The Walking Dead – Inmates

We hear what Beth has written in her diary during and since Rick and the group came to the family farm.  In it, she tells herself that going with the group to the prison will be the safest place for all of them,athe-walking-dead-season-4-recap-daryl.jpgnd then quotes her Dad “If you don’t have hope, what’s the point of living.”  She and Daryl are seated in front of a camp fire and Daryl looks as if he’s completely withdrawn.  It’s Beth who tells him that they just can’t sit around doing nothing and says that if he won’t help her track the others, she’ll do it herself.  This is enough to get him up off the ground and the two set off in search of whoever survived the prison attack.  As they’re walking, they come across some footprints, which, to Beth, means that the others are alive.  She tells Daryl, “It wouldn’t kill you to have some faith.”  He says, “Faith? Faith ain’t done shit for us.  It sure as Hell didn’t do nothin’ for your father.”   Beth, stung by his comment, starts to pick some grapes to fed those they find, while, Daryl, realizing he’s hurt her, hands her a cloth to carry the fruit.

As they continue on, they come across walker tracks, then a walker comes up behind Beth.  Daryl can’t get a good shot at it, so he tackles it, while Beth finishes it off with a knife.  They see more walkers near a set of railroad tracks and Beth starts to cry when she recognizes a shoe.  They set up camp again, and Beth burns pages of her diary.  She had written that they’re not going to die, because she believes in her Daddy.   If this – the prison – doesn’t work, then she doesn’t know how they’ll keep going.

Sisters Lizzie and Mika are with Tyreese, and when he turns around, we see that he’s carrying baby Judith.  They settle in for the night, but the baby won’t stop crying.  Tyreese gives her a bottle but there are walkers nearby.  When Tyreese and the girls move on, Lizzie and Mika pick and eat some grapes.  The baby starts to cry again, so Tyreese changes her diaper.  They hear a noise and – it’s a flock of birds – but Mika runs off because she’s scared.  Lizzie is angry with her sister, telling her that she can’t be like Sasha because Sasha isn’t here.  Tyreese tells Mika that she should run if she thinks walkers are around, but that they should stay together.   Tyreese then goes off to investigate what sounds like a group of walkers, after telling the girls to stay put and handing a gun to Mika and Judith to Lizzie.  Judith keeps on crying and Lizzie put her hand over the baby’s mouth.  And don’t tell me that you didn’t think, at least for a second or two,  that Lizzie looked a little like the bad seed with that poor infant.  She did leave a couple of dead bunnies in her wake, so who knows what kind of little monster she’s turning into.  While Tyreese is battling walkers, who are chopping down on a group of men by the tracks, walkers approach the girls.  Mika fires at them, but misses.  Tyreese heard the gunshot and turns to go back, but – and here it is, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – Carol emerges with the girls and the baby in her arms.  Give me a moment to recreate my teary-eyed happy dance for you.  There, I knew you’d enjoy it.    Tyreese hugs Carol and she tells him she saw the tail end of what happened at the prison, but couldn’t catch up to him. She doesn’t tell Tyreese exactly how she and Rick came to be separated.  That’s probably for the best, considering he might not be so happy to see her if he knew the whole story.   It sounds like she’s been hanging around near the prison since Rick banished her.    One of the mean who was bitten and is dying tells them to stay on the track, because there’s a place  ahead that’s safe. The tiny group then walks down the railroad tracks until the girls spot a sign on a bridge:  “Sanctuary for all, community for all, those who arrive survive.”  The map below points to a place marked “Terminus”.

The Walking Dead InmatesMaggie, Sasha and Bob are near a stream where Sasha is bandaging Bob’s wounds.  Sasha wants to set up camp, find food and shelter, but Maggie wants to go out and search for Glen.  Sasha tells her that they shouldn’t split up, but Maggie’s not having it.  She starts off alone, and Bob and Sash reluctantly follow her.  They come across the bus from the prison which is the last place Maggie saw Glenn.  As the three approach it, though, they see it’s filled with walkers.  Maggie needs to know if Glenn is in there or not, even if he’s become zombified, so she tells Sasha and Bob to let the walkers out one at a time.  It starts off alright, but Sasha can’t hold them back, and the walkers stumble out en masse.  The three bludgeon, stab and shoot walkers, and Maggie brutalizes one so badly that she apologizes to it.  She then tells the other two that she has to go inside the bus to see if Glenn is there.  There are a couple of walkers left on board, but none of them are Glenn.  Maggie smiles and cries, believing that he must be alive.

Glenn is alive, at the prison, and he comes back from a concussion surrounded by walkers.  He gets up and goes inside the prison, making his way to the room he and Maggie shared.  He lies down on the cot and sees a picture of Maggie sleeping.  He picks it up and starts to cry.  He then begins to gather supplies and decides to force his way through the walkers to escape.  He charges out the door, looking like Robocop in riot gear, fighting his way through walkers, and sees Tara, nearly catatonic, behind a fence.  He makes his way to her and tells her that they have to go.   He tells her that she has to help him and he makes a Molotov cocktail which he launches at a car, exploding it.  Which makes me wonder, do the walkers like fire more than they like fresh meat?  They then use their guns to fire their way through a few more walkers before finally clearing the prison grounds.  They walk along the road and Tara starts to tell Glenn how she trusted the Governor until he killed “that old man”.   Glenn stops and looks at her.  “Hershel?  Was his name Hershel?  Hershel was Maggie’s father and he was a great man.”  Tara says that she’s sorry and a piece of shit and asks Glenn why he wants her help.  He says he doesn’t want it but he needs it to find Maggie.  When she asks him who Maggie is, he says “My wife.”  Walkers begin to come out of nowhere and the two of them fend them off until Glenn collapses.   Tara goes completely crazy on the walkers, finishing them all off.  She then turns at the sound of a truck and three people are standing there.  She tells them,  “I hope you enjoyed the show, assholes.”  The leader of the three, who we see in previews is Sgt. Abraham Ford, says, “You got a damn mouth on you, you know that?  You got anything else?”

I think that’s all of them –  if I have it right, everyone who didn’t die at the prison is accounted for.  By the way, Terminus was the name given to Atlanta back in the 1830’s, after a rail line was built, terminating in the city.  Could Sgt. Abe and his people have built something good out of what was left of Atlanta or are they a different version of the Governor and Woodbury?  That’s assuming that the two are even connected.


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  1. Oh Boy, To Beth: Well you are doing it babe, To Daryl: Nice guns!! CARoooOLLLLL!!!! I did a happy dance in place too!! I think I might have said, “Ahhhhh” and then my reaction to the last scene, “Gingers!”

  2. BB says:

    I think Lizzie is a psycho.

    • I watched Talking Dead this morning and they compared Lizzie to serial killers – start off by killing small animals and progress to people. She’s a very scary kid.

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  4. Buttercream says:

    I liked how the scenes unfolded … by group and by location .. last was first thru tracking the movements of the survivors on the ground .. thanks for re-cap .. was out of town and not near anything to watch this episode!

    • The character reveals were great! Daryl, Tyreese, baby Judith and then Carol. I didn’t expect to see her so soon (well, maybe not soon), but I sure loved it when she walked out of those woods. Now, what do they do about Lizzie?

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