Revenge – Payback

Amanda needs to take a break.  I thought that, given the six-week hiatus, she’d have gotten some rest and had someone look into the cause her of blackouts, but they seem to have gotten worse.   She’s doing more harm than good lately and she’s hurting all the wrong people.

It was good to find out that she didn’t do anything with Conrad at Southfork Inn other than sleep, but Nolan had to show her the videotapes in order to explain it to her.  She doesn’t even remember that she called the first Mrs. Grayson, Stevie, a high-powered attorney out of Los Angeles, suggested by none other than Conrad, to handle her divorce from Daniel.  She’s stumbling all over the place.  First she’s throwing herself at Aiden after telling him that they’re through.  Then she shows up at a birthday party for Charlotte but has no idea how she got there or what happened in between.  We’ll get to that in a minute.

She’s angry about her fugue state and doesn’t want Nolan following her around, so she’s left to her own devices and nothing’s working out quite the way she planned.  That gives everyone else the opportunity to run circles around her.  It doesn’t sound like the smartest time for Amanda  to call off Nolan and his myriad techy tools.

Patrick burned down the art gallery because he was having a temper tantrum and just decided to torch the place.   Victoria has already handled the first details and the fire is going to be chalked up to an accidental electrical fire.   Patrick is still a bit peeved with his mother, so he hired Jimmy Brennan, Victoria’s rapist, as contractor for putting the place back together.  He tells Victoria that it wasn’t fair that he never knew his father and wants to know the truth.  Good luck with that kid, you’re dealing with the Graysons.  Jimmy starts talking about the regrets he’s had in his life, like not being allowed to see a son he had, not knowing that he’s standing right in front of him.  That little sign of remorse keeps Patrick from pulling the circuit breaker and blowing Jimmy to smithereens.

Aiden is having his own problems now that Niko has found her father’s katana.  She knocks Aiden out, puts him in the trunk of a car and takes him to her father’s house where she ties him up.  When he tries to explain to her that he didn’t really murder her father, that they fought like two warriors,  Niko stops him.  She insists that he did this for Amanda and plans on killing her when she shows up.

Before that confrontation can take place, Amanda arrives at Charlotte’s birthday party.  She doesn’t know how she got there or where she’s been for the better part of a day.  She did fall asleep on her front porch where Nolan found her.  When she tells him that she might have said some things she shouldn’t have, he tells her that blackout Amanda’s truths could get her killed.   While at the party, Victoria greets her and manages to get in a couple of cheap shots about how Amanda can never have children.   Jimmy Brennan stops by to chow Victoria some paint samples and she can’t stop staring him.  He thinks that she’s interested in him.  She is, Jimmy, just not the way you think she is.

Amanda leaves the party and goes to see Nolan, who’s been worried about her.  While there, she notices that he’s left a lot of things behind and then finds the sleeve for the sword.   She knows exactly where he is and what kind of trouble he’s in.  Niko’s waiting for her and tells Amanda that Aiden is guilty of many things like killing her father and chasing a loser.  The two women fight and Aiden stops them before Amanda can put the sword though Niko.  He explains again how her father died with honor, fighting the way he had taught them all.  He asks Niko to just go.

Victoria is at the art gallery with Patrick when Brennan walks in.  He finally recognizes her and begins to tell Patrick a very different story about little Vicky.  He says that Vicky was seductive, led him to the basement and was a willing participant in what took place,  In other words, he found it perfectly alright to blame his very young victim.  Seeing how upset Victoria becomes, Patrick knock Brennan hits him.  As he lies on the floor bleeding, Victoria stops Patrick from calling for help.  She bends down over Brennan and whisper “Relax honey.”   The medical examiner’s report states that is was an accidental death  – Brennan fell from a ladder.  Patrick isn’t cheered by the news and wonders what’s wrong with them, how can they just watch him die.  Again, dear lad, may we remind you, this is the Graysons we’re talking about.   Family values take all sorts of shapes.

Amanda tells Aiden about her blackouts and blames them for why she’s been pushing him away.  He asks her if her advances towards him were a part of the lockouts and she says that she needed him.  He pleads with her to get some help before she does something she regrets.  When she sees Nolan, she tells him that he blackouts have nothing to do with her accident and the swelling on her brain aren’t the cause.  Nolan says that it sounds like the problem’s Amana’s mother experienced and that he problems began when she was about the same Amanda is now.  I hope she finds some meds or therapist to straighten her out before Bobby Ewing steps out of the shower and we find out that the whole thing has been a dream.

Revenge Recap: Payback

Mrs. Grayson the first has been flitting around town, causing all sorts of trouble for her ex and his wife.   First she tells Conrad that she doesn’t want his hefty check – a sort of let bygones be bygones payoff.  Then she shows up at Grayson Manor, in the middle of some divorce meeting and announces that she’s the rightful owner of the place.   Yes, she’d like the residents to move out, effective immediately.   Stevie goes to The Stowaway to have a celebratory drink and starts to talk to Jack.  Margaux is packing for Paris to see her father and she hands Carl to Jack.   Stevie tells Jack that she wants to hear more stories about Conrad, but Jack tells her is not really her business.  Stevie says, that, well, it is because she’s Jack’s mother.   The math doesn’t really add up on this unless Stevie and Conrad had the shortest marriage on record and Victoria became Mrs. Grayson 2.0 before the ink was dry on the divorce.  Better yet, maybe I shouldn’t spend so much time obsessing over things like that.


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8 Responses to Revenge – Payback

  1. Skabootch says:

    My biggest question was why could Aiden untie himself when Amanda got there but couldn’t when he was alone – makes no sense

  2. Boobah says:

    Hi, Empress!! Thank you for a great blog!

    Well, I’m not sure what to think at this point. Revenge what have jumped the shark for me after this episode. Way too many odd surprises. The first wife and she’s also Jake’s mother?!?! I don’t know. *sighs* They just don’t shows the way they used to.

    Let’s see what tonight’s show brings. So help me, if it turns out that Conrad is really a woman who happens to be Amanda’s mother who set up David Clark because she was in love with Victoria…well, then I will have to strongly consider what else to watch on Sunday evenings. 😉

    • Hey Boo!!! I could have summed up this episode with “jumped the shark.” Maybe that’s why it took me so long to get around to writing the recap. ABC insisted that they were going to improve the quality by changing writers and some producers. I’m not seeing any improvements.
      Amanda isn’t wearing a black hoodie and crossing people off with her red Sharpie. She isn’t really doing much of anything revengey.
      Introducing new characters, with storylines about who parented who are making me crazy. I haven’t checked the recent ratings, but they can’t be good. There are plenty of shows on Sundays to keep us happy.

    • Boobah, you made me laugh with “if it turns out that Conrad is really a woman who happens to be Amanda’s mother who set up David Clark because she was in love with Victoria” too funny!!

      • Boobah says:

        LoL!!! And then of course, I wouldn’t stop watching – just strongly consider it. I’m tough like that!! LOL!!!

  3. BB says:

    I’m going to DVR Crisis tonight to see if I like it.

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