Weekend Special – FREEDOM

Hello Friends of Lucy.. To the left you see the second day of her freedom. Freedom from what you ask? Her leash in the back yard. It’s one of those 26 foot retractable types that until a couple days ago, I’ve required she be attached to in order to go outside. Kind of like chaining her but she’s had the full run of the back yard for the most part since day one. It isn’t a huge yard. It’s not very well kept either as you may have noticed in some pictures.

This isn’t the first time she’s run loose either. When I got her, I was told that the people who surrendered her found her stray on the street. I don’t know if I believe that. I would never do it but I’m convinced she was abused while tied on her leash. You see, If we are going to go outside, it’s either the front or back door. Out the back door she is okay with going out there and comes back in without much problem. Out the front door however it’s a wrestling match to get her back in the house. I don’t know why the difference but it’s different. Anyway, the longer she’s been here, the more convinced I am she was beaten, either at the end of or with a leash. She may never be completely trusting of one but up until now, she hasn’t had any choice if she wanted to go out.

Every morning, rain or shine, whether I want to or not, I wake up with one purpose. To take her outside. Someone tell me again about who the boss of the house is.. I’d like to know. Here, clearly, she is. She’s patient but she still has to go outside. Her path is first to the fence to evict the rabbits who have set up shop there. She can’t get to them but she’ll nearly dislocate my shoulder trying. Once she gives up on that, it’s to the back yard behind the garage to take care of her business. Then if I feel like it we go to the back yard so she can get some exercise. That includes sniffing every square inch of ground and a lot of grazing followed by a good puke. Better outside than in here. After that, it’s back inside where she is fed for the day.. That brings us to the first bout of the crazies.. Minus the pictures and theme song at the end, this is the typical routine when she first comes in. She goes right for that squeaking toy, and spends about 5 minutes tearing around the house with it. She does the same thing when I try to talk on the phone, or watch a movie, though sometimes she’ll watch the movie with me.

I have always felt bad having her on that leash in the back yard. From where I sit, she can actually get to the house but, she also gets the leash wrapped around her hind legs. Normally, she’ll free herself from being tangled up unless, she sees a squirrel, a rabbit, a bee, a butterfly, a blowing leaf, whatever. She will take off like a bat out of hell and forgets she’s confined until the violent jerk at the end of her leash. As I said, she gets it wrapped around one of or both of her hind legs and the other day, I was convinced she had hurt herself at the end of the leash. That prompted beginning to test her resulting in this..

For reference, the corner of the house to the back corner of the garage, is the limit of that leash, and she will do the same running on the leash. She’s learned her for now, limit. The final big test was, will she come back in the house of her own free will (with a little coaxing). 2 for 2, yes she does. I’m not ready to claim victory yet but it’s a great start.

Hope you enjoyed this quick update and we both wish you a happy Memorial day.

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25 Responses to Weekend Special – FREEDOM

  1. BB says:

    She looks like one happy dog. Lucky to have you for a master (or faux master). All dogs have issues. Even the ones who are not rescues.

  2. Barb (Just Wondering in Jersey) says:

    So happy to see you both are getting along well. Lucy lucked out when you came along. May you have a long happy life together.

    Jenga and I wish you both a Happy Memorial Day.

  3. AZGirl says:

    What a great blog. Keep us posted. I feel we have a special bond with the challenges of our dogs. Mr. AZGirl and I slept in this morning (6:15 a.m.). We are usually up by 4:30. Pepper came flying into our bed and licking our faces with a big smile. I think she was happy not to have to get up and run with Mr. AZGirl. Yea she a butthead but our butthead.

    • MelTheHound says:

      The trials you have with Pepper and the dog you describe her being with you kind of blows my mind. My Charliem before Melvin was a big ole mush if I was around but on his own, a beast more worthy of the name Cujo..I hope your butthead calms down so you can show her off,..,.,

  4. iceNfire says:

    That is a very happy dog! iirc you said you didn’t think she liked you. I beg to disagree

  5. ladebra says:

    That is one happy dog! I like that little head tilt 😉

  6. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Freedom! Glad to hear about Lucy’s progress and see her enjoy backyard sprints! One of my dogs is fearful at times when I have something in my hand held by a fist. She gets fixated on the object and will duck when I walk by, as if I would hit her with it and we never did such a thing. I can not convince her to go outside in such situation! I have to set whatever down and then she’ll go. 🙄

    • MelTheHound says:

      She’s losing a lot of her fear of me.. She also shy’s away from my hand, even if there is a treat involved,,

  7. Boobah says:

    MelTH – Great blog! Thanks for the videos – they are so funny! Lucy is CLEARLY a happy little girl! She definitely lucked out when you came along! So sweet!

    • MelTheHound says:

      As I said, I think I am the one who lucked out… I just happened to be there on Gotcha Day 😀

  8. Skabootch says:

    Absolutely love Lucy AND the update – she reminds me so much of AJ!! Always on the go – would chase everything – every blade of grass told a story and he had to “read” it lol fast as a whippet too – Lucy just LOVES to run. My daughter’s dog Ozzy won’t do his business without a tree lol my yard is hedged and for the year he was here that’s where he went, AJ didn’t care but them being particular sure makes it easy keeping the yard people friendly 🙂

    The dog rules the house – no question. Silly humans should know that by now lol Lucy looks absolutely adorable and hopefully with time she will trust you with a leash – poor thing but it does take time 🙂 Give her a scratch behind the ears from me 🙂

  9. Buttercream says:

    Love LUCY! Thanks for the continued update on your 4 legged buddy! Awesome! 🙂

  10. sparklemuffy says:

    She’s getting so big. wow- Thanks for update on her cuteness–

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