Revenge – Hatred

Amanda’s head injury may have caused her neurons to misfire.  She wakes up at Grayson Manor, covered in blood and, when Niko wants to stitch up her wound, she takes a hot fire iron and tells Niko to cauterise it instead.   No pain, no gain. Emily and Conrad in Season 3, Episode 13  Conrad is mad at her for accusing Lydia of shooting her, causing Conrad to lose his last chance at love and happiness.  He’s moving out and tells Amanda that when Daniel throws her aside, she can look him up at The Southfork Inn where he’ll be working on his battle plans.

Margaux and Jack are strolling around the Hamptons with baby Carl, and she can’t wait to see her magazine on the newsstands.  Buying a copy, she finds that the article about the Graysons is not the one she penned.  She wants to talk to Daniel right away, and calls Grayson Manor to arrange a meeting.   When Amanda goes in search of her hubby, she finds him in bed with Sarah.  While Daniel goes off to put out the brush fire at the magazine, Amanda sees Sarah lounging poolside, already making herself right at home.  Amanda says that she isn’t the right person for Daniel because of her lesser social status.  People are going to gossip about Daniel’s trashy new girlfriend and then he’ll dump her.  For once, Victoria happens to agree and also wants Sarah to hightail it out of there.

Nolan and Patrick are at the art gallery and Nolan has a few things to say to him.  He tells him that his reckoning day, that they’re a million miles past sorry and that Patrick is twisted and sick.  There goes any chance of romance between those two.  Nolan shows Patrick a police report from 1974, which shows that Victoria wasn’t the only one looking for the baby she gave up for adoption.

Noland goes home to talk to Aiden about being roomies.  It’s not bad enough that they’re sharing Nolan’s house, but he’s really upset that Aiden has moved Niko in as well.  Aiden goes to talk to Niko, who’s unpacking her bags, and she tells him that Amanda is getting better physically, but the news of her not being able to have children has devastated her.  The two start kissing and Aiden tells Niko that he’ll help her avenge her own father’s murder.  Can’t wait to see how he pulls that one off.

Margaux and Daniel have their meeting and convince each other that Conrad is behind the altered magazine story.  Conrad did promise to ruin Daniel for his disloyal, so they may be right about this.  Conrad has them served with a lawsuit for libel, because the story has Conrad putting the gun in Lydia’s hands.  He tells them that if Margaux fires Daniel, he’ll drop the suit.  Daniel starts to protest, but Margaux jumps at the deal.  So, Daniel’s second job didn’t last any longer than his reign as head of Grayson Global did.

Nolan stops by Grayson Manor to see Amanda and tells her about Aiden and Niko, not realizing that she wasn’t aware they were a couple.Emily and Nolan Talk in Season 3, Episode 13  After he leaves, she goes for a swim and has an episode where she comes to at Nolan’s house.  Aiden is there and wants to know why she is.   She wants to leave but he tells her that they shouldn’t just thrown their plans for a future together out the window.

Patrick is at the art gallery when Victoria comes in.  Nolan’s information was that Patrick’s father was a man named Jimmy Brennan and  now Patrick is trying to find him.  Victoria doesn’t like the idea and she didn’t tell him about his father because she wanted to protect him.  Patrick manages to find dear old dad’s favorite watering hole and Victoria follows him.  They get up to leave and Victoria drops her purse.  A man bends over to hand it to her, saying “relax, honey.”  Victoria panics because she’s coming face to face with Jimmy Brennan again.   Back at Grayson manor, Victoria explains that Brennan was one of her mother’s many boyfriends and that he raped her while whispering “relax, honey”, over and over.  Once Patrick was born, Brennan stalked her, forcing her to give Patrick to the nuns, who were sworn to secrecy,  while she went to Paris on an art scholarship.

Jack is madly in love with Margaux and is looking for a house where they can start their new lives together.  She says that she loves him too and agrees to find a house with him.

Sarah and Daniel are getting ready to take a romantic vacation when Sarah’s mother comes in, along with Amanda.  Mom doesn’t want her daughter making a fool of herself by taking up with Daniel – who nearly killed her in his drunken car accident.  Sarah tries to explain how evil Amanda is but Mom isn’t sold on the story.An Intense Conversation on Season 3, Episode 13  She can’t understand how her daughter would want to break up a marriage, especially since Amanda is also recovering from her shooting.  When Sarah refuses to go with her, her mother tells her that she’s no longer her daughter.  Daniel thinks he’s won.  Silly boy.

Niko’s been busily planning how to take care of whoever murdered her father.  Nolan finds her in the kitchen, peeling mangoes with photos of her father’s body spread all over the kitchen counter.  By looking at the wounds, she’s able to tell that they were made by her father’s katana.  She says that she will hunt the killer to the ends of the earth and needs to practice how to separate skin from flesh.  This freaks Nolan out enough to help Aiden find a way to send her off a wild goose chase.  He alters some photos, making her believe that a man named Hoffman was responsible for the bombing that killed Declan and also killed her father.  Aiden has purchased plane tickets to Germany for her – then breathes a little, albeit temporary, sigh of relief.  Niko is packing her bag to leave when it gets caught under the bed.  She reaches to free it and feels something else there.  What she pulls out is her father’s katana.  She’s not going anywhere now, but Aiden should think about finding somewhere else to stay.

Sarah has done some thinking about what her mother said and how Amanda is going to give up.  She tells Daniel that she’s going to leave.  They’ll never be together as long as Amanda is in the picture.  Daniel is furious and goes up to Amanda’s room.  After throwing her on the bed by her hair, he says that sterilizing her was his gift to the universe.   She has another blackout and wakes up at The Southfork Inn, in Conrad’s bed.  After thanking her for a lovely evening,  Conrad wishes her a good day and hopes that they’ll have another night like the last one.   Did she really do the (really) nasty with her father in law or are the Graysons gaslighting her?

A woman is arriving by plane, claiming to be the first Mrs. Grayson.

See you all in March.


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6 Responses to Revenge – Hatred

  1. ladebra says:

    Love this show, great blog! But all this new revengerie has me so confused!

    With Emily blacking out and sleeping with the enemy are we going to get a Sybil personality thing? And is Jack going to get his happy ending? And will Aiden catch on in time to protect himself from that lethal “grasshopper”. (Too vague?) Is Patrick burning down the gallery and leaving?

    March? It’s not coming back till March? Bummer!

    • Ladebra, All are good questions. The only happy ending for Jack, at least IMHO, is with Amanda. Patrick’s fire starting doesn’t make any sense.
      Yes, March. ABC’s up to their usual scheduling shenanigans.

      • ladebra says:

        Hi Empress! I did read somewhere yesterday, that if Revenge is picked up for a 4th season, they are going to add the actress who plays the magazine editor. Looks like they play around with Jack’s life a little while longer!

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  3. Boobah says:

    Grrr…as per usual lately, I’m way late to the party.

    Thanks Emps for the amazing re-cap. I am still enjoying the show. Of course there is a break in the schedule…at this point, I’d be surprised if it didn’t go on hiatus! *sighs*

    I want Jack with Amanda already! Geez.

    No idea why Patrick started the fire! WTH?

    Still adore Nolan! Man, I can’t get enough of him!

    • Boobah!!! You’re never too late. We keep a light on just for you. 🙂
      Nothing new about the breaks ABC takes – we’re sort of used to it by now. The show has been interesting, though, hasn’t it.

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