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The Republicans Visit South Carolina

There are a couple of events in South Carolina this weekend.   One is  The Battle of Aiken, a weekend long reenactment of one of the last battles of the Civil War.  The other event, which could be called the Battle … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead – Here’s Not Here

Morgan didn’t kill the Wolf.  Instead, he has him locked up in one of the houses and tells him the story of what he went through, what he’d become and how he turned his life around.   Morgan had made his … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead – Thank You

The assault on Alexandria by The Wolves is taking place at the same time the group outside is dealing with the herd of walkers distracted by the truck horn.   Plan B becomes Plan C and everyone is doing their best … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead – JSS

Enid has had a tough journey.  Her family was wiped out by the walkers and she was left to find her own way, which she did, hiding from walkers, devouring a passing tortoise and leaving the letters “JSS” scrawled along … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead – First Time Again

The episode is told in two parts, with the events leading up to the walker parade shown in black and white, while the actual activity to move the thousands of walkers is in color.  It cuts back and forth, in … Continue reading

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A Reason to Celebrate

On this date,  thirty seven years ago, I married my best friend.   It was on a chilly, rainy Friday evening and the entire event was a blast.  We danced, drank a little too much and reveled in the company of … Continue reading

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Fear The Walking Dead – The Dog

The rioters outside the barbershop are a mix of the living and the walking dead.   Daniel is afraid that they’ll try to break into his shop but Travis thinks their group will be fine, until the fire from the shop … Continue reading

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