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The Walking Dead – The Grove

 “You fight.  You fight.  You don’t give up.  And then one day, you change.” Tyreese and Carol, along with Lizzie, Mika and baby Judith have stopped along the tracks on their way to Terminus.  Lizzie doesn’t want to sleep, thinking … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead – Alone

Bob, Maggie and Sasha Read more at Bob is seen in a flashback when he’s alone, fending off walkers in a makeshift shelter and swigging from a bottle of Nyquil.  While walking down the road, Glenn and Daryl (on … Continue reading

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TheWalking Dead – Still

Daryl and Beth This is the only pair of survivors of the prison attack who haven’t come across another single soul, which is surprising considering that Daryl knows how to track as well as having more than a passing familiarity … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead – Claimed

Rick, Michonne and Carl Carl is having breakfast while Michonne models the shirt she found in the house.  It all looks like a happy family, enjoying things the way they used to before the apocalypse.  They chat about soy milk, … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead – Inmates

We hear what Beth has written in her diary during and since Rick and the group came to the family farm.  In it, she tells herself that going with the group to the prison will be the safest place for … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead – After

The prison is overrun by zombies in the aftermath of the assault by the Governor and his gang against Rick and his group.  Michonne is standing amid the bodies and rubble, when she comes across Hershel’s head and delivers the … Continue reading

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Curse of Carlton; Real Housewives, New Cast Members

This is probably the shortest recap I’m ever going to write about the Real Housewives because there was more drama on Twitter than there was during this episode.  Besides, I have more pressing matters to address later on. Too much … Continue reading

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