Sons of Anarchy – s6e11 – It Hits The Fan – Aon Rud Persanta

samcroHere we are fans. Week 11 already in what is typically a 13 week season. What a week it was too. When we left off, Jax knew of Tara’s plans and was having her followed so she could not leave town with the boys. Granny Gemma was in all her glory because now she felt like the HBIC (head bitch in charge). Moves were being made to bust Clay out of jail. Jax had made a deal with the DA to give her Ghalen and guns for immunity for both the club and for Tara. Gemma had taken Wendy in, who couldn’t deal, and had reverted to a junkie.

We pick up this week with Tara getting the boys ready to leave, Ratt is in the kitchen. He tells her the kids won’t be going to day care because Jax doesn’t want them at the hospital. Today is the day they are going to free Clay and Jax is checking on his arrangements with the DA. Everything seems to be in order on that front. She’s held up her end of the bargain. Remember, the deal was that he would deliver the Irish and a shipment of guns.

At Gemma’s she is taking care of Wendy but Nero seems concerned that Gemma is stalling about getting her to rehab. Gemma says that she has to take it slow, a lot of bad blood between them but she feels the need to help. Give it time. He reminds her who the mother of her grandson is and asks that some of that compassion spill over into Tara’s cup and forgive her. Not going to happen. He tells her he understands but also, how he lives with the regret of never forgiving his ex wife for how she was while pregnant. She always seems unphased by things like that.

At the garage, Tara arrives with the kids so she can go meet with her new lawyer. Unser tries to explain to her he had nothing to do with Jax and the others finding out. I don’t think she believes him. Chuckie, feels sorry for Tara. Unser says things are going to get a whole lot worse, before they get better. Gemma arrives and is doing some things in the office, with Unser sitting there. He tells her that these aren’t her kids, the jobs of mom and grandma, are completely different. He thinks she’s looking for a second chance. He tells her that what he did, in helping Tara, was for the boys, and he still feels it necessary to help them. He thinks back to Opie, Half Sak, and Phil, wondering if their mothers could have done things differently, they may have turned out differently.. Gemma has always been about the club but things are different now. It isn’t 1967 and the club life is no place to be raising kids. On his way out, she asks why he sticks around. He tells her he’s in love with her (puke).

Jax had told the DA that the thing was going to go down at this waterfront warehouse between 11 and 1 that afternoon. They made a show of arriving at that warehouse as to look to make a deal. Ghalen is no where to be seen. What they were really there for was to head out to take down the transport carrying Clay to county jail for his trial.

SAMCRO sets out in step vans provided by OcConnner that are not traceable and sporting stolen license plates. 2 bikers to a van. They set up on the side of the road where the transport will come across, and wait. When the sheriff’s transport comes by they first take out the escort. Then they block the prisoner transport truck and demand Clay be let out. Seems their bullet proof truck wasn’t enough as  they grab Clay and get out of dodge. As they are leaving one of the deputies, shoots at their get away truck, hitting Bobby twice.. Juice is driving that truck and he runs over the deputy, killing him of course. Chibs tries to help Bobby but he can’t. Guess who they need again? That’s right, the one they all want dead because of what she did to their Prez and auntie Gemma. I wish she had shot Gemma but then, Sutter’s wife would be out of a job.

As SAMCRO is breaking Clay out, left hanging to do the job alone, that they were only supposed to act as ‘extra bodies’ for…. At Somebody’s house where they have Wendy, Tara arrives to pick up the kids. Nero asks her to check on Wendy. Tara says she no longer has a license to practice so call someone who gives a shit.The phone has rung and they have asked Gemma to find and bring Tara to help Bobby. She chuckles at that too but in the end agrees to go.

When SAMCRO gets Clay to Ghalen’s warehouse and take Clay into the office so he can say hello to his old partner in crime. After he does, they shoot Ghalen, and his two people, killing all 3 of them. Killing all 3 of them. Kind of to Clay’s surprise, It becomes clear to him what the real plan is. By now, Gemma, Nero, and Tara have arrived. Tara looks in on Bobby, not good, she needs proper tools to help him.

Now it’s time for Clay to pay the piper.. Meet the reaper for himself. They take him into the office, where Ghalen lies dead, they close the door, but leave the blind open. They want everyone still outside of the office, to see what they are really capable of. Jax, shoots Clay in the neck, then empties the gun into Clay’s body. By the way, the vote to do this, was unanimous. Gemma seems saddened by it. Did Jax  just send mommy dearest a message? I don’t think Tara saw it, she was in the van with Bobby. She certainly heard it though. Outside of the office, where an amazed Nero is in kind of shock, Jax assures him that SAMCRO is finished with guns, not to be drug back in, THEY can continue their business.

Nero, Gemma (who says she’s glad Clay is dead), and Tara head to the hospital to get basic surgical tools. Nero is still in shock by it all and he tells Gemma that it’s okay to feel a loss. Good or bad, she spent a lot of years with the guy. Tara, tells Nero that Clay killed Piney, tried to have her killed because she knew the truth about JT, destroying her hand and ruining her career so, good riddance to bad rubbish. Tara has really become a hard woman. Gemma doesn’t have shit on her when it comes to that front. Jax has sent a couple guys to the cabin with Bobby.

By now, the DA has seen the carnage on the road. Of course, her deal with Jax is off, or so she thinks. She calls Tara and wants to talk to her. Says she’ll meet her in her office (at the hospital). When they arrive at the hospital, Tara goes in. She told Gemma and Nero that the phone call was from her lawyers. Hey, it’s all out there now.. When she gets in her office, DA and Eli are waiting for her. Tara knows what happened, sort of. DA offers her the deal from before that she told Tara was dead when Tara was looking or any olive branch in a sea of apparent haters. Tara wants protection but, the only way that can happen is from the Feds. Proof is needed for RICO. Gee, I thought trafficking automatic guns was a federal crime.  I guess they need more than that. Tara offers them DNA proof that puts a member of SAMCRO at the crime scene.. A bloody bullet from Bobby’s chest. Tara gets what she needs and everybody is off.

Conner arrives at the warehouse aftrer Jax and the others make the scene appear that a fight occurred and that’s why his boss, and Clay, are dead. At gunpoint, Jax explains the ‘real truth’ about what happened. They (Irish)got in a fight with Clay, and they all shot each other. That’s the only story or truth needed and that is the one Conner is to deliver to the Kings. He is also to tell them that August Marx is now the only option for moving guns in Northern California. The deal he offered them to begin with. Otherwise, the Chinese are going to move in and take it. He and Conner will swear on a stack of catholic bibles as to what happened in that office.

DA gets an anonymous call directing her to a shooting at that warehouse. When she and the sheriffs get there, they find Clay, Ghalen, the others, and cases of KG9s.. She says that isn’t the deal she made with Jax. Yes it is. He never promised they would be Alive when he delivered them. So, now, what of Tara? who is now at the cabin working on Bobby. Successfully. Chibs always seems amazed at her skills but I am sure at the drop of a hat, he would put a bullet in her head. Somehow, I think the only one in that club who wouldn’t, is Bobby. Even before she helped him.

We see Nero and Gemma talking in the car. About how Jax loves him but Nero is too old to adopt. Gemma drops the M(arraige) bomb on him but, Nero says no way. He’s seen what happens to her husbands. Not a pretty ending. Nero describes his association with the club as a godfather complex. The further away, he tries to get from a life of crime, the more involved he gets (Just when I thought I was out, they suck me back in GF3). Maybe I’ll get one of my wishes and Gemma will end up a lonely old lonesome hag or better yet, dead in an unmarked hole somewhere. Jax never saw the letters from his father to Maureen Ashby in Belfast but Tara did. Jax does know that Clay killed his father but I don’t know if he understands mommy dearest’s involvement in that.

Anyway, Tara is finished with her work and is in the cabin bedroom. Jax comes in and thanks her for once again, being ‘the mob doctor’ as she described it earlier. He also apologizes to her for the shape her life is in due to knowing him. As he exits the room, she locks the door behind him and we see that she has saved one of the bullets from Bobby’s chest. Will she hand it over? I guess we’ll see. For now, everything seems good in clubland. Other than that dead deputies thing that is.

Next week, it looks like the shit keeps hitting the fan. Alvarez and the Mayans are back in the picture. See you then.


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9 Responses to Sons of Anarchy – s6e11 – It Hits The Fan – Aon Rud Persanta

  1. Holy cannoli!!! Last week you wrote, “Just when you think the Sons are out of the gun game, they get sucked back in.” You must be channeling Sutter and his Godfather references. 😉
    During last week’s episode I couldn’t figure out what Chibbs meant when he asked Jax if DA Patterson was going to take the bait – until I saw that she and Eli were watching just a couple of decoys.
    I have a couple of questions for anyone who has more of this figured out than I do. How are they going to deal with the Chinese now that Connnor is supposed to do business with only August Marx? Last I knew, Happy was being held by them, eating chicken lo mein and watching Nickelodeon. Is Juice still on board with Jax and the club? That hug from Clay looked like he forgave him, and he and Clay were very close before the end of last season. I have the same question as you do about what Tara is going to do with that (very intact) hollow point. She looked completely torn after Jax told her he understood why she did what she did and then apologized for his part in it.
    I can’t believe we’re down to the last two episodes – in between, I’m sure Gemma will be making turkey with all the fixings for her “boys”. Before this series ends, I’d like to see Gemma, all alone – no Jax, no Nero, no grandkids – just wasting away without anyone she cares about.
    BTW – I looked up the title of this episode – it’s Gaelic for “nothing personal”. Sutter has a wicked sense of irony and humor.

    • MelTheHound says:

      I have all the same questions, Empress.. It’s clear from last night’s show and most of my recaps, I haven’t a clue of what’s going on. Only what has gone on. We will see the Chinese in two weeks. No episode next week. Somehow, I’m sure that the club, Marx Inc, the Mayans, and the Chinese are all going to have it out. I am also thinking that somehow, Tara may be able to accomplish her goal. Just when you think he’s an idiot, Jax doesn’t seem to be so stupid. He can’t be dumb enough to think Mommy Dearest is a good guardian type to raise the kids within the club,

      “nothing personal” 😆 that was Very personal.. Somehow, I thought they may let Clay slither away into the sunset..

      • MelTheHound says:

        Oh Let’s not forget about the Italians. They also had a deal with the Irish (that I don’t think Ghalen ever intended to honor). Don’t know yet what’s going to happen with Happy, IF he’s even still alive..

        • LOL! I did forget about the Italians – It’s like the criminal version of the United Nations, isn’t it?!?
          If Happy’s still alive, the Club is going to have their work cut out for them to get him back safely – or they can just shoot everybody, like they did Galen and his boys.

  2. Lady Chatterley says:

    Shocked to see Clay gunned down. I wouldn’t have been if it happened last season, but this season…I was kind of rooting for him.

    And what’s up w/those previews – making it look like Tara’s making a run for it?

    • MelTheHound says:

      Hi, LadyC.. I think taking out both Ghalen and Clay, was a revenge move on Jax’s part. He has wanted Clay dead since the end of S4 because of what he did to Tara an Mommy Dearest. Honestly, I was glad to see the Irishman laying there in a pool of his own blood for what he did to Phil and the prospect.

      I don’t know what’s up with the previews but they all suggest, there is still some shit left to hit the fan.. We’ll see if Tara actually carries through with her deal with Patterson OR if she finds out that Jax had made a deal to protect her…

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        I agree about Galen – he was overdue for getting his desserts. And Clay, too – I did appreciate his late loyalty to the club, however. 😦

        And Tara – I just can’t see her selling out Jax or the club. Can’t believe this season is almost over!!

        • MelTheHound says:

          I don’t think Tara will turn either. We will have to wait until December to find out..

          Jax taking out both Ghalen And Clay, had a bit of a Michael Corleone settling all family business sort of vibe to it..

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