Sons Of Anarchy – S6E10 – Huang Wu

samcroGood Morning my friends.. Back with another Sons recap. Last week, the proverbial shit hit the fan as Gemma managed to get proof, she says, from Margaret that Tara was never pregnant. Margaret apparently had helped Tara fake the documentation that said she was. More than one must have been in on that because after the fight, we saw another doc giving Tara an ultrasound to verify that she had lost the baby, that she never had. Jax, through Unser, had summoned Lowan to his trailer to find out if there was any truth to what Nero and Gemma was telling him. Once she confirmed it, he allowed her to leave. She called Tara to warn her that Jax knew. We ended the episode with Tara holding a sleeping Thomas in one arm, and a pistol in the other hand.

Clay was in a prison padded room wearing a straightjacket after the guard with no nose and his buddy had beaten the shit out of Clay (while he was strapped to a bed).. The prison shrink let them do it after he also delivered a cell phone from the Irish, so Clay could get news on his impending prison break.

We pick up this week seeing all of the cast in their aftermath glow, or hell, take your pick. Tara wakes to find she’s been disarmed and Thomas is gone. She checks to see if Abel is still there, he is, and Jax also has Thomas. He’s confused by it all, why she would want to leave him and take the kids with her.. He hands over Thomas and has packed a bag for a think it over ride about (like an Aussie walkabout) so he can think things through. He tells Tara she will have an escort, to make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid.. Too late, Jax, she came back and got herself mixed up with the club.

Over at the garage (TM) it looks like they are reopening the garage so they can start making money again.. I don’t know how much time has passed during the past few episodes but, it seems to me like that explosion from the Irish leveled everything. The garage and office, look untouched. At Collette’s it looks like they are in business. The permit to operate a massage business apparently came through.. Tara arrives at the hospital with the boys for daycare, and she has her new shadow in tow. Clay is taken from his padded room and put into a regular prison cell, in general population. Wendy is on her couch, stoned out of her gourd, wakes and makes a B line for the sink to toss her cookies. Ghalen is back in town at the Irish warehouse. Jax arrives at the church where the kid shot up the classroom. Tara sits on the couch in her office and breaks down. Jax is now inside the church and sits down. We see a couple teensomething boys run down the aisle to go outside. Every time I see this on this show, I wonder what Jax is thinking. He and Opie grew up together and I can’t help think he reminisces back to his boyhood when he had his best friend to lean on. As you all know, Opie sacrificed himself in prison and had his head literally beaten in, in front of Jax. All during these scenes, I’m thinking Katey Sagal (Gemma) is singing the backing track. If that’s her, she really has a good voice even though, I can’t stand Gemma.

Back at the prison in Clay’s cell, he and his cellmate are talking. It seems that Clay’s trial date has been moved up. Something about keeping a messy story out of the headlines. Let’s remember here that Clay did not do, what he’s in prison for. He was framed by that father of the year, Jax, and the grandmother of the year, Gemma. Irish Librarian comes by to get the latest news from Clay. Trial date being moved is a problem but he will get the message out. Clay also wants to see Gemma. He tells the guy to tell Ghalen, the break has to happen tomorrow. Pope was a capitol crime and a guilty verdict could send him anywhere (including death row) and then all ‘this’ goes away.

Back in Tara’s office, she is reviewing lawyer resumes when Margaret walks in. Tara still doesn’t know who put Jax on to Lowen but she knows she needs a new lawyer. Margaret tells her that Gemma visited her the day before, and got what info she needed about Tara. Margaret told Gemma she couldn’t prove anything, the reply was she didn’t need to, Jax would. She just needed a more reliable source than a junkie.. Wendy must have talked. She is out of Tara’s scheme because the night before, she was so scared, she couldn’t go home. Tara thanks her for her help.

Now we know the destination of Jax’s rideabout.. Colette’s. He’s going to crash there for a few days. As he and she are going up the stairs, Gemma and the guys arrive. Time for a meeting. Clay wants to see Gemma and Ghalen is in town and they need to meet with him in 20 minutes. No one has any idea what is up. I guess Ghalen got the message that Clay has to be moved, post haste. Jax tells the guys what has been going on with Tara and how she tried to frame his mother. He tells them he has one of the new guys tailing Tara. Bobby suggests it might be a better idea to have a familiar face in her rear view mirror. They ask what is going to happen with Tara. Now, that woman, has saved the lives of more than one of the guys in that room. A long time ago, when I said it’s always club first this is what I meant. I believe any one of them would whack Tara if Jax said to do it. Juice volunteers to be Tara’s new tail. Jax then apologizes to his mother. Not even going to comment on that because Tara has bailed that bitch out of some boiling water too. Remember Gemma faking an illness while handcuffed to a bed, just before she hopped a cargo plane to Ireland with the fellas? I think this is disgusting. Every one of these people, including Jax and his mommy, know that what Tara wants to do, is the right thing to do.

Next we are at the Irish warehouse. Timing is of the essence right now. Clay has locked down everyone but the Italians who say they are awaiting an offer from the Chinese. The Italians are the biggest customer and were always loyal to Clay. They are just exploring the options before they go with the club’s new supplier, the Irish. This deal has to happen today.. The big rush, Ghalen says, is that Clay’s trial has been moved up, they are transporting him tomorrow. He wants to use the club to help transport the shipment of 9 cases of AK47s to the first buyer. They need 6 bodies. Votes are taken on the phone, the club is still in the gun running business for this shipment.

Tara visits Wendy, who has reverted back to a junkie. When Tara arrives, with Juice in tow (they aren’t preventing her from conducting her life, just making sure she doesn’t leave). When Tara gets inside Wendy’s apartment, Wendy is calling around trying to get back into rehab. Tara wants to know WTF happened. Wendy says something and that she’s bailing from the plan. As Tara is leaving, she throws her car into reverse, trying to run Juice over and drives over his bike, and then leaves.

Jax, meets up with Jimmy, the Italian buyer  mobster, so he can make an introduction to Ghalen. Ghalen and O’Conner arrive and the introductions are made. As they are talking and testing out the new wares, modified AK47s, a visitor arrives. It’s Lim and his Chinese goons. Remember them? I wonder if we’ll see Alvarez and the Mayans as well. After Ghalen and Jimmy are done playing with their toys and agree that they can work together, Ghalen shoots a couple of the Chinese goons, much to everyone’s shock. Ghalen assures Jimmy that the Chinese were never going to be a part of this plan. They work out a deal that benefits them both. The killing of the Chinese, is going to be a problem for the club though.

Gemma and Nero arrive at TM and Unser has news. He says that Tara visited Wendy and took out Juice’s bike in the process to lose the tail. Gemma has to go visit Clay, she tells Unser to have Ratt, who has gone to retrieve Juices motorcycle, to take him to the hospital to keep an eye on the kids. Nero and Unser will go deal with Wendy, in his lowrider. He says it’s going to put Unser in touch with his inner Cholo. Unser says he had that removed with his spleen (Cancer joke). Gemma lets Nero know that Unser is kind of in love with her. Before Gemma departs to the prison, she makes sure her gun is loaded.

Back at Jax and Tara’s house, Tara is digging her gun out of the gun safe. Same one Tara had the night before, so Jax just put it away.. Just as she gets it put into her purse, Gemma slithers in. Didn’t know Tara would be there. Car should have been a clue, Gemma. Bottom line here, Gemma convinces Tara that she’s alone. Jax loves deep but hates deeper. What she did was unforgivable, there is no coming back from betrayal. Pot, meet Kettle. Where is your husband, Gemma? Why is he there? Who are you fucking now?  Where is your first husband Gemma and why is he there? Betrayal? Bitch please..

Jax is on the phone with the DA confirming her end of the bargain the two of them made. IRA for immunity. She has the club immunity all in place, and a plea deal in place for Tara. Some fines, community service but no jail time (This is how I know Gemma is full of shit). He tells the DA that Ghalen is moving a shipment of guns within the next 48 hours. He will have a well armed crew. Pack a lunch. He will tell her when and where tomorrow, I assume after Clay gets broken out. Ghalen’s trucks roll by and the guys follow them, and pick up a Chinese tail. RuhRoh…

In Nero’s car, he is trying to get to know Unser a little better.. Unser doesn’t like him very much and isn’t very chatty. One word answers. He asks about Wendy and her past, still one word answers just like with Gemma. Nero notes to him that he’s just trying to be friendly and now Unser feels like shit.

Back on the highway, the Chinese make their move. They open up on the club with AK47s of their own. The club leaves the highway and they get cornered in a parking lot. The Chinese don’t want them dead, they want to be distributors, taking the club’s business in the area, that they want to get away from anyway. The head Chinese guy assures them they won’t leave alive without an agreement to deliver the business to them. Jax half agrees. China says that the deal is sealed when they deliver Ghalen O’shay and their guns, to them. He wants retribution. The Belfast Butcher has messed up Jax’s master plan again. They take a hostage to keep Jax on the up and up. Happy volunteers himself. All walk away without anyone dying.

At the hospital, Tara notices Juice waiting outside of the daycare. She wants to know  what he is doing there. He says he always goes to the hospital when someone tries to run him over. She says she doesn’t need a babysitter, he says he’s there to  keep an eye on the boys and make sure they don’t go anywhere they aren’t supposed to. At the request of their grandmother. She wants to know where Jax is. Juice tells her that he is at Deosa, in Stockton (Colette’s) and gives her the address.

Nero and Unser get to Wendy’s apartment and there is the smell of smoke coming from under the door. They kick the door in to find Wendy’s cook spoon on the counter next to a burning pot of something. She is passed out on the floor. They get her outside, and notice the fresh track marks. Unser says that he’s glad Nero was there who tells him, not to suck up now, it’s embarrassing.

At the prison, Gemma visits Clay. She is there so he can tell her he’s going to disappear and wants to give her the papers needed so she can do what she has to do with the house and all that. He has given her a letter of intent giving her his half of the house, TM, the bikes, everything. Once he disappears, he won’t be able to file for divorce. What a guy. I would have choked the life out of her. Hell, in jail for murder, why not do it?

Jax and the guys arrive at Colette’s. Business is handled for now. Jax invites the guys to ‘unwind’ so they are relaxed for the big day tomorrow. Colette takes Jax upstairs so he can unwind as well. While everyone is getting their ‘unwind’ on, Tara walks in the front door. She inquires about the proprietor, Colette , and is told that she’s busy upstairs. She goes upstairs. Finally I get to see a female rear end on this show (sorry) but I digress. (Don’t worry ladies, Jax shows his ass once again) Tara sees it too as Colette is on top of her husband. Tara clocks Colette in the jaw and begins beating the shit out of her. The others come running in, Jax with his tallywhacker hanging out, gets Tara off of Colette, and she runs outside to leave. Jax follows her. Tig helps Colette off of the floor and when she asks who the hell that was, he say, the wife. Outside, Tara has her gun out, Jax tries to stop her and explain I guess or calm her down. Tara hollers “what’s happening to me” blaming Jax for what she’s become. She gets into her car and drives off.

Meanwhile, Gemma arrives at Wendy’s. Remember that balloon. Gemma, that Wendy asked you to get rid of and you said no? Here is the result. Nero and Unser note that Wendy had been trying to get back into rehab. Gemma tells Unser to pack a bag for Wendy, she’s going to rehab (Gemma’s house).

Tara calls the DA and wants to make a deal, hand over the club as the source of the KG9. DA says that is no longer an option. Tara doesn’t know that Jax already made a deal for her.

I am going to leave that there..

Where are we now? Jax has promised the same thing to two people. To deliver Ghalen to the DA, and to the Chinese as well as the guns he is carrying. Tara’s freedom, depends on that happening, so does Happy’s who is happily watching cartoons and eating chop suey at the moment. These guns by the way, belong to the Italian mob as far as they are concerned. They can’t all eat the same slice of pie so, who will get the Belfast Butcher and who will get the guns. Just when you think the Sons are out of the gun game, they get sucked back in.

See you next week.

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  2. Laineylainey says:

    Hi MTH I finally watched the episode. Laughing about your comment about Colette’s rear view. There are a Lot of Jax rear views, normally. And this episode doesn’t disappoint. Haha! Great recap. I feel so sorry for Clay these days. That scene of him getting pummeled while strapped to a bed last week was so disturbing. So now Gemma, who wouldn’t take the balloon from Wendy, is going to re-hab Wendy? St, Gemma. Not crazy about Gemma.

    • MelTheHound says:

      Truthfully, I really could do without all the ass shots on this show but if they insist, I’m not going to lie, I prefer a woman’s 😀 ..

      I think in the first episode I ever recapped, I gave my true feelings of Gemma. If not then, then since. Can’t stand her. She’s like a cockroach that you keep stepping on and it keeps getting up and scurrying off.

  3. Lady Chatterley says:

    Gotta say – I got some satisfaction from seeing Tara lay into Colette. Jax needs a good whoopin’ himself.

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