The Walking Dead – Isolation

Tyreese wants Rick to act like the cop he was and figure out who killed and burned Karen and David.  He’s so upset, he can’t see straight and goes after Daryl, then Rick.  Rick retaliates, and punches and kicks Tyreese until he can’t get up without Daryl’s help.  Rick goes to see Hershel to have his hand looked at and Hershel worries that everything they’ve tried to keep out has found it’s way in, but Rick thinks it’s always been there.   Hershel says that Rick just fell off the wagon, like Hershel has in the past.  The answer is to just get back on and keep going.  Tyreese begins digging graves for Karen and David and tells a concerned Bob that he’ll have the doctor look at his wounds after he’s done and they’re in the ground.

The council meets and they conclude that everyone who was in Cell Block D is probably infected and should be isolated in Cell Block A.  Sasha is coughing, as is Glenn and even Dr. S.  Hershel has an idea that there may be antibiotics available at a veterinary college that might help the sick.   Daryl and Michonne will make the trip, but would like to have some help.  Hershel also thinks that, just as a precaution, the very young should also be quarantined – including Carl and baby Judith.   Carol is trying to pump water, but the well isn’t working very well and she wants to fix it.  Rick tells her to wait until tomorrow then looks for Tyreese to apologize for what he did.  Tyreese is adamant that Rick should start investigating the two deaths or, as he sees it, to do otherwise means that murder is okay.

Daryl is working on the car, readying it for the trip to the vet school when Michonne comes to help him,  He tells her that he’s glad she’s going but wants Tyreese to join them, rather than having him standing guard outside the Block housing the infected.    Hershel is leaving the camp to go outside and find elderberries when Carl stops him.  So much for the quarantine thing.  He accuses Hershel of trying to sneak out and tells him that since he can’t stop him,  he’s going with him.   Carl is getting scarier by the minute – maybe Rick gave him that gun back a little too soon.  On the other hand, Carol is distraught as she watches one child after another entering the isolation ward, including Lizzie.  She promised to watch over her and all of the children and it seems to be breaking her into pieces.   Hershel is gathering elderberries while Carl keeps a lookout.  They come across a tent and what appears to be the top half of a walker.  Then another walker, with her foot in a trap wanders toward them.  Carl wants to shoot her but Hershel stops him telling the boy that there’s really no need to shoot.

Just before Daryl and Michonne leave for the medicine run, Tyreese stops to say good-bye to Sasha and tell her that everyone may have a chance of getting better.  His next stop is to see Carol and  he asks her to take care of Sasha.    He then goes outside to let Daryl and Michonne know that he’s going with them, along with Bob, who’s also volunteered to make the run.

Maggie’s upset that Hershel has been in the quarantine area but he tells her that this is something he can do to help those people.  The elderberry tea may give them some relief from their symptoms and that’s reason enough to risk his life.   Meanwhile, Carol has decided to fix the broken well herself and, in no time, has walkers moving in her direction.  Rick sees that’s she’s surrounded and hollers for her to run, but she continues to work on the well.  He runs outside the fence to ward off the walkers and Carol finally begins to fight them off, too, and they manage to make it safely back inside.

Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob are making their way to the vet school when they hear what sounds like a voice on the care radio.  Distracted by the sound, Daryl crashes into some walkers.  Looking up they see that there are thousands of them and they’re descending on the car like a million zombie march.  Daryl throws the care into reverse, crushing some walkers and causing the back tires to get hung up.  Their only choice is to get out and fight off the walkers until they can make it into the woods.   Tyreese hesitates, though and stays in the car despite the pleas from the others for him to get out.  When he finally does, he seems to be overcome by the walkers, leaving the others to make their escape without him.  Once in the woods, they turn and see Tyreese is trying to get to them.  Daryl runs to his side to help him get away from the walkers and make their escape.

Hershel is with Dr. S. in the isolation ward, offering him some of the elderberry tea.  Dr. S. doesn’t think that Hershel should be there, but the vet says that if the tables were turned and he wasn’t sick, Dr. S. would be in there helping, too.  Dr. S. then coughs up some blood, all over Hershel’s face.  The older man takes off his face scarf and wipes the blood away, then moves on to Glenn.

Carol is hauling water inside when Rick confronts her about the well.  He tells her that what she did was stupid and she agrees.  He also says that she does a lot for everyone, especially the sacrifices she makes for the children.  He asks her if there’s anything she wouldn’t do and she says no.  He also asks her if she killed David and Karen.  She says yes and turns away.  I can’t say that I saw that coming.

Talking Dead:  Whose bright idea was it to have Marilyn Manson as a guest on this week’s episode?   Even Jesse Pinkman was upset by his incoherent ramblings.


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  1. BB says:

    I didn’t guess Carol was the one who killed David and Karen either, but it kind of makes sense. And no, I could not watch Talking Dead after about two minutes of listening to Marilyn Manson’s ramblings. It was way past my bedtime anyway. I hope there are some happier, lighter moments interspersed this season, if there can be any such thing in their situation. Otherwise, I may have to go on anti-depressants or something. lol

    • BB, As much as I’d like to see a little light-heartedness or maybe even some romance, I’m so worried that the minute things start going well, the writers are going to break our hearts and kill off one of our fan favorites.
      The only thing I learned by watching Talking Dead was when one caller asked about Carol (or anyone who breaks the law) is going to see any justice for what they do. During season 1 or 2, a young man was punished and this caller wanted to know if the council would be making their own laws or codes of conduct with appropriate punishments is they were violated.
      Gale Ann Hurd was one of the guests and she said that it was something they’d considered as writers and producers.

  2. Thanks for the tip on Talking Dead Empress. I taped it, but now will just delete it. Initially, just the thought of having to look at let alone listen to Marilyn Manson was sickening to me….lol.

    Another very scary show. When Carol almost got attacked while trying to fix the water hose outside, I was yelling at her to get out of there! This show is very scary for my big male German shepherd. He can’t take all the hissing & growling the walkers do, so he cowers behind the sofa. It’s very funny! Meanwhile, the female isn’t at all bothered. She is very smart, & has likely figured out that it’s just a tv show.

    It does make sense that Carol would commit the murders, she’s trying to protect everyone. Now who is feeding the rats to the walkers???

    The conditions inside the prison are getting worse, & looks like we can expect even more bad things to happen to our survivors.

    Anyone else watching all the horror movies on AMC? I watched “I am Legend” last night. Great movie. Worst part for me was when Will Smith’s German shepherd dies. What a beautiful dog. So well trained too. My dogs don’t sit in my lap (I think the male would, especially when he’s downright terrified while watching the Walking Dead 😉 and they don’t like to be picked up. They are so big, that wouldn’t be easy. However, the female is so devoted to my son that she allows him to pick her up and she would love to have him hold her in his arms. She truly is so loyal. Most of the time, she is as close as she can get, which is lying next to the sofa under my legs (I leave a gap for her so she fits between the ottoman & the sofa). Without a doubt, she would give her life protecting us.

    • bsf, Marilyn Manson just talked over everyone and it sounded as if he’d seen about two episodes. He turned it into some sort of existential experience just for the sake of hearing his own voice. It got so bad that Chris Hardwick started making fun of him in the hopes of shutting him up. I don’t think he’ll be asked back.
      Jack Osbourne asked Gale Ann Hurd about the rats, too – she wasn’t giving anything away, though. Looks like we’re all going to have to wait for the answer to that one.
      I love that your dogs have reactions to the show. The only time our older one even pays the slightest attention is during the opening theme music. He perks up, cocks his head and stares at the screen as long as that string section is playing. Our younger one is nearly deaf and could sleep through an air raid so he doesn’t really care what’s on the TV.
      I so understand the loyalty and devotion you talked about. What would we do without them? 🙂

  3. windycitywondering2 says:

    Talking Dead is usually pretty good but Manson really derailed what could have been some interesting conversations, (especially with Gale Ann Hurd), with his governor love and bizarre morality/mortality tangents! Chris Hardwick finally gave up trying to host and started mocking Marilyn (I don’t think MM realized it either!) and Jack Osbourne started giving him the side eye as well.
    Carol’s evolution has been as interesting as it has been strange. She knows violence and fear intimately but doesn’t IMHO, believe she is inherently violent in her decision making process or actions. She wants to take away anything unpleasant from the group and at the same time sees the need to teach the children how to defend themselves (something Sophie didn’t know how to do). Of course there will be consequences, I just hope they don’t fracture the relationships we have come to understand and like.
    So far the Zombie flu has only taken out Woodbury folks but it looks like some of the core group are now in danger too. And Tyreese better get his groove back because he used to be a noble badass…and the herds are getting larger!

    • Carol’s starting to worry me. I don’t know how sick Karen and David were, but Carol made the decision to kill them without knowing, either. Maybe they could have been helped by the antibiotics – but we’ll never know for sure.
      It seems like every kid in the prison reminds her of Sophia and she’s just going to do whatever it takes to keep them out of danger. I don’t know what the consequences should be – do they banish her if she can’t play by the rules?

  4. MelTheHound says:

    Hmm. I didn’t catch the part where Carol admitted to killing Karen and David.. Honestly I cannot picture who they even are right this minute.. Obviously since they have names, they had more than just bit parts on the show, but all charred like that, I can’t put faces to the names.

    It is a shame they had to leave the car behind stuck on top of some walkers. I guess that would be a case for 4wd on a vehicle 😆 Naturally, I’m wondering if they will make it back to the prison because I don’t think they are going to make it to the school.

    • The very last scene, right before the credits came on was when Rick asked her if she killed them and she said yes. Karen was Tyreese’s love interest for about 2 minutes and David, well, I don’t know he was – I heard them mention his name and went with it. I think the phrase for their condition would be – and pardon my callousness – “burnt beyond recognition”.
      Daryl took the car instead of the 4WD truck because of the emergency nature of the run. His need for speed didn’t work out so well, though – looks like they’re going to be making it back on foot, with or without the antibiotics – and without is going to mean a lot more dead people. I don’t think the elderberries are going to do very much.

  5. Lily says:

    I don’t think Carol killed anyone. I think it was the little girl and she is taking the blame. I do think Carol may have burned them though. Remember the last episode she took Carols knife and the little sister said “she’s not weak, she’s just messed up”.

    • Hey Lily, Good call. That did cross my mind, too – that Carol is just covering for one of the children. She did say that she’d do anything, sacrifice anything to protect them, so that certainly wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities.

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