Sons Of Anarchy – S6E6 – Salvage

samcroWelcome back folks. Last week, we lost the clubhouse when Jax overestimated his powers of negotiation with the Irish. They are experts at making things go boom when they want to make a point. I guess on the upside, SAMCRO may finally be out of the gun business as the Irish pretty much melted that bridge. I think Nero may have been hauled in for the murder of Erin, the dead escort that Toric shot.

We pick up this week as Jax and Chibs are surveying the complete destruction. Chibs has been warning Jax all along not to screw around with these guys but Cla- I mean- Jax, knows better. The only good thing here is no one was killed. Jax sits down on a pile of rubble in what use to be the chapel, and tells Chibs, that he takes responsibility. Chibs walks over and picks up the gavel, that miraculously, isn’t charred, and tells Jax that they are going to fix it.

In the parking lot, the two of them are talking to Eli. They won’t admit it but he believes this was a bomb and it was from the IRA. Jax tells him it’s about ending a relationship. I guess that means they are breaking up with their girlfriend and she’s a bit of a psychobitch. Eli laments the old days when things were small and it just worked, between Clay and Unser. People looked the other way because there was no violence.ย  Now, in the last two years, everything SAMCRO does, comes back to bite them in the ass. This isn’t Eli’s only problem at the moment.. Gemma is at the police station throwing her big mouth around wanting to see Nero. Eli tells Jax, that people won’t be bringing their cars to TM to get them fixed. Jax says they’ll worry about that later, Eli’s current problem is his mom.

At Gemma’s house what’s left of SAMCRO has gathered. They are about to talk to the Kings. They’ve confirmed that theirs was the only clubhouse hit so they reach out to the Irish. Chibs makes the call to the Irish while Jax checks on Tara and the boys. Abel hasn’t slept nor will he eat but otherwise, he’s alive. Her plan is to go to the hospital to get an ultrasound. I guess she’s told Jax she’s pregnant. Chuckie pokes his head in the door to tell Jax, there is a long distance call.

Over at the jail, Gemma has raised her usual scene, assaulted two officers and got her dumb ass thrown in the drunk tank with Nero. Is it standard practice to put men and women in the same holding cell? They have a jail bonding moment, she tells him she wants to be with him but has to stand by family. He doesn’t think it matters because he’s facing 20 to life.

Out at the table, after Jax tells Ratt to stay, they take the call and tell Gahlen they have a full table. He tells Jax that they will discuss terms to settle the betrayal of the club to the Irish. There was no betrayal except by Gahlen.. The terms are, Clay is point for northwestern California distribution and Jax must make sure all of the buyers are on board. Further, the Sons will receive no more profit from the guns. They will be out of it. There is some back and fourth as to who is to blame for the state of the shitpile they find themselves in.. Jax notes that it was them who tried to kill off the entire charter when he said he didn’t want a war. He tells them he will cut Conner and the others loose. The Kings seem rather surprised to learn they are still alive. I’m thinking Gahlen told them these fellas were dead, at the hands of SAMCRO and they are now looking at him with a side eye. The club takes a silent nod vote on the terms, and they agree. There is going to be a summit of the northwest Cali charters and all of the officers have confirmed.

DA Patterson pays Eli a visit. She has a hard on to pin that school shooting on somebody. Eli tells her he doesn’t believe Nero killed the girl, too neat and cleanly placed in his lap. Framed. She doesn’t care about hunches, only scientific evidence, which they have, with the DNA from Nero’s truck. She kicks him out of his own office so she can make some phone calls.

Back at Gemma’s house, the guys are getting ready to leave for their summit as she pulls up with a police escort. I guess they wanted to make sure she actually went home. She talks to Jax and he tells her he wants her to get a message to Clay to take the deal from the Irish. She’s concerned that it may mean another conjugal but he says no need for that. She hasn’t told him about the freak show she had to participate in. He asks her to keep an eye on Tara, he doesn’t want her to be left alone. They head out as Unser drives up to take Tara and the boys to the hospital.

As they are riding to their summit, they enter into the town of Eden in Butte County and pick up some unwanted attention from the local police. Ratt is tailing them in the van that always accompanies the guys on these runs for just in case shit. Just in case is about to happen. The guys cooperate and pull over and right away, they are told their gang colors are not acceptable. Happy notes that they are a club, not a gang. Cop isn’t buying that. They decide they are going to impound the bikes because some were recently stolen, new, on the way to the local dealer. What is happening, is these, ‘officers of the law’ are stealing their bikes to be taken to the local chop shop er impound yard for inspection. This doesn’t sit very well with Juice who feels he still has to prove his loyalty to the club. A whole thing erupts where Juice ends up handcuffed to his bike while these cops answer another call from the CHiP. After Juice beats the shit out of the cop, the fellas have turned the table on them. Disable one of their bikes, (they were motorcycle cops), and Juice steels the other because they shot out his tires. His bike ends up getting impounded. After the officers are picked up by a patrol unit, the chase is on. With Juice running block for the rest of them. A Reaper on a police motorcycle, rather odd to see. Ratt sees what’s going on and takes it upon himself to help Juice out of this situation by giving him the side door of the van to jump in to, escaping from the police motorcycle. When he does, the cycle goes under the PD unit, causing them to flip and crash. End of chase and the guys can’t believe what Juice and the prospect just pulled off. (speaking of prospects, they don’t wear reaper patches until they become members. The one that was killed with Phil at the gun barn, had a patch on his jacket yet, in the show, they called him a prospect. Mistake or no? What gives?).

Not sure of the order here so we’ll go to the prison first. Gemma arrives to deliver Jax’s message to Clay. He’s unaware of what happened the previous night, he’s stuck on the previous day. Gemma tells him what happened and delivers the message to go ahead with the Irish. Jax wants an inside man. She then asks him about Toric and tells him that Nero is up for murder. He isn’t too keen on helping out his wife’s boyfriend.. Her answer to that is she rode his cock for that freak show and hasn’t told Jax what happened so, she figures she’s owed one. Clay tells her that Toric was torturing Otto, having him raped like clockwork, and promised the same treatment for him if he didn’t cooperate. Otto killed Toric to protect both himself, and Clay. That ends their meeting.

At the hospital, Tara has just dropped the boys at daycare. She and Unser then begin to discuss his offer to help. She says if she goes away, she doesn’t want the boys to stay in Charming. He notes that Jax is their dad. She tells him she is filing for divorce and full custody. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard that. He asks what’s going to happen to them if she does go to prison. About then, Wendy walks up. Tara tells her that Abel is in daycare waiting with excitement to see his friend, Wendy. Unser now knows what Tara plans for the boys if she goes to jail. Tara tells Wendy to relax, Unser is there to help them. I don’t trust the guy. He’s too deep with Gemma and the club, I think Tara has trusted the fox in the henhouse, so to speak. He tells her she is spinningย  a lot of plates.

Gemma goes to the police station and tells Eli what she knows of Toric’s threats and behavior. I don’t remember if the DA was there or not but, Eli decides to check out Toric’s hotel room. When he gets there, he notes the smell of bleach. The place has been scrubbed. However, he finds some interesting artillery including the gun that killed the escort. While they are searching the room, DA shows up and well, looks like Nero may be cleared.

Let’s get to this summit. Juice has checked and there are no APBs, or other alerts about the club’s day’s activities. In other words, confirmation that these two officers were dirty. Jax tells Juice that he doesn’t have anything to prove. Juice thinks he still has to prove something to Chibs. Everyone is at this summit, including Bobby and his Nomads. SAMCRO is happy to see him and he asks for a few minutes after the meeting. The meeting begins, Jax gives his speech about what’s going on and why. He says that the Sons are out of gun running. SAMCRO is moving from bullets to pussy (don’t shoot the messenger). Escorts and porn. It may be dirty but it’s legal. They’ve lost 20 members in the last 2 years to gun running. Except for guns they will help the other charters get setup in legit businesses. Everyone seems to be on board with the idea even though the lost off the gun trade money will sting for a little while. After the meeting, Bobby gets his private summit with Jax. Turns out, these weren’t Nomads he was recruiting but full members for SAMCRO. He says he couldn’t do it while wearing actual SAMCRO fliers so he had to strike out on his own to do it. Jax seems accepting of the idea. Oh yes, they decide they are going to reclaim their property, Juice’s impounded motorcycle.

Over at Derosa, Nero has a visitor.. A Tranny. I Think it’s the same one that was used to set up that doughnut eating city council member when they needed him to sign off on something. Remember the kid they got ‘favors’ for and took pictures of him in case he ever talked? That guy. Seems that after his (the tranny) mother died, Nero took care of him. He heard Nero was in trouble and came to help. He and Gemma have a bonding moment and all is right in his world. Whatever.

At the hospital, Lohan, the lawyer, tells Tara that the DA is coming to offer a deal. Tara has taken care of everything but herself in all of her wrangling. To make a long story short, the DA wants Tara to give up Jax and the club, tying them to the guns, especially the KG9 that was used to kill the kids in the school, for full immunity. Tara tells her to go scratch in so many words. In the bathroom, we then get to see a different side DA Patterson. She takes off her white girl wig, lets her hair down and says time to go ghetto. As she is leaving the hospital, she tells Tara (or Lohan, don’t remember which), that the trial will be moved up 3 weeks so get ready for a fight. No more playing around.

Let’s get to the fun part. SAMCRO+4 arrive at the impound yard where they were told they could claim their property. It’s night time and the place is closed. Nothing a cash bribe won’t fix.. They lure the proprietor to the gate and convince him to open it. Actually they open it for him. When they get inside they find Juice’s motorcycle, stripped and chopped. Then they discover what the place is hiding. The stolen bikes from the previously mentioned robbery. Along with several potentially stolen cars. They do the right thing. Call the police. The two that they had the run in with earlier that day, arrive and are just so happy to see SAMCRO. They point out that they’ve taken pictures of everything there and if there’s more trouble, they will release the pictures to anyone who will publish them. What could go wrong with that. Jax tells Juice to pick one of the bikes. He’s happy with the one he is sitting on. Jax then tells the two officers that they have to apologize to each member of SAMCROย  for their behavior that day. One of them refuses and gets clocked in the jaw. The other is offered some of the same, and the scene ends with the two officers apologizing to the guys. They have a good laugh about it and that about ends the episode. Oh, they have to vote the new members in but given the current state of SAMCRO, I don’t think that will be an issue.

See you next week M/C Fans.

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20 Responses to Sons Of Anarchy – S6E6 – Salvage

  1. Laineylainey says:

    This episode was a bit boring and kinda disjointed…first we’re talking about the explosion, then the stolen bikes, then the Tranny and Gemma have a moment. Why did any of that have to happen…the dirty cops, the tranny…ummmm…ok. Thank you. Goodnight.

    • melthehound says:

      It did seem like a bit of a filler episode. I know the show has different writers so I don’t quite know what this one was thinking, particularly with the tranny / Gemma moment. I know there is another season ordered so I don’t believe that the club will be away from guns either. I think as long as there is that Clay connection, they will always be involved somehow.

      • Laineylainey says:

        I’m just gonna put this out there,…I think Jax is losing his looks. I try not to to be mean, really, especially about looks and stuff like that cause I’m no prom queen. But he used to be cuter. I want cute Jax back. Is it the facial hair? Why am I asking you? Well I’m just throwing it out there.

        I felt a bit manipulated by the writers,….oh look at Gemma, the evil queen has a heart of gold. Deeeeeeeeeeeep down. Very deep.

        • melthehound says:

          If you have been following along with Me on this show, then you know I don’t like Gemma. She is the cause of many of their problems in the club. Her nose is way too big and she’s always sticking it into where it doesn’t belong. My IRL friend who introduced me to the show, originally told me that the show was actually created For Katey Sagal. So, as much as I would like to see Gemma disappear, not the way Otto did but perhaps locked up for good, I don’t think she’s going anywhere.

          As for Jax and his appearance, well, I never understand what you ladies see in some of these actors so I can’t tell you what has changed ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Laineylainey says:

            Oh wow, well that makes perfect sense now. What a good husband (ex, right?)…it was a little transparent the way the writers wanted us to react to the Gemma/tranny scene. I sat here and said to the TV, “no, this doesn’t make me like her better. Not working!”

      • Okay, I don’t know what episode you two watched, but I really liked this one. Jax looked like a leader, the club is getting out of the gun trade and Tara’s making real strides in getting away from all of them. The Venus Van Dam and Gemma scene may have been a little out of sync but it did offer some comic relief.

        • melthehound says:

          That’s him.. Venus Van Dam.. Couldn’t remember his name. I didn’t say I didn’t like the episode, or at least I don’t think I did.. I just thought it felt more like filler. I think the comic relief was at the impound yard.

        • Laineylainey says:

          I didn’t like this episode. Venus is the tranny? I didn’t see the comedy in that scene at all. I felt it was heavy handed in the “please like Gemma” department.

  2. I actually liked this episode more than any I’ve seen in a while. I think that’s mostly because outlaw bikers are very common here in southern West Virginia, so a lot of people I grew up with became 1%ers, including several of my relatives. In my opinion, Sons had become unrealistic, especially as the IRA connection grew into the largest part of the storyline. So I’m glad they’re finally ending that part of the SOA story – the sooner the better, as far as I’m concerned.

    By the end of this episode, the Sons were more like the real outlaw bikers I know. Forcing a couple of dirty cops to apologize to each member (and laughing their butts off about it) sounds far more like something the 1%ers I know would do. Heck, it makes me laugh too, mostly because we have a lot of dirty cops around here too, LOL.

    I’m not sure if they ever specifically mentioned divorce before, but based on Tara’s interactions with her attorney, I was aware that Tara was planning to divorce Jax and seek full custody. Her handwritten notes about the club are what she turned over to her attorney when she was leaving the jail (apparently she had written them while she was there), and that was in furtherance of the custody case. That’s also why Wendy turned over her own notes about the club to Tara’s attorney, and was asked whether she’d testify. That meant whether she’d testify in the custody case, not whether she’d testify in Tara’s criminal case (since she has nothing to add to the criminal case). I suspect ol’ Wendy is secretly playing both sides, though.

    The prospect who was murdered by the IRA didn’t have the skull on the back of his jacket, all he had was the “Prospect” rocker at the bottom (you can see a still photo here: )

    Thanks for the recap! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Appalachian Lady! I’m really hoping you’ll stop back again – your real life perspective on the 1%ers is absolutely fascinating. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thank you, Empress! I’ve been reading your blog on and off for a while now, and finally decided to make the plunge and comment, LOL. It’s very nice to receive such a warm welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • MelTheHound says:

      Appalachian Lady, welcome and thank you for your input and your correcting screen shot. I always welcome when such corrections are made. I couldn’t remember if the ‘prospect’ had the reaper or not but in my mind, he did. I knew Phil was a member but truthfully, all I saw were their hacked off hands laying there. I’ve always figured that Tara would have to divorce Jax to get away from the club in any way, and get custody of the boys. That’s the first that I ever heard her say the word though. I don’t think the IRA connection is going anywhere. Not while these people, and Clay, are still alive. I further don’t think the Sons, will see the end of the gun trade, it is always going to plague them. I agree, it’s a stretch to be a part of the plot line but, I think it’s there to stay. SAMCRO may escape it but somewhere, the SOA will not.

      As our hostess, Empress, says, do come back. I love the discussions of the shows I recap. It keeps me motivated to keep doing it ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I must admit, I had to look up the photo to see whether he was patched correctly, because disembodied hands laying on those jackets were more than a little distracting, LOL.

        Thanks for the welcome, I’m sure I’ll be back. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • MelTheHound says:

          I will take all the help I can get with these recaps ๐Ÿ˜€

          • That wasn’t much help, LOL. I was just kind of curious myself since I know how patches work in the real world (I sew them on for a couple of clubs). ๐Ÿ™‚

            • MelTheHound says:

              I am familiar as well (but I don’t sew them on ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).. It was a great help as it ends my thinking he was a patched member rather than a prospect.

              • They’re kind of a pain to sew on, LOL. Around here, patches on colors are not allowed to show thread from being attached, and they also get in trouble if the patches are even a little bit loose. They’ll actually walk up to other bikers and pull on the patches, to make sure they’re on like steel.

                The ones I can do by machine aren’t hard to do, as long as you know how to sew with some level of precision. I can do rockers in about a half hour, including setting up the machine. However, the ones that have to be sewn by hand (on pockets etc), take a while because the stitches have to be so close, and you’re sewing through a very thick amount of fabric, including sometimes triple denim seams. It’s especially difficult for me because I have arthritis and a T-1 spinal cord injury (which only really affects the strength and ability to fully control the muscles in my left arm, thank goodness). I have to prop the needle against something hard when I come to the thicker seams, and push it through since I lack the hand strength to do it any other way.

                I have to repair their patches sometimes too, because they wear them until they’re literally falling apart (especially their memory patches, those are only replaced if there’s no other option). I take them off, repair/reinforce and recreate the original design, then sew them back on again.

                Last but not least, I also turn jean jackets into colors by removing the sleeves (for summertime). That’s a real pain, because the seams have to match the original seams flawlessly in thread width and seam thickness, since it has to look like it was made sleeveless. I have to literally take the jacket apart and put it back together, to make it look right.

                I sew for them for free, in case you’re wondering. It’s not a good idea to get involved financially on any level with outlaw bikers when it comes to anything club-related, especially with the feds increasingly using RICO against them.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Hi there!!! Interesting post!

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