Revenge – Resurgence

Thanks to Conrad Grayson, Nolan had an opportunity to exact some revenge of his own on a woman responsible for destroying the relationship between the techy savant and his father.   Conrad hired a public relations expert, “Bizzy” Preston, in order to make his reputation all new and shiny, just like the bars of gold he’s been hoarding in his storage space.   One can only hope that “Bizzy” – Just what is Bizzy short for, by the way?  – charged him oodles of money, because that’s a really tall order.  Bizzy doesn’t like the state of the family in general and she wants to start scraping some barnacles off of the good ship Grayson – Conrad, you see, wants to steer a course towards a brighter future – by scheduling Victoria for a goodwill tour.   Victoria, however, isn’t on board and would rather just grab the gold bars and make a run for it, pirate-style.

Bizzy doesn’t really care what Victoria wants and would like to focus some of her efforts on finding out about Amanda.  She also likes the story of Daniel and Sarah – how he’s found redemption with the woman he nearly killed.

Nolan has a very good reason to want Bizzy to walk the plank – okay, that was the last boating reference; I just couldn’t resist.  It seems that the two of them were rather close at one point, then Bizzy decided her career would take off if she outed Nolan as gay, just as his business was about to launch (that one was unintentional and unavoidable).  As a result, Nolan’s dad cut off all ties to his son and they had no contact for the last ten years of his dad’s life.   Amanda is more than happy to help Nolan out and gives Bizzy a little tidbit, from behind the scenes, of course,  that she’d been married before.  It was an Oscar winning performance as Amanda tells the PR maven how she was just a young and foolish girl at the time, who knew nothing about love and the real world.

Victoria wants Aiden to help her with ensuring that the wedding of Amanda and Daniel never takes place by asking him to work his way back into Amanda’s heart.    He has to agree to go along or his in with Victoria will be over.  He tells Amanda, but she has other ideas for Victoria and the wedding plans.  The problem with that is Charlotte, who’s brought Sarah back into the mix.  Speaking of mixes, Daniel wants Sarah to make the wedding cake and, after sampling her sweet delights, gets the okay from Amanda.

Off in other part of the Hamptons, things are heating up between Jack and Margaux.  They’re spending time together, drinking wine and watching movies.  They share a kiss but Jack puts the brakes on and Marguax makes her exit, a little put off by Jack’s reaction.  The loss of his wife is keeping him from making the leap back into the dating scene – he’s still wearing his wedding ring.  He confides in Nolan – which I am so enjoying, the Jack/Nolan friendship – who tells him that he has to face what’s bothering him.  On that advice, Jack drops by Emily’s grave and, after pocketing his ring, says his goodbye and tells her that he’ll always love and miss her.

Bizzy, who keeps a secret like the coconut telegraph, practically snaps the heels off her Louboutins in order to deliver the dirt on Amanda to Victoria.   While those two relish in this bit of gossip, Nolan, Aiden and Amanda are outside listening to their conversation.   The trio make plans to blow Bizzy out of the water during the Fourth of July festivities.  Bizzy trips away to see what she can dig up on Amanda’s ex and in walks Charlotte.  The child is becoming so much like her mother, it’s almost scary.  She tells her mother that the wedding doesn’t have to happen – she’s seen to it that Sarah is going to be all over Daniel before the fireworks end.

Nolan and Amanda need to get into Bizzy’s client files in order to accomplish their Revenginess.   They run into Bizzy and her husband, what’s his name, during the 4th of July party.  After making some small talk, Amanda asks Bizzy to check her schedule for the Grayson rehab tour.  Bizzy can’t see her phone, so Nolan lends her a pair, which happen to be his hidden camera frames, that record Bizzy’s file password/code – it’s 1, 3, 7, 6, in case you’re interested in looking at what they found, which were some sexy texts between Bizzy and her “friend” Trevor Vance.   Jack is also at the party and finds Margaux so that he can apologize for running her off.  They kiss and the fireworks begin – literally and figuratively.   Daniel and Sarah are kissing on the beach and Nolan and Amanda are reading Bizzy’s texts on a laptop.

Now that Charlotte has provided her with an alternative plan to disrupt the nuptials, Victoria tells Aiden that his services are no longer needed.   What she said was “You’re time here is over.  Get the hell out of my house.”  I was being nice – nicer than Victoria, anyway.   He goes to Amanda to tell her that he’s been let go, but Amanda assures him that she can take it from here.  They’ll see each other when it’s all done and they kiss goodbye.

Jack and Marguax have spent the night together at The Stowaway and she tells him that she can’t stay for his pancakes.  Conrad is considering writing his memoirs and she’s interested in his book proposal.   What’s with Margaux and why don’t I trust her?

Nolan has his moment with Bizzy, at last.  He starts off by telling her that she’ll do anything for her clients, even if it hurts someone else.  She sort of scoffs at him for carrying on about the past.   He goes on to say that he feels sorry for her clients because they can’t help it if they’re drug addicts or other assorted imperfections, including the guy with the diaper issues.  Bizzy asks him how he knows about that because it’s supposed to be a  secret.  She tells Nolan that if that gets out, it’ll ruin her career.  Nolan tells her that her career is already over, then offers her a deal. He’ll stay silent, including about Trevor and diaper guy, if she tells her husband everything.  She apologizes to Nolan for what she did and he accepts.

Victoria pays a visit to Sarah’s to tell her how wrong she’d been about her.  Vic had no idea that Daniels’ happiness depended on Sarah at the time and wants to make nice-nice.   They agree to work together towards a common goal, but Sarah’s and Victoria’s goals might not be the same.   No, there’s no might about it.  I’m pretty sure that Victoria’s goal is light years apart from Sarah’s.

Nolan tells Amanda how he couldn’t pull the trigger on Bizzy and decided to save her marriage, instead.  He credits Amanda for helping him and thanks her for being a good partner and friend.  He then shows her a video of Daniel and Sarah, making out on the beach and says that it looks like they’re rekindling their past.  Amanda just wants to make sure they have no future.   I’m happy that Nolan’s happy, but I have a sinking feeling that his decision to let Bizzy off the hook is going to come back to bite him.


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5 Responses to Revenge – Resurgence

  1. Just Wondering in Jersey says:

    Empress you are a life saver. My cable went out about 5 minutes before the end so I was left wondering but you have saved the day! Thanks.

  2. Boobah says:

    Great recap again, Emps. 😉

    I also do not trust Margeaux – something is up with her. Poor Jack. Once again he falls for the wrong gal. That was sad when he went to the graveyard. I got a bit teary-eyed.

    I whole-hearted agree with you about how much Charlotte is turning into her mother! That little sh*t! She has no reason to do this to her brother.

    So Aiden is gone again. As an actor, he must have one of the crappiest contracts out there. Poor guy can’t even stay on as a secondary character. 😉

    I am so happy that Nolan was able to exact his revenge. But now I want to know about his father!!! Where is he? Will we ever meet him? I want to hear some man say, “Nolan, I am your father”.

    I am loving the friendship between Jack and Nolan! LOVE IT! It seems genuine. A nice little reprieve from the revenginess.

    PS – The nickname. I read and chuckled over your and MelTh’s comments. I kinda figured I was setting myself up…BOOBah…I mean, not the smartest handle but it’s too late now. LoL! Let the nicknaming begin! Oh and for the record, whenever see Mel/Jeff’s comments in my head I pronounce his name as Melth, (as in rhymes with wealth or a lispy way of saying melt).

    • I hereby dub you Boo!!! Let’s see, that makes Emps, Boo and Melth – don’t tell RHoBH Carlton, she’ll name her next three kids after us.
      I think Nolan’s father is deceased. IIRC, last season he got some boxes of things that belonged to his Dad and that’s how he found out that he’d died.
      Charlotte is doing this to her brother to get back at Amanda for reasons none of us can quite figure out.

      • Boobah says:

        Then Boo it shall be!! Lol – Carlton and those names – WTH?!! We have to TM our names so she can’t have them!

        I can’t believe I forgot about Nolan’s father!!!! Now it makes his revengery even BETTER! Thanks for the reminder.

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