Revenge – Control

Amanda and Aiden bump into each other after breaking into Conrad’s  garage looking for evidence as to who tampered with the car that killed Father Paul.  Aiden’s upset that Amanda is there, telling her that he’s perfectly capable of finding what they need.  She should stick to what she’s good at and he’ll take care of the rest.   Conrad has hired a private investigator to look into the accident, too.  When Aiden sees the PI, he’s angry all over again.  It seems that no one is willing to just let him do what he’s supposed to do.  He makes a deal with Conrad – fire the PI and he’ll provide Conrad with the evidence he needs to pin the crash on Jack Porter.  In return, Charlotte will realize that Jack isn’t all she thinks he is and will run right back to daddy.

Amanda is taking Victoria and Charlotte shopping for dresses to wear to the wedding – her treat.  Victoria takes the opportunity to tell her daughter that Amanda is kind of slutty and that she’s been fooling around with Jack.  Nolan drops by Victoria’s recently acquired art gallery to see Patrick.   He’s basking in the after glow of their night together, but Patrick isn’t.  He found out that Nolan visited his ex-wife and spent $20,000 on an information gathering mission.  He tells Nolan that if, in the future,  he wants to know something about him, he should just ask him instead.

Margaux and Daniel are preparing for the party celebrating the first issue of their magazine.  She’s also getting a wedding issue ready and would like to have more information on the Daniels’ bride to be.  He doesn’t know all that much, himself, and tells her that he’s never even seen pictures of Amanda’s parents.  Well, that needs to be addressed.

Jack arrives back at the Stowaway and finds Aiden waiting for him with a baseball bat in his hand.  Jack doesn’t know who Aiden is, just that he’s some goon sent by Conrad.  Aiden, however, tells him what Conrad has in store for him and, if he wants to survive it, he’d be best served by getting out of town in a  hurry.   “You’re a good man but you’ve made an enemy of a bad one”, he says.

Amanda is trying to run a one woman operation and now she’s managed to get Nolan upset.  She tells him that she has everything handled, but he’s not so sure.  He tells her, “The more strings you pull, the easier it is to get strangled.  But I’m just a self-made billionaire with an IQ of 170, so what do I know.”   Yeah, Amanda should take a back seat now and again before she loses everybody. Oh, it gets worse, though.  She stops by the Stowaway and Jack tells her that he was confronted by a thug who told him that Conrad’s hunting him down.  Amanda tells Jack that the thug is Aiden Mathis and that Conrad thinks Jack tampered with his car.   That doesn’t sit very well with Jack, and he tells her that she should just finish whatever it is that she’s started because, from where he’s sitting, it looks like she can’t even trust the people who are supposed to be on her side.

The magazine party starts and the guests arrive – including Conrad, Victoria and Charlotte. Amanda’s not there yet and Daniel is upset.  Margaux’s night isn’t going quite as planned.  She’s in her office, ripping pages out of the latest edition because her absent father has written his criticism of the thing all over it.  Victoria comes into to offer her advice on how to control powerful men before they can control you.   When Amanda does arrive, Daniel tells her that he’s disappointed because he took this job to help them and now he doesn’t think he can marry her.

Amanda takes her tale of woe to Nolan who says that in order to win Daniel back, she’ll have to give up a piece of herself.   She goes to Jack’s room and finds a picture of Emily Thorne with her parents which she intends to present to Daniel as her own family photo.   Before she can leave, though, she spots Jack and Margaux kissing in the bar below.   Nolan is suffering some heartbreak of his own until Patrick shows up at his house.  After telling his latest beau about how hard he finds getting close to people is for him, the two kiss, then undress each other and seem to have made up.

Aiden, tells Victoria who tampered with the car and she brings the information to Conrad.  Before she can let the entire cat out of the bag, Charlotte comes in and confesses to the whole thing.  She tells her dad that she was so angry at him over Declan’s death that she wanted the same thing for daddy.  Conrad’s willing to forgive her and as she hugs him, she and Victoria smile at each other.   Amanda and Aiden know that the real culprit is Patrick, though and they also make up.  There’s only one person left for Amanda to make amends with and that’s Daniel.  Handing him the fake family photo, she tells him about how hard it’s been for her to get close to anyone since her parents died – wait, didn’t Nolan use that same line?  It doesn’t matter –  Daniel, being Daniel, buys it hook, line and sinker.   The wedding and the Revenge plans are back on schedule.


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10 Responses to Revenge – Control

  1. MelTheHound says:

    This show is really beginning to lose me.. I’m completely lost as to what is going on anymore and I think they need to move it along with some of the plots.

    • The ratings are down about 30%, from an average of 8 million viewers during season 1 to about 5.5 million for this season. I’m not sure they’re going to last another season if those numbers continue to plummet. I’m sure it doesn’t help to be up against something like The Walking Dead but ABC promised to shake things up this year and so far, I’m just not seeing it – and there’s still 17 episodes to go. This may turn into an Olympic event as far as blogging goes.

      • MelTheHound says:

        None of my comments here mean I don’t appreciate you blogging the shows.. I understand about the Olympic event though.. After the first couple RHONJ, I felt like I had run a marathon..

        • Oh Jeff, Not to worry. I didn’t take it that way at all. As for the blogging part – if the show doesn’t give the viewers something interesting, it’s hard for us to make it sound like fun. As much as I like Revenge, I want to see a little less talk and a lot more action. Now, that’s worth blogging about. 😉

  2. Boobah says:

    Hey Empress!!!!! Great blogs on Revenge – I read each and every one after having a Revenge catch-up day. I kinda used your blogs like Cliff’s notes because sometimes it just gets a bit hard to follow.

    So far I am liking it. At first, I was annoyed when Adian showed up. But my aggravation ceased by this past episode. I don’t think Amanda loves him. I mean, does she? I couldn’t figure out if she was being truthful or just getting her ducks in a row.

    I don’t trust Patrick. Nolan is going to get his heart broken again.

    Why is the hell is Charlotte helping her mother by fake confessing that she cut the brake line (or whatever she did to it)??? Could Charlotte be falling for Jack? She seems really weird about him. I dunno, maybe it’s just me.

    What is Amanda planning on doing at her wedding that exposes CG? It seems like something pretty big.

    Hopefully now that I am all caught up on Revenge, I can stick with the regular programming.

    Now I have to catch up on SAMCRO.

    As always, your blogs are funny and always give me a good chuckle. I love when you said that Revenge School must teach pharmaceuticals. LoL!!!

    • Hey Boobah! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I wish they’d pick up the pace just a little bit. Jack’s role is much better – we were hoping that he’d get more involved in the Revenginess, and he is. Charlotte should have stayed in Paris and Patrick’s storyline is just throwing me for a loop.
      Always good to hear from you, my dear. 🙂

      • Boobah says:

        I agree – Jack’s role is MUCH more interesting. Finally! I have no idea what to make of Patrick at this point.
        Picking up the pace would be good – like the first season where they Red Sharpied one person per episode.
        And thank you – I like ‘talking’ with you also. (And reading your funny revengy quips, of course).

  3. trudie says:

    Nolan is about the only one I like any more (well, and baby Carl). If Patrick’s ex-wife told Nolan dirt on Patrick, why oh why is Nolan canoodling with him? Run,Nolan, run.

    • trudie, I’m holding out hope that Nolan’s just playing him (and canoodling him, too 😉 ), but he has made some bad choices relationship-wise. He doesn’t deserve to have his heart broken again – the rest of them maybe, but not Nolan.

    • Boobah says:

      Hi Trudie!

      I don’t understand that either! AND…did the ex-wife tell Patrick that she spoke to Nolan?? That’s a bit odd because she sure did not seem to think well of him when Nolan inquired. How can she seethe w/ anger like that towards Patrick then turn around and tell him that Nolan paid her off for dirt??

      Maybe the ex ISN’T the one that told Patrick about Nolan’s dirt-digging mission? But then, who did??

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