Sons Of Anarchy – S6E2 – Clay Turns

samcroWelcome back kids.. Week two. Last week, Clay had agreed to let Toric protect him. In exchange for what, we will soon learn. Tara had shown her prison roommates that she wasn’t going to take any crap from any of them. Toric had also offered her a deal but she told him to shove it, just as a good MC President’s old lady would. Meanwhile, Jax is busy sticking his dick in another whore because he can’t keep it in his pants and save it for his wife, Tara. The son of Primo’s girlfriend (or wife, don’t know which) had shot up his school with a machine gun.

This week, we start off on the road as Bobby is riding with one of the other Sons into Las Vegas.. He’s considering leaving SAMCRO. We then find ourselves in bed with Gemma and Nero and as she is about to get hers, there is a knock at the door. It’s Primo. He tells Nero who the kid is who shot up the school and what gun he used. His KG-9… I wish I understood Spanish so I could understand what was said next but, it’s about to become a big mess.

Next we are in a prison interrogation room with Clay. In walks Toric and places a folder in front of Clay. Clay looks and asks what the end game is. The price for his life is that he turn on SAMCRO and cooperate with the government. Before Clay will sign anything though, he wants to talk to Gemma and Jax so they can hear it from him. Toric tells him that the reason he was such a good lawman is that he never cared about Justice. For him it was always retribution. Make them suffer. Clay says fine. No Gemma and Jax, no signing of the agreement.

The next scene between Gemma and Nero was too mumbly but it was about getting Primo and his girlfriend out of dodge before anyone got word who the gun belonged to. Gemma offers up the club to help. She then leaves to go to Jax’s house because Tara is coming home today and Nero will follow later.

Let’s go back to the prison where the lawyer has just completed the bail hearing and Tara is out on bail. Jax is outside waiting for Tara even though she didn’t want him there. Tara hands lawyer a stack of notes she put together during her stay in the pokey, not sure yet what was on them. She goes outside and she and Jax leave to go home.

They get home where Gemma is waiting with the kids. The kids are happy to see their mother, or Abel is.. Thomas is a baby so we can’t tell. While Tara is saying hello to the kids, Gemma pulls Jax aside and tells him something went down with Nero’s crew and he’s coming by. She just tells Jax that it’s about the school shooting the day before. Jax knows this can’t end well.

Over at the scene of the crime, we see Toric with an ATF agent and they are discussing what happened. The kid’s name was Mathew and a security guard shot the 11 year old when he stopped to change clips in the gun. ATF wants to know how Toric knew about the gun and he answers it fits a profile. He wants to talk to the DA about it but she’s busy talking to a couple priests or as ATF agent put it… She is the plus sized woman getting reamed by the priests. Toric suggests that getting reamed by priests may not be such a good choice of words.

Back at Jax’s house, he tells the kids he wants to talk to their mom… All along, he’s been promising Tara that they would get away from the club and all of it’s dirty business, the guns. For 5 years he’s wanted to get away from running guns. He tells Tara that is about to happen. When Tara was arrested they were getting ready to go to Oregon for her new job. She had a will drawn up naming Wendy, Abel’s natural mother and Jax’s first wife, as the boy’s legal guardian. He wasn’t too keen on that idea and Tara’s arrest was the end of last season. This is still unfinished business, and she asks if he signed the papers. No he hasn’t. His new business is the escort service. Trashy but not dirty. His plan is to meet with the Irish (IRA) that day to tell them he’s out of the business but, he’s telling Tara he cannot leave the club. Now Opie is his excuse. After what Opie did, he feels it has to count for something. She is disappointed to learn that somehow she will somehow be part of SAMCRO. Doesn’t matter, trial is in 6 weeks and she will probably be back in jail. In walks Abel with his giant stuffed giraffe to show his mom. The two of them leave the room and Gemma tells Jax that Nero is there.

Nero tells Jax about the gun and who the kid belonged to. He asks Jax, at Gemma’s suggestion earlier, if he can help get her out of town until things cool off. Jax tells him about the SAMCRO cabin and they can stash her there until they can figure something else out. Problem is she’s a junkie. None of this is going to end well. Gemma comes out  with a phone call for Jax, it is the county jail and Clay is requesting visitation with both Jax and Gemma.. So there is the third ball Jax has to juggle in this episode..

Bobby and his pals arrive at some bar in Las Vegas.. I assume a club hangout. Things aren’t good for the LV charter since one of their members flipped. It takes 4 people to set up a nomad group and I think that is what Bobby is trying to assemble..

Back at the house, Jax leaves to go handle business, Gemma in the kitchen doing dishes, and Tara walks in. She compliments Tara on her new haircut who says that’s what all the cholas are wearing. She offers to hook Gemma up. Gemma says that she didn’t turn Tara in, Tara says she knows, and then shows Gemma the torn up pages from the will. Pages that name Wendy as guardian. Tara says she found them in the toybox and Gemma denies knowledge of that as well. She suggests it was probably Jax.

Over at the city hall, the DA is questioning a policeman about what is known about Darby (Primo’s GF)… A couple of arrests for drugs and involvement with the local gang. They are waiting for the shock of what her kid did before they bring her in. DA doesn’t care about that, people are asking questions and want answers. She needs to pin the fact that this kid had an illegal automatic gun and used it. She suggests the gang that Darby is affiiated with. About then, Toric walks up and says that would just be a bloody bandaid. When questioned who he is and what he knows, he spills on SAMCRO and what they do. Out of the cop’s jurisdiction but not the DA’s. Toric is pushing hard to reopen RICO against the club and he’s hoping to use the DA to do it. One of many angles he’s working.

At Darby’s house, Jax, Nero, Juice, Happy, Chibs, and Tig sneak in the back way. Cops are in the front, just waiting. They have to get her out of there. They try to wake her, she wakes, freaks, Primo comes running in (after fixing himself a needle cocktail. Primo tries to assure them that she has nothing to do with the gun and won’t say anything. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, she has found the needle in the bathroom and gives herself the dose. Now, she’s a problem..

Quickly (I fell asleep)

Gemma visits Clay and he lays the I love you  on her. She isn’t buying it. Toric is behind the glass  and after she leaves the room, he catches up to her in the hall. He tells her who he is and she figures out that this is the one who is protecting Clay and calls him a dick.

Jax, Tig, and Chibs go to meet with the Irish.. Pleasentries are exchanged. Head Irish guy (can’t remember his name) wants to know what happened to Clay. Jax tells him the wrong version  of what really happened.. Irish guy doesn’t buy the story.. Jax tells him that he’s out of the gun business.. Not so fast there sparky… THe law can be gotten around and this guy isn’t ready to give up the business he’s built in the last 20 years. The convo ends with Irish telling Jax that he has a surplus of KG-9s he wants and is going to deliver, in spite of what Jax had just told him about the school shooting. Doesn’t matter, that will be dubbed as the deadliest weapon and everyone will want one. They can make a killing doubling the price. Looks like Jax is still in the gun business.

At the cabin, everyone is there and Gemma has arrived. Darby goes bat shit crazy and tries to escape with Primo. Nero shoots Primo in the head but wants to protect Darby. Darby is tied to a bed and Juice gives her a shot. As soon as it takes effect, he smothers her with a pillow. Nero wants to know what happened because she has two other kids. Heads are going to roll for this but Jax denies putting it into motion (but he did). They bury Primo and Darby. I guess Dave Navarros part wasn’t that big. Gemma tells Jax about her meeting with Clay and who is behind protecting him. We will see this play out more next week.

Toric, out of favors, wasn’t able to deliver Jax, that day. He tries to forge Clay’s name on the cooperation agreement and hands it off to the DA. She has checked on Toric’s past and it isn’t bright. He convinces her however that putting the club away is her ticket out of that shithole town. A take down like that would set her resume for any job she wants anywhere in the country.

The episode ends with Jax having relations with his own wife.

Next week, Jax visits Clay and promises Toric, who is behind the glass, that if he doesn’t back off of Tara, Toric will feel Jax’s pain just as Jax feels his pain about his sister. Can’t wait.

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10 Responses to Sons Of Anarchy – S6E2 – Clay Turns

  1. The final scene showing the complete disconnect between Tara and Jax was really sad – depressing, actually.

    And I am starting to think about what Sutter has in mind for Bobby. Are his nomads going to swoop in and save Jax’s ass in the end? Or pick up the pieces after Jax brings his own MC down?

    • The look on Juice’s face as he smothered Darby was just as sad – and disconnected.

    • melthehound says:

      I think once Bobby gets his 4th for the Nomad charter, he is more likely to take SAMCRO from Jax. If Jax loses one more member, as he said last week while talking to Pope’s second, he loses that charter. I think that may be the only reason Juice is still around. To be the club bitch while ‘earning’ his way back in and for head count. Otherwise, he’d be out there with Bobby.

      I am interested to see what Tara is cooking up by giving the lawyer all that info… Seems like she’s trying to show that Jax is an unfit parent so she can take the boys away. She didn’t seem to concerned about Gemma going after custody, is her plan to declare Jax unfit, and then name Wendy the guardian herself? I definitely get the impression she is done with Jax, and the club, especially after he told her he was not done with them.

      • mrmayhem says:

        I wonder if Wendy will get Tara to “play for the other team.” I could see Tara being frustrated enough to do that after Jax and Kohn.

        Remember, they haven’t developed that element for Wendy at all, after briefly mentioning it, and they almost have to bring her back for an extended plot line after her last appearance.

      • Yeah, Tara is playing a long con of her own, but I’m afraid for her. I don’t know if she’s go the chops to go up against Jax and Gemma. I hope so. She used to be bug me, but now I’m rooting for her – and her kids. Could you imagine having to raise kids in that environment? And, did you catch that she thinks she’s pregnant?????

        • melthehound says:

          Yes, I did catch that.. It’s why she is asking for blood work.. I guess she has already peed on the stick and has a suspicion that needs to be confirmed. I don’t know if she has the chops either but one thing is for certain, Jax is never leaving that club regardless of what he tells his wife.

  2. I have a theory about Clay – well I can’t take credit for it. My husband came up with it. Technically, Clay hasn’t given Toric anything yet, just some less than convincing promise to give up the club. He’s said his goodbyes to Gemma, Next week he talks to Jax, probably to pass on some last words of wisdom. So, anyway, Clay could be preparing to go into gen-pop, and sacrifice himself just like Opie did. He really has nothing left – not Gemma, not the Club – really no good reason to hang around anymore.
    The only thing Toric has is a forged statement from “Clarence” Morrow. 😀


    • Wow – I don’t think I want to see Clay go that way. I kind of want to see him go down in a blaze of glory, but not like a sacrificial lamb. I do think he’s going to do a long con on this guy. I’m looking forward to that. I think he’s looking for some personal redemption here.

      I’ve been watching The Shield and Breaking Bad and thinking about the whole idea of the protagonist becoming the antagonist and watching Jax’s corruption. I’d like to think that Clay will see what’s happening to Jax and the club and do something to redeem himself. As for the club – I suspect there will be nothing left of it in the end, and Charming will be the better for that.

    • melthehound says:

      Thank you Donna. In truth, I see this ‘club’ for exactly what it is. A bunch of criminals. I would really rather not mix myself in the potential politics of the show however as, for me, that never ends well. I always end up hating somebody or they end up hating me because of it. I agree in part with Sutter’s letter but I have no clue who these other people are. All I really needed to see of this guy’s website was the word ‘TEApublicans’ and that killed any interest I might ever have in reading more of what he says. He has the same stench about him that he accuses everyone else of having from what little I saw.

      With all the school shootings in the last year’s time, it is very easy to draw the conclusion that Sutter decided to include it as a consequence of the club’s business and make that part of the club story. It’s TV 101 with most of the shows and movies out there. He says there was no politics or current events involved in that decision, so be it. It’s his show.

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