Revenge – Endurance

Amanda wakes up in her hospital bed to see Nolan standing over her wearing what he thinks is a candy-striper’s outfit.  She tells him that she’s done with her revenge plans.  She failed at what she set out to do and, as her memory returns,  all she feels is the pain she’s caused.  Aiden meets with his friend, Niko and asks her to keep an eye on Amanda.  Victoria has been guarding Amanda’s room  and the doctor comes by to tell her that Amanda is going to make a full recovery.  Just then, Nurse Niko appears to offer Victoria her services.  Amanda is taken to Grayson Manor for her recuperation and Niko explains that she’s really there for her own father – Takeda.

Patrick is also offering Victoria his assistance in getting the Infinity box from Nolan’s safe.  When Victoria declines, telling him that she needs to take care of Danny, the real shooter, Patrick loses it, telling her that she’s choosing blood over her bastard.   She slaps him back to reality.  Jack sneaks in to see Amanda, with Charlotte’s help, and he leaves a very special stuffed puppy for her.  Victoria and Patrick are on the phone talking about the Infinity box while Niko listens in.  She tells Amanda what she’s heard, but Amanda still doesn’t care.  She says that she and Aiden should have been married by now and living somewhere far away.  Niko then punches Amanda in the stomach to remind her of the pain that she’s gone through, courtesy of the Graysons.  She was probably a little unhappy to hear about Amanda and Aiden’s plans, too.   To make things worse, Victoria walks in and hands Amanda an envelope with a doctor’s report which says that, due to her injuries, Amanda will never be able to conceive.

Daniel isn’t happy with Amanda at Grayson Manor and goes to see Sarah.  He thinks that she tried to kill himself over him but she says that he must think everything is about him.  She had too much to drink and slipped in the bathtub.  Jack happens to walk in and, when he sees that Danny is being a jerk, punches him in the eye.

Patrick goes crying to Nolan about how badly he’s being treated by his Mom.  Patrick tries to get Nolan drunk but, when he licks some liquid from Nolan’s arm, Patrick realizes that Nolan’s been drinking only water.  Well, that didn’t work, so he just clubs Nolan over the head with a log and makes off with the Infinity box. Victoria can’t contain her excitement over having the treasure in her hands and looks through the contents, finding plenty of evidence that Amanda is nothing but a  gold-digger, looking to worm her way into the Grayson family’s coffers.  She confronts her new daughter-in-law with what she has and Amanda says that yes, she’s been right all along.  She says that she still loves Danny, though.

Danny is back chasing Sara and lets her know how his wife faked her pregnancy to trap him.  Now Sarah thinks that Amanda is a psycho.

Margaux is at The Stowaway with Jack and is upset that she missed her deadline.  She shows Jack her story about Lydia as the one who shot Amanda and Jack tells her that it isn’t true, that Danny shot her and Amanda told him.

Grayson Manor is swarmed by the press.  Amanda has called them to make a statement and names Lydia as her shooter.  She also announces that there’s a $10 million reward for Lydia’s hide.   She then gets  hold of Nolan by way of a radio inside the stuffed puppy and thanks him for filling the Infifnity box with the wrong information.  He says that he;s glad she;s not just giving up on her plans.  Amanda then heads to her beach house with the help of a maid.  While the maid goes inside to retrieve some things for her, Aiden walks up.  Amanda tells him that they have to break up, now that they can’t have a real future or family together.  She also insists that Lydia shot her.  Aiden turn to his friend, Niko for comfort at Takeda’s house, better known as the scene of the crime.   Niko says that she feels like things don’t add up regarding her father’s murder.  Being around Amanda has also made her want to exact her own revenge on the never caught killer.  Aiden, not knowing what else to do at the moment, has sex with her.

Amanda has a little sitdown with Victoria and Danny and tells them she’s ready to move on now.  She still loves Danny and wants to be his wife, but she also reminds them that she knows who really shot her.  Danny wants to know what will happen if they don’t go along with her deal and she says that she’ll have Niko be her witness to the torture the Graysons put her through while she was in their care.  Danny says “screw you”, but Victoria, from her newly purchased throne, admits that they’re at an impasse.


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3 Responses to Revenge – Endurance

  1. MelTheHound says:

    I was wondering about the infinity box.. Did Amanda want Vicky to have it? When she found out Vicky had it, there was a smirk on her face. Usually I don’t notice things like that but I did this time around. I am also wondering if Patrick is really Vicky’s illegitimate son. He sure seems to be in love with her and more than a mother-son way.

    • I think Amanda knew that Victoria was looking for the box and had Nolan fill it with some junk to send her in the wrong direction.
      I’ve wondered about Patrick, too. Wouldn’t it be hysterical if he was just another scammer trying to get his hands on the Graysons’ foryune?

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