Revenge – Dissolution

Amanda wakes up and tells Daniel that she’s going swimming.  She’s not, though and stops by Nolan’s house instead.  The place is a mess, simply trashed and Amanda sees Patrick walking away.  She calls out Nolan’s name but her doesn’t answer.  She finds him in the bathtub, listening to his Ipod.  He and Patrick have enjoyed a night of wild monkey love which explains the broken lamps and overturned furniture.  When Amanda expresses her doubts about Patrick, Nolan defends his new friend.

Charlotte is planning a party at The Stowaway because Jack is going to leave town until after the Amanda’s and Daniels’ wedding.  She tells Jack how she manipulated her father by confessing to the crime Patrick committed the night of the car crash.  Jack, angry as hell, calls Amanda to tell her what Charlotte said.  He also lets her know how he really feels about her revenge plans and says that she forces people to stumble around in the dark, something that gets people hurt.

Victoria has called the family together for  breakfast.  When Patrick arrives, she tells him to go to the gallery and wait for her because she has some important matters to discuss.   Amanda and Daniel tell Victoria that they’ve patched things up and their honeymoon plans are for a family cruise to Nantucket.  Conrad comes in to announce that his realtor, Morgan, has found a Saudi prince who’s willing to buy Grayson Manor – cash deal.   Amanda offers to buy the house but Conrad says that the deal is already done.   Amanda meets up with Aiden to plot a way to put a kibosh on the deal and she decides that the only option is to take the house itself down.   The important matter that Victoria wanted to discuss with Patrick is her plan to sign the gallery over to him, in order to ensure that Conrad can’t get his hands on that, too.   She knows that he was the one who tampered with the car and he tells her that he was so angry at Conrad for humiliating her, all he wanted to do was hurt Conrad – not kill Father Paul.  She assures him that Conrad will never know because she’ll keep him safe.  Victoria isn’t going to be able to keep that promise, though.

Charlotte and Daniel are out shopping and she asks him to go into a bakery to pick up a cake for the party.  A young woman turns to help him and Daniel recognizes her as Sara, the girl who was nearly killed in his drunk driving accident.  Conrad, true to form, had his attorneys draft a settlement that gave her very little in recompense and she now has to work to keep her health insurance and get the treatment for her back injury.  Back at The Stowaway, Daniel tells his sister how he failed Sara.  He caused her injury, she was his responsibility and he should have done more.  Charlotte calls the bakery, after Daniel leaves, and complains about Sara’s rude behavior, resulting in her getting fired.

Conrad is talking to Morgan, the realtor, and she seems interested in more than making a commission.  She tells Conrad that she’d like to see the rest of the house because she likes a big master.  Really?  That’s your best line.  Thankfully, Victoria walks in on them and puts a halt to that.  She then goes to see Aiden and tells him that she thinks Conrad and Morgan are in cahoots to hide the profits from the sale.   After she leaves, Amanda calls and Aiden goes to her house to begin some demolition by taking a sledge hammer to a wall  – Amanda has told Daniel that the place has foundation issues and may be under construction for a while.

Nolan’s upset about the talk he had with Amanda about Patrick.  He’s really falling for the guy and is distraught that she can’t just let him be happy.  Jack, however, tells Noland that she’s right – Patrick tried to kill Conrad.  Nolan is shocked that Jack knows about that and says that the only way he’d know is if Amanda told him.  Nolan tells Jack that he’s tired of everyone talking in circles and says that Emily Thorne is Amanda Clarke.  “I know it, you know it and now we both know the truth about each other.”

Amanda’s foundation issues catch Morgan’s attention and the realtor asks her why the construction crew is there.  Amanda shows her some paperwork from inspectors who have found that the entire area is suffering traumatic beach erosion, meaning that the houses, including Grayson Manor, are going to become part of the ocean before very long.    Morgan makes her way over to the Graysons’ to inform him that she, and every other realtor within a thousand mile radius are not about to sell his toxic house.   He blames Victoria, of course, but she denies it telling him that she’s leaving for good.  Now that the estate is worthless, she has nothing to fight for.  Well, the revenge plan isn’t going to work is Victoria’s out of the picture, so Amanda and Aiden have to come up with Plan B – trap Victoria with the one thing she can’t resist – yes, that would be money.

Jack sees Conrad to tell him that he wants his help in dealing with Patrick.  If Conrad cooperates, Charlotte will be safe and the two can declare a cease-fire.  So, he tells Conrad everything –  that Patrick tampered with the car because he wanted Conrad dead, then let Charlotte take the rap for it, which leaves Charlotte in danger.   It probably didn’t take much to convince Conrad to take the deal  – he despises Patrick and wants his daughter’s love.  Amanda finds out about the deal from Nolan, who’s at home making dinner for Jack.   She’s angry that Jack went rogue but Nolan’s even more upset that she won’t let anyone in on her plans, at least not completely in.  He tells her to buckle up because Jack knows everything, even everything Nolan’s done for her at her father’s request.   Then he says that all he wanted was friendship.

Aiden takes Victoria on  field trip to a storage room.  It’s full of boxes of paperwork from Grayson Global and something even better.  Turning on a light for a section of the room, Victoria comes face to face with rows and rows of gold bars – the missing Grayson family fortune.  Yep, Victoria’s not going anywhere now.  She runs straight to Conrad to tell him about the gold.  He responds by telling her that he knows what Patrick did to his car and how she served up Charlotte to save her “mongrel son.”  He finishes his tirade by letting her know that his associates are handling Patrick’s removal.  Victoria manages to reach Patrick before he leaves and meets up with him to tell him that he has to get away before Conrad and his handlers find him.  She promises him she’ll bring him back and give him the answers to all his questions when they see each other again.

Charlotte made sure that Sara was fired because she wanted her brother and his former girlfriend to hook up again.  He’s feeling terrible remorse about the  awful settlement his father had drawn up for her, which left a lot to be desired.  She happens to be working in the kitchen at the party and Daniel meets her outside to talk.  She stills loves him, despite the fact that he’s an entitled, spineless trust fund baby with little or no future, and he’s still having feelings for her.   They sound perfect for each other.

Nolan and Jack are having dinner and Nolan says that he’s sorry he didn’t take Jack up on the offer to say goodbye to Patrick.  Jack agrees that not having closure sucks.  He should have taken the opportunity but it’s probably for the beat.  If they had one more make out session by the pool, someone was going to get hurt.  No, not because Nolan always seems to pick the wrong lovers, but because that pool is surrounded by marble tile and that stuff gets slippery when you’re wet.  Enough with my pool safety message, though.  Amanda lets herself in and wants to apologize to the, both.  She’s also telling them goodbye, too.  According to her, in order for her to carry out her plan, she’s going to have to leave for good, disappear without a trace when all is said and done.  She says that she’s going to tell them everything, including what’s going to happen on August 8th, when Victoria Grayson goes down for the murder of Emily Thorne.


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13 Responses to Revenge – Dissolution

  1. Boobah says:

    Excellent recap, Emps! So damn funny….pool safety, wild monkey love, etc….I just had a good laugh!

    So, the show –

    What exactly is Charlotte’s problem with Amanda? Why is it escaping me? Is there a major issue that I somehow missed? She has become an impressive mini-Victoria with all of her own revengy shenanigan’s this season! That said, she’s pissing me off. She’s way to proud of herself and has no idea what she’s up against.

    I had a good laugh over the beach erosion situation. Around here, it’s actually common knowledge. But for the sake of show, that was a nice ‘check mate’ for Amanda. LoL!

    I hope Patrick really goes away. Even though I found him interesting, there’s just too plotlines going on and it confuses me.

    I’m still enjoying the show over-all, but they need to stick to the basics and avoid too many plot twists like last season! But at least we are getting more than 1 episode a month!!! 😀 😀

    • Boobah!!! I really liked this episode. The “traumatic beach erosion” had me in stitches, 😀 as did Aiden swinging that sledge hammer into the wall. Yeah, that was a real piece of brilliance by Amanda. FINALLY, someone, that being Jack and Nolan, is bringing Amanda back to her senses. She can’t do this without them, anymore than she can do it without Aiden.
      Charlotte is a giant pain in the a**. I don’t remember what her problem is with Amanda either, but it doesn’t take much for her to pout and carry on like a toddler.
      I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Patrick. Victoria gave him the gallery and heaven only knows what he’s going to do if he gets wind of the gold. IMHO, he’s all about the $$$ – calling her Mom last night was his way of just reeling her in a little more. She should check her own brake fluid from here on out.
      As for the schedules – I think we’re good until sometime in December, when they go on another of their infamous hiatuses. Now I’m pouting and carrying on – maybe I’ll even hold my breath until I pass out.

      • Boobah says:

        LOL – I know it! Traumatic! Like the sand and houses have PTSD as a result! I was dying laughing! TBES – Traumatic Beach Erosion Disorder! Symptoms include withdrawal of sandy dunes, sudden and violent outburst of shoreline wave-splashing following periods of low affect, petrified beachfront homes, isolated beach glass, and seasonal adjustment difficulties. 😉

        Charlotte is a complete brat!!! I agree – her pouting is ridiculous. Grow Up!

        Nice call w/Patrick. I bet you are quite right. Lol! She better get a car mechanic on staff. ASAP! LoL!

        I agree…FINALLY everybody knows what everyone else knows in the Revenge Squad! Bravo to Nolan and Jack to pushing Amanda to do it. I was actually relieved while watching that scene!

        So we get a few more weeks of consistent weekly episodes til mid-December?! Figures. Hmmph. Damn ABC anyways.


        • Boobah says:

          And I am pouting too! Right after I hit “post” I intend of storming out of my living room in a huff! (But then I’m gonna come right back in and watch some more TV)

        • OMG, I have tears in my eyes, I’m laughing so hard at your list of symptoms of TBES!!! Maybe that’s what wrecked Nolan’s house.
          BTW, Vanity Fair had an article a couple of months ago about the real problems with the beaches in the Hamptons and in Malibu. It sounds like a lot of millionaires may find their mansions a little closer to the water than they first expected them to be.

          • Boobah says:

            LMAO!!! That’s IT!!! TBES wrecked Nolan’s house! The beach had a psychotic break and took it out on his petrified waterfront house!!! Nolan’s got a lot more problems than he knows…DO NOT mess with TBES. Of course the beach will deny this and will claim it had a breakthrough ala Kelly Benisome.

            Joking aside, yeah, the erosion is kinda bad. Some houses lost quite a bit of their beaches. Some beaches are gone completely. I’m not in the Hamptons (South Fork), I’m on the North Fork. We have bay & LI Sound front, they have bay & ocean front – both shorelines have eroded quite a bit – every year the local papers put out articles about it. I bet Malibu has the same exact issue.

            At the end of my road was an 1acre parcel of undeveloped property sitting on an inlet surrounded by water on 3 sides. Everybody loved it and no one understood why the owner didn’t put up a house to enjoy it! That parcel is now 90% underwater. This happened over time…not just from Hurricane Sandy. I guess Mother Nature has her own development plans. 😉

            • Here’s the article, and I stand corrected. They were comparing Malibu and Nantucket, but from what you’ve said, it sounds like the issues are similar along Long Island. The pictures of the shorelines (before and after) are really compelling. I grew up in Connecticut and we kept our boat in Mystic, so I’m familiar with the shoreline and the changes that have happened over the years. Yes, Mother Nature has her own plans and gets her own way with most things.

              • Boobah says:

                Thank you so much! I read it and my hubby just finished reading it. We are indeed facing similar issues. Same ideas and what sounds like, same obstacles. This was a really informative piece. Seriously, thank you.

  2. MelTheHound says:

    A couple or a few things… First, is that the same actress playing Charlotte? She looks different to me. She becomes more and more like her mommy (dearest) every day.. Second, will Danny Boy dump Emily for the old flame? Third, I for one am glad to see that Nolan finally got tired of being used, usually without reward..

    Great recap, “Emps” 🙂

    • Hey, mth, It’s the same actress playing Charlotte. She just cut her bangs. I don’t know about Daniel dumping Amanda – the first episode showed her being shot and she was wearing a wedding gown.
      Yeah, it’s about time Amanda started trusting her friends enough to have them help her without all of her hush-hush stuff. She didn’t want anyone to get hurt, but she’s gotten a lot of people killed.
      Emps, huh – both you and Boobah. Okay, I like it. 😉

      • MelTheHound says:

        Just having a little fun, Empress.. Only on the Revenge recaps though 😉 I remember seeing Emily get shot and I’m just curious who the trigger man (or woman) is.. At this point, could be anybody.. Charlotte also looks like she’s filled out some (not a dig on the actress).. Maybe it’s just the clothes she’s wearing.

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