Revenge – Sin

It’s believed that original sin can only be washed away by the waters of baptism but it is the sins that follow that are not so easily washed away since forgiveness of transgressions are only granted to the truly penitent – pure evil can never be erased.

Victoria and Aiden are enjoying Mimosa aboard a yacht and the conversation turns to their plot against Amanda.   It also leads to some comments from Aiden about Victoria’s role in ruining David Clarke, something that Victoria isn’t going to engage in.  Aiden wants Vic to trust him if they’re going to have any success in taking down Amanda but Vic isn’t too sure about him yet.

Amanda is at Nolan’s digs and he steps outside to kiss his one-night stand goodbye.  He’s suffering from PTSD – Padma Tyler Sexual Damage.   She’s brought her Infinity box and has a new target ready for her red Sharpie – a former Grayson Global employee who’s become a priest.   Daniel and his bride to be stop by the church to make their wedding plans and so that she can come eyeball to eyeball with Father Paul.  He tells Amanda how he’s really a changed person since his days with the Graysons and their destruction of David Clarke.  Amanda isn’t buying it, though.   Father Paul goes to Grayson Manor to see Conrad and tells him that he’s there for him if Conrad needs him.  Conrad just figures the guy is looking for more hush money.

Daniel and Amanda go to the city to have dinner with Margaux.  Daniel’s unemployed and Margaux is interested in hiring him to work on her magazine.  Amanda excuses herself from the table and runs into Charlotte at the bar.  Isn’t this kid like 18 or something?   Charlotte is angry with Amanda who she blames for spreading the rumors about Victoria’s affair, and tells her that she doesn’t trust her anymore.  Later on,  Daniel does meet Margaux at her office and she starts to undress.

Amanda stops back at Nolan’s place – he’s making blueberry muffins having expanded his cooking skills in prison.  He’s done a little snooping into Father Paul’s background and found out that he’s actually a good guy.  Amanda, hell-bent on her revenge, isn’t so certain but Nolan warns her about going after people who may not deserve it.  “Once you start taking down kittens, I’m out”, he says.   He’s not the only one who’s worried about Amanda’s plans.  Jack also expresses his concern as to what she’s become – while looking at puppies, for cuteness’ sake (I love puppies) – and, when he wonders why she won’t help Charlotte and tell her the truth,  pointedly asks her “When did punishing the guilty become more important to you than helping the innocent?”

Victoria has invited the whole family over for dinner, including Patrick.  His presence is greeted with suspicion and derision.  Conrad tells him that being a freelance artist is a hobby one has between bartending shifts, and Daniel wants to take hair and blood samples for a DNA test.  Conrad also tells Patrick how it was actually Victoria who’d hired Frank to deliver the “get lost and leave me alone” message along with enough money to keep him away.  Amanda gets up to fetch a drink for Conrad and puts some more of her evil juice into it, causing Conrad to have another bout of his fake illness.   Patrick decides to skip dessert.  As disastrous as the dinner is, it gives Aiden the opportunity to break into Amanda’s house and look for the Infinity box.  It isn’t in the usual spot so he looks inside a desk and finds some papers.

Amanda, dressed in her hoodie, calls Father Paul and asks him to come help her.  When he arrives at an apartment, she clocks him, knocking him out.   She attends Mass and drops an envelope into the collection box.  Inside are pictures of Father Paul in a compromising situation with a dark-haired woman.  Amanda in disguise, maybe?    Nolan has read her a passage from David Clarke’s journal where he wrote about forgiveness, but it didn’t sink in.  She meets Father Paul at a soup kitchen where he’s feeding the homeless and running a day care center.  She excuses herself, hoping to retrieve the photos, but it’s too late.  The pastor comes in with the envelope and Father Paul is sent packing.

Turns out that Daniel didn’t do anything more with Margaux other than hand her dress back to her.  He’s also decided to take her up on the job offer as long as they have an office in Montauk.   Jack has told Charlotte the truth about her father and the bomb that killed Declan.  She goes straight to her Dad, tells him what she knows.  She’d been blaming herself for Declan’s death and she suffered a miscarriage because of the guilt and grief.  She tells Conrad that  he deserves to die, miserable and alone.  Amanda is in the church, lighting a candle and apologizes to her father for what she did to Father Paul – and probably for a lot more.  Conrad comes into the church, looking for Father Paul and Amanda tells him that the priest is gone.  He’s in a very reflective mood and tells her that he has no one left to talk to – a sign that he’s reaping what he’s sown.

Aiden is with Victoria and is upset that she went behind his back.  He also tells her that he’s got proof that Amanda has the Grayson family fortune.  Amanda goes home and tells Nolan that he was right and now she needs to fix it.  With Father Paul’s help, she may get Conrad to confess everything.


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6 Responses to Revenge – Sin

  1. jules says:

    Hi Empress, I haven’t watched Revenge in a while but have tried to read your blogs. Is Aiden really going after Amanda or is it just part of the plan? I’m confused.

    Also, my husband could not believe I was watching Revenge. He kept saying “it’s like a soap opera but even worse”. I explained to him that it’s supposed to be campy, it’s a guilty pleasure. He acted like he was released from prison when 10:00 finally arrived. I reminded him we have two other televisions to use…

    • I’m not convinced that Aiden is really on Victoria’s side against Amanda. I think (I hope) that he’s playing along and it’s part of Amanda’s much larger Revenge plan.
      A campy soap opera – works for me. 😉

  2. ladebra says:

    I really enjoy this show, with all the twists and layers. But I liked Amanda with Aiden. Oh well, I trust the writers, there must be a plan. I’m hoping there’s a plan… There better be a plan! lol

    I also very much enjoy your blogs, thank you very much 🙂

  3. Stacey says:

    Thank you so much for the recap Empress! I love all the twists and turns and never really knowing what the hell is going on LOL

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