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Weekend Special – Adventures in babysitting – Part 3 – The Fights and the neighbor lady

Just look at them… Sweet as can be, Right? (say yes 😉 ).. Those of you who read my random posts over the summer saw me do a lot of complaining about these two, usually accompanied with phrases like Kill … Continue reading

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Weekend special – Adventures In Babysitting – Part 2

Hello again friends. Last week I gave you a taste of my summer vacation. Rather my summer with my nephew’s kids during their summer vacation. This week, I’ll give you a little background story… I spent a good amount of … Continue reading

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Weekend Special – Adventures In Babysitting – What Was I Thinking – Pt1

Hi, Everyone. I hope this finds you well and you’re all enjoying your holiday weekend. Back in mid-July, I got a phone call from my nephew. He doesn’t owe me any money and there are no holidays or birthdays coming … Continue reading

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Sister Wives – Colleges, Closings and Christmas

Five episodes into this season and I’m more confused about the Browns than I was before.   In my last Sister Wives’ post I said that I was working on a family tree.  Well, forget about it.  My “aha moment” came … Continue reading

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Weekend Special – 2013 In Bloom

Hello again Friends.. It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these.. ‘These’ being one of those self promotion type posts that I think you all may enjoy. As many of you know, I like to take pictures. … Continue reading

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Imelda and Me

This year I realized I have been a mom half of my life.  I vividly remember the deer in the headlights panic when my child was about three weeks old.  The realization that I was not babysitting and no one … Continue reading

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Happy Easter

All of us here at The Farm wish you a Happy Easter and a basket full of wonderful surprises. Empress

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American Idol – Auditions week 3

Hello Idol fans. This is extremely late and I apologize for that. It’s been a week, I’ll just say that and move on. I’m not going to spend a lot of time (if any) bashing the judges, they didn’t really … Continue reading

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reven8e- Sabotage

Someone in a ski mask and black clothing is lying on the ground, bleeding and Aiden is holding a gun.  The apparently dead figure also has a tattoo on their wrist of the double infinity sign. It’s two days earlier … Continue reading

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I’ve made and broken more New Years’ resolutions than I can count.   I don’t think it was because I lack resolve but that they probably weren’t worth keeping, after all.   This year I’ve found something that I’m going to try … Continue reading

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