Weekend Special – Reality Just Got Real

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Steps on soapbox, taps the microphone, and clears throat.

Hello friends… It’s been a little more than 2 years to the day since I came to the blogs about real housewives. I have spent a lot of time, opining on what I see on these shows. Some I have given up watching because they were just too ridiculous for words. I still like my reality TV though and for some reason, I’m still drawn to some of the RH shows. I’ve hung around a few different blogs to see what others have had to say about what happens weekly on our TV screens. This year, I actually find myself writing about one of the shows in the form of an official recap. Of course, that is RHONJ. It has never been a secret that I like Teresa Giudice on the show. It shouldn’t be a secret now, that I still do.

Agree or disagree with what I write, I don’t think anyone can say that I am not talking about what I see happen on the show. Some see things differently and that’s fine. However, what I write, in those recaps, is Always based on the show itself. It isn’t based on anyone else’s opinion or even on current events. That, will not change. We see 5 to 10 minutes per week with each cast member, of footage that was filmed months prior, and cut and spliced to feed us a storyline. The fun for many is picking apart the editing that the networks tell us is reality. Well, no it isn’t. It never has been. It is spliced together to make it appear that people are at events they never attended or left before the scene in question was actually filmed. I would bet that all cast members have experienced that same edit technique. None of that is really what this post is about however.

On Monday, July 29th, as we all know by now, Joe and Teresa Guidice were handed a 39 count indictment outlining charges including perjury, mail fraud, tax evasion and a host of others. I won’t be discussing specifics of those charges with anyone because I don’t have the legal mind to do so. All I will say is that IF true, they deserve whatever punishment is coming to them. I despise internet lawyer wannabes almost as much as I despise armchair shrinks. I am not speaking of those who have actual experience on the topics at hand, I’m speaking of those who go to google, look up what wikipedia has to say on a subject and from that, present themselves as experts. Cable news programs are full of these experts and I find them equally useless. I am not even speaking of those who have taken the actual time to learn something on the topics.

Legal cases such as this are for the courts to decide and the system in place for doing so is a pretty good one. It isn’t perfect, if the feds want to make an example of somebody, there are far more worthy and larger targets than the Guidices. People are still innocent until proven or admitted guilty in this country but that isn’t what I am seeing in this set of cases. Nothing has been proven here but accusations have been made. From the legal standpoint, that is where we are at and no one can argue differently. I am not trying to discourage anyone from talking about it. However, unless you are the federal judge, in that courtroom, you have no knowledge of what is going to happen and I would dare say, Should happen. Your opinions aside, unless, you have been in the same shoes.

I can respect everyone’s right to their own viewpoint whether they agree with me or not. Many of you think I’m just some ape beating his chest around here so it won’t matter who or what I respect. That’s fine. What and who I cannot and won’t respect is anyone celebrating the taking down or falling down of a family based on their hate for one or more members of said family. It says far more to me about said people than any federal 39 count indictment against a  TV family ever will. I speak of a few of our own as well as some of these ‘reality’ star wannabes. Grannytel comes to mind because once again, she is being discussed. I thought her a vile woman when she exited the scene in New Jersey and nothing has happened to change my mind about her. I put, the few of our own, on the same level as her and it’s pretty low. To be that consumed by hate for a person not even or no longer in our lives, one has to be a lonely bitter person, just like Grannytel. That disappoints me because at one time, with some of these ‘our own’, I did enjoy their blog company in spite of our occasional disagreements about people we’ve never met.

As Grannytell continues to bask in the non glow of her dark obscurity as a never was, some of us wonder what T’s castmates are up to during this time. Sweating their Bravo paychecks is what they are doing because none of the current cast, can carry the NJ or any other franchise without Teresa as the common enemy. Even the NJ has beens are being more kind to Teresa than some of these other bravolebs are. Dina, was always Teresa’s friend so she will do whatever she can to help Teresa, even just help her forget about it for a minute. Grannytel’s favorite tactic seems to be tapping T’s old nemesis’s via twitter with her vile rants. She writes about prison makeup tips. Ink and a toothbrush for eye makeup and a pencil for eye liner. Somehow, I think a number one pencil might be required to even try that but Grannytel seems to think she can get it done with a number two. She sure seems to know a lot about prison makeup. Has she been there? I honestly don’t know but that’s a legit question. As for the rest of the cast, present and past, Danielle has told the vile one to leave her name out of her BS. The F Nut has twittered something but I have no idea how to decode it without my captain crunch little orphan annie secret decoder ring. Not many of the rest have said much, on twitter, but apparently some are talking to the rag mags. Grannytell has promised to put on her Saturday night best costume and invade the courtroom when the trials begin. IF her cast has an ounce of decency and public relation brains (which I highly doubt), they would band together and work to keep that bitch as far away from Teresa and her family as possible. They did it once at a Christmas party, they can do it again. I am not going to waste any time on these rag mag stories because they are from ‘reporters’ who think they have a clue of what’s going on. I put them right at the bottom of the same shit barrel with the experts on the cable news programs.

I watched Thursday as a judge handed a person a life +1000 years sentence for his crimes against 3 women. 900+ charges, some of which, I wouldn’t call crimes. Yes, I said that. We can talk about that if you want but things will go to hell real fast around here if we do. The judge told him he wasn’t fit for city, state, country, or even world society. I agree. I doubt he is fit for prison society but I may be proven wrong when we learn he’s found out what his idea of consentual sex really amounts to. Hoping that would happen would speak more to my own personality than his though (and I’m okay with that in this case). I do think that punishment would fit his crime of abducting 3 teen girls and keeping them as slaves for 10 years.

This isn’t my typical type of special, no cool stories about travels or my dog. I was given this space to sometimes say what I think and in a total of about 1400 words, that’s what I think. I’ll climb down off of my soapbox now.


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18 Responses to Weekend Special – Reality Just Got Real

  1. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Great blog Jeff!
    While I agree that Grannytel needs to shut up and have a little empathy I kind of get how some people are loving that Teresa and Joe are getting what they deserve. I don’t enjoy the fall of anyone-even my worst enemy-that’s just how I am. One persons misery (even when brought on by their own hand) is never my glory. Although I did enjoy seeing Brandi looking like a 18 year old hot mess during her recent drunken debacle-that’s as far as I will take it-I don’t need to see a HW I don’t love suffer more than a that-it was embarrassing but ultimately harmed no one. I don’t want to see her suffer-that’s not my style-but it is the style of others. If they take glory in seeing some one suffer-that’s their business-but then they have to let others have their say when one of their faves get taken down too! With Teresa I see lots of people getting upset because people are reveling in their demise and I see the same people wish it would happen to others-so what’s the difference? Ya know what I’m saying?
    For the record-I never think of you as an ape beating his chest-NEVER! But I know some do-don’t sweat it-they made up their mind about you and nothing you write will ever change that. I made up my mind about you too-and NOTHING anyone says will ever change that!!!

    • melthehound says:

      Jill, we’re cool, even regarding Brandi 😉 Her shine has definitely dulled for me but, I still like her 😉

      I am not hoping this happens to the others but I won’t be surprised if/when it does. I just hope they aren’t tossing bricks at Teresa because of it. You tend to get back what you put out there so shame on them if they are.

      I am not concerned about people not liking me, I am just stating that I know they exist. Some have told me their feelings and that too is fine. In most cases, the feeling is mutual 😉 …

  2. D says:

    Something to think about

    A person I know bought another house and was in the processing of selling their old house, making 2 house payments. The house sold, a couple of months later they get a letter telling them they are going to foreclose on the old house. HUH? She called them up and said WTF. A couple of days later they received the monies from the old house. This is a well known bank/corporation

  3. cusi77 says:

    Innocent until proven guilty… What a great Justice system (Not perfect -you have said- IT is the closest to Perfect I have ever lived in). Where I come from: You are guilty, then, IF you have enough money, perhaps you will prove to be innocent… Sad.

    From my viewpoint and this is just my opinion, from 39 counts something could stick. I have read on Teresa’s Tweet from Monday 29Th. saying they would plead “Not Guilty” in all counts. I hope they have a good Lawyer, I have empathy for all of them in this family and pray for them, there are kids from 12 years old to 3-4 (Audriana will be 4 next month). And there are the Grandparents… Nothings worst than seeing a child hurt. I have a niece -I consider my child- suffering for her daughter illness… and that is the worst felling in my life… my girl is hurt for her daughters pain!

    I’m not giving my attention to ill people.

    God Bless all of them.

    • melthehound says:

      I have heard stories about the systems in other countries, Cusi… One could argue the same here in some cases but he with the fattest wallet wins. It’s still the presumption of innocence that helps make it work, IMO. I also agree that with 39 charges, Something is bound to stick. The question will then become, punishment,

      Thanks everybody for your comments 😀

  4. lisarenee says:

    Morning Jeff, Standing ovation dude and I have so missed your soap box. So glad you dusted it off to address the mindset of those who are finding pleasure, vindication & I told you so reactions. For me, there is no joy in Mudville with this news. I am ill for their entire family, charges true or not. Even if I am a Tre Huggin Flying Monkey I would still get a knot in my stomach for the worst of the bunch, Richie. The way you have been writing about Crapfest 2013 has been brilliant! I have been remiss in not telling you sooner. I enjoy them alot. Your tone and approach is just what this season needed. I loved the disclaimer, wish I had thought of it. My own grandfather “went away to college” for running numbers when my mom was very young. She told me the shame, while not spoken, was always there. It is why I can’t take pleasure from anyone experiencing public humiliation, even if I despise them in real life. You made a great point about arm chair lawyers, I am guilty of that for sure. I swore juicy would be behind bars for the fake DL by now. T’s ability to smile & keep it moving is the best gift she can give her children, they will take their emotional cues from her. Great blog! My best to you and the Hound, Lisa

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      Hi Lisa…I miss you!

    • melthehound says:

      Lisa 😀 How have you been? I know you spend a lot of time studying things like the law when looking at different issues so it isn’t really you I was referring to. In fact, I can’t name anyone specifically but I’ll just say internet experts. Everyone has their own experiences.

  5. Stacey says:

    Great blog Mel, I like your style! I am always up for snark with these hw’s but this is serious stuff and I don’t feel the need to kick Tre when she is down. I assume the government has the goods against them, don’t they have a 98% conviction rate? My hope for this family is that Joe takes the rap and does the time (if any is given) so that Tre can continue to raise her daughters. It is a tragic situation…one that could have been avoided for sure, but I can’t sit here and be happy that 3 innocent girls…and Milania 😉 may lose their home and both of their parents. I look at Tre and believe she is in the midst of a nervous breakdown but just keeps on smiling and believing it will all blow over. Too bad Granny wasn’t in that tree when Joe plowed into it, would have been a public service to take that hag out!

    • D says:

      Too bad Granny wasn’t in that tree when Joe plowed into it, would have been a public service to take that hag out!

      🙂 🙂 😀

    • melthehound says:

      Too bad Granny wasn’t in that tree when Joe plowed into it, would have been a public service to take that hag out!…. 3 innocent girls and Milania…. Hahahaaaa! Too bad she can’t sign a contract and get her own show…

      I have read 90 percent and 98 percent. I’m sure it’s way up there. As Cusi77 said, something is going to stick and become a conviction.

  6. BB says:

    Great blog, Mel, as usual! I think you pretty much know were I stand without me saying it. 🙂

  7. Kaereste says:

    MTH I always knew I had a secret internet crush on you!
    I couldn’t agree more about *those people* who are screaming their glee on twitter about the Juicy’s. I hate thieves and I do expect Tre & Joe to face serious consequenes for their behavior. I just don’t take pleasure in it.

    “Sweating their Bravo paychecks is what they are doing…” You betcha! Soon they will be in Jill Zarin-land. That is to say “over”. Buh-bye. Don’t let Andy Cohen’s door hit you on the way out.

    • melthehound says:

      Luv ya right back 😉

      As much as I enjoy taking my verbal swipes at everyone in that cast, I think the end of the franchise is the best thing that could possibly happen to any of them.

  8. mth, Thanks for writing this and saving me from having to actually draft a petition.
    I only talked about KimG’s behaviors in my post but that’s just because she was the most vocal and (in)famous of the lot. Twitter was a war zone this week, even more than normal, with pro and anti Giudice comments. I imagine it’s been the same on some of the blogs as well. Those who hate Teresa and Joe, and, no I don’t understand how you can hate or love some TV star, saw what happened as some sort of Karma, as if the Cosmos was giving them their “just desserts”. On the other hand, there were just as many who love her so much that they’re convinced that this is all some misunderstanding and the Giudices will be exonerated – or even better, it’s Jaqueline’s fault or Caroline’s or Melissa’s, like some vast HW’s conspiracy. In the end, neither side will be happy.

    If you’ll bear with me just a bit longer, I noticed a few comments, here and at my post, from folks talking about the fraud that was invited and encouraged by the banks and other lenders. I’m not trying to say that Joe and Teresa have a chance with “everybody was doing it” as a defense, but it does raise the question as to why these bigger fish aren’t being taken to task. I probably already know the answer – it’s all about the money – but it doesn’t seem fair or just. To me it’s like going after the junkie but letting the drug dealers walk.
    As for KimG and her ilk, well, as awful as she’s been this week, it shouldn’t surprise us.
    BTW – I love the Wiki-lawyers (and I think you’ve just coined a new phrase) and their ongoing legal commentary. Their efforts are entertaining, if nothing else. 😉

    • melthehound says:

      I am not surprised by her (KimG) antics. She’s giving us exactly what we might expect from her. Love the junkie and dealer analogy for the feds bringing charges. I agree with you, just because it can be done, doesn’t mean it should be. I am not among those who raise the Giudices to martyrdom, think that her cast mates are at fault (for this), they did what they did (if proven), the mess is theirs, and the responsibility lies at their feet.

      Wiki-Lawyers.. New phrase with your help 😉 Replace Lawyer with any other profession… You know that no petition is needed, all you have to do is ask, I’ll answer 😀 I always appreciate your input.

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