The Bravo Housewives’ Fight Club – Porsha Versus Kenya

Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion FIght: Porsha Attacks Kenya

BravoTV got exactly what they’d hoped for  last night.  By promoting the fight between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore, ratings for The Real Housewives of Atlanta were the best they’ve been in a longtime.   It also served to show viewers, once again, that if you hire a group of women with diminished capacity and poor impulse control, mix in some production hijinks and allow Andy Cohen to host another reunion there’s sure to be some type of disaster.

Porsha Williams is what one might call intellectually incurious.  She’s proven time and again that she doesn’t grasp even the simplest concepts.   What she did learn during her time at Bravo was that the most important thing is to bring the drama.   She and Kenya have brought a lot of the drama this season, accusing each other of all sorts of things – some may be true, some not so much.   Last night it all came to a head and Porsha physically attacked Kenya, pulling her hair and dragging her to the ground.  Kenya pushed her buttons, poking and prodding until the silly girl became completely unglued.

When the two were separated, Kenya walked away but Porsha just sort of flopped around on the floor, flailing about and crying over the fact that she let Kenya get to her.  She said she was embarrassed – not that she was sorry, mind you, just embarrassed.   That was about all she could say because by then Nene had reached her side and firmly clamped her hand over Porsha’s mouth in what must be Nene’s way of helping her to understand her Miranda rights.

Since the reunion was filmed, Porsha was arrested for assault.  Kenya had called the police immediately after the attack, a warrant was issued and Porsha turned herself in to the Atlanta P.D. last week.   Porsha, however, still doesn’t seem to understand exactly what she did wrong.  She posed for a mug shot in full makeup and has been sending out tweets about her new recording.   Did I mention that I think she’s dumb?   Maybe someone should sit her down and explain what she did that day and how it isn’t the way people are supposed to behave.  She assaulted Kenya.  She put her hands on another person and attempted to cause bodily injury, intentionally.  It’s inexcusable and it’s indefensible.   She doesn’t get to hurt anyone, no matter what was said to her or what was waved in her face.  She got up off of the couch and, instead of taking a right turn and walking off the set, she took a left and attacked her cast mate.

Now, this type of behavior happens all the time on Bravo’s shows.  Almost every franchise has had some sort of event where someone has been assaulted.  It could be argued that they encourage it, but that would also mean that the parties involved have no self-control or sense of right and wrong.   I’m not going to give Porsha that excuse, though.   She may not be the brightest bulb, but surely she knows that you don’t go around hitting and grabbing people.  At least, I hope she does.   She showed us that, since words are not her friends, she turns to physical violence.  A civilized society, with rules and laws,  requires more than that, and she may have to learn about how to conduct herself in the future the hard way.

Porsha was removed from the set of the reunion and told not to come back for the remainder of the filming.  At least Bravo got that part right.   In a preview for part 2 of the reunion, Andy, looking earnestly at the camera, tells us that Bravo doesn’t condone violence.  That’s just laughable.  It’s also been rumored that Porsha has been fired.  Is it’s true and the firing is based on this incident, then Bravo and Andy aren’t just disingenuous, they’re liars.  Half of the casts of these franchises would be on the unemployment lines if that was actually Bravo’s stance on violence.  It really doesn’t matter, though, because there will always be someone ready and willing to put on the boxing gloves and roll around in the muddy wasteland of Bravo TV.  They may even end up in handcuffs, too.



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18 Responses to The Bravo Housewives’ Fight Club – Porsha Versus Kenya

  1. Donna says:

    Well said! All this taking sides is mind boggling, they are all at fault!

  2. MelTheHound says:

    tells us that Bravo doesn’t condone violence.
    Let’s see:
    Nene vs Kim
    Terersa vs everybody including CAndy
    Everybody vs Danielle ending with Ashlee vs Danielle
    Barney Rubble and 3/4 Fred Flintstone amature midget wrestling
    …Just as a start….

    You said it right.. That’s just laughable.

    • I just wish the cops had been called on more of them.

      • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

        Kenya did grab Nene’s ear in an earlier episode. So if she was troubled by violence, she shouldn’t have touched Nene.

        I’d also like to point out that Porscha DOES have grounds for an assault case against Kenya. Kenya was waving a wand and a heavy, electronic bullhorn around in her face. Porscha only has to claim that she had the impression that Kenya wanted to harm her with her props.

        • I have to disagree with you regarding any assault charge against Kenya. Porsha showed no signs that she was in fear of Kenya’s props. Quite the opposite. She grabbed and threw the scepter aside, then became the aggressor when she stood up and charged at Kenya. She had an opportunity to retreat and took another course of action. Kenya may have pushed Porsha’s buttons, but Porsha took the bait and turned into the raging bull. Up until she attacked Kenya, Porsha was spewing some pretty vile comments, too. Nothing she said or did looked like someone who was afraid.

          • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

            She doesn’t have to be afraid, she just has to feel like she was going to be hit. If Porscha wouldn’t have grabbed the wand away, the wand would have eventually wound up in her face somehow, “by accident.” Andy shouldn’t have allowed the props, Kenya shouldn’t have been waving potential weapons around, and Porscha shouldn’t have grabbed Kenya’s hair. Kenya’s not innocent here.

            • Ithink w’re arguing semantics here. You say that Porsha might feel she would be hit, and I say she was in fear of being hit. After pushing a cruiser for nearly 14 years, the arrests I made for varying degrees of assault probably number in the hundreds. Until Kenya’s scepter actually came in contact with Porsha’s body, no crime was committed. You can’t arrest someone for what might happen.
              Kenya may not be innocent., but she isn’t guilty of assault.

  3. Stars99 says:

    “Intellectually incurious”… That’s hysterical… and I’ll probably steal it… Is it stealing if you announce that you’re going to do it? Hmmmm…. I appreciate your perspective on this whole eye-rolling fight.

  4. Laineylainey says:

    Yesssss! Finally someone who is not making excuses for Porsha. I keep reading that Kenya deserved it. What?!! I feel like a crazy woman the last couple of days because I firmly believe No one deserves that.

    • Lainey, I have zero tolerance for people who solve problems by hitting and hurting others. Porsha is the only one responsible for Porsha’s actions.

    • MelTheHound says:

      Laineyx2, do you feel that I was making excuses for Porcha?

      • Laineylainey says:

        I wasn’t talking about you, Jeff. But since you are now asking me about your reaction….do I think you were making excuses? Yeah, a lil bit. Well no, no…maybe not making excuses but When you said you would have shoved the bullhorn here and the wand there,..were you not implying that Kenya deserved what she got? Even though you weren’t being literal. I know that. You’re entitled to yr opinion, most of the rhetoric online is in agreement with you. You were hilarious in your comments and didn’t offend. But we weren’t on the same page and that’s ok. So, I can’t help but feel happy to find someone who is not blaming Kenya and her props for the attack by Porsha. Only because I’ve been amazed that so many folks were and are still blaming Kenya. Makes no diff in our real lives. One great commenter who I really like said she was disengaging from me because I expressed my opinion (maybe because it was too many times?) . 😧. I was like “ummm…what?” Because of Kenya and Porsha? Or cause I write too much??! Or cause I said blah, blah, blah… Ok, I’ll stop now.

        • MelTheHound says:

          Lainey, If I am going to blame anybody, I don’t care who they are, it still takes at least 2 to fight, I blame everybody involved. Porcha, CAndy and, yes, Kenya. Watch the scene back if you care to and watch the smile on Kenya’s face as she was walking away.. The toys should have been taken away from her from the get go. Just like you would take a stick away from a child who is hitting or poking his sister with it. When he gets a bigger stick, take that away too before he puts the batteries in it and before he can start again. When that doesn’t work, send them each to their rooms. That whole scene was meant to provoke. It was meant to get a reaction when it didn’t end up in the delete file during editing. It got one. Yes, I get a little graphic in my descriptions of what should have happened at the time. I know they are ridiculous and unreasonable, just like these Bravo fiasco fights are. For all the hype that fight got, I just think something more exciting should have happened. Maybe I am to desensitized to TV violence to be able to be shocked by what I saw on the screen before me.

          I am not quite sure how to interpret the post you refer to, I took it just as someone stepping away for a moment. As for what made me ask about your response here, it’s a continuation of our Sunday night conversation. I just wondered where you thought I was with it beyond my graphic jokes about what happened on the show.

          • Laineylainey says:

            You, as you often do, made me laugh. I don’t think you are referring to the same comment I am. But that’s ok…it wasn’t a a general “I’m stepping away”… It was personally addressed to me. Which normally I love, since I love to make things about ME!!! No biggie. I like her, that hasn’t changed. So…Moving on…

    • rhocomix says:

      First i me poster – fellow blogger (well, comic book maker) – referred by famewhorgas.
      There’s never an excuse to put your hands on anyone, we all seem to agree on that. I am disappointed to see women of intelligence unable to find their indoor voices and adult words to resolve issues of this kind.

      I’m not sure in what state you worked for LE Empress, but as I understand New York Criminal code (and yes I agree, there’s too many forms of assault – but none with a deadly pepper ..haha), invading someone’s physical space with a weapon (the scepter) is assault in the third degree.

      Agreed, in responding with her hands Porscha “assaulted” Kenya – dead to rights. However people who don’t want their weave pulled are careful to keep their physical body clear from harm. And I cannot raise my scepter to respect a latter-day villain who turns victim so quickly.

      Are they both wrong – of course. Is one more criminal -indeed. But in the space of “quasi-reality” TV it’s really just spilled tea.. Er milk.

      Love your blogs Empress and i will be back. I hope you don’t mind clear minded, polite discourse. And if u want a good laugh check out my comix (i won’t put a link up without prior permission),

      Thanks, RHOComix

  5. Edna says:

    You hit on my 2 points spot on. Whoever (whomever?, not a grammar queen) hits first is always the aggressor & Andy totally wanted fireworks (again) by allowing the props. When he allowed Tre to shove him hard, imo Andy’s persona totally exposed.

  6. Mary says:

    Andy and Bravo are at fault because they should not have allowed any props on the set at all. Andy sort of urged and egged Kenya on a lot. Why should Porsha have to apologize and not Kenya. If there are any apologizes, then they both should apologize to each other. Andy took size with Kenya in a way in her dressing room. If you fire Porsha, then Kenya should be fired also. You shouldn’t make an example out of just one of these ladies.

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