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Scandal – Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

Through a number of flashbacks, dating back five years, the reasons for the strained relationship between Olivia and her father Eli/Rowan came to light.  Olivia and her dad had an agreement where she would have Sunday dinner with her father … Continue reading

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Sons Of Anarchy – S6E5 – KaBOOM! – Jax hasn’t a clue

Welcome back friends. Last week, we lost Phil, a prospect, Otto, and Toric.. Otto was killed by the prison guards after he stabbed Toric and slit his throat using the knife that Clay gave to him. Phil and the prospect … Continue reading

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Revenge – Sin

It’s believed that original sin can only be washed away by the waters of baptism but it is the sins that follow that are not so easily washed away since forgiveness of transgressions are only granted to the truly penitent … Continue reading

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Scandal – It’s Handled

Olivia’s secret affair with the President isn’t a secret anymore and her father isn’t happy about the situation.  In fact, he doesn’t sound very happy with his daughter at all.  After whisking her off to the airport, he reads her … Continue reading

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Sons Of Anarchy – S6E4 – Wolfsangel

Hi folks.. Sorry I missed you last week. I was without cable and internet so not only did I miss the show but there was no show recap from me. I have now seen the show but I am  just … Continue reading

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