Revenge – Surrender

Amanda and Danny – he’s more a Danny than a Daniel, dontcha think? – are posing for fashion photos as part of a lavish bridal issue of Margaux’s magazine, the one with the French name that I can’t say or spell and am unwilling to look up.   She looks beautiful in the wedding gowns she’s wearing, but she’d look beautiful wearing just about anything.   Daniel is coping with the news of her pregnancy, which is about as real as Conrad’s illness was, and he’s all confused because he loves Sarah more than he loves Amanda.

Lydia climbed out of whatever hole Victoria had buried her in, made contact with Margaux and wants to find out all about the Graysons’ deepest, darkest secret.  Revenge plots are not solely Amanda’s.   Lydia’s more than happy to sell her tell-all stuff to the highest bidder but she still has the hots for Conrad and his checkbook.  Wait until she finds out about the storage room full of gold bars.

Amanda and Victoria are working on the seating arrangements for the wedding when they see some of Victoria’s wardrobe come flying off the balcony above and fall to the ground.  Lydia has found her way into the house and Victoria’s closet, and is tossing things all over the place.  She and Victoria throw some barbs at each other and Lydia starts to make her exit.  Amanda stops her at the door to share a couple of insults with her, and Lydia pushes her, sending her sprawling across the marble foyer.  When Danny rushes to her side, Victoria says that he should stop making a big deal out of a little spill.  Danny then blurts out that Amanda is pregnant but grandma-to-be Victoria doesn’t appear to be convinced.

Jack, who thinks he’s in love with Margaux, stops by Nolan’s place to tell him that Margaux has a file on her desk with Conrad’s name on it.  Jack would like to tell her the truth about Conrad but he doesn’t want to be her source for the story she’s writing.   The two come up with a plan to keep tabs on Margaux by hacking into her computer.  This is right up Nolans’ alley, in fact, while the two are talking, he’s sorting out what looks like Christmas lights with his trusty laptop.  Mine get tangled every year and I never thought of using my home computer to straighten them out.  That’s probably why there will never be an EmpressCorp.

Aiden and Amanda aren’t just sitting around, waiting for things to happen.  The wedding’s going to be the next day – or next week, for the rest of us – and they’ve got work to do.  They meet up at a gun range where Aiden delivers a box, with Victoria’s name and address on it.  Inside is a gun and Amanda fires it, making sure to get gunshot residue on the diamond bracelet she lifted from Victoria’s room while Lydia was doing her own shop til you drop routine.   It’s a wonder Victoria had clean underwear after these two were finished rifling through her drawers.

Lydia was under strict orders from Margaux not to leave the room the magazine is paying for but she didn’t listen.  She calls Conrad, pretending to be a writer for Time magazine, interested in doing a cover story on him.  That’s where Conrad’s ego overrides his common sense.  The cover of Time?  Who does this guy think he is?  Lady Gaga?   Oh well,  he rushes over to the Southfork Inn and finds Lydia waiting for him.   She’s trying to get him to say something incriminating – she even has a tape recorder for the occasion – but Conrad’s not in the mood for her backhanded banter and she throws him out.

Sarah doesn’t want to work at The Stowaway anymore but Charlotte doesn’t want her to quit because she’s holding that grudge against Amanda for reasons we still don’t understand.  Charlotte runs after Danny – really, she’s running because he’s running his little perplexed heart out – and finds out that she shouldn’t have gotten mixed up in his love life.

After finishing his jog, he and Amanda go for a drive, supposedly to see her baby doctor, when the car is suddenly surrounded by paparazzi.    Amanda puts the ambush at the feet of Victoria but she’s the one who called them to give them the baby story.  Charlotte, after seeing how her plan to put Danny back in bed with Sarah backfired, wants to make amends with Amanda by bringing over the gals from Mani-Pedis-R-Us for a little sisterly bonding time.

Somehow Conrad and Lydia have found the time to make up after their first reunion.  They decide to call it even, let bygones be bygones, and go for a roll in the hay.   Danny, meanwhile, wants to have a heart to heart with Sarah at The Stowaway.  She’s upset because he didn’t tell her that Amanda was pregnant and he tells her that he didn’t want to hurt her.   Sarah sees that they just weren’t meant to be and hands the diamond necklace he gave her back to him.  He picks it up and then drops it into the Atlantic Ocean.   Are you kidding me?  That thing was five, maybe six carats.  I would have happily taken it off his hands.  I’d don scuba gear and go diving to find it, and I don’t even know how to swim.

Charlotte tells Victoria that she’s moving out of the house and into an apartment which means that Conrad raised her allowance.  She also says that she’s sorry she ever got involved with her mother and for hurting her brother.  Okay.

Amanda and Aiden are sipping sake in a Revenge school warrior ritual.  She’s getting ready to go into battle and Aiden is ready for something else.  He pulls out a ring and proposes to her.  She says yes and the phone rings.  Seeing that the caller is Danny, she doesn’t answer.  Instead, she and fiance number two make love.  Aiden then leaves, as they tell each other that it’s just for one more night.

Margaux stops by The Stowaway and Jack spills the beans about Conrad.  He tells her how Conrad was responsible for the deaths of his wife and his brother.    He apologizes for not telling her sooner, but that he was afraid of losing her, too.

Danny’s packing a bag to spend the wedding night eve apart from Amanda.  He tells her that he and Sarah are over and the only people he really loves are Amanda and the baby.   Amanda also says goodnight, and good-bye, to Nolan, believing that this will be the last time they see one another.   A couple of monkey wrenches may spoil the Revenge plan, though.  Lydia, looking through Conrad’s boxes of family photos, finds the picture of Amanda as a server from one of The Graysons’ New Years’ Eve bashes.   Victoria also a surprise for Amanda.  She tells her that there will be a place for Nolan at the head table now that she’s decided she won’t be attending the celebration.


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  2. Boobah says:

    DY-NO-MITE recap, Emps! I got the giggles from the your comment about the necklace – I swear, I thought the same thing! That was a huge rock – if Hamptonites really do stuff like that, I promise I’m going over there and going for a swim!

    I would love to know what the hell was up Charlotte’s butt to begin with regarding Amanda?!? I’m not sure it matters…OR does it?

    I don’t think Jack loves Margaux either. I want him and Amanda to get together. I never really warmed up to Aiden.

    I wish there was more of Nolan!! Never enough Nolan!

    And I, for one, DO believe there could be a EmpressCorp!

    • Hey BOO!!! If you come across the necklace – it’s closer to your neck of the woods – let me know and we’ll work out a joint custody agreement.
      ITA – Jack and Amanda belong together AND there are never enough scenes with Nolan.
      FWIW, if I grow up to become a self-made billionaire, it won’t be because of my techy wizardry. 😉

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