Revenge – Fear

Amanda is standing on the deck of a yacht in a wedding dress when she’s shot twice and falls overboard.

The scene then goes back two months,  to the beginning of the Summer and Amanda and Daniel are in the city talking about their wedding plans.   They also note the fact that they haven’t seen Victoria in six months – kudos to them both.   Victoria is riding horses with her long-lost – but now he’s found – son, Patrick, as he’s spent those same six months keeping her company.  Victoria doesn’t want Patrick at the house when Conrad came home and the they part ways.  Charlotte enters the stables, grousing about how awful it was in Paris because no one told her that the Graysons no longer owned a home there – rich girl problems, for sure.    In fact, she’s not happy about a lot of things.   And where’s her baby bump?

Nolan’s spent the last six months in jail and Amanda is waiting for him when he’s released and they have a lot to catch up on.  He’s given up the hacking business for a while – now, he’s Nolan 2.NO.   Amanda tells him that she hasn’t seen Jack, either.  When he asks her what she’s been working on with her Revenge plans, she tells him “a long Summer of fun.”  It’s going to start with the Memorial Day party and Nolan promises that he’ll be right by her side until all of her enemies are vanquished.   Amanda is hoping that, if things go as planned, this will be the Graysons last party.

Conrad is overseeing the last details on his portrait and isn’t happy with the way his eyes look – he wants “arctic pools” – and he should get them.  After all he’s done, he deserves arctic pools.  Daniel strolls in and Conrad begins to tell him all about his aspirations for a career in politics, including having his “arctic pools” on the White House.  Perfect, Conrad – you’re made for the job.

Amanda is hanging around outside The Stowaway when Ashley happens by.    Ashley would like nothing better than to expose Amanda to the Graysons for the fraud she is.  Ah, so many frauds, so little time.  Thank goodness for those Memorial Day parties in the Hamptons.

Daniel is in a bar in the city when a young woman comes up behind him and orders a drink in French.   Who is she?  I haven’t seen her before, but Daniel calls her Margaux.  It seems they’re old friends, or more, and they chat a bit before she assures him that she’ll be at the big party.

Amanda stops by Grayson Manor where she finds Victoria playing the piano – Chopin, I think.  Victoria hasn’t RSVP’d to Amanda’s party and Amanda would really like her to be there.  She also tells Victoria that Ashley thinks Victoria has been having an affair.  Victoria denies it, and Amanda suggests that it’s Patrick who’s been making her so happy.  Victoria lets Amanda in on her little secret, just between the two of them, that Patrick has changed her heart.

After Amanda leaves, Conrad comes home, with a rather large security team in tow and finds Charlotte waiting for him.  They talk about her trip to Europe until Victoria comes down the stairs.  Victoria and Conrad argue, again, over her role as the governor’s wife.   Conrad, having been reminded that they’re broke, decides to put Grayson Manor on the market.   Charlotte has tracked down Patrick, at the South Fork Inn, and let’s him know that he’s just another one of her mother’s distractions, that Victoria will draw him in and destroy him because that’s what she does – and if she doesn’t, Charlotte will.  Her less than warm welcome to the family must have worked because when Victoria sees him at the Inn, he’s packed his bags and is going back to the city to pursue his art.

Amanda goes back to The Stowaway looking for Jack.  When he sees her he pours a drink.  She begins to apologize for not telling him the truth sooner, but he stops her.  They kiss – it looked like a pretty good kiss, too – then he pulls away.  He says,”I didn’t know how I felt about you until this moment.  I’m sorry, but I just don’t feel anything.  I’ll keep your secret, but it’s just me and Carl now.  Leave us alone.”    I don’t know if he means that.  Maybe he’s just really upset and needs some more time.  Maybe.

Let’s Get This Party Started

The gang is all there, including Margaux and the handsome Dr. Velez, who Margaux latches onto, pronto.   As the party-goers enjoy their cocktails, Nolan makes his entrance, by parachuting out of a helicopter, causing the security detail to panic.  Conrad tells him that he could’ve been shot and Nolan responding, ” eats waiting for a death sentence, Governor.”  Amanda makes her way over to Conrad, telling him that he looks a bit peaked, then offers him a drink of water.  Amanda then unveils Conrad’s portrait and offers him the podium to say a few words.  He barely gets one sound out before collapsing.   He’s rushed to the hospital and, after getting the test results back, Dr. Velez says that he has Huntington’s Disease.  Conrad wants Daniel to be tested, as the illness is genetic and Conrad’s father also had it.  Victoria wants to keep the news quiet, so Daniel gives a brief press conference, assuring everyone that his father is only suffering from dehydration.   No sooner does he finish issuing the lie, Margaux says that she got a newsletter, in fact everyone got the same letter, which announce what Conrad’s real diagnosis was.  This doesn’t sit well with Victoria, who’s certain that he’ll have to step down from office.

Jack is waiting for Amanda at her house and gives her an ultimatum – finish what you came to do by the end of the Summer, then leave and never come back.   Message received.  Amanda and Victoria are at the airport and they’ve joined forces by sending Ashley packing.  Amanda has managed to convince Victoria that Ashley was behind the newsletter revealing Conrad’s condition and the oddest of allies want her gone – forever.

Amanda goes home and finds Daniel doing some research about Huntington’s Disease.   She tells him that she’s ready to get married and would like the date to be August 8th – because ever since she was a little girl she imagined something wonderful would happen on that day.  She then tells him that she’s going for a swim but meets up with Nolan on the beach.  They’re sharing some wine and a bit of Revenginess  it seems that Conrad isn’t so sick after all.  Nolan provided Amanda with a vial of evil juice, which Conrad consumed with that sip of water he took.  Then she did a little cyber-magic of her own and “Voila” – he now has a life-threatening illness.  She’s X’d out Ashley’s face with her red Sharpie and they watch the picture burn.

Back at Grayson Manor, Charlotte has a few more wounds to inflict on her mother – things like, “I hope I didn’t scare Patrick off.” and “I’m moving out because I’m a spoiled, entitled brat, and you like your other kids more than you like me.”   She then grabs her binkie, sticks her thumb in her mouth and stomps off.  Conrad arrives home and tells his wife that they’re not going anywhere.  Victoria goes out onto the balcony, thinking she’s found Patrick but Aiden is standing there – and they’re both watching the young woman who lives just across the way.


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11 Responses to Revenge – Fear

  1. Boobah says:

    Great blog, Empress! Thank you.

    Hard to believe Revenge is back! I have to admit, I am a little worried they are going to interrupt weekly viewing again this season….but for now, I enjoyed last nights show.

    I also don’t know what to make of the kiss between Jack and Amanda! Was it real? Is he still upset? The kiss seemed so passionate….there has to be real feelings behind it!

    I still love Nolan…or should I say Nolan 2.NO. Lol!

    I have no doubt that somehow the Grayson’s will recover their funds. I wonder how they will get their money back?

    I liked how they opened the show, but I am not convinced that Amanda dies from the shooting. But I am really curious about who shot her!! Right now, it looks like anyone could have done it.

    I can’t believe Aiden is back! Maybe I am alone in this, but I was happy when he left. Now he’s teaming up with Victoria?! Hmmm, this could be a revengy trick though.

    Thanks again for the recap!

    • Boobah!!! There you are! 🙂 I’m not so sure that Aiden is really teaming up with Victoria, any more than I think Vic and Amanda could be allies. IMHO (and what I’d like to see) Aiden is still in cahoots with Amanda and both of them are “keeping their enemies closer”.
      Now, that darned ABC and their koo-koo schedules. I copied this from Wetpaint:

      “ABC president Paul Lee unveiled this new plan at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, and the folks over at TVLine have all the details. Following the September 29 premiere, the show (Revenge) will air several new episodes with only limited repeats and preemption and will likely continue through at least early December (or possibly later), at which point the winter hiatus will start.

      Now this is where things get rough.

      While many of ABCs other dramas (Nashville, Grey’s Anatomy, and Scandal) return from their own winter breaks in late February, Revenge won’t be back with new episodes until March 9, 2014. Even then, the season’s remaining episodes will once again be mixed in with limited repeats and preemption.”

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I love Nolan more now than ever-jail made him a bit of a badass-a nerdy one but still…
        Jack is still annoying me-can he ever see the big picture???
        Glad to be back with you awesome Chicks getting all revengy!!!

  2. not THAT Jill says:

    Empress-are you watching The Blacklist?

  3. Stacey says:

    Great recap Empress! Revenge is my favorite show and so happy its back. I miss the old days where you could see your favorite show every week with a new episode to the end of season…these breaks make me nuts!

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