Sons of Anarchy – S6E13 – The bitch slithers away again

samcroHere it is folks. The last one of the season. Let’s review where we’re at for a minute then I’ll get to the important parts of the show.

Clay is dead and Jax is making moves to hand off distribution of guns to August Marx. Juice has told Nero what really happened to Darby after he nearly died of an overdose at Deosa. Tara had made arrangements to meet with the DA and the ATF but instead of showing for the meeting, She took the kids and checked in to a hotel. Jax and Mommie Dearest are now convinced she has flipped. Let’s take this one story at a time.

First, the show opens with Jax sitting at Opie’s grave writing to his boys. In essence he tells them that he thrives on the fear he wakes up with every day. That everything he does, has done, and will do that day, is for them because he loves them.

Clay- Not much to say. Jax shot him in the neck for his crimes against him and the club and today he receives a prison burial with only Unser in attendance. I doubt Clay knew the difference but it’s still a sad way to end up. At Jax’s house where Gemma is doing dishes, Unser arrives to pick up Wendy to go to rehab. Gemma seems all broken up that her second husband is now dead too.

At the clubhouse, they are going to have a meeting. First though, Eli and DA pay a visit. She wants to speak to Jax alone but not before Mommie Dearest tells DA to suck her white crack. DA tells Jax that Tara was supposed to meet with her but she was a no show. She further tries to get under Jax’s skin trying to appeal to appeal to his family man ways. At the meeting table, they decide they need to find Tara before the DA does. They will talk to Margaret, watch her lawyer after Unser tells who it is (I wish this guy would stop thinking with his dick) and they will also see if Charlie (dirty cop) can help. Jax doesn’t want her hurt unless they cannot convince her not to rat.

Alvarez pays the club a visit. He wants to know why he wasn’t offered a shot at the guns. Jax tells him that the club leaving guns was the intent all along since he took the gavel. Alvarez tells Jax that he is setting up a charter in Stockton. News to Jax. There is a shipment of guns due to the Mayans that is late due to all the shenanigans of Jax trying to insure that Marx now owns the distribution. They will meet later in the day to make that right, and everyone happy. Nero will be part of this because he and Alvarez are kind of working together.

They all meet at the docks to get the delivery of the guns. Nero is there, I guess Marx was supposed to be as well but he keeps himself insulated from the street dealings. Nero speaks to Jax about karma and wonders if he thinks all the bad stuff happening with Tara might have something to do with Juice murdering an innocent mother at Jax’s order. Jax tries to worm his way out of that again but Nero isn’t buying it this time. Alvarez gets his guns and pays for them with a bag of groceries. Before the black guys can say wtf, the Mayans kill all of them and take the guns. I guess Nero is okay with this as he helps them load the guns. Later we see him and Alvarez sitting down talking about the old days when the were in prison together. He wonders about Nero’s plan to buy that farm. Nero says he has another consideration now, that he’s with Gemma.

Tara reaches her lawyer and tells him where to meet her. He says the deal is still on the table but only if it happens that day. As he leaves the court house, Bobby and Juice follow him. They meet at a park in Lodi that Jax knows and he tells them to not let her leave. The lawyer and Tara arrive, he shows her the paperwork, tells her it’s all legit, and everything is good to go. She tells him where DA can find her. He leaves, the club arrives. She’s scared shitless but Jax tells her he means her no harm. They make an arrangement where he will turn himself in as the source for the KG9. When the DA arrives at the hotel, that’s what happens. The deal is made and he will turn himself in at his home, at 6 that evening after he puts everything in order. The boys have been taken back to the IC parlor clubhouse.

There is a meeting with Jax, Bobby, and Chibs. Jax tells them what is going to happen. He hands the gavel over to Bobby. Then he tells them that Juice cannot be trusted and why. Outside of the clubhouse, Jax puts his arms around Juice, kisses him, and tells him he knows that Juice betrayed him.

Somewhere in all this, at Deosa, Gemma is waiting for Nero. He arrives and his basic question for her is, would she leave all this, the club, Charming, all of it to leave with him. When her answer is no, he tells her to hit the bricks. He dumped her, just like he should have that first drunken night when he was thinking with the wrong head.Β  She leaves and goes to her home to wallow in her misery. While she is there, drunk and high, Unser comes in after leaving Wendy at rehab. She wants to leave and go to Jax’s house but he won’t let her drive. She distracts him with a shiny object and tells him she needs her pills. He goes to get them, she steels his truck to leave.

At the clubhouse, Jax is saying goodbye to everyone, and his kids. Tara will pick them up after the deed is done. He wants absolutely nothing to happen to her and whatever she needs, she gets.Even if she wants to take the boys and leave. At Jax’s house, Tara has arrived. Unser’s truck is there. I don’t remember the exact sequence of events but, Eli and Juice are also there. Tara is in the house, thinking Unser is there, hears a noise, and it’s Gemma. Juice by now has told Eli that Gemma had taken Unser’s truck. The hear a ruckus. By the time they get inside, Gemma has drown Tara in the dishwater and stabbed her with a carving fork that was in the dish tray. As Eli is standing there in amazement, Juice shoots him.

After Juice and Gemma have left, Jax arrives to find the dead sheriff, and his dead wife. He drops his gun next to Eli and as he his holding his dead wife, crying, DA walks in and sees the scene. She of course can only make assumptions at this point but we are left with the belief she thinks Jax is responsible for all this. That is about where this season ends.

See you next fall.

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22 Responses to Sons of Anarchy – S6E13 – The bitch slithers away again

  1. Dayum. ‘Bout all I can say.

    I’m still completely stunned. Still can’t quite wrap my head around the brutality of that murder. Lord – that Sutter makes pretty compelling TV.

    Anyhoo…Jeff, thanks so much for recapping for us! I was checking repeatedly today…and can’t wait for this drama to wrap up.

    My thoughts – I actually took notes while I read your recap πŸ™‚

    1. Above you said, “Jax doesn’t want her hurt unless they cannot convince her not to rat.” My thought – after it was all said and done – was that he was referring there to “doing what they have to do,” which in his case was giving himself up.

    2. Two points you made about Nero. When you were talking about the Mayans gunning down the Niners, you noted that Nero must have been okay w/it all, because he helped load up the guns (he also attended a meeting later with the Mayans and the Chinese). You also talked about his confrontation w/Gemma – asking if she could leave it all behind and telling her to hit the bricks. I think that she jumped to the conclusion that he was dumping her, but what he actually said was that he was realizing that he was going to have to choose between being w/her and living this life of violence. Just like Tara….

    3. A question: you talked about when Jax kissed Juice and told him that he knows he betrayed him. He also told the MC officers that Juice could not be trusted. Where do you think they’re going w/that next season? Is Juice done? And what do you think the impact of his being the one who knows about Gemma’s involvement might be? Yeah, that was more than one question.

    4. Jax walks in, sees dead legs, blood, his clearly dead, mutilated wife, drops his gun, goes to her, and openly grieves. Horrible, horrible scene. The DA walks in and looks at him suspiciously. I was like, “Um, yeah…how long into Episode 1, Season 7 will we have to go before they figure out that it wasn’t Jax?” Come on.

    Well, I’m sad it’s over, anxious for next season, and overwhelmed by the drama. Thanks again for bringing this all around to discuss each week, Jeff!

    • MelTheHound says:

      LadyC, #3.. I think Juice is cooked. Even without his covering up what mommie dearest did, the club will no longer trust him. Chibs hasn’t trusted him for a long time. What I think is that he is somehow in love with mommie dearest too.

      • Laineylainey says:

        Ewwwwww! I got that vibe off of them, too,

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        He’s so destroyed, it’s hard to watch him. Remember back when he smiled and was funny? Guess he’s just not cut out for the MC life – thinking back to when he said that he wanted to be one of the good guys a few episodes back. He’s a tragic character – one of so many on this show. Great writing!

  2. Holy crap! I watched that scene in Tara’s kitchen through my fingers and talking to the TV. As much as I would have liked for Juice to aim his gun about 2 feet to the left, it’s going to make a much better story if Jax is the one to take Gemma out.
    Juice is just a dead man walking and I don’t know what he thought he was going to gain by killing Eli and covering for Gemma.
    Nero’s got all of his ducks in order – the Chinese, the Mayans are all on board and they’re gunning for SAMCRO. I think he knew what Gemma’s answer would be before he even asked her to choose, just to make sure that he could carry out his plan without any emotional entanglements.
    I can see Jax telling Patterson that the deal is off. He was going to give himself up to keep Tara and the boys safe. Well, so much for that. Patterson is going to have to start from square one in order to prosecute Jax and the club. All she had was Jax’s word, Tara never gave her anything.
    I’m not terribly concerned about Patterson thinking Jax killed Eli. That’s an easy ballistics test. Patterson will figure out it was Gemma – nobody else had a reason to kill Tara. The homeless woman , the one who’s the mother of the girl who broke the window, walked by the dumpsters where Juice threw Gemma’s clothes and the carving fork. Maybe she’ll be spotted with Gemma’s stuff.
    I’ll probably think of other things later – I’m still picking my jaw up off the floor. Sutter is making me a crazy person.
    Thanks so much for the recaps. πŸ™‚

    • Empress – my hubby, who loves Zombies, Monsters, Gore…was cringing down in his chair w/his teeth gritted tightly shut. Gruesome even for him.

      That homeless woman – who I hear supposed to be Brooke’s mother. She seems to be a harbinger – foreshadowing the suffering of an innocent at the hands of the club.

      I’m wondering about the introduction of Brooke this season, what her role will be next season. I imagine that Sutter may use her to bring out Gemma’s role in Teller’s death – which may, combined w/the revelation of what she did to Tara, bring about her meeting w/Mr. Mayhem. I see Jax doing the honors.

      Thanks for being such a great hostess!

      • Oh, Lady C, I think Tara’s death was even worse than Opie’s, and his was just awful. Brooke is a sweet girl and she obviously loves Jax and the guys. It will be interesting to see if and how her character plays into this.
        And, FWIW, it’s easy to be a good hostess when you have wonderful guests. πŸ™‚

    • MelTheHound says:

      I’m sure you’re right about DA and actual evidence but for right now all she has is Jax holding his dead wife, and a dead sheriff laying next to his gun on the floor. I see S7 opening with Jax in a jail cell. Nero has been making his own moves since he learned that Jax was responsible for Darby’s murder. He’s another one that Juice will have to keep in the back of his mind. I had forgotten all about the meeting at the end, I was still pissed off that mommie dearest slithered away again. I still say that when he shot Venus VD’s mother, that was a rehearsal for things to come.

      • “I still say that when he shot Venus VD’s mother, that was a rehearsal for things to come.”
        Couldn’t agree more.
        The opener will probably have Jax in jail, but it won’t be for long. He’s got a lot of work to do.
        BTW, I see the Charlie Brown tree is back up – nice touch. πŸ™‚

  3. deco says:

    It seems That homeless woman always shows up when there’s a death a an important character. I think, though, that she’s a ghost. That girl’s mother was killed in the accident that killed Jax’s father. Presumably , she’s a ghost..
    About Juice. I was wondering if he thought he could win back Jax’s favor by covering up for Gemma.
    Souter sets up his scenes well. The opening montage had Gemma washing dishes and the carving fork was on the counter. It set up the murder scene. I would have thought Gemma would have shot Tara or knifed her. But no, too pedestrian. She killed her with common household items. Evernote she used was left by her in the morning. I don’t think she ever killed anyone before. Has she? She seemed stunned when she killed Tara. I think she surprised even herself. She’s on bad woman. She’s about to be quite alone next season except for Juice when the truth comes out. And who knows how long Juice will survive. more thing. I don’t think Mero knew that the Mayans were going to slaughter Marx’s men. He asked Marcus if that was necessary . I don’t remember hi helping load the gas though..
    Thanks, Mel, for the recap. I too was waiting for it.

    • Deco, Did you see the live aftershow? Sutter talked about Tara’s murder and how he staged it with only a kitchen sink full of dirty dishwater and the carving knife as Gemma’s WMDs.
      Do you really think the homeless woman is a ghost? She could be, I guess.
      While we’re looking for symbolism, we should have realized that there wouldn’t be any peace in this episode once Jax decimated the dove on the road with his bike.

    • Deco, your comment about Gemma being left w/only Juice’s friendship reminds me of Clay’s situation, before the club decided it was time for him to go. Let’s hope Gemma is on that same train…

  4. deco says:

    I’m back because I forgot to mention Unser. He’s pathetically on love with Gemma. Next season should find him overwhelmed with guilt for relaying faulty info to Gemma about Tara being a rat. Ultimately, I think he will blame himself. Already suffering from Terminally term ail cancer, I don’t know how much fight he has left in him. I can see one or both of the, committing suicide. Neither have much to live,for., Gemma will lose everything. Her club, her son, her grandsons, I don’t know if Unser will be more horrified at her actions or feel responsible.
    I’m all over the ace on this ending. Can’t wit for next season. Sorry for,the,ramble. 😦

    • MelTheHound says:

      Deco, Ramble all you like. I enjoy it when people discuss the show and the recaps. You may be right about homeless woman. Even when she is right in front of them, they never seem to notice her.

  5. karrylyn says:

    Will Unser, take the blame for Gemma? (killing Tara) His truck was in front of the house (and could have been seen by a neighbor)….and he has a sick kind of love for her…and he is dying. Will Gemma walk?
    NO, that cant happen!!!!!

  6. Laineylainey says:

    Great recap….I’m so glad this ending wasn’t spoiled for me, I just watched it….o.m.g. I’m dying over here. I read somewhere that Gemma would be the one left standing with her grandsons and the SOA still going strong. Clay, Tara, Jax…poof…all gone. My visual: Gemma cackling atop a heap of human remains with her tow headed boys; one on each side.

    • MelTheHound says:

      I hope what you read is wrong. I would HATE to see mommie dearest end up with those two. I’ve been rooting for her demise for 2 years now but, I’m not married to the creater of the show πŸ˜‰

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      And the wheels go round and round…let’s hope not.

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