Sons Of Anarchy – S6E8 – Grandma is Dead

samcroWelcome back my friends.. Last week, Tara put her plan into full play, faking the end of what we now know was her fake pregnancy. Gemma was hauled off to the pokey for slugging Tara ‘causing’ her to have a miscarriage. We also met Alice, for the first and likely only time. That would be Venus Van Dam’s mom. Jax shot Alice in the head after seeing her kiddie porn studio and listening to her berate her tranny son. Charlie told Jax that he would dispose of her body and clean up the mess. He had been visited by Eli and the DA and was promised that his ‘enterprises’ would be seeing a lot of trouble if he didn’t cooperate with her and get something on the club. The club had relocated to an ice cream parlor located in town, owned by Mayor Hale. They patched in 3 members from other charters and gave Rattboy his patch. So just like that, SAMCRO has nearly doubled in size. Juice and Happy had taken Conner to deliver him to the representatives of the Kings (IRA).

We pick up this week in Jax and Tara’s home where he is making her some tea while looking after Thomas. He takes it to her in the bedroom where she is doing a fine job of acting the mother who just lost her unborn baby. He will take the boys to daycare and before he comes home, has some club business to tend to. He tells her not to worry about Gemma, the restraining order will keep her away.

At the jail, Eli hasn’t processed Gemma yet. Apparently, Tara is not pressing charges but he can. He wants to know what really happened. She tells him that she found out from Wendy that Tara was planning to give custody of the boys to a stranger, Margaret, and she went to confront them about it. Then the fight happened before the others broke into the room (as witnesses) and here we are. Biker whore with a rap sheet vs the good doctor.. Who will be believed? She tells Eli, after he notes that Tara lost the baby because of what happened, that she doesn’t think Tara was ever pregnant. The next scene we see, Wendy is making a street purchase.. She’s about to fall off the wagon.

At the (new) clubhouse, Jax is met with the day’s headline in the paper. Seems that Patterson (the DA) has leaked a story pinning the school shooting on the club and the BizLats (Nero’s gang) in order to make somebody talk. Jax calls all members to Chapel to discuss how this is going to be handled. He knows as well as anyone else that while Nero may not give up the club, one of his crew may to take the heat off of themselves, which is what DA is counting on by releasing that story.

Next, DA shows Nero the paper with the headline.. He knows what she is up to as well though she says she has no control over what the press gets hold of and prints (bullshit). She asks Rodriquez (Nero’s lawyer) if he has made up his mind about the offer for immunity in trade for the club. Rodriquez notes they still have some time left of the 24 hours given to make that decision. DA says that the paper headline changes everything, will cause outrage, and she will be forced to satisfy public bloodlust and lynch somebody, guilty or innocent. She tells Nero she will have to increase police presence into BizLat territory.. He quips back that’s good. Maybe the garbage will finally get picked up. As she is leaving the room, tick tock. 6 hours left and giving up the club is going to be a very popular get out of jail free card.

At Jax and Tara’s, Unser is at the door and wants a minute. He wants to know what really happened because she got the restraining order before the fight. He can’t square that in his mind. It sort of comes out that this was all part of her plan to protect the boys. He says he’s disappointed in what she had to become in order to do what she thought was right. He won’t say anything to Gemma but he’s out of this plan and can’t help her no more. He’s going to talk to Eli to find out what he plans to do.

At Chapel, the club knows that the DA is poking the hornet’s nest to stir shit hoping something pops. They aren’t concerned about one another but the BizLat’s are going crazy  and are on edge because Nero is locked up because of this. They decide to meet with the bangers to try and calm them. Juice has delivered Conner to the kings and notes that Conner knows he’s alive because of Jax. They are hoping that works in their favor when the final changes are made. The club is interviewing girls for Cara Cara, the porn studio that once belonged to Lorain(?), Otto’s wife. Bobby says he will handle that as manager of operations, a position he made up on the spot. Jax thanks them for their concern about his family but, he’s fine. He loves them for their concern. Meeting adjourned.

At the jail, Eli says to Unser that Gemma doesn’t think Tara was pregnant and she was set up. Unser denies knowledge of anything but Eli notes that Unser knew Tara wasn’t going to press charges. Again, denial and Unser asks if there is anything criminal on his end.. Is he going to press charges. Eli asks him what he would have done. Unser says if no one is going to press charges, he would handle it like a 1016 and let the family work it out. I guess in other words, do nothing when it comes to the legal stuff. Unser asks Eli to tell Gemma that he is waiting downstairs. Eli asks what makes him think he is going to cut her loose. He answers, that when it comes to the MC, Eli should know as well as he did, if you rip them out, the town never looks the same.

We next see the club meeting with the BizLats at some location. They want to know from Jax if there is anything new on Nero. He tells them not yet. He tells them that the newspaper article is about the DA hoping somebody jumps and testifies. The banger says they are almost there. They have 3 MIAs and everyone is on edge. The guys promise to help with man power if need be. This isn’t their only problem though. They have company in the form of somebody watching them. They believe it to be Vice sitting on them waiting for them to make a mistake. Next thing we know, guy speeds up in his car and takes out one of the BizLat’s splattering him all over the hood and painting the street with his blood. Obviously not a cop.. They put the dead BL in the trunk of their car, Jax tells Tig to put the word out to find that car, Chibs sends Jax home to be with his wife.

We are now in Unser’s truck with him and Gemma. She wants to know how he knew she was getting out. He didn’t know for sure. He asks what Eli said, she said that Tara wasn’t pressing charges but he was running his own investigation. Stay close. She tells Unser that she may not have earned it but she wants to know the truth and promises not to turn on him. So, he gives it to her straight (and she can’t handle the truth). He tells her that Tara did what she (Gemma) would have done to protect her family. What drives Gemma is bad history and it isn’t good for the boys. He tells her that she has a lot of love in her. Sweet deep love but, it’s so wrapped in secrets and hate that he doesn’t know if she can find it anymore. She wants to know what she is supposed to do. He tells her she has a couple roads in front of her. One is slow and rocky but will eventually lead back to the boys. The other is the one she is already on.

Lohan is meeting with Tara and delivering the papers that the judge filed the restraining order. Tara writes Lohan a check as she is asking Tara for full disclosure as to what is going on. You know for best defense. Seems that Lohan didn’t know the full plan. I don’t think anybody did. Need to know sort of thing, each player only knew their part. Tara won’t disclose and invites Lohan to show herself out as she excuses herself to the bathroom.

DA Patterson has summoned Charlie to her office. She shows him her proposal for managing the law enforcement finances by redistricting, putting the port (his turf) under the jurisdiction of the sheriff. Forcing his ‘cronies’ to find other ways to supplement their incomes. He knows it’s a threat rather than current reality. She tells him, or rather lies to him about what just happened with the BizLats and SAMCRO. She wants to know who did it. He asks what if he can’t find out.. Then the plan is no longer a threat.

Jax arrives home and calls for his wife but she isn’t there. He gets a phone call as he is sitting down collecting his thoughts. He grabs a burner phone from the drawer and calls back, It’s Charlie telling him about the conversation he just had with DA. She wants to know who the driver was in the hit and run and is pressuring him to get the info.. Jax is looking for the guy. There is a knock at the door, it’s Wendy, looking for Tara who isn’t there. He isn’t happy to see her, she’s tired of being hated. Says that she knows Jax doesn’t want his sons growing up with the same hate in their hearts everyone else has.. The woman is on the edge about to jump off of the cliff. Earlier, she purchased a speedball from her dealer and is looking for every excuse not to use it.

At the prison, DA walks into the interview room where Nero is waiting for her, alone. He offers her a deal she can’t refuse. He wants his son moved to the best facility in the state and he wants to do his time somewhere nearby so the kid can visit him. DA tells him if he cooperates, there will be no need for visits but she can arrange for the facility. He tells her that there will be a need because he bought the KG9 that was used in the shooting. Says he gave it to his cousin for protection but it didn’t come from SAMCRO. Some dealer off of the street that he’d never seen before. He took the responsibility for the shooting.

At the ice cream shop, Tara walks in as the guys are interviewing new employees for CaraCara. She goes out back with Bobby who needs a break because the IQs of the girls he is interviewing are overwhelming him. He asks her how she’s feeling… Bobby asks if there is anything he can do to help, he feels he knows both Gemma and Tara very well. She wants to know if Bobby thinks the club can actually go legit. He says it’s always easy to start in that direction, not easy to stay there. He tells her that if Jax, who is trying to figure out how to be king, can keep his head on straight, he might have a chance. If he loses her though, he’s done. I get the feeling here, Tara is rethinking her plan about divorcing Jax and taking the kids away from him. Might be a little late to backpeddle on that plan there Tara.

The BLs have found the hit and run driver’s car. The guys are doing everything they can to keep the BLs from going into the guy’s home. Jax wants to let Charlie give this guy to the DA.. He tells the guys that with that, they stay clean and keep the relationships in tact. He tells them not to let the BLs storm the place until they hear sirens (he’s calling Charlie to give him what he needs). They do however, and it turns out, this guy was the father of one of the kids killed at the school. DA’s leak, sent this guy over the edge and he was seeking revenge. He killed one of the BLs stabbing him with a kitchen knife and it is after he is subdued that discovery is made. All the guys clear out before the police and the DA arrive. When they order him to give up the knife, he stabs himself in the neck opening an artery and he bleeds to death just as the DA walks in the door.It is worth noting that this isn’t the first time an innocent has died due to the shenanigans of law enforcement trying to force a result. Agent Stahl from the ATF painted Opie to be a rat hoping to force him to testify against the club. What happened was in an attempt to silence Opie, Tig, shot his wife, Donna as she was in his truck to go to the store. This was Clay’s ordered hit attempt on Opie. Opie repaid Agent Stahl at the end of season 3.

Meanwhile, Eli is in the DA’s office with the DNA report from Toric’s hotel room, proving that is where Erin (the dead escort) died. He also told her about Gemma and the family dispute that got physical. He asks if he should cut Nero loose. She says that he copped to the gun. He notes that she leveraged his confession with a bogus murder charge and his lawyer will be all over that. It may not play well for DA Patterson.

Next we find Gemma climbing the stairs at Wendy’s apartment as Wendy is arriving home. The two go inside to talk and wants to know what’s up. What did Wendy know, do, and what she was promised. Wendy doesn’t really spill but she doesn’t deny anything either. She wants to know what Gemma is going to do for her.. Make sure Jax doesn’t kill her. Just before Gemma leaves, Wendy gives her back the gun she was given when she was ‘attacked’. She also tries to give Gemma the speedball she purchased for disposal but Gemma tells her to dispose of that in her own way.

Jax and Chibs meet with Charlie.. He says that Patterson is going to want his balls in a paper cup. He says let her suffer in what she just caused with leaking that headline, this, the dead father, isn’t one she’s going to want leaked. They ask about Alice. He tells them that child porn molester received a proper chop shop burial. Chopped, burned, and buried. Jax says (about himself) that he shouldn’t have killed her. Charlie assures him that he won’t use it against him, unless he has to.

Jax arrives at the hospital to pick up the boys from day care. There is Gemma waiting for him. He wants to know why she is there. She’s there to plead her case of innocence. He doesn’t believe her, calls her a sick twisted bitch. She further pleads her case and he tells her that she will never see his wife, or his kids, again. Grandma, is dead. Dagger through the heart of Gemma. I would feel bad for her as in this case, she is innocent but her arrogance and controlling nature during the last five and a half seasons, has made that impossible for me. He walks away from her to pick up his kids.

We are now back at Wendy’s apartment, she has found a way to dispose of the speedball. Through a needle and into her arm. WHY does an ex junkie still have her shootup kit? It’s like an ex smoker keeping an extra pack of cigarettes around or an alcoholic keeping a pint of something around for just in case shit.. Stupid…

Back at the jail, DA throws a folder on the table for Nero to look at. He says he wants his lawyer there if it is about their deal. She knows his confession about where the gun came from is bullshit. Inside the folder are pictures of the dead kids. He wants to know what’s up with that… She, feeling guilty herself, wants him to see the faces and remember them every time he visits his son. She tells him that he doesn’t need a lawyer, Toric killed Erin, he’s free to go.

Back at the Teller residence, Jax and Tara are putting the boys to bed. He asks her if she ever regrets coming back. She says the kids make all the sacrifice worth it and asks him if he regrets her coming back. He wishes she would have come back 5 years sooner or 5 years later. He says that he doesn’t know if he can put things back together (club and everything else), he feels so far away from her and knows it’s his fault. He asks her to tell him how to find his way back. She isn’t sure.

See you next week, Biker Fans..


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13 Responses to Sons Of Anarchy – S6E8 – Grandma is Dead

  1. Great recap, thanks Jeff!

    Wow – this show is just really feeling like no win for anyone, isn’t it?

    I’m still seeing Tara leaving with the boys at the end – and Jax letting her go.

    I also see Eli protecting the club, when they are most in need.

    Jax? I don’t know – I’d love to see him get his head together before the series ends.

    So glad Bobby’s back!

    • MelTheHound says:

      Hi, Lady C 😀

      What I am wondering is how long Jax is going to stay pissed at his mother. I think he shot Alice because he’s pissed at his own mother for her shenanigans. That and it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. You may be right about Tara making her getaway. Clearly, Jax knows something isn’t right between them. Just thought of this.. Wouldn’t it be something if Tara was and still is, pregnant? That even the doc that examined her was in on the plot?

      Eli, has always seemed fair.. Though he knows they all belong in the can, he’s not wanting to lock them up for something they didn’t do. I didn’t see him arguing with Unser about the club being part of the fabric of the town..

      Yes, cool that Bobby is back and he brought 3 new guys with him though, I didn’t see two of them at chapel after Jax called all hands on deck..

      • I was thinking that Alice’s comments were hitting too close to home for Jax in regards to his own parenting – his own boys hating him some day for his choices and the life that he made for them. Maybe a foreshadowing of his final decision to let them go?

        That final scene with Jax and Tara was intense. I can’t root for them being together – to me the basic conflict is Jax’s tie to the club and his ties to his family. He can’t take care of one without neglecting or endangering the other. When he took over at the end of Season 4 (?), that was the turning point – and maybe the point of no return for him. So, the only question that remains, that I can see, is whether Tara is too far in to get out now and save their boys.

        It would be an interesting twist if it turns out that she is still pregnant and hiding it or maybe is pregnant and doesn’t know it.

        I’m afraid that Wendy’s going to be dead next week. More innocents dying…

        • MelTheHound says:

          I don’t think Wendy is long for the SOA world either. I really don’t know what she was thinking letting herself get sucked in to that. I get that she’s Abel’s true mom but to become part of something she knew could get her killed, even by Gemma, kind of unbelievable.

          You heard what Bobby said to Tara, Whatever happens, Jax will do what’s right for the club.. These guys are always going to be Sons first, family men second. It’s why many of them don’t have families.

          You might be right about why Jax killed Alice, Something sure got to him.,.

          • Laineylainey says:

            Your description of the SONS mentality sure makes them sound so juvenile. Juveniles who sell guns, run porn rings,and kill people every week. Ok, maybe not so juvenile?

        • Laineylainey says:

          Totally agree about Wendy. So sad.

      • Hmmm – Tara pregnant. That would be some storyline. If she is (or was) that really makes her even worse than Unser thinks she is – hell of a risk to take, either way.
        I’m staring to worry about Juice. It’s like the guy has a death wish or something.
        Eli is a cool cop. Like Unser, he knows what the club is about and has his own way handling them and the town of Charming. He’ll bend the rules if it keeps the peace, but he won’t tolerate koo-koo vigilantes like Stahl, Toric or DA Patterson.
        I’m completely lost as to why Wendy chose to keep her drugs hanging around, too – never mind shooting up. I thought she was over it all, even doing counseling.

        • MelTheHound says:

          I couldn’t believe that Juice didn’t get out of the way.. That can’t be his way of proving himself (still) to the club.. Playing chicken with a 4000 pound car will only get one killed.

        • Laineylainey says:

          Maybe it’s Wendy who has the death wish. She is so tragic. She does a good job of depicting the sadness of addicts. I love that actress.

          • Hey Lainey! Wendy does seem so self destructive – one step forward, two steps back. ITA re: Drea de Matteo. She was terrific on The Sopranos as Christopher’s co-dependent girlfriend.
            Juice just looks so disconnected, like he really doesn’t care anymore. He wants to belong to the club, but it’s not the club it used to be.

  2. Laineylainey says:

    Great recap. I am glad Nero is free, I was worried he was going to be the new Otto.

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