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Joe and Teresa Giudice’s Burst Bubble

A 33 page indictment against Joe and Teresa Giudice enumerates the 39 counts of fraud, tax evasion and misrepresentation of certain facts to the Bankruptcy Court.  It’s a scary document, for sure, and, if any or all of the charges … Continue reading

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Princesses: Long Island – The Elephant in the Vineyard

Amanda and her sister Taylor are out shopping and decide to stop at a jewelry store so that Amanda can look at engagement rings.   The saleslady shows her a few rings from the Hearts on Fire collection which happen to … Continue reading

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Dexter – What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?

Dexter wakes up to hear his son, Harrison, crying out for him.  Half asleep, he spots a trail of red on the floor leading from the kitchen into the bathroom and all of us hold our breaths hoping that nothing … Continue reading

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Princesses: Long Island – Always a Bridesmaid

Normally I’d have this recap written and published in an hour or two, but given my advanced years and failing memory, I had to watch this episode again this morning because I’d forgotten most of it from last night.   I … Continue reading

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Princesses: Long Island – Who Are You, the Pope?

Yes, Chanel is still nearly catatonic due to her being single and her sister’s imminent wedding.  She’s so bereft that she decides to seek counsel from her Rabbi.  After a tearful pity party he assures her that she is a … Continue reading

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The Zimmerman Verdict

George Zimmerman has been found not guilty by a jury of six women.  These jurors, according to all reports, gave nothing but their utmost attention and thoughtful consideration to the job they were given.   They deliberated for sixteen hours, finally … Continue reading

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Dexter – Every Silver Lining

Dexter is watching videotapes Dr. Vogel made decades ago – interviews with Harry Morgan who was struggling to understand his foster son’s fascination with and, eventual propensity, for murder.   Harry talks about the time Dexter saw his first murder scene … Continue reading

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