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Scandal – No Sun on the Horizon

Sally Langston is A. a crazy murderer who speaks directly to Jesus on her cell phone, B. the greatest political strategist to have ever run for elected office, or C. both.   She controlled this episode, every character and all of … Continue reading

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Scandal – We Do Not Touch the First Ladies

Olivia and Fitz are having a lover’s quarrel while they get their clothes back on after some afternoon delight.   Fitz is jealous of Jake now that Olivia’s publicly dating him and Olivia doesn’t want to be perceived as the President’s … Continue reading

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Scandal – Ride, Sally, Ride

Somebody tell me what Olivia Pope sees in Fitzgerald Grant.  Eli reads him out, calls him a boy and a spoiled brat,  and what does he do?   He acts like a boy and a spoiled brat.  When Cyrus and Mellie … Continue reading

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Curse of Carlton; Real Housewives, New Cast Members

This is probably the shortest recap I’m ever going to write about the Real Housewives because there was more drama on Twitter than there was during this episode.  Besides, I have more pressing matters to address later on. Too much … Continue reading

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Scandal – A Door Marked Exit

Sally and Daniel had their last argument before she stabbed him to death with a letter opener.    He told her that she knew all along what he was and that he sold his soul to help her achieve everything.  Sally … Continue reading

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Scandal – YOLO*

For the past couple of weeks, things have been building up to what happened in this episode.  Congresswoman Josie Marcus is no longer a candidate for President, brought down not by Cyrus or Mellie, but by her own sister/daughter who … Continue reading

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Scandal – More Cattle, Less Bull

Last week, in an episode called “Say Hello to My Little Friend” Pope and Associates dealt with a client, a congressman, who had been accused of killing a girl.  Before she was killed, the congressman had sent her pictures of … Continue reading

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