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Sons Of Anarchy – S6E8 – Grandma is Dead

Welcome back my friends.. Last week, Tara put her plan into full play, faking the end of what we now know was her fake pregnancy. Gemma was hauled off to the pokey for slugging Tara ‘causing’ her to have a … Continue reading

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Revenge – Control

Amanda and Aiden bump into each other after breaking into Conrad’s  garage looking for evidence as to who tampered with the car that killed Father Paul.  Aiden’s upset that Amanda is there, telling her that he’s perfectly capable of finding … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead – Isolation

Tyreese wants Rick to act like the cop he was and figure out who killed and burned Karen and David.  He’s so upset, he can’t see straight and goes after Daryl, then Rick.  Rick retaliates, and punches and kicks Tyreese … Continue reading

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Sons Of Anarchy – S6E7 – Venus Be Damned

Welcome back M/C fans. Let’s just get right to this.. The show opened with the guys packing up what is left of their clubhouse to move to a new location. The table, the other reaper paraphernalia, and some other mementos. … Continue reading

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Revenge – Mercy

Conrad and Father Paul have made it to the hospital, but the priest doesn’t last very long.  With Amanda and Patrick by his side, he succumbs to his injuries and dies.  Victoria got the news about the accident and rushes … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead – Infected

Someone armed with a flashlight is coming out to the fence in the middle of the night and feeding live rats to the walkers. Tyreese and Karen have really hit it off.  They’re making out like teenagers and he starts … Continue reading

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Scandal – Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington

Cyrus is doing his level best to get Mellie and Fitz to make some public appearances as part of his damage control plan.  They are barely speaking, however, and when they do, it’s to hurl insults at one another.  Cy … Continue reading

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Sons Of Anarchy – S6E6 – Salvage

Welcome back folks. Last week, we lost the clubhouse when Jax overestimated his powers of negotiation with the Irish. They are experts at making things go boom when they want to make a point. I guess on the upside, SAMCRO … Continue reading

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Revenge – Confession

Conrad, believing he’s dying, and, thanks to a nightmare in which Charlotte stabs him to death with a letter opener, is coming to terms with his own mortality.  He’s having real struggles with his past, the things he’s done, not … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead – 30 Days Without An Accident

The camp has seen some changes.  The group has grown, thanks to the residents of Woodbury, a council has been formed and Rick has turned into a farmer.   He’s tending gardens and raising livestock, including a pig who Carl has … Continue reading

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