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Thanksgiving Labors

I was going to spend my post-Thanksgiving pig-out (as of this moment, I’m grateful for sweat pants) catching up on some blogs I should have written days ago.  Instead, I started watching TLC’s Undercover Boss marathon and decided to write … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead – Dead Weight

We only saw some members of the group at the prison for just the briefest of moments and spent the rest of the time finding out that The Governor isn’t Philip Blake anymore – or even Brian Heriot for that … Continue reading

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Weekend Special – T Day – Some Holiday Ramblings

Hello again, friends.. I feel like I should come up with a new greeting but that’s the best I can do right now. Seems like last time I wrote about this holiday or anything relating to it, was just last … Continue reading

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Sons of Anarchy – s6e11 – It Hits The Fan – Aon Rud Persanta

Here we are fans. Week 11 already in what is typically a 13 week season. What a week it was too. When we left off, Jax knew of Tara’s plans and was having her followed so she could not leave … Continue reading

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Life’s a Witch

         “Look Jen, this is my next boyfriend.” Brandi does her best thinking in the bathtub so she gathers her friend, Jennifer Gimenez, and a  Bravo film crew  to capture the moment when her gray matter kicks into high gear.  … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead – Live Bait

No Rick or Daryl or Hershel or Glen or any news about Carol – just an entire episode focused on the Governor.  Last week we saw him lurking in the woods watching the prison and now we see what he’s … Continue reading

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Life of Si

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” –  Charles Schultz This is Si – a 48 pound, 11 month old Lab mix, and  the newest member of our family.   A lot went into our decision to add a third dog to the … Continue reading

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