    HAHAHAHA…. I dont think it was from Botox…. I think it may have been an old injury ,not major , from back in the day of cheerleading…like a tiny little hairline injury…. then when she had her FIRST REAL lasik surgery the pressure aggravated that injury and she suffered a minimal orbital floor injury… the fact that in that report from her scan showed fatty tissue in the ‘cracks’ or ‘breaks’ indicates it was healing…I still say she had droopy eye lid surgery…for some reason..DUH..IT”S TITS… I dont beleive she has a titanium mesh implant…in those pics she supplied the WHITES of her eyes are, well, white.. no blood pooling…
    I also think she had her FIRST lasik eye thing done the later part of April… After Kyles Lollipop Charity event BUT before game night… Remember that TIT was suppose to host game night ORIGINALLY…. She thanked paminacan for assuming the role because of some things she had been thru… Cue to the scene of TIT and paminacan in TITS kitchen baking cookies…Notice how TIT kept her hair over her right eye ??? It wasnt that she had a black eye or anything ..She was not wearing the eye shield and maybe the lighting was agravating her eyes in those scenes….. Her brain needs to be donated to science for study after she passes away so they maybe better explain to people what makes people like TIT …TICK….LOL


    • Thanks for your answer and for bringing it over. So, basically, the scan report she was waving in our faces was hers, but, more than likely, completely unrelated to her claims.
      BTW, criminals’ brains are often studied, both while they are alive and post-mortem. It’s frequently done on serial killers. (just sayin’ 😉 )

  17. Designdiva says:

    Empress..LOL at the last statement…. So true….. I believe the “scan” was part and parcel of her devious plan to set Russell up to be the alleged WIFE BEATER from Hell.. She’s just not smart and that will be her almighty down fall…Like get rich schemes..in theory they believe they will work..but in the world of practicality they oftne more times than not suffer….EPIC FAIL

    The DATES she sets these things up all tie into the rest of the gals being in HA and the notion that they DONT BELEIVE her weighs heavily on her..coupled with the fact that they had been turned away from the White Party and told that Bravo was leaning towards washing their hands of her and Russell.. So she QUICKLY had to devise a plan…HMMM..what ever can I do to make them beleive me…..Oh yea… I remember…during that pyramid routine I got hit in the eye…so maybe if I just kinda sorta maybe gently HIT MYSELF..I can go to the Dr ..he will order a scan ..it will show an injury..Yea yea..thats it… Okay people..I’ll show you..I got hurt…. well a few years back but they wont figure that out… Hell I am still scamming them with my OH WOE IS ME story and so I am good to go….. Whistle whistle….Hi ho Hi Ho….it’s off to scamming I go….
    oh crap.. I have all those appearances to attend… the awards…nicey nash thing on the 29th..Oh crap HAMPTONS July 3rd weekend..well shit..this is going to have to wait…Oh I know…. I’ll be in SSSSOOOO much pain that they will have to do EMERGENCY surgery July 5th….Lets see..does that work…Shit Yea…
    We are filming July 14th at Sur… Um.the black eye should just be subtle enough to draw just the right amount of attention BACK TO ME DAMN IT… and for extra measure.. I’ll bring along my SOCK PUPPET Dr Soapy to aid and abet in this charade..Yea yea that’s it… Russell is the bad guy here..It’s all his fault.. Then everyone will feel sorry for me..it’s all on film and then the 15th of July I will go file for DIVORCE… However I wont claim any abuse in the filing…..DER….. Now it’s a shoe in..I am back to being the darling of BH ..Bravo wont fire me.. I bring ratings…..YEA….

    Now for the sad part… Russell got wind of all this…. He is devasted…. his character is now being brought into question… The money and legal shit..He could handle that..It was old hat for him to stave off the predators..but his CHARACTER…being TRASHED…. I dont beleive in his frame of mind he could handle that… The black mark of doom..He was done… She had changed the focus on him and he was not prepared “mentally” for that……. She more than likely led him to believe she was going to BRING HIM DOWN… He had interupted the flow of the game for her….
    I think that Russell sat in his room for those two days and fought his inner demons..He weighed the pros and cons of whether to take his own life.. I also feel he had researched what happens to a body at the time of death.. AND THESE ARE JUST MY THOUGHTS NOT ACTUAL FACTS…
    I think he knew NOT to have food in him…and drank very little during those two days…I think he carefully picked out to wear black undershorts and socks for a reason..I think you all know why…. It is sad that at then end the LOVE he felt and had for his children and even for himself and others was not enough to save him…. I beleive in a way this was his FUCK YOU TIT….

    • PussyGalore says:

      She has failed to comprehend the depth and intensity of our animosity towards her and her actions for what she has done. And Russell would probably never have believed the number of people who have formed an alliance of avenging angels. Tick tock tick tock tick tock.

      • Designdiva says:

        PG… and could be part of his “intent” was to really expose HER…. peeling of the onion…It is a shame that he is earthbound until all this over….and hopefully for him, he will have closure in July if not before….

  18. Designdiva says:

    Now TIT is the “go to ” expert for all things DV…


    Notice the use of some words… LIGHTING BOLT>… words said to her from Dr POO when she was on his show…. I am sure MMR is watching and taking notes….. And all those letters from ALL OVER THE WORLD being sent to her… AMAZING…….vurp…..UGH

    • Isn’t this exactly what we thought would happen? I wonder how the family of Nicole Brown Simpson feels – they have been working tirelessly since her death for the benefit of others.

      • Designdiva says:

        Empress… I also imagine that Faye Resnick is non too happy about this either…. HLN is associated with Sock puppet and Dr Poo so I guess it’s of their doing that she is being “featured” now as the GO TO CHICK…. How she can continue to believe all the lies she has spewed is beyond the scope of my understanding human nature….

  19. PussyGalore says:

    You are so right about that Diva. They’ve formed a little triumvirate with Dr. DrooPoo as the HLN connection who gets the shyster and the sockless wonder gigs on his network. In fact, the sockless wonder has been appearing as a talking head on various other HLN shows even more often lately. A preview of things to come?

    Since Whitney passed Dr. DrooPoo has been on a rabid rant and in reading the comments on his HLN/CNN blog it’s apparent that many people are finding his style, which has become so over-the-top, a little hard to take. In fact, I’d say the majority of the comments are negative and several people, myself included, have even suggested that his continued presence on television is a danger to the viewers because of the misinformation he spreads. It’s so disappointing that no one from the network bothers to read any of the blogs so the complaints fall on deaf ears. Too bad.

    I’m just appalled at Rhianna for reuniting with Chris Brown but neither of them seems to give a damn what anyone else thinks of them getting back together. I was beginning to feel a little sorry for Chris Brown and was wishing that people would let him move on because I thought he’d done all he was legally required to do by completing the anger management classes, paid his fines, etc. He’d suffered the consequences for his actions and I assumed he’d learned his lesson. But I’ve come to discover that he’s been thumbing his nose at the world on Twitter and behaving like an arrogant, spoiled brat, saying things like, “I got my Grammys, so screw you”. Had he learned anything I would think he’d be a little more humble.

    Apparently these days physical violence is a fairly common occurrence in young people’s romantic relationships and they’re in desperate need of positive role models. I’m not a big believer that all young celebrities be required to provide a positive role model for their impressionable followers but these two young people, by virtue of their circumstances, are in an ideal position to be just that. It doesn’t look like that is going to come to pass.

  20. Designdiva says:

    I say let TIT TALK…the more the better…MMR I am sure is plum tickled pink that she has yet to learn how to ZIP IT…. She’s collecting a paycheck for them to garnish when they get their Judgement given to them…Each statement she makes..someone can rebutt and find evidence to the contrary…..So SING IT LOUD AND PROUD TIT…. You go girl…Give MMR all that ammo…that can and WILL be used against you in a COURT OF LAW….LOL LOL LOL
    Oh Glory days…


    • Makes you wonder about what her attorneys are thinking. She may very well be the client from Hell – you know, the ones who don’t exercise the 5th.

      • Designdiva says:

        Empress..Oh she’s exercising the 5th allright.. A 5th of vodka..bourbon..whiskey….etc…
        Maybe her laywers JUST DONT CARE ANYMORE…. you know they have read blogs and are prob just collecting a check at this point….
        you know that whole..lead a horse to water thing….WINKS

  21. Designdiva says:

    LOL…Most people have laugh lines…TIT has CROWS feet… and LIE LINES….
    Still no CROW on my menu here… I am waiting for the day…….. tick tick tick…

  22. Designdiva says:

    Well crap.. I forgot to ask..Does one serve RED or WHITE wine with CROW….

  23. Designdiva says:

    I think more along the lines of opossum or armadillo…OR… Rocky Mountain Oysters….

  24. Adgirl says:

    Hey Diva, good to see you! Keep on her tail!

  25. deballyn says:

    Hi everyone.. Thanks for all your blogs, Empress..it’s been a while since I posted but I’ve been reading everyday, if I can. The variety of subjects are thought provoking and a welcome break from HW blogs. That’s not the HW discussions you Host, E. 🙂

    I shared this with a friend in an email earlier today. My Friend will remain nameless*WINK* so as not to cast blame on her for bringing the dreaded Taylor up again.. She suggested I post it here..
    In actuallity it’s not ALL about Taylor, except in my mind.

    I had just read this about one of the Teen Mom’s
    I don’t watch the show ..supposedly this chicklet, Jennelle is a liar, too

    Jenelle told the Examiner.com that Gary – a marine and newlt ex fiance was physically abusive towards her.
    “He basically slapped me in my face, and pinned me to my bed,” she reveals. “The way he slammed me down my jaw got popped out of place, and he ended up punching me with his palm.” Adding that she had to “get ice for my cheek bone all night.”

    Sounds familiar, right?
    What a great and shining example TIT is for young women today. For sure she brought DV into the spotlight. And taught women to be deal with it. Saving lives everyday, she is.

    This girl says MTV filmed it. And they did nothing? She called the cops but decided not to press charges. Like I said I dont watch this show but somehow I believe her story came from Taylor, the publicity she’s gotten and the lies she spews. (right down to popping her jawbone) Just as Taylor’s are a compilation of stories she heard at her DV center..
    I think Jennelle took the story/page right out of Taylor’s book..Anyone think the same?

    • deballyn says:

      It’s Deco…..^^^^^^… Had a hard time signing in to WordPress..

    • Deco,
      Certainly sounds like it’s right out of Taylor’s scripted nonsense. BTW, don’t apologize for bringing Taylor up – her story(ies) will be comment worthy for a long time. I’m patiently waiting for the trial – if it comes to that. I’m sure we’ll have lots to talk about.
      (Sorry about the sign-on thing with WP. It was some sort of fix that they added.)
      Good to see you here. 🙂

    • Viewer 5 says:

      howdy from north of you. thx for posting.

    • melthehound says:

      Janelle has never been too bright and just like LM, she is a Major loose cannon.Her mother has custody of the kid. I thought she was in Jail for drug paraphernalia and a probation violation. On the last reunion, you know, with everyone’s pal, Dr Drew ( 😉 )she said that’s where she was heading.

      • melthehound says:

        Here’s a taste of the lovely Jenelle. (warning, kind of brutal, not kidding here).

        • Well, that certainly looks like a girl who can hold her own against anyone.
          And I owe you one – now I don’t have to check out “Teen Mom”. Whatever curiosity I had just went right out the window.

          • melthehound says:

            Think nothing of it. Janelle isn’t the first one to be filmed fighting. There is another who tried to punch out her baby’s father, In Front of the MTV cameras. Nothing was ever done about it until people pitched a major bitch about it, how she was allowed to skate away from Documented DV. Interestingly, or not, Part of the gripe wasn’t that it Happened but that it was Shown. In S1 of Jersey shore when viewers first met ‘Snooki’, she was getting lippy with some guy in a bar about drinks or something. Said guy bashed her in the mouth. MTV Blacked the footage but it was Heard. With the other ‘mom’ on Teen Mom, (Amber Portman), nothing came of it until well after it aired and authorities got wind of it and I believe, Subpenaed the footage from MTV. She got slapped with DV charges and child endangerment IIRC, because the kid was standing right there while it happened.

  26. thedesigndiva2 says:

    Deco,,, Well beans… I had this nice long post and it went POOF.. wink
    So I will try and repost after RINGER…. it’s on now and doing a LIVE chat online with V5 on Instant messenger… SEASON FINALE… then after Ringer.. I have to watch Season opener of Deadliest Catch… WHOOP WHOOP…Good TV coming back,,, will have to tide me over till SAMCRO RETURNS…

  27. thedesigndiva2 says:

    UNREAL… How does this chick keep getting these gigs ??? Do these organizarions NOT read about her and all her LIES…..


    Just more BS to add to her resume.. GOD..I hope she gets SLAMMED in JULY and that the COURTS do not accept the settlement offer for the MMR case…….
    I would love to see her MELTDOWN on the stand

  28. Prickle&Goo says:

    So much information that I found very useful about Taylor Armstrong. I was friends with one of her GF in tenn many years ago. I am not suprised by all of this.
    Now I know why she left town.
    I pray her daughter will not follow in her footsteps and her granny.

    • Then this must be especially sad for you. Thank you for the article above. I guess you can see that Taylor has no friends here.

      • Prickle&Goo says:

        She has always left a trail of destruction where ever she laid her ass
        I noticed she did finally change her name again !!!!
        She will go back to being the REAL Shana after she is blown away on the stand in July Court.
        Paybacks indeed for all her evil ness

        • If you’re comfortable with the idea, all of us would be interested to hear how you knew Taylor and your thoughts about her life. The design diva has done months of painstaking research for us regarding “Shana” and I’m certain that she would appreciate anything you’re willing to talk about. If you find it uncomfortable to do publicly, I have a Suggestion Box on this site, which allows you to communicate privately. Thank you for your comments.

    • Adgirl says:

      “I pray her daughter will not follow in her footsteps and her granny.”

      Her GRANNY?? hmmmm interesting! Pull up a chair and visit while I pour you a cocktail.
      The Empress runs a nice site here. I’m sure she has some snacks in the kitchen.

      • Prickle&Goo says:

        Yes Granny
        In Oklahoma we normally call them Granny,like in the South
        I have been reading all the topics here and find this place very calming indeed
        Nice to find instead of the other places we have visited recently
        We find horse people to be the most real of folks in the world as they must have patience to live in harmony with large animals
        You mentioned snacks and cocktails. Is there a happy hour here ?

        • Adgirl says:

          It’s always happy hour here! I stand the first round – what’s your drink? Have you sent Empress a note to her suggestion box yet? You should.

          • Prickle&Goo says:

            I drink Whiskey mash preferred
            I am watching all these events unfold
            Shana is a very mentally unstable person and does bad things to get her way
            She always has and she is not a good role model to her daughter Kennedy Caroline
            We pray that she will be safe as she grows up

  29. thedesigndiva2 says:

    Welcome to the Farm Prickle & Goo….
    Who were you :friendly with in tenn.. JenniFUR or Dwight ???
    Have you been friends with TIT… our pet name for her…. for long ??

  30. thedesigndiva2 says:

    Empress….. LOL LOL
    I would like to see if we can get P&G to maybe give us some more info about TIT… seems they KNEW each other from Tenn.. ?????

  31. Prickle&Goo says:

    I have been spending many hours loojing at your posted information
    I am impressed by the work that has been posted
    I will discuss this matter with my wife and see if she is comfortable with this discussion.
    Taylor Armstrong is not who she pretends to be.
    She is MANY people as is her past friend J
    thank you for the warm and helpful words

  32. Prickles & Goo says:


    Well I believe a few days ago I mentioned here that Shana was due to have yet another meltdown like she did before.
    So true to her being. she did just that.
    But please know that Shana does this ACT for attention and off camera and away from prying eyes and ears she is laughing at all of you
    Someone should install hidden cameras and mics in her residence so you all could see the truth.
    Shana has honed her craft quite well these past few years and maybe now you all will SEE one of the reasons that Russell Armstrong chose to do what he did. Self preservation is what my wife called it the day we recieved the call that Russ had passed away.
    Once again Marla will not step up to the plate and intervene on Shana’s behalf. Why you ask ?
    Because the Pugh Family has had years of Shana’s acting up and projecting.

    • Hi, P&G,
      So you’re saying that she is ONLY drinking for attention, and maybe for Bravo, but is not really an alcoholic? I don’t know what’s worse – being an alcoholic or pretending to be one. Oh, right, I forgot – she’s also a DV victim – got it.
      Thanks for what you bring here.

    • melthehound says:

      There are reasons I call her a murderer. Just sayin.

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