Sons Of Anarchy – S6E4 – Wolfsangel

samcroHi folks.. Sorry I missed you last week. I was without cable and internet so not only did I miss the show but there was no show recap from me. I have now seen the show but I am  just going to keep it up with the current show time line. Last week in episode 3.. We left off and Toriq had killed one of Nero’s escorts and the DA had given him a badge (no she doesn’t know about the girl). Clay has all but told Toriq to go to hell but he also told Jax he may be turning on the club. Jax told Toriq who was standing behind the peep show glass, that he would make sure Toriq feels pain if anything happens to his family. As Clay was being transferred to general population, he is left alone in a room where 3 black guys come in to work him over. Instead of killing him however, I suspect under orders from Pope’s crew they hand him a weapon and give him a choice. In the yard we find out what that choice is. A scuffle breaks out and Clay kills one of the shot callers of the Aryan population. One of the Nazis. This buys him protection from Black. The Irish want Clay alive so Jax can’t quite write him off just yet. Jax for his part of whatever deals he has going on, hands Pope’s second a slip of paper telling him where he’s sent Tig. While Tig is waiting for whoever he was supposed to meet, in walks the black crew and Tig believes he’s about to die or is going to have to fight his way out of there.. Either way, Jax believes he won’t see Tig again. Remember, if Jax loses one more body, he also loses the charter. Wendy had gone to see Gemma with some marks on her throat that made it look like she’d been attacked. I don’t know exactly what it was about beyond the custody thing but it was fake anyway as the episode ended with her wiping the makeup off of her throat. Toriq in hopes of getting Nero busted, dumps the escort’s body in the woods and while Nero is saying goodnight to someone, Toriq leaves her hair fragments and blood on the inside of Nero’s truck. He then tips off sheriff Eli to the crime via anonymous call. Oh, one last thing… Tara is pregnant again.

This week opens in Unser’s trailer in the TM yard and as Unser is waking up and lighting a joint (for the cancer), there is a knock at the door. 3 guys, with ski masks drag him out of the trailer and take him somewhere. We later find out when Gemma gets to the garage, that they’ve carved up his belly and left him hanging by his hands tied to one of the garage lifts. Jax and the guys are called to help. Tara is brought in to stitch Unser up.. We learn that this is likely retribution for what Clay has done in prison. Clay BTW, as he is lying in solitary, is given another weapon from one of the guards. We’ll get back to that. Unser describes what he can of his attackers and the only real identifying marks he can remember other than they were big and white, is the swastikas on their necks. Remember season 4 when the club had their trouble with the other Aryans in town? This ain’t them… Tara wants Unser to go to the hospital so he can get some shots, on the sly.. Gemma says she’ll send one of the prospects with him but Tara notes that this treatment is illegal so probably best not to have someone wearing  cut hanging around. Unser notes that at that time of the day, he usually has the kids around, Abel and Thomas… What if they were there? Gemma hollars that no one is going to touch HER kids… This raises Tara’s eyebrow and Gemma corrects herself, grandkids. I think the worse thing that could happen is if those kids end up with Gemma. As everyone is going to handle their business, Gemma gets a call from Wendy who tells her that the lawyer is harassing her to sign the guardian papers from Tara. Where this is all going, I have no idea but Gemma tells Wendy to meet for lunch at her house.

Members from the San Bernadino chapter arrive to deliver the news that their charter voted down having anything to do with the guns.. Something Jax promised to the Irish. The Irish BTW, if you’ll remember were counting on that SoCal connection to double their business, not replace what they had with SAMCRO. We will see the Irish again in today’s episode. Bottom line is Jax can’t deliver what he said he could. Earlier, at the beginning of the morning, Tig showed up at Jax’s house, something he thought he’d never see. I don’t remember the exact timing of it all but when Jax meets with the black leader, he questions the guy about it.. Turns out (for now) it was a test to see if Jax was a man of his word. The guy is also interested in getting into the gun business and I think that’s why he wants Clay alive. For now, Tig is okay but he’s suspicious of his relationship with Jax. So where are we at here? Tig is still alive, Clay has bought himself some protection in prison, Unser is carved up by the local Nazis, Jax is in deep shit with the Irish Kings (IRA), Nero is on his way to being blamed for a murder he didn’t commit.

The first table meeting I see this season, the guys are discussing what could have possibly happened to Unser.. They decide to press Darby, the local white supremacist for information. He’s been out of the brotherhood for a couple years and has married one of his Mexican workers which, Jax says, is exactly why he might know something. He has to sleep with one eye open. Also the question of why Jax is having dealings with the black crew.. He says the club has previous dealings with Pope Industries. As the meeting adjourns, and Chibs wants a minute with Jax. He questions Jax about doing things on his own on behalf of the club that should be decided by a vote.. Seems like this is the same conversation that Jax use to have with Clay… That’s worth noting here. Jax tells him that sometimes yes, he has to step outside the box and do things on his own when he sees fit. Chibs laughs at him and says he sounds just like the last guy that occupied the president’s chair (Clay). Jax says he isn’t Clay.. Careful there Jax, you are sure sounding like him lately.

The club is first going to deal with these poser Nazi types after visiting Darby and they will also meet with the Irish. First, Darby.. Looks like he has a furniture business  of some sort and yes, he has a Mexican type wife. His old crew would refer to him as a race trader… Darby isn’t too happy to see the fellas though and when he asks why they are there, it’s just a chat. He’s uncomfortable with the the idea that it takes 6 of them to have a chat… Jax tells him what happened at the prison and tells him that the club caught the blowback (Unser). Darby says he’s out of that life but Tig notes that he’s working on his cabinets with a gun in his belt. Yeah there is a new startup group on the edge of town that isn’t too happy with Darby’s new life and wife. They want Darby to show them where the compound is but he doesn’t want to. They make him an offer he can’t refuse.. Show them or they will use him as bait to draw them out. He complies. Jax sends Tig and Ratt to act as father and son looking to join the cause. He also sends Juice. Jax and Chibs will meet with the Irish.

We will deal with the nazis first.. Darby takes the guys to a fork in a road and tells them that the compound is about 4 miles ahead. Tig and Ratt take his truck and drive up to the gate while he and Juice stay behind. As Tig and Ratt approach the compound and get out of the truck, they are met with the HDIC (head dick in charge) who wants to know what they want. Tig tells him what happened to his daughter and he and his ‘son’ are looking to join up with like minded people and want to talk. HDIC says fine let’s talk and the summit begins. About then a van pulls up and one of the other goons found Darby and Juice back on the road. The cover is blown and after Ratt gets a gun drop on HDIC they all leave in Darby’s truck, with the HDIC.. The guy says something to Darby about his wetback wife and Darby kicks him in the face. Tig then kicks him off of the moving truck. Darby is cooked because now these guys are going to come after him.

I am going to put this out there at this point on a personal note. I hate bigots with a passion. I hate people who make it their life’s work to insure that others can’t live their lives just because of the way or where they are born. Many of them do it in the name of the lord and I hate them even more. These are some of the most inbred cousin fuckingest people you never want to meet.

Let’s see how Jax and Chibs are making out with the Irish.. Not very well as it turns out, the head guy isn’t happy hearing that the other club charter said no to the gun trade. He tells Jax that He will have to pick up the slack after the promise was made that business would double. Jax tells him that IF they need guns, they will place an order but until that time, ‘hands off of his club’.. Irish guy says ‘right, Hands Off’. Chibs isn’t too impressed with the negotiating of his club president. He tells Chibs to have Phil and someone else go watch the warehouse where they keep the guns. We’ll leave that there for a moment.

Back at Darby’s shop, the news of how the meeting with the Nazi’s is relayed to Jax. Darby is in deep shit and Jax offers to help him with the problem. Darby refuses the help saying it’s his problem to deal with. Jax says it’s everyone’s problem and leaves his offer on the table. We’ll leave That there for a moment.

Jax gets a phone call from Phil telling him that the Irish are at the warehouse with guns to deliver. Jax has ordered no guns so he tells Phil to tell the Irish to wait until he gets there. As Phil is delivering that message, Irish and one of his other goons, shoot Phil and his brother (I don’t know the guy’s name, I think he was a prospect) in the head. He then tells his guy to get the saw. When Jax and the guys get there, there is a blood stain on the ground and the truck the Irish were in is gone. Inside the barn/warehouse, laid neatly on the ground, are Phil and the pospect’s cuts, with their hand hacked off and laying there all nice and neat. Phil and the prospect have been hacked to pieces and are laying in a pile. All of their guns are gone except, the KG-9s, that they didn’t want. Jax wants to make an example of somebody, Chibs thinks the club should lay low. Jax says fine, let’s put it to a vote, he will act as Phil’s proxy- Yes. He decides they are going on a Nazi hunt..

Let’s visit Clay in prison for a moment, along with Toriq. He wants Clay to cooperate but it isn’t happening. He takes Clay to the infirmary where Otto is laying on the table, alive but, badly damaged. Remember that knife that the guard slipped to Clay earlier? Well Clay gives it to Otto and whispers something in his ear. Toriq takes Clay back to his cell and one last time, asks him to sign the agreement to spill.  When Clay refuses, Toriq promises him that the same guy who visits Otto each morning will now visit him. Clay doesn’t look all that concerned about it though. Toriq leaves to go verbally torture Otto some more.

This is an episode where I have to score a couple for the club. What’s left of SAMCRO arrives at the Nazi compound, armed with KG9’s, and when the dumbasses come pouring out of the house, the guys open fire. Killing all of them. Darby’s problem with them is solved. Jax tells the guys to put all the assholes back in the house, leave the guns, and burn it to the ground. I have to say, I am not too sad to see all of them die.

Back at the prison, Toriq is telling Otto that Clay has turned, is no longer a brother. He asks Otto to write out what he knows and Otto agrees.. Poor Toriq.. Dumb shit.. This guy bashed an ATF agent, killed a nurse, bit off his own tongue, and took it up the ass for the club.. Do you really think that he’s going to hand over the club now, a month or so away from getting the injections? In his disdain for the club and Clay, he really is blind to what is going on in front of him. Otto takes a pad of paper and pen from Toriq and has him unstrap his hand so he can write. Otto writes something about Toriq’s sister’s blood on the paper and Toriq takes offense to it, getting too close to Otto. Otto takes the knife that Clay gave him and stabs Toriq. There is enough of a scuffle that the two of them end up with Otto holding the knife to Toriq’s throat when a guard comes in.. When reinforcements arrive, Otto cuts Toriq’s throat and gets shot for his effort.

Both are now gone. The DA ID’s Toriq’s body. Earlier, Sheriff Eli had decided to look into Toriq a little deeper. He has Nero at the station and  Gemma had arrived to act as his alibi. Eli didn’t think it likely that Nero had tried to clean his truck of a crime scene but rather the truck had been made to look like something happened. He lets Nero go but keeps the truck.

Gemma had her lunch with Wendy who is concerned about Tara. She’s gone to the dark side since she got arrested. Let’s cut to the chase here. Tara is building a case to take custody of the kids away from Jax and she is using Wendy to help her do it. Gemma is too wrapped up in her own self worth to see this though, swearing the boys will never leave Charming.

At the hospital, Wendy and Tara are meeting with the lawyer lady. Wendy has given a written account of her entire life with the club and in particular, Jax. Gemma has brought Unser to the hospital for his private (illegal) treatment. She doesn’t know that Wendy and Lawyer are there but Unser now does because he walked into the office unannounced. He is asked to wait as she will take him home after giving him his shots. Gemma is allowed to take the boys home. Unser says he will have questions. I hope he remembers what happened to him that day and the what if questions he had then. Tara gives Unser his tetnis shot and I assume, takes him home.

Gemma and Nero are back at Jax’s house with the boys. SAMCRO give the now boxed up remains of Phil and the prospect a firey burial.

So here we are.. SAMCRO down yet another two bodies. Toriq and Otto dead as well. No chance in hell of Clay actually turning on the club. The club at war with the Irish. Tara well on her way to getting the kids out of Dodge. 

Nope, this isn’t in order but it all really happened. See you next week with part 5. Watch the show here… Download nothing, install nothing. Ask if you need help.

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8 Responses to Sons Of Anarchy – S6E4 – Wolfsangel

  1. Wendy is baiting Gemma – the trap that Tara is setting for Jax and Gemma may be the most interesting story arc of the season.

  2. melthehound says:

    Yes, I have figured that out and I agree ..

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  4. Just a couple of observations:
    1. Last week I was sure that Tig wouldn’t make it to this episode – the guy has more lives than a cat.
    2. It looked like Clay had given the shiv to Otto to commit suicide – killing Toric was a bonus that he didn’t expect, although Toric needed killing, maybe even more than Agent Stahl did – and she was pretty despicable.
    3. Jax is going to lose control over the club one member at a time – or at least the ones who are still alive. Chibs was right, he sounded exactly like Clay. Juice isn’t comfortable with the way things are going, either. Maybe Bobby has a chance of cleaning house and taking over.

    • melthehound says:

      Either way, I was tired of Toric anyway. He needed to go. We didn’t see Bobby this time around. I don’t remember, did he get his 4th for a nomad charter? I know he has 3. Unless I am mistaken, SAMCRO no longer exists. not enough people with Phil being dead. Maybe still one to go and that’s why Juice is still around..

  5. Laineylainey says:

    It was a really great episode. That whole toric thing was getting old. Good riddance, Crazy Toric. Otto seems to always move the plot along…it’s been interesting to see him incarcerated and seemingly out of the loop. But then this character’s actions have driven the plot along in genuinely surprising ways. Well, I was genuinely surprised everytime. I thought Clay gave Otto the knife so that he could kill himself…so…wow, what he wrote on the pad, whooo eeeee (my nod to Jed Clampett)…Otto knew how to push Toric’s rage button. Buh-bye Toric.

    I like the song played at the end.

    • melthehound says:

      You and Empress are probably right about giving Otto the knife. The guy was clearly suffering, Part of me likes to believe though that Clay knew Otto wouldn’t go out alone.

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