Sons Of Anarchy – S6E5 – KaBOOM! – Jax hasn’t a clue

samcroWelcome back friends. Last week, we lost Phil, a prospect, Otto, and Toric.. Otto was killed by the prison guards after he stabbed Toric and slit his throat using the knife that Clay gave to him. Phil and the prospect were killed by Ghalen and his Irish mob and hacked them up as a message to Jax that leaving the gun business wasn’t going to be so simple. Unser had been attacked by some neonazis as payback for one of their guys in prison getting stabbed by Clay as he did a hit to buy himself protection. Jax and the crew, with KG-9s lit up their house at their compound, killing all of them, leaving the guns and burning the place to the ground. Tara is convinced she will go to jail (we learn this week) so she is trying to make sure that Wendy becomes the guardian of the boys. Abel Is, her son after all. I keep forgetting her name but the lawyer is collecting evidence from the two of them to build a case to take the kids away from the club, including Gemma. Nero was hauled in for questioning because it was said by Toric, that his truck may have been used to commit a murder, of one of the Deosa escorts. Hair and blood were planted there by Toric, so Eli is looking into it. He also began digging into Toric’s past. Pope’s second is interested in getting into the gun business.

Those are the highlights of where we are at with this show. If I miss anything here, I’m counting on you to fill the blanks. Here we go..

Show opens with the guys casing a warehouse owned by the Irish, looking for some payback for Phil and the prospect. It is an all night stakeout before anyone sees any movement. I think they are watching multiple places. The clubhouse is locked down and I think Deosa is too. Only because of the connection to the club. Clay is transferred out of the hole and into a cell. Eli is looking over photos of the scene after Otto killed Toric.

Next morning at the clubhouse, breakfast is being prepared, Gemma has a short conversation with Chuckie.. He says they need libations to keep things going. She tells him that Otto loved him, he wouldn’t be there otherwise. Chuckie says that Otto saved his life in prison. She tells him to remember that.

Finally, there is some movement at the warehouse that Jax and Happy are watching when someone drives into the parking lot. One of them go into the warehouse and Jax and Happy surprise the other guy. These two are a pair of Ghalen’s lackies. Jax surprises the guy in the warehouse and when he corners him, the guy was there to pick up a bag for Conner, Ghalen’s second (I guess). Ghalen is already gone back to Belfast and I guess that Conner is supposed to follow him. That’s what Jax is told anyway.. He gets the address where Conner is waiting..

At Eli’s office, DA Patterson (San Joqine county) pays him a visit. She wants to know what Eli had on Nero with respect to the dead escort. It finally comes out that what she really wants is a connection between Nero and the club. She is looking for someone to hang the school shooting on. Even if it’s Tara who, is bad until she does something good.

Nero arrives at the clubhouse to pick up Jax for a meeting at the new partner’s (in the escort service) place. Whatever kind of inspections they have is occurring today. Jax arrives and the two of them get ready to leave but before they do, Jax talks to Tara. I couldn’t hear what they said other than she’s afraid of Gemma… The two get in Nero’s car and leave, with a tail, Eli. The DA wants him stuck to Nero like glue. As the two are driving away, Nero wants to know what problems they have with the Irish. Not something he would have asked before his cousin’s girlfriend’s son shot up a classroom with an SOA supplied machine gun. Jax assures him that he will handle it. As they arrive to where they are going, Eli stops at the corner to wait and watch. About then, Charlie the crooked cop pulls up next to him wanting to know why he is there. Somehow he manages to convince Eli to move along but he then goes into the house wanting to know why this sheriff is in His neighborhood watching Coulette’s house. Jax tells him that the dead escort found outside of Charming was one of theirs. They put Charlie’s mind at half ease as the guys arrive to pick up Jax.

Over at the garage, Unser is pushing Abel on the swing when he strains himself a little bit. Tara makes him let her check him out. He appears to be fine, just sore. He takes the opportunity to ask Tara what it was he walked in on when he was at the hospital. She kind of dances around it and doesn’t really answer but Unser figures it has something to do with her exit strategy and getting away from the club. He offers to help her, he’s known SAMCRO longer than any other outsider around there.

The guys arrive at the warehouse where they were told Conner would be. As they are watching, they see him and he sees them. The foot chase is on as is the car chase. It ends inside when Jax drives through the door, crashing into a bunch of liquor crates taking Conner down. Chibs makes a funny when he says that’s another fine Irishman taken out by a bottle… Tig finds the clubs guns that the Irish stole when they killed Phil and the prospect. Happy and Juice carry in the casualty from the chase and Jax tells them to put him with the guns. Jax tells Tig and Juice to take Conner to another location but tells him to leave the guns as a peace offering. With a dead body on top of them.. Jax says they will still come out ahead. Tig wants to reach out to Bobby but Jax says no. He sends Happy and Juice back to the clubhouse because they need bodies there.

Over at the prison, the guy with the library cart comes around to Clay’s cell and hands him a book. Tells him there is some interesting reading on page 47.. The cart guy happens to be Irish BTW. The note is from the kings and they are telling him what his next move should be. They want to deal with him.

Jax wants Conner’s phone and wants to know how to reach the kings. He tells Conner that reaching out is about making peace. He has every intention of putting him on a flight back to Belfast. Conner tells him where a bunch of burner numbers is located. He dials one of them and does reach the kings. He tells them how he got the number but that he doesn’t want war. He’s already lost two and he doesn’t want anymore. He tells them of the offer from Marx Inc (black) to take up his slack in Northern California but they aren’t too pleased dealing with people who make their money with heroin. Jax notes that isn’t their real problem but one of complexion. He also tells them that Clay and Ghalen are working side deals that neither organization knows anything about. Clay cannot be trusted and his days at Stockton are numbered.Ā  The conversation ends with the kings saying they’ll think about it and will give an answer that day.

The kings aren’t alone however, Ghalen is there with them. They’ve lost 4 distributors in 6 cities in the last year.Ā  He tells them that Marx will just use them to set up his own gig and then cut them out. Jax’s loyalties lie in the wrong place. Jax is weak like his father. A deal with Clay will be locked down by the end of the day. Jax will get what he wants, Out of guns.. Remember, ‘hands off of the club’? They cautiously accept his explanation for what is going on but do question his loyalty.

Let’s visit Wendy at work. Along with Gemma. Gemma is curious as to where Tara is going with her exit plan and Wendy seems a bit concerned about it as well. Gemma tells her that there are problems with the Irish and they are on lock down. Either Wendy is cracking or she is doing a damn good job of playing Gemma. We will note that before she let Gemma into the office, she put on a scarf to hide the fact her neck was not hurt. Gemma wants something solid to show Jax about what Tara’s plan is but doesn’t want to say anything without proof. Before Gemma leaves she gives Wendy some baby pictures of Abel. She asks Gemma why she’s doing what she is doing and basically, things have sucked since Tara showed up. Tells her to keep doing what she is doing.

Jax and Chibs arrive back at TM. Juice is on the phone, with Clay’s lawyer. He has set up a conjugal with Gemma. She is to bring cash. This can only be done with a husband and wife so this is a way to get a message to the outside. Someone has to tell Gemma though. A job for a loving son.. He asks Chibs to back him up…

At Eli’s office, Nero walks in and wants to know why he’s being followed. He tells Eli to charge him so he can engage proper legal council. Eli tells him that the one he was following was Jax because the San Juan DA has tied the KG9 to the club. Nero asks to be sure that it isn’t about his dead escort. The answer to that will depend on the DNA. Nero tells him that he’ll make it easy to track him. He’ll be a Derosa most of the afternoon, then head over to TM, may stop on the way for a pack of gum and kill a hooker or two.. You know, typical day.

Over with the lawyer lady, she tells Tara that Otto killing Toric hurts her case. He was an investigator hired by the DA looking for a lead back to the club because of the KG9.. Wendy storms into the room, wanting to talk to Tara alone. She is trying to live a clean life and is tired of all the lying and deception. Tara tells her that she is going to jail and needs to know that the boys are safe. She can’t do it without Wendy protecting Thomas, her son, and Abel, Her son. This calms Wendy a bit and she wants to spend time with Abel, doesn’t care what he has to be told, Tara agrees.

At the prison, Gemma checks in and hands the guard his $500 tribute so she can see Clay and get whatever message she is supposed to deliver. She is taken into the room with Clay, he tells her, she is about to leave when the guards decide this was to be a conjugal, it’s time to get busy. Either Clay will have relations with her while they whack off at the sight of it (there are two guards) or one of them will. Clay apologizes to her for what is about to happen, they do it, and I guess the guards do their thing too. We don’t see any of it. The message was that the Kings are going to shut the MC out. Not good. Jax is in trouble with these guys.

Chibs and Gemma arrive at Derosa as a discussion is being had between Jax, Nero, and Charlie about why Eli is following them around. He knows that DA Patterson isn’t the type that just throws shit against the wall and hopes it sticks. For the time being, Charlie agrees to let Coulette work with the guys but notes that it better not blow back in his face. Gemma will let Chibs deliver the message to Jax. Chibs would like to Kill Jax because he thinks he can run the club on his own. The message is basically fuck off because the kings don’t want to deal with August Marx’s completion. Jax says August made the offer.. That doesn’t mean it was a good one when dealing with guys like that. While Jax’s heart may be in the right place here, wanting to make sure everyone gets what they want, he isn’t very bright about it. To some, the magic color isn’t green if you know what I mean. Chibs asks Jax if he trusts anyone in the club, he doesn’t answer. He calls the kings to see if they have an answer yet. He tells them he will call back in a couple hours after he talks with his cohorts and asks that there is enough at the clubhouse for a vote. He also tells Jax not to use that phone anymore because by now, it’s traceable. They will call him on a club burner number. The scene ends with Gemma telling Nero what happened before having him drive her back to TM.

sonsThe DNA results from Nero’s truck are in. The evidence found belongs to Erin, the murdered escort. That ties Nero to it. Gemma and Nero arrive at the clubhouse, followed closely by Eli and his deputies. There was a beer delivery that day but no one knows anything about it except Chuckie. They are waiting for a call from the Irish at 8pm and it is currently 7:58. There is a shamrock decorated pen on the bar, and in a nick of time, Jax figures out what is about to happen. Just as everyone gets out, KABOOM!

See you next week.

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12 Responses to Sons Of Anarchy – S6E5 – KaBOOM! – Jax hasn’t a clue

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  2. Laineylainey says:

    It was a good episode!!! Great recap, btw. I’m better able to get the dialogue now, but you do help me fill in the blanks. I can’t believe the club house is gone!!!

  3. How did Jax not see that coming?!?! Galen’s guy tells them to get everyone together at 8PM and he doesn’t even think about an ambush – hmmm, ok.
    I have to say, I did feel sorry for Gemma during the prison guard scene. On the other hand, IMHO, Nero is too good for her. You have to be pretty bad for Wendy to look like the better choice of guardian for the boys.

  4. Thanks for the recap Mel, it was a good episode. Now with the club gone, how long before Tara goes to prison? Seems like Jax will never get away from the club, it just sucks him back in & this time they all nearly died.

    The Irish gang is awful. Now that they’ve settled things in Northern Ireland (pretty much) and the IRA isn’t bombing England anymore, is this gang even relevant? How can they keep selling guns in real life. Just wondering how realistic the storyline is. I’ve never heard of Irish gunrunners, so maybe I’m just not informed on the subject.

    Notice how Clay is redeeming himself, while Jax is becoming more & more like the old Clay. He’s going to have to pay for what he did to Tibs someday (asking him to go to the porno studio so the black gang could kill him). He suspects Jax set him up. Then there’s Chibbs who questions if Jax trusts anybody at this point.

    You’re right – Nero is way to “good” for Gemma. Really he wants to be with an old lady like her? Makes me think he’s using her as an in to curry favor with the Sons & Jax.

    Ughhh the prison scene was awful. They make it look like the bad guys run the place. Could be the case. There was an interesting episode on ID TV about a female guard in a Calif. prison getting killed because she was going to report all the drug dealing & other crimes going on in the prison. So it’s not far fetched that some bad ass guards are doing crap like this.

    • Laineylainey says:

      It must be nice to have your devoted ex hubby as the shot caller on your TV Show…it’s the only way a “Nero” character ends up with a “Gemma” character. I’m always thinking the same thing as you, Bluey,…”really, Nero? THAT’S what’s you’re attracted to?”

  5. Laineylainey says:

    I’ve been reading a little bit on other blogs about SOA. Some viewers predict Gemma will be the only one standing…along with “her” two boys, (Jax’s sons) and she will reign supreme over another generation of SAMCRO.

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