Sons Of Anarchy – S6E9 – John 8:32

samcroWelcome back my friends.. In the last couple weeks, Tara’s plans have gone into action. Forced by DA Patterson’s decision to move up the trial date and prosecute Tara’s case herself.. Odd.. I thought it was the judge who set the date. Maybe that is the case once they see the judge. Anyway, In the last couple weeks, she has gotten a restraining order against Gemma, picked a fight with Gemma, and ‘lost’ her baby during the fight with Gemma. Yes, in that order. The result of that fight is she has convinced Jax that his mother, is too dangerous and unfit to have anything to do with his sons so he singed the papers that will take away her rights to ever see the kids again. He also told his mother, that as far as he and the boys are concered, she is dead. There was more of course but this week’s episode revolves around that so that’s what we will concentrate on.

This week we open with back and fourth between Gemma’s house, and Jax’s house with each talking to their others about what happened. Jax is convinced by Tara, that his mother is slime (I think he already knew that). Nero is convinced that Gemma is innocent.

At the ice cream parlor as Jax arrives, there is a young teen girl waiting outside, just hanging around. Chuckie is cleaning the windows and for some inexplicable reason, is now talking through or with a kazoo. As the fellas are saying good morning, the girl takes a pipe wrench out of her backpack and starts beating on one of the motorcycles and then throws it through the window, that Chuckie just finished cleaning. Jax chases her down and when he catches her, a crowd forms, and she hollers rape. The club being on the outs with the locals, he lets her go. I am sure all he wanted to know, was why. They find out the girl’s name and we learn later, that her mother, was killed in the same accident that killed JT, Jax’s father. She blames the club. They visit the girl’s home and it turns out that her father is losing his house and as they are packing, they came across the newspaper clipping about the accident and that is what set the girl off. Jax sees a picture of the girl’s mother and she has a familiar look to her. She looks a lot like the homeless woman that we keep seeing. Brooke’s (the girl) father works at Oswald’s lumber mill. Jax meets with Oswald to tell him the club so they will no longer need his warehouse (I am sure Oswald doesn’t want to know everything that went on there).. Oswald, in case you have forgotten, is the man who’s 13 year old daughter was raped by a carnival clown in the first season. He has been the go to guy for the club when they need a REALLY big favor. Jax asks him to help Brooke’s dad get a cheap loan so he can keep his house. Oswald does but now the club owes him a favor. Later at the IC shop, we see Brooke thanking Jax for his help and apologizing to him for smashing the window and denting the shit out of Tig’s motorcycle.  As she is walking home, she walks past the homeless woman who is digging in a dumpster.

At the prison, Clay is going to church. I assume to get a message from the Irish insider as they intend to break Clay out of prison so he can get on with the business of distributing the guns for them. The club has most of the customers on board with the plans but they still need Clay. While the preacher  is talking about how complete, having Jesus will make them, Clay goes off on a tirade about how complete pussy has made him (he said it, not me 😉  Don’t shoot the messenger). As he is doing this he is approached by one of the prison guards and he proceeds to bite the end or the guy’s nose off. We next see Clay strapped to a bed so he cannot move and he’s wearing a prison spit mask. The prison doc, I assume shrink, comes in, unstraps Clay, and hands him a phone. Clay makes his call and whatever arrangement to be made or news to be had. Then the doc comes back in, restraps Clay and then the noseless guard and one of his coworkers come in, and they proceed to beat the hell out of Clay. Clay’s scenes in this episode end with Clay in a straight jacket in a padded room. I assume all of this crazy Clay stuff is to bust him out of prison.

The DA is leaning very hard on Dirty Charlie (the cop) for a connection between SAMCRO and the club. The Stockton extension of Deosa has been denied a permit, several of Charlie’s port businesses are being harassed and shut down, Charlie tells the guys that for now, he’s done with them. Earlier, the DA gave Eli some help, and was told to keep 24/7 eyes on the club. So now they have new shadows. Jax has called chapel and all the members vote yes to whatever it is they are discussing. What it was is Jax has decided to give Patterson the True source of the KG9’s. The IRA and their USA connections. He tells her about his father never wanting the club to have anything to do with guns and he died because of it. His price for giving up the Irish is immunity for the club on all gun related issues, And, for Tara in her accessory trial. The DA asks for a timeline and it’s 10 days. She tells Jax that on the 11th day, she’ll crawl up his ass with a chainsaw (paraphrasing).

Nero, is hell bent on clearing Gemma. He first tries to talk to Jax about it but Jax will have no part of it and tells Nero to stay out of his family business. Nero tells him that Gemma IS family to him. Nero then goes to the hospital to visit Tara and ask her to reconsider whatever it is she is doing. Tara clues Nero in on Gemma’s past husbands. How she murdered JT. Suggests he find out what happened to them. Somewhere in all this, Gemma, visits, Margaret and gets the non answer she needed to confirm that Tara wasn’t pregnant. Nero later confronts Jax about it and it comes out, as they are kicking the shit out of each other, what Tara’s plans were. RuhRoh.. Now he knows. He also knows what happened at the prison during the conjugal. This is what Gemma did for her son, and the club.

Later, at TM, where Unser is still living, we see Lowan (the lawyer) arrive. She is there at his request and he invites her into his airstream to chat. After she goes in, he closes the door behind her, and there in the darkness, Jax is waiting for her. At gunpoint, he makes her tell everything. She does, she is allowed to leave and she walks away, not runs away, walks.

Nero and Gemma are having a discussion about what Tara said. He wants to know if she murdered JT and in fact, directly asks her. She tells of how JT wanted the club to be legit (right side of the law) and was making several trips to Ireland to make that happen. Meanwhile, she and Clay were having a thing and it is because of all that, JT is dead. Nero points out she didn’t answer his question. She says that she did nothing to stop what she knew was going to happen but no, she did not kill her first husband, though she blamed him for Thomas’s (Jax’s dead brother) death.

This is late, out of order, and I am sure I missed something but, those are the highlights. I can no longer sit up all night writing recaps so in the future, regardless of what show I am recapping, look for them sometime in the afternoon following the air date. See you next week. – MTH.

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  2. Appreciate you putting this out, Jeff!

    I still think Gemma is not taking responsibility for her part in JT’s murder. It seemed pretty clear to me, from last season, that she was the driving force behind the whole plan, not just a silent bystander.

    As for Jax and Tara – I still say that he’s going to see that she’s trying to protect the boys from danger that he’s put them in and he’ll let her go.

    • MelTheHound says:

      You’re right about Gemma.. She went 500 miles out of the way beating around that bush. She is never silent. I hope you’re right about Jax and Tara.. He already had a feeling something was going on..

    • Oh, Lady C, I love your theory re: Jax and Tara. If Tara is willing to go through all that to get away from Gemma, maybe Jax will realize his mother is competely whacko. Something has to sink in – he read John Teller’s journal and he knows what his mother is capable of, just in general. Then there’s the school shooting where other people lost their children, thanks to the Club. Here’s hoping he does right by his kids and not saddle them with Gemma.

  3. Laineylainey says:

    Thank you for the blog. I need to pay more attention!! You always point out something I missed. The homeless lady!! Completely missed that. There is so much brutality on this show, but I questioned why I watch this show when clay was strapped in while getting beaten ….for 40 minutes?? IRL he would not have survived that, right?? I don’t know they have shown so much horrible stuff (like with Otto) not sure why this Clay torture got to me. I feel sorry for Tara. I don’t think Jax will forgive her. That stupid momma’s boy.

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