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Revenge – Payback

Amanda needs to take a break.  I thought that, given the six-week hiatus, she’d have gotten some rest and had someone look into the cause her of blackouts, but they seem to have gotten worse.   She’s doing more harm than … Continue reading

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Curse of Carlton; Real Housewives, New Cast Members

This is probably the shortest recap I’m ever going to write about the Real Housewives because there was more drama on Twitter than there was during this episode.  Besides, I have more pressing matters to address later on. Too much … Continue reading

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Revenge – Hatred

Amanda’s head injury may have caused her neurons to misfire.  She wakes up at Grayson Manor, covered in blood and, when Niko wants to stitch up her wound, she takes a hot fire iron and tells Niko to cauterise it … Continue reading

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Revenge – Endurance

Amanda wakes up in her hospital bed to see Nolan standing over her wearing what he thinks is a candy-striper’s outfit.  She tells him that she’s done with her revenge plans.  She failed at what she set out to do … Continue reading

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Revenge – Homecoming

Even the best laid plans of revenge by Amanda, Nolan, Jack and Aiden can go awry.  Amanda did get shot on her wedding night – not by Victoria with a fake gun, but by her new husband with a real … Continue reading

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Revenge – Surrender

Amanda and Danny – he’s more a Danny than a Daniel, dontcha think? – are posing for fashion photos as part of a lavish bridal issue of Margaux’s magazine, the one with the French name that I can’t say or … Continue reading

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Revenge – Resurgence

Thanks to Conrad Grayson, Nolan had an opportunity to exact some revenge of his own on a woman responsible for destroying the relationship between the techy savant and his father.   Conrad hired a public relations expert, “Bizzy” Preston, in order … Continue reading

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Revenge – Dissolution

Amanda wakes up and tells Daniel that she’s going swimming.  She’s not, though and stops by Nolan’s house instead.  The place is a mess, simply trashed and Amanda sees Patrick walking away.  She calls out Nolan’s name but her doesn’t … Continue reading

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Revenge – Control

Amanda and Aiden bump into each other after breaking into Conrad’s  garage looking for evidence as to who tampered with the car that killed Father Paul.  Aiden’s upset that Amanda is there, telling her that he’s perfectly capable of finding … Continue reading

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Revenge – Mercy

Conrad and Father Paul have made it to the hospital, but the priest doesn’t last very long.  With Amanda and Patrick by his side, he succumbs to his injuries and dies.  Victoria got the news about the accident and rushes … Continue reading

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