Sons Of Anarchy – 6.12 – You Are My Sunshine

samcroHere we are. 12 down, one to go. We start off this week, with Jax meeting with the DA. She isn’t happy with how Ghalen was delivered to her. She was expecting live bodies she could drag into court and have her moment in the sun. He says, as far as he’s concerned, he’s done his part.She says she will investigate and decide if he has or not.

At the cabin, Tara is tending to Bobby. Her phone rings, it’s the DA. Now she wants a deal with Tara for the bullet she pulled out of Bobby’s chest. They agree to meet at Tara’s office at the hospital. A deal has been made with the ATF for witness protection.

Jax’s house where Gemma is fixing breakfast for the boys, Unser arrives. She asks him to get the eggs from the stove but he burns his hand on the pan. Catches himself from swearing in front of the boys. He asks Gemma where her latin lover is, she says with the whores. Abel has a bit of a face on, he wants to know where his mommy is.

Jax and the fellas are with Conner who was left with some splainin to do when his boss turned up dead. He hasn’t approached the kings with the proposal of working with Marx yet but with Ghalen dead, the Chinese may make a move. Jax assures Conner that his guns will be safe.

Cut to the barn where the Irish have the guns, sans the KG9s they left with Ghalen and Clay’s dead bodies, for the DA, they verify they are all there and then shoot Conner’s men. Tig gets some blood splatter on his face, and in his hair, which he doesn’t like. Or does he? This guy has always been strange. A little later, Chinese arrive, with Happy. Lim isn’t happy that the two irishmen are dead and he didn’t get to pull the trigger. He says vengeance isn’t in the death it’s in the doing. Now in exchange for Happy, he wants Conner. Jax tells him he can’t do that, Lim says he can’t let Happy live. Jax decides to turn this into an opportunity and reaches out to Marx.

At Deosa, Nero gets a visit from one of his BizLats. The guy isn’t happy with the apparent lack of leadership since Nero hooked up with the Sons. Nero has problems of his own but guy wants him to meet with Alvarez (Mayans) who has reached out to help, possibly mutually beneficial, brown helping brown.

Wendy still isn’t at rehab, Abel is on the bed coloring, Gemma walks in with some tea for Wendy. She hasn’t eaten because she cannot keep anything down. Abel hasn’t said anything other than he wants his mother. Wendy wants to know why Gemma is helping her. Though she was betrayed, it’s the best option. She’s going to need help when Tara gets shipped off to prison. She isn’t any spring chicken, Uncle Cancer isn’t going to be worth much, so she’s left with the junkie mom.

I am sorry folks  but I am working with half a working keyboard here and this is taking too long. Here is where we end up..

Alvarez has to make his own moves to protect his interests. The Sons leaving the gun trade leaves a void in the balance of power. Jax isn’t going to be happy but he should have thought of that before he started killing people.

Conner’s guns have mysteriously gone missing, and his guys are dead… Must have been hijacked on the road somewhere. Jax wants him to talk to Marx who can secure things and deal with the Chinese whom, Jax has pinned the missing guns on. The guns are ‘found’ and the club makes a play of taking out the Chinese, including, Lim. This is a show for Conner to demonstrate what Marx can do. Marx shows up and makes a deal with Conner for the guns. Half a million, in cash. Happy is now a free man.

Tara arrives at the hospital to get supplies, where she finds Gemma in her office.. The smart ass bitch wants to know how many dead babies it takes to ruin a carpet as she looks at the blood stain left by the altercation. Gemma wants Tara to provide antinausia meds for Wendy. She tells Gemma ot get something from the drug store bu she’ll see if there are some samples laying around. Tells Gemma to wait outside. As Gemma is leaving, the DA comes in. No love lost between these two. Tara wants her lawyer to look over the protection papers before she hands over the bullet. She will meet them at DA’s office, she says, after that happens and she collects the boys. They note that she’s not committed to this yet. DA says that Tara still loves Jax, and she grew up without a father.

Bobby had sent Juice to Deosa to unwind. He gets there, loads himself on drugs, and passes out. Gemma has arrived, she and Nero work to revive Juice. Way back in Ep2, Juice at Jax’s order, killed Darby, the mother of the kid that shot up the church classroom. Jax had told Nero that he did not sanction this. Darby was someone Nero didn’t want hurt though he had sho this own cousin, the owner of the gun. Juice told Nero what happened. He isn’t happy and I think he now wants Jax dead. Should make for an interesting finale.

Tara has called Gemma and asked her to come to the cabin to help with Bobby who, due to drinking so much, has busted his stitches and he is bleeding again so she needs an extra pair of hands. What she needs is to get Gemma away from the boys so she can take them. That is exactly what she does, pointing a gun at Unser to make her getaway. We are to believe she is going to the DA’s office to complete the terms of her deal. She doesn’t go there though but to a hotel. Gemma and Jax arrive to find Unser gone, and that Tara has left, with the boys. Because Gemma saw the DA at the hospital, they now believe Tara has turned. So now, she is a fugitive and a hunted target of the MC.. Part of me wonders if Jax is in on this. I guess we’ll see.

You can watch here. Install nothing, download nothing.

See you next week.

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11 Responses to Sons Of Anarchy – 6.12 – You Are My Sunshine

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  2. Lady Chatterley says:

    I like your theory about Jax being in on Tara’s plan – interesting take.

    I can’t see the club hunting her down…they love her and so does Jax. The only one that would want to hunt her down is Gemma.

    Nero was fascinating in this episode and, of course, Juice. If Juice survives, I can’t help but wonder if he wouldn’t entertain the option of leaving the Sons to join Nero and the BizLats. He doesn’t seem to have much of a future with the club.

    • MelTheHound says:

      Could happen.. I think there is at least one season left to go. With Clay dead, they have to do something. What would really be interesting is if he did jump, his initiation is Jax in a shallow grave. Nero isn’t currently happy with his new business partner.

      I still like to think that the club knows, the best thing for the kids, is distance.

  3. Jax has made some real enemies, hasn’t he? We knew that lying to Nero was going to come back and bite him eventually. I’ve said it before, but I think Nero is too good for the whole lot of them, especially Gemma and I wouldn’t be surprised if Juice and Nero come together to take Jax down.
    I like the idea that Jax – or even the whole club – may be in on Tara’s escape plan. When he said he was sorry that she did all of the things she did because of their relationship, I though there was a glimmer of hope for her and the boys. Tara could have taken Patterson’s deal and vanished but she ran off on her own – I think she did that so that Patterson couldn’t prosecute Jax. Tara may not want her kids around him and the club, but she seems to still love Jax.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      She does, dear Empress, and he seems to love her, too. And, he also seems to feel responsible for the position she’s in and the danger the boys have been in. Somone on another site pointed out that, in the previews for the next episode, they have several scenes from past episodes, including two that I recall. One shows Jax kissing Abel good night in his bed (I think that’s an old scene) and another when he grabs Abel close to him when there’s a explosion (was that when the clubhouse blew up?). Maybe they’re setting up a conclusion where Jax takes responsibiilty for protecting his kids and gets them and Tara out of harms way???? One can hope.

      • “One can hope.” Yep, and I’m still hoping. 😉

      • About those previews – some do look like flashbacks but there’s one where Jax pulls Juice into a hug and whispers “You betrayed me.” Knowing how much MelTH and Sutter love their Godfather references, it looked a lot like the scene when Michael Corleone kissed Fredo goodbye right before he had him killed -“I know it was you, Fredo! You broke my heart!”. I sure hope I’m wrong (and I know way too many lines from The Godfather films).

        • MelTheHound says:

          That’s the line but it was in a nightclub in Cuba during New Years Eve. Michael had realized that Fredo lied to him about knowing Roth’s (?) right hand guy, Johnny, who made an assasination attempt at the Lake Tahoe compound. Fredo wasn’t killed until after Mom Corleone was dead.

  4. Lady Chatterley says:

    And then there’s Nero.

    I haven’t been a huge fan of Nero. I know he’s been portrayed as a deep, down nice guy, but I haven’t really bought into his character. Because…after all…he’s not only sleeping with, but he’s in love with Gemma. What kind of person would be in love with that soulless woman? I know, that he comes across like he has a savior complex, but aren’t there are other poor souls out there that are more deserving of his attentions? I get that Gemma’s supposed to be a sexy, hot, biker mama, but she’s horrible – the the core. Like, I believe that she is the true villain of this whole series – worse than Clay.

    But, in this episode, Nero actually started to break through my resistance. Because he’s showing that he actually does have a moral core. If he stands up to Gemma and Jax and breaks away from them and the club, I’ll be firmly on the Nero bandwagon.

    • Lady C, It seems as if there’s a sliding scale for what it means to have a moral core in Charming – all things being relative. Unser has one, but he was also a very corrupt cop; the same goes for Juice. On that scale, Nero looks better in comparison to Gemma, Clay and even Jax.
      Speaking of Unser, what do you think about his role in the Tara and the boys escape plan? I know he loves Gemma, but he also knows her history and what she’s capable of, and he really cares about the two boys.

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