Scandal – We Do Not Touch the First Ladies

(AP Photo/ABC, Eric McCandless)Olivia and Fitz are having a lover’s quarrel while they get their clothes back on after some afternoon delight.   Fitz is jealous of Jake now that Olivia’s publicly dating him and Olivia doesn’t want to be perceived as the President’s whore because that kind of thing could ruin his chances of reelection.  I guess their screaming about fixed elections isn’t that big a problem.  While they holler at one another, Jake and a few Secret Service agents stand outside the door pretending they can’t hear every word.  When they finally exit, Jake goes back to his office at B613 and a suitcase is delivered.  Inside are the secrets to everything in the Universe from information on every world leader to KFC’s secret fried chicken recipe.  He’s also told that he’ll meet his White House insider later.

The race for the presidency is heating up and it’s come to light that vice presidential running mate Andre Nichols may have a drug problem.  The gladiators get to work, hunting down the doctor who provided buckets of Oxycontin to someone 14 years ago.  It turns out that Mellie was the one with the problem.  After her father in law raped her, she tried to kill herself with the pills, but Andrew found her in the nick of time.  Neither of them ever told Fits about what happened and Mellie didn’t tell Andrew why she considered dying was a better option.   Of course, that raises the obvious question – is that kid running around the White House Fitz’s son or his half-brother?  Oh, what Sally could do with that bit of information.

Speaking of Sally, she’s got a giant contributor willing to help finance her campaign.  Hollis Doyle has come slithering back to Washington, and he’s playing two ends to the middle.  The problem is Sally can’t seem concentrate while he tells her and Leo about all of the great plans he has in store.  She’s seeing dead people, like her husband, as she stares at the oriental rug where Daniel Douglas bled out.  Maybe the devil hasn’t crawled all the way back out of her, yet.

Olivia thinks that Eli is behind the information about the drugs and Andrew and she calls Jake to help her.  Meanwhile, Charlie and Quinn are taking a closer look at Eli, too, and Quinn uses her Huck-begotten computer skills to hack into some Eli-related files. Charlie’s impressed at what his girl can do – “I love when you go all girl with the dragon tattoo.”

James is on the verge of a nervous breakdown believing that his role as Publius is about to be discovered.  He’s been calling David, shaking like a leaf, certain that Cyrus is going to kill him.   They meet, and David suggests that they hand over the information James has to a reporter, Vanessa Chandler.   Now Cyrus is desperate to find out who Vanessa’s source is and hires Charlie to follow her, hoping to catch whoever is leaking the information.  Quinn, on the other hand, is following Olivia and her father and watches outside while the two have their Sunday dinner together.  After dinner, Olivia gets into Quinn’s car and begs her to come back to Pope and Associates.  She tries to tell her that B613 is not the place for her and that it will destroy her, but Quinn refuses, telling Olivia that Huck doesn’t want her back.   Soon after Olivia gets home, Jake walks in and she lights into him, accusing him of using Quinn.  He denies it, laughs it off actually, and sets about making himself at home now that he’s Olivia’s fake boyfriend.  Yeah, Olivia, get some beer in here.

Abby and Harrison have found the doctor who gave Andrew the drugs and make sure that he’s not about to give anyone any more  information.  Olivia tells Mellie that the problem has been taken care of and that she know the drugs were for Mellie.  She also tells FLOTUS that whatever was or is going on between her and Andrew has to stop.  I don’t know how Mellie kept from punching Olivia, but she did laugh in her face at that remark.  She tells Olivia that they’re not the same.  Olivia may think they are, but when Mellie was faced with the chance to cheat, she kept her knees together.  If we’re keeping score, the First Lady won that round.

A fundraising gala is being held for Fitz, and the guests are an eclectic bunch to say the least.  Hollis Doyle is there, because he wants to hedge his bets and Adnan is also in attendance.  She takes the opportunity to thank Cyrus for getting her into the country, and Cyrus doesn’t want to be seen anywhere near her.  Cyrus really has no idea what he put in motion by helping Adnan.  She’s back, she’s sleeping with Harrison and she’s in cahoots with Mama Pope.  While everyone’s been enjoying the $10,000 a plate chicken dinner, David is on his way to meet Vanessa.  He doesn’t make it, tough, because Abby and Huck kidnap him before he gets to the rendezvous point.  Good thing they did because Charlie was about to take of care of Publius once and for all, on Cyrus’ orders.

Quinn goes off to see Jake, hoping to razzle-dazzle him so that he’ll make her a part of B613.  He knows that Olivia doesn’t want Quinn there, so he does his best to argue her out of it.  She just sits back, tapping away on her cell and tells him to check his email.  When he opens it, he sees pictures of Eli meeting with Leo.  Well, well, well – looks like Quinn has something he doesn’t have and tells him that maybe Jake’s the one she should be worried about.  With a smug smile, Quinn says “That one was free.”

Mellie and Andrew are having a few moments alone while Andrew admires the portraits of the first ladies – look, but don’t touch.  She lets him know that everything’s fine now that Olivia has taken care of the drug story.  Then they kiss and Mellie runs out of the room.  At least she didn’t open her knees.

Fitz is still bothered by his jealousy and wants to know if Olivia has feelings for Jake.  She tells him that it’s none if his business and he agrees, but he still wants to know.  Jake is at work when the ever-present Secret Service agent comes into his office.  He hands Jake an envelope and tells him that he’s the White House insider.  Jake turns on his computer and watches Olivia and Fitz inside the Oval Office.  She tells the President that she doesn’t know whether she has feelings for Jake.

Through this entire episode, Huck keeps bringing cups of coffee to Olivia.  When she asks him why, especially since she doesn’t drink coffee, he says that it’s supposed to mean he’s sorry.  He wants her to stop being mad at him for what he did to Quinn.  Olivia says that he went too far, but he says that Olivia went too far.  She should never have given him someone to take care of.  He’s a loyal gladiator but he’s not a puppy dog – he’s a monster.  “You should’ve never given me someone to love.  Monsters eat people, Liv.  It’s what we do.”

Nothing that happened to her in this episode would be considered even close to a shining moment for Olivia.


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5 Responses to Scandal – We Do Not Touch the First Ladies

  1. BB says:

    I only have one response, Empress. SNL Lea Dunham parody of scandal.

    • OMG, BB, That’s hysterical. I refused to watch SNL last night because I think Lena Dunham is full of herself, so thank you for sending the link. I love Harrison’s record setting round trip flight – Mexico and back in the blink of an eye. And “That was the President of the United States. How are you guys not texting like a thousand people right now?” 😀

      • BB says:

        I’m not a Lena Dunham fan either, but we DVR’d and watched it today. She was pretty funny in most of the skits. This one had me rolling.

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