Revenge – Mercy

Conrad and Father Paul have made it to the hospital, but the priest doesn’t last very long.  With Amanda and Patrick by his side, he succumbs to his injuries and dies.  Victoria got the news about the accident and rushes to see her husband.  She’s happy, not that he’s alive, but that he didn’t make to the police station to give his confession.  Patrick’s been filling her head with ideas on how she can break away from the grip of the Graysons and make it on her own, preferably with him and away from the Hamptons.  She’s in possession of a sizable art collection which could finance a life of luxury without her family.   With the family gathered around Conrad’s hospital bed – almost everyone; Charlotte’s at the Stowaway, ignoring her mother’s calls and pouring her heart out to Jack – Amanda tells them that Father Paul is dead.  Daniel asks his bride to be what she saw when she came across the accident.  Conrad says that he wasn’t driving, now that the priest can’t refute the details, and Amanda goes along with his story.

Aiden, Nolan and Amanda gather at Nolan’s to talk about the accident.  None of them are convinced that it really was just an accident.  She says that she lowered the dosage of Conrad’s medications so that he could make his confession.   While they’re mulling over who or what caused the crash, Victoria is at an art gallery owned by one of her frenemies, Sheila.  She’d like Sheila to give her a job, now that the Graysons are on the verge of homelessness ,and Sheila happily hires her, if only to watch her newly impoverished friend squirm in front of all of the Hamptons’ society types.

Amanda goes to see Daniel at his office and finds Detective Marsh is there to investigate the crash.  Daniel has already told the detective everything that Amanda told him, so there’s no need for her to give a statement.  I didn’t know it worked that way, but this the Hamptons – Revenge style.  As she walks away, Amanda is stopped by one of the magazine’s employees who would like her, to give some personal information about Daniela as part of his introductory profile.   Oh, she’s more than happy to help and tells the girl about Daniel’s DUI arrest.

Nolan runs into Patrick at the beach club, and, after making some small talk, lifts his wallet.   When he gets home, he tries to resist his impulses to do some cyber-sleuthing but finally gives in.  He tells himself that after he checks out Patrick, he’ll write a program that will help him stop his technology addiction.   Amanda, dressed in her hoodie, is at a salvage yard, trying to get some evidence from the Ferrari when Jack steps out of the shadows.  He makes a video of the entire car and then tells her. as the car is hauled away, that someone’s removed the airbag from the driver’s side after the crash.  This is proof that Conrad was driving.  Amanda wants him to leave it alone, but he insists that this is what he needs to make Conrad pay for the deaths of his wife and brother.   Amanda goes to Nolan’s house to tell him that Conrad is about to be arrested and Nolan begins packing for a quick trip to Florida.

Victoria is at the art gallery, greeting her former friends and turning them into clients.   To show their support, Charlotte and Amanda have arrived.   After a few terse words, Victoria asks Sheila for a moment in the office.  Victoria then tells Sheila she knows about a deal that was made for a piece of art that happened to belong to her.  Sheila has been set up by Patrick who had come to her and got her to sell one of Victoria pieces by extorting her.  He knew that she’d made some shady and illegal deals in the past and now Victoria has her exactly where she wants her.   It’s a matter of doing as Victoria wants or she calls the police.  Victoria tells Sheila that she now owns the gallery, so she should go back out onto the floor and make the announcement, right after she changes a light bulb.  Patrick meets up with his mother, after the gallery party, and they congratulate each other on their perfect plan.

Jack hasn’t been to the police yet.  He’s shown what he has to his friend, a mechanic, and found out that the brake fluid was leaking on the Ferrari, thanks to a punctured tank.  Amanda calls Aiden to find out if he’s the one who tampered with the car but he denies it.   He, in turn, wants to know why Jack Porter is involved in the Revenge plans and how long he’s known that she’s Amanda Clarke.  She tells him that she told Jack on election night and Aiden’s furious.  Daniel’s also furious, having found out that Amanda revealed his DUI to the magazine, which has now been published.   He’s not on great terms with his Dad, either.  Conrad told him that he was driving the car that night and lost it when he took a turn too fast.

Nolan makes a trip to Jacksonville, Florida and tracks a young woman to a park bench,  She’s Patrick’s very unhappy ex-wife, who, for $20,000, is more than willing to spill whatever dirt she has on her former husband.  When Nolan arrives back home, he invites Patrick over and the two kiss.  That must have been some interesting information.

Conrad has called for a family meeting.  With everyone present, he dramatically grinds some of his pills into the floor and announces that he doesn’t have Huntington’s after all.  The hospital called and, with the results from an MRI and a look at the meds he was taking, it was discovered that he’d been made to look as if he had the disease.   Well, there’s no stopping him now.  He’s Leonardo DiCaprio on the bow of the Titanic.   Lord Grayson is back as patriarch of his ruined family and bankrupt dynasty.   There’s no need to confess now.

Amanda is at the Stowaway to tell Jack about the new and improved Conrad.  Charlotte sees then together and hands him a wedding invitation, with a snarky, “So much for your break from Emily Thorne.”  She stomps off – she’s always stomping off – but Jack is more concerned that Amanda is going to take the Graysons down at her wedding.

Conrad and Victoria are arguing over Aiden and he’d like to know when the young man is moving out.  Victoria reminds him that Aiden may be the only one capable of stopping the wedding.  Aiden then walks in and tells Conrad that someone tried to kill him, someone he knows well – my money’s on Charlotte, but with so many enemies, who knows –  and Jack Porter wants him dead.


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    I think Patrick is out to kill of Conrad, and Mommy Dearest — but Conrad first. ! Great Blog!

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