Fear The Walking Dead – The Dog


The rioters outside the barbershop are a mix of the living and the walking dead.   Daniel is afraid that they’ll try to break into his shop but Travis thinks their group will be fine, until the fire from the shop next door starts to blister through the wall.   The group realized that their only option is to go outside, to try to make it to Travis’ pickup truck.  As they go out, some of the crowd spills in, smashing everything they can.

Once outside, the group makes their way through the mayhem, watching one cop bite another.  They find some measure  of cover by walking under some scaffolding, until the riot police turn fire hoses on the crowd, knocking the scaffolding down and injuring Griselda.   Travis picks her up and they finally locate Travis truck.  Oddly enough, by driving only a couple of blocks, they’re away from any crowds.    They want to get Griselda to a hospital, as her leg has been crushed, but the first hospital they arrive at is under siege by the police.  Officers are gunning down patients who have obviously already turned.   As they watch the city of Los Angeles go dark due to power outages, they realize they have to go home if they’re going to find any safety.  Travis offers to drop Daniel and his family off somewhere, but Daniel insists that they’re going with the rest of the group.

Maddy, Alicia and Nick, having already witnessed one neighbor snack on another, decide that they should play a game of Monopoly.  Monopoly?  In the middle of the worst thing they’ve ever witnessed, they want to play a board game?   Well, they do, after Nick gets his Oxy fix.  He probably didn’t even care if he passed “GO” or collected $200.   The game also helps as a perfect distraction from the sounds of gunfire and whatever is scraping the outside of the house.    Nick is feeding his mother’s other fears, though, by making comments about how Travis might not be coming back for them because he’s with his family.

The game ends abruptly when the power goes out and they hear the scratching sound again.  Nick goes to the back door to find out what it is and sees a German Shepherd clawing at the sliding door.  The dog has blood on him but it’s not his blood.  They then spot Pete, their neighbor, making his way towards the house.  Nick tells his mother that the other neighbors, the Trans, have a shotgun he knows about because he considered stealing it at one time.   He, Maddy and Alicia head to the Tran’s house to find it.  Once it’s been located, they go to turn back, but Pete has gone into their house and is sating himself on the dog.

Travis pulls into the driveway and Maddy and Nick run out to warn him, but Travis has already gone inside.  He sees Pete and the dog and approaches Pete to talk to him.  Perhaps he’s forgotten about Calvin already.   Pete moves towards Travis and Maddy aims the shogun at Pete, but Travis stops her from shooting him.  Daniel then wrests the gun from Maddy and shoots Pete in the face.  That only stuns Pete, so Daniel takes a second shot and he goes down.   Alicia is outside and has stumbled across Susan Tran, who is behind a fence and  is no longer Susan Tran.  Susan grabs Alicia, and Chris is able to save her before she becomes dinner.  Thrashing about, she hits Chris right in the nose.   Alicia refuses to believe that Matt could have suffered the same fate, and insists that he’s sick, just like Susan.  But Nick says that they’re not sick, they’re dead.  Nick is in a bad way, so we’ll give him a pass, for now, for being a little short on empathy.

Daniel tells Travis that he’s reached his cousin and they’ll be leaving in the morning.  Maddy wants to leave right away but Travis says they’re staying until the morning, as well.   He then rolls Pete up in a blanket and drags him outside.

Liza and Travis are in the kitchen and she, from a nurse’s perspective, paints a rather bleak picture of what will happen to Griselda if her foot isn’t treated.   Ofelia wants to stay with Travis and his family, but Daniel doesn’t want to become indebted to anyone.  Griselda tells her daughter to trust her father.  Liza and Maddy talk in the kitchen and Liza wants the two of them to support each other as mothers who should be looking out for their children.  Maddy tells her how Susan took care of her kids and asks Liza to take of ending it for her should it come to that because Travis would be broken if he had to do it.

In the morning, Travis is digging a grave for Pete but Daniel tells him that burning them will keep the plague from spreading.   Travis ignore his advice and keeps digging.  He also wishes Susan a good morning.  Maddy comes out of the house and walks to Susan.  She;s got a hammer in her hand and seems to prepared to deliver the final blow.  Travis goes to her and tells her that she shouldn’t do something she might regret but all she can think is that Susan’s husband, Patrick, is going to come home and find his wife that way.  Travis takes the hammer from Maddy.   Daniel,  who has been watching, mutters “weak.”

Travis, Maddy and the rest are ready to go and get into their vehicles.  Nick wants more pills and Maddy hands him a couple of them.  He sees that his supple is low and asks her what happened to the rest.  She tells him that she gave them to Griselda and that she’ll take care of him.  He says that he doesn’t need her, he needs his medicine.  He doesn’t get a pass for that one and one can only hope that the next walker they come across turns him into teenager tartare.

Ofelia is still trying to convince her Dad to go with Travis’ family but he’s not budging.  She says that they’re good people but Daniel tells her that good people are the first ones to die.

Travis and company pull away and make their way down the street.  Military helicopters are flying over the area.  As Maddy is about to round the corner, she spots Patrick getting out of his car in front of his house.  She makes a u-turn to stop him before he sees his wife.   By the time she and the others pull up, though, Patrick is reaching for Susan to hug her.  Before they embrace, a shot rings out and Susan fall to the ground.   Soldiers are surrounding them.   Soldiers are everywhere.   They’re conducting interviews and asking about who is staying at Maddy’s.  When Maddy is asked about the grave, she tells them their dog died.  Travis tells Maddy that things are going to get better now.   Daniel tells his family that it’s already too late.   He’s right, of course.

It’s probably safe to upgrade Rick Grimes’ condition to stable and mobile.   It’s likely that he’s  encountered Morgan, by now, and they’re not playing Monopoly.   Hershel, Maggie and Beth might be, but, then again, Hershel kept his wife in the barn.


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13 Responses to Fear The Walking Dead – The Dog

  1. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Another amazing blog, Empress!
    Your recaps are giving me hope for this show. It’s so boring to watch and I feel like I’m reading something entirely different. I will try to catch it tonight! 🙂

  2. I think Daniel has seen a lot shit go down in life… Travis needs to stop being so naive… Nick is being a little too honest and I would have only given him one pill, lol!! I don’t think there is a cousin for Daniel. And in the “I can’t believe these people” moment…they left the sliding glass door open…. I think Maddy had the right idea about her friend Susan… Also, I love that Nick walks like a walker, lol, it cracks me up. Thanks for a great blog Empress!!

    • Travis hasn’t had to take a walker out, yet. Maddy and Nick have. He’ll wise up soon enough – or he’ll die.

    • misszipity says:

      Leaving the sliding door open really ticked me off, and poor Fido paid the price. Travis is getting on my last nerve with letting these people continue “walking”, knowing what they do. I notice Maddy didn’t offer to take out Liza if she became compromised – suppose she didn’t think that would break Travis to have to shoot wife #1. What a Zing! that was.

  3. Sandy Beech says:

    I fell asleep during last night’s episode. That’s not a good sign. Thanks for the blog, which is more entertaining than the part I watched last night. I’m looking more and more forward to the next season of the original Walking Dead. I hope this one gets better.

  4. TexasTart says:

    Teenage Tartare!!!! LOL, Empress! Enjoyed your recap more than the show. I just watched and it turns out the title is as bad as the episode. And who’s dog was that? Who is Pete? The neighbor of course, but I am not attached to any of the characters and was grasping at straws that maybe Pete and the German Shepherd could stick around, lol. Addict, or not, can anyone believe a teenager would STAY in the clothes that he stole from a dying man in the hospital – and would rather play Monopoly? The glass door and why is Travis still alive? He has not learned one thing from the first two episodes? Nothing?! Oh yes, he can drive like a bat out of hell to flee danger. That’s about it.

    I think the only mystery at this point is Daniels’ name doesn’t seem to fit him, lol, does he really have family coming and will he break his pride and count on strangers instead of family? Probably a good backstory there, but we know he will lose his wife and his daughter is not cooperative at the get go. Enough said; the show is not bad because of low number of walker kills – because we have TWD to compare to. Because we are veterans, as Empress said blogging the first episode.
    I’ll come back to read her recaps, but I had to delete FTWD from my DVR.

    • I would watch a show about Daniel…he is the most interesting character to me so far…there are deep waters running there! I am going to stick it out…his wife is toast but maybe the prissy, protected daughter can turn into a badass….I would like that…but then look what they did to Beth…..BETTTTHHHHH, still breaks my heart….

      • TexasTart says:

        Exactly, Princess! You read my mind about Daniel’s daughter will evolve to be a bad ass. I’m still finding the Teenage Tartare so hilarious, that’s about all Nick is good for now that he told his Mom he needs drugs more than her. Look, he already has walker clothes on, and walks like one! We’re waiting… 💀

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