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Sons of Anarchy – Gemma

  There are only two episodes left in this seventh and final season of Sons of Anarchy and it appears that Gemma Teller-Morrow is about to receive her punishment for being the worst mother to ever grace our television screens.  … Continue reading

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Curse of Carlton; Real Housewives, New Cast Members

This is probably the shortest recap I’m ever going to write about the Real Housewives because there was more drama on Twitter than there was during this episode.  Besides, I have more pressing matters to address later on. Too much … Continue reading

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Sons of Anarchy – S6E13 – The bitch slithers away again

Here it is folks. The last one of the season. Let’s review where we’re at for a minute then I’ll get to the important parts of the show. Clay is dead and Jax is making moves to hand off distribution … Continue reading

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Sons Of Anarchy – 6.12 – You Are My Sunshine

Here we are. 12 down, one to go. We start off this week, with Jax meeting with the DA. She isn’t happy with how Ghalen was delivered to her. She was expecting live bodies she could drag into court and … Continue reading

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Sons of Anarchy – s6e11 – It Hits The Fan – Aon Rud Persanta

Here we are fans. Week 11 already in what is typically a 13 week season. What a week it was too. When we left off, Jax knew of Tara’s plans and was having her followed so she could not leave … Continue reading

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Sons Of Anarchy – S6E10 – Huang Wu

Good Morning my friends.. Back with another Sons recap. Last week, the proverbial shit hit the fan as Gemma managed to get proof, she says, from Margaret that Tara was never pregnant. Margaret apparently had helped Tara fake the documentation … Continue reading

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Sons Of Anarchy – S6E9 – John 8:32

Welcome back my friends.. In the last couple weeks, Tara’s plans have gone into action. Forced by DA Patterson’s decision to move up the trial date and prosecute Tara’s case herself.. Odd.. I thought it was the judge who set … Continue reading

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Sons Of Anarchy – S6E8 – Grandma is Dead

Welcome back my friends.. Last week, Tara put her plan into full play, faking the end of what we now know was her fake pregnancy. Gemma was hauled off to the pokey for slugging Tara ‘causing’ her to have a … Continue reading

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Sons Of Anarchy – S6E7 – Venus Be Damned

Welcome back M/C fans. Let’s just get right to this.. The show opened with the guys packing up what is left of their clubhouse to move to a new location. The table, the other reaper paraphernalia, and some other mementos. … Continue reading

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Sons Of Anarchy – S6E6 – Salvage

Welcome back folks. Last week, we lost the clubhouse when Jax overestimated his powers of negotiation with the Irish. They are experts at making things go boom when they want to make a point. I guess on the upside, SAMCRO … Continue reading

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