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Hi folks… This may seem a random post but it isn’t. People who are friends on FB will probably have noticed that today (May 19) is a birthday. It isn’t my birthday, that’s New Year’s Eve. It happens to be what I call The Hound’s birthday because, that is the day we met. I don’t typically remember such things because other than knowing how long I’ve had a pet, the exact day doesn’t mean much to me. That is the day, in 2001, when I walked into a shelter looking for a replacement for my previous dog. That one had to be let go for legal reasons that I wasn’t financially prepared to fight. I waited a month before I decided that without a 4 legged furry creature, the house was just too empty.Ā  I was having arguments with myself during that month and worse, I was losing those arguments. Prior to that, I would have arguments with the dog and I would still lose. That or he just didn’t care what I had to say. Anyway, I had no clue of what I was looking for when I walked in to that shelter. I didn’t know who or what I was going to meet. All I knew is it would be the tail wagging variety of animal, a dog. This was a kill shelter (those who don’t get adopted, meet their maker). They take a little longer to do it than the city pound but it’s just a fact of Fido’s and Fluffy’s life in that particular shelter. I don’t know if that shelter is still the same way though I’m sure it’s still there. No Kill shelters were kind of a new thing at the time, I think.

May 19 was on a Friday that year and the place was crowded. Lot’s of potential homes for the residents. Lot’s of people looking for puppies or kittens. Many of whom, I suspect, had no idea what they were getting themselves in to. The young little animals, I’m told, are just like babies and have to be taught everything and constantly looked after. Kittens, perhaps less than puppies but they still need a lot of time if they are to become more than just, the cat. I know that every year, a lot of animals end up under Christmas trees or next to birthday cakes. Only to be dropped off somewhere when it becomes apparent that these creatures actually require time, money, and work. I am convinced that The Hound, was the product of one of those birthday parties. It’s fine by me I guess because on a personal level, 2001 really sucked ass. I’m not even referring to world events here, for me, this had to be one of the (but not THE) worse years of my life. He turned out to be the highlight of the year.

I consider myself a loner as I don’t need or want a whole lot of people in my personal life but I do need something breathing and moving to take care of and sometimes, let take care of me. People disappoint me too often and I suppose I disappoint them as well though I’m usually unaware of it or too stupid to recognize it before it happens. I get offended but yet, I’m not suppose to offend. I guess it’s that way for everyone. I’ve never been married and doubt I ever will be. I’m not interested in becoming the bad part of a statistic. I don’t have any kids and, again, doubt I ever will. Most likely that ship has sailed for me. In fact, for reasons I won’t discuss here, it not only sailed at one point but was torched as well. Other than the 4 legged kind that is. Pick out the one you want, train them, and long before you get absolutely sick of them, they die (joking a little there, don’t get too worked up about it). That’s a bit of a rant… sorry.

May 19 also happens to be my father’s birthday. I think I may have mentioned all of this before so if it sounds familiar, there may be good reason for that. That’s probably why I remember The Hound’s anniversary date here in my home. As pets go, he isn’t very demanding, never has been. He likes to be fed on a regular basis of course, and is always willing to accept a treat of some sort. He has his quirks that I’m willing to live with, some of which, he got from his previous family. I don’t think they treated him very well when he didn’t seem to become the model citizen they thought he should be. If his original family ever happens to read this, I’ll just say thank you, and your loss.

By the way… This Saturday (or Sunday) Special feature is now also one year old. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading some of my stories and rants.

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  1. Kaereste says:

    Big hugs to MTH and his blogging daddy.
    I’ve never been to a shelter. I think I would go crazy trying to decide who’s life I should save. MTH I’m so glad you picked one who has been a good companion for you.

    I’ve never even choosen my own pets. Every one of them has been “given” to me. A few of my pets have been the best buddies of my life. One dog and my current cat have been my favorites.

    Our cat probably qualifies as a dog. She follows us around the house. She has a strict routine in the morning. She verbalizes. She plays games. She sleeps with us. Best of all she puts her little face up to mine to “kiss” me, and she licks my face and hands when she is very happy snuggled in my lap.
    Animals as pets are the best thing humans have done. Giving an animal safety and love so it lives without fear is a huge gift.
    May 19 is a good day.
    I’m glad you shared this with us.

    • melthehound says:

      šŸ˜€ When I was in college and lived in a fraternity house, I had a cat. Several of us did. Partly to kill the mice (which she was good at). Mine was a Torte (sp) and she always looked at me like she was plotting my death. I had a loft in the room where I slept. The closest I ever came to getting a kitty kiss was the morning I woke up to discover the cats ass inches from my face, being batted with her tail as she made this gawd awful sound. She had gone into heat (I had her since she was a kitten). After I graduated,. I took her home but soon gave her away to my then GF who was attending grad school on the other side of the state.

      It’s kind of tough trying to pick one at the shelter. I like to think he picked me. Regardless of how you find your pets (seek them out or they are a gift), as long as they don’t run away, bite you, or barf in your shoes, it’s usually a good match.

      Always happy to see you comment here and glad you enjoyed the read.

  2. TexasTart says:

    Awww! Happy Anniversary, or birthday of a great companionship! šŸ˜€

  3. Just Wondering in Jersey says:

    Happy Birthday to Mel and congratulations on making the perfect choice for you Jeff. Cookies for both of you.

    While reading your opinion of people vs. animals I thought for sure you were in my head because you were pretty much describing me. I had no siblings so I always had a dog for company while growing up. The hardest time for me was being away at college and when I moved to an apartment on my own where pets were not allowed. I need me my pet!

    You mentioned getting a kitty kiss. I got my first one from my cat yesterday. This cat is the exact opposite of the one I recently lost and it is such fun having an interactive cat. I just wish she would stop attacking my feet whenever I get into bed. It’s become a night time game and since I am protecting my broken ankle it’s rough. She’s one of the few things that makes me smile these days.

    Congrats also on the 1 year anniversary of your Sat./Sun. special. Keep writing and even ranting if you must šŸ™‚

    • melthehound says:

      Thank you JWIJ šŸ™‚ I hope your ankle doesn’t take too long to heal.. Sounds like your kitty gets a case of the midnight crazies. The one I had in college would sleep 23 hours of the day and then go absolutely crazy for about an hour. I probably had no business having a cat as I didn’t really know much about them.

  4. baronessbeachcomber says:

    Loved the story of how you got Mel The Hound. My youngest daughter is responsible for getting me both of my dogs. The first one came from a family with little kids who didn’t know how to treat a dog. He came with a jolly rancher stuck to his fur. The second came from a high kill shelter (yes they still have them). He had one or two days left. He was an owner surrender and had and still has “issues” which is probably why he was surrendered. Throughout my life, I’ve had dogs, cats, fish, gerbils, rabbits, ducks, guinea pigs, seahorses (short lived), almost everything except birds. Anyway, I guess purebred dog and cat lines still need to be preserved, but I couldn’t imagine getting a purebred from a breeder when there are so many animals out there needing a good loving home. If I ever got a purebred, it would still from a rescue type situation. Yesterday, when I was driving by a PetSmart, a local shelter was having an Adopt-A-Thon there. I kept on driving. I already have my hands full with the two I’ve got. I know my limits. Some people don’t and keep getting pets when they don’t have the time or resources to take care of them. That’s another “pet” peeve of mine. If you don’t have the time or money, don’t get a pet, or at least make sure you get a pet that fits your lifestyle.

    • melthehound says:

      I know my limits too and that’s why I only have one. I thought about getting him a sibling/playmate at one time but instead I just took him over to my mom’s house on Sundays so he and her dog, Max, could wear each other out. I one hundred percent agree with you on your ‘pet peeve’. The Hound fits my lifestyle better than I ever could have imagined he would. I don’t know what his first family did to him but to this day, he almost seems afraid to eat… like he’s going to get shocked or something. That doesn’t stop him from eating of course, I’ve never once touched him while he’s at his food dish, but he approaches it like he believes something bad is going to happen to him. Thanks for stopping by BB šŸ™‚

  5. cusi77 says:

    Happy Birthday to your Dad in Heaven and Happy Birthday to the Hound in your life.


  6. lisarenee64 says:

    Hi Jeff, it was great to learn how you and the worlds coolest dog found each other. Happy b-day to Mel & the day you picked him. I died laughing when you said you were arguing with yourself-and losing. Their is nothing like the unconditional love you get from a dog. Our present pupster was to aid Ashley with getting out of her own head a few years ago & help us all with our grief. Nurturing something outside of yourself is just one of the wonderful gifts we get from our furry babies. We lost our first puppy to old age, had him for 17 years. I swore we would never get another dog, the loss was brutal. Maverick was just what our family needed. If I told you that my husband carried him in a baby pouch on the front of his chest, would you believe me when I tell you this current pupster is completly humanized? Maverick likes his coffee with vanilla creamer & eats off a fork like a champ. Thanks for another great post! I can’t believe it has been a year, Congrats. I have enjoyed every word. My best to you & the hound always, Lisa

    • melthehound says:

      Yes, I would believe that your current pupster is completely humanized. The dog we had growing up ate corn off of the cob. We had to hold it for him but just like people, he nibbled the niblets off of the cob. I’m chuckling at the baby pouch visual though. I’ve heard the never another statements as well.

      Thank you and you’re welcome.. šŸ™‚

  7. AZGirl says:

    Happy Birthday to the Hound. Coincidently, Mr. AZGirl and I were out looking at dogs. It has been 2 years since we lost Ruby. So far no matches. Only going to rescue shelters.

    • melthehound says:

      I’m sure whoever you pick will be a very lucky pooch. You’ll both be lucky too šŸ˜‰

  8. I guess I don’t have to tell you how I feel about our four-legged fur friends, how all of them have been the very best companions we could ever ask for. I love that you and Mel rescued each other and I completely understand how they choose us – not the other way around. When it’s a perfect fit, you just know it.
    This was such a wonderful surprise on a Sunday morning and it certainly put a smile on my face. Happy Birthday to your Dad, the best of wishes to Mel on his special day and Happy 1st Anniversary to you for being a part of The Farm and our lives. Yep, I’d say May 19th is worth marking the calendar for. šŸ™‚

    • melthehound says:

      Thank you Empress… It’s been entirely my pleasure šŸ™‚ (I like the upgrade to Weekend Special as well)…

  9. nohausfrau says:

    Jeff, I so relate. I have a sign in my house that reads dogs welcome, people tolerated. I used to do the shelter walks for Samoyed rescue until I couldn’t take it any more. I’d pass out dog biscuits but those dogs would haunt me. My first dog and all my cats came from shelters.

    I used to celebrate Gotcha Day with my gone but never forgotten Lexi. It was right around Memorial Day. The other Sams I can celebrate birthdays but Gotcha day was special.

    Hugs to MTH. He’s a lucky dog to have you.

    Deb aka NoHausFrau

  10. Dana says:

    Why do dogs and cats stick their tongues out like that? Your dog is adorable. Thanks for rescuing and not buying off a breader.. When you rescue an animal from a shelter, they rescue you as we’ll..

    • melthehound says:

      Thank you, Dana.. The tongue stuck out with this character is a lucky shot šŸ˜€

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