reven8e – Illumination

“To carry a secret is to play with fire. Try to pass it on and you risk hurting someone else. Hold on to it and eventually you’ll get burned.”

Victoria Speaks at Amanda's Memorial in Revenge Season 2, Episode 16, "Illumination"

Everybody’s playing with fire or starting fires and, for sure, somebody’s going to get burned  –  hopefully, a lot of somebodies.  Victoria has decided to start a foundation in honor of (fake)Amanda Clarke and (real)Amanda would like to co-chair the foundation.  She hands a check for $250,000 to Victoria and Madam Grayson takes it but stops just short of giving Amanda the cherished seat beside her.  Eli James, Amanda’s foster brother, is at the Graysons’ too, invited by Charlotte, and when he looks at Amanda, now that it’s daylight and not at the cemetery, he tells her that she looks familiar.   He also tells Victoria that he’s in the rare book business when she asks what he does for a living.  Why didn’t Charlotte find out about that when she was looking him up on the internet?

Jack is at The Stowaway, talking to someone about getting a life insurance policy to take care of baby Carl in case something should happen to him too.   He’s also asking questions about what happened the night that the Amanda exploded and Declan mentions something Nolan said about Jack and (fake)Amanda reaching Nantucket safely.  After Declan goes off to school, Victoria calls Jack to tell him about the charity she’s setting up and asks him if The Amanda Clarke  Foundation sounds good to him.  Nice touch there, Vic.

Nolan has called Amanda, giving her a reason to leave the lovefest at the Graysons’. When she gets back home, he tells her that Padma is in seclusion waiting for some movement from The Initiative regarding her father.  She may be waiting for a while.

Daniel is still storming around the place, letting his parents know that he’s disgusted with their very bad habit of involving innocent people in their schemes and getting some of them killed.   In other words, he’s coming unglued.   Conrad’s had just about enough of his tantrums and finds his son in his office, drinking his cares away.  Dad gives son a little lecture on family values and tells him that he better shape up.   Daniel’s angry and drunken response with regard to The Amanda Clarke Foundation is that it sounds just like the fund they arranged for the families after the bombing of Flight 197.   Aiden breaks up the family moment, looking for Conrad’s endorsement as his replacement on the Board of Directors and tells Daniel to meet him for a drink later.

Eli’s been making the rounds and Amanda finds him st The Stowaway, talking to Jack, filling his head with all sorts of things about his dead wife.  When Amanda asks Jack for a second chance, he tells her that the truth might be a good start.  After all, Eli’s been telling him how Amanda hated her father, so why would she spend all that time trying to clear his name and prove he was framed?    She’s a little taken aback by Eli’s comments and Jack doesn’t care for her hesitation.  As Eli is about to leave, he checks out Amanda, then calls her Amanda, looks at the double Infinity tattoo on her wrist and says, “You look pretty good for a dead girl.”  The two of them walk out onto the dock to talk and Eli asks Amanda what her scam is.  She says it’s just that she traded her name for Emily Thorne’s and now has a different life.    Eli has a few con jobs to his name, too,  and tells Amanda that there are outstanding warrants in three states for him.  She offers to help him, but then he’ll have to start over – somewhere else, preferably far, far away.

Daniel is waiting at a bar for Aiden when some stranger starts an argument with him.  Aiden walks in as Daniel is getting punched and saves the trust fund boy’s face from further damage.  Daniel, who’s about three sheets to the wind by now, tells Aiden that he doesn’t need rescuing.  Aiden says that he’s merely protecting his investment, and that means having Daniel’s back.   Conrad, who’s in the bar and watching the whole thing, calls Aiden to tell him that he’s concerned about his son.

Jack, acting on the comment Declan made about Nolan, goes to see a man at the dock and asks him about a boat that was chartered the night (fake)Amanda was killed.  The man describes someone who could be Nolan, but tells Jack that he was paid a lot of money to keep quiet and, if asked, he’ll deny what he just told Jack.

The soiree for the Amanda Clarke Foundation is going on and, of course, everybody’s there.   Victoria greets (real)Amanda and Nolan, then tells her that she won’t be Victoria’s co-chair for the newly formed non-profit.  Nolan Talks to Emily in Revenge Season 2, Episode 16, "Illumination" Eli comes over and meets Nolan, who, after asking him if he’s related to Jesse James,  shows  Eli his criminal record via his cellphone before deleting it forever.  Poof, just like that – no more warrants, no more record. Amanda hands Eli a check, making good on her part of the deal, but, for now, Eli wants to hang around and hobnob with his wealthy friends, the Graysons.   Amanda has steam coming out of her ears and puts a little bug in Ashley’s about the unsavory character of Eli.   Ashley tries to share the information with Victoria, but when Lady Grayson hears that the source is Amanda, she decides that Eli must be perfectly charming and wonderful.  Amanda has other plans for FauxBro, the liability.  Nolan thinks that he’s Tyler 2.0.

Now the whole Grayson clan are doing what they do best – creating a boatload of trouble for each other and anybody in their path.  Charlotte is snubbing Declan and favoring Eli.   Eli’s been milking the story of the burned out foster home and all of the poor invisible children who live like characters out of Oliver Twist.  Daniel is threatening to expose his parents for the miscreants they are.  Eli Reaches Out to Victoria in Revenge Season 2, Episode 16, "Illumination"Victoria, who loves a good sob story, almost as much as she loves getting under Amanda’s skin, has appointed Eli as her co-chair, and, in turn, Eli has given Amanda’s check to Victoria for the foundation.  Conrad has named Aiden treasurer of the Amanda fund but he’s got his own reasons for the move.  The Amanda Clarke Foundation is a shell, a way to pass some money through to the Graysons’ pockets.  When The Initiative moves in, it’ll look like Aiden made off with the loot.   Daniel is wandering aimlessly about, looking as if he needs some of that money to buy a spine and a friend.   Just another fun-filled night at Grayson Manor.

Jack meanders into the festivities and grabs a microphone to announce how much he loves the Graysons – they’re his new BFFs.    Afterwards, when he’s at The Stowaway watching wedding videos, Nolan drops by to lend a shoulder and try to make things right.  Jack wants to know the truth but Nolan, super-hacker that he is, hands Jack a certificate of ownership for the speedboat that was used on the fateful night.  It now shows Kenny Ryan as the owner and Jack seems a little happier with the news, and thinks that Nolan can be trusted.  Technically, Nolan didn’t actually lie to Jack – he just softened some of the sharp edges of the truth.

Daniel is trying to woo Amanda again and walks her home from the party.  He tells her about the real deal with the foundation money.  Conrad and Victoria are adding up the donations and they come up with a total just shy of $5 million, enough to open the account they want.   They’re also happy to see Daniel cozying up to Amanda because then Trask may take care of a problem for them.   Amanda has told Nolan and Aiden about the plans for the foundation and how they can bankrupt the Graysons with a few simple keystrokes.   As Aiden is being welcomed to Grayson Global’s Board of Directors, Nolan is opening the Carrion program.  He hits a snag and can’t access the new back account.  He tells Amanda that he only saw this happen once before.  In a flashback, Nolan is visiting David Clarke in prison and the two of them are arguing about how to prove that David was framed.  Actually Nolan’s arguing – David isn’t listening.  He’s just heard about the fire that his daughter set at the foster home, not her first fire, either, and tells Nolan to take care of her and not to worry about him.  That’s when David hands him the Infinity box containing everything Amanda needs for her future.  Where do you keep stuff like that when you’re in prison?

In the present, Nolan is beside himself and tells Amanda that the same person who wrote the mainframe code for the new account is the one who sealed her father’s fate.  The man, the myth, The Falcon is back on the Graysons’ payroll.  Interesting timing, isn’t it.   Amanda says, “Then let’s go hunting.”   It sounds like a hacker war is about to begin and Nolan may have his skills put to the test.  Oh, things aren’t going very well for the revengers.

The previews for next week show an appearance by Mason Treadwell and the return of the red Sharpies.


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18 Responses to reven8e – Illumination

  1. not THAT Jill says:

    I think Jack gets dumber by the minute-I don’t know what his plans are but he is a real dope sometimes!!!
    Eli is a shady fool and he is so messing with the wrong chick!!!

  2. melthehound says:

    Odd how baby Daniel and his so called conscience always seem to play along. Is he counting on Emily to tell Aiden exactly what the plan is for him? It’s also odd to me that a hacker like Nolan, couldn’t put Eli’s arrest and warrant record Back.. IF he actually erased it. He could have programmed what we were looking at to be on any computer hard drive or even on the phone itself and just simply deleted it from that device. That’s the way I would have done it anyway.. Eli is really stupid enough to think that the Greysons don’t know exactly who they are dealing with in him? Please.

    Well, You know me and my revengery conspiracy theories. They’re usually wrong but fun to think about anyway 😉

    Jill, I agree. Jack Porter is a boob. He’s the one who let himself get mixed up with the Ryans over a stolen watch and credit card? ReallY?

    Thanks for the recap Empress..

    • Boobah says:

      OH! That’s a good theory – that DanielBaby is hoping Em’s will tell Aiden! That way, Daniel won’t be responsible for botching their plan, but he also stops Aiden from taking the fall. That would be a interesting blindside.

    • Oh mth, I think you and Jill are being too hard on Jack. Okay, he’s a mess, but what the heck, the guy’s watching his world spiral out of control and his head’s about to explode.
      Eil’s a cocky little thing, isn’t he? No, I don’t think he has a clue who he’s dealing with, no matter how many scams he’s pulled. The Graysons, (except for Daniel – he’ll fall for any line of BS). with Victoria leading the tribe, can run circles around him.

      • melthehound says:

        All I am saying is I don’t think Jack completely thinks things through before he reacts. His storyline seems to be turning toward revenge on the Greysons and perhaps, (real)Amanda. He is in no way prepared for that fight. Imagine his shock if and when he finds out who she really is though, I don’t know if it will matter because he did (I guess) fall in love with and marry, faux Amanda. Even if the name was wrong she was still her own person (though I still kind of wonder if that kid is really his).

        • The reason I’m cutting Jack some slack is because all of this just sort of fell in his lap, in no small way, thanks to his dumb little brother. I couldn’t agree more with his being ill-equipped to battle the force of the Graysons, but I’m hoping that Amanda and Nolan can at least steer him in the right direction. They have too much at stake to let Jack go crazy on the Graysons and screw up the core Revenge plot.
          I always thought that he fell in love with (faux)Amanda in part because he thought she was the real one. On the other hand, she had something in her own personality that made him want to marry her.
          As for baby Carl, IIRC (real)Amanda said, at some point, that Jack was the baby daddy.

          • melthehound says:

            I do remember the paternity results but I always wondered it Emily just told Amanda what she wanted to hear.

  3. Boobah says:

    Hi all!
    Thank you for a great recap, Empress! I really enjoy it because you add the occasional funny quip. Makes for a fun read.

    Oh The Revengers are having a rough time for sure!

    So, we see that Nolan did complete the Carrion program. Hmmm. But I wonder if that means if Padma got the completed program? Some thing tells me no. Speaking of Padma, it looks like we won’t see for for a while? She’s hiding out for now, or however Nolan said it. I wonder when she will pop back up. And on who’s side.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think Jack believed Nolan about the other Ryan brother owning the boat. Maybe he was just playing along in the same fashion that’s he playng along with the Grayson’s. Smart move, if that’s the case. Right now he doesn’t know who or what to believe and until he figures out what to do, playing along and not making any waves is a good move.

    I am getting tired of Aiden. I am just not getting into his storyline and I don’t want him and Em’s to get back together. Or are they together? Geez, I can’t even tell! Lol! I wonder if The Initative will pull off another heinous crime where we will see Adien take the fall and end up in jail. If somethng like this actually happens, Ems will have herself a double revenge.

    Eli. Well, he is clearly a bad apple. Or is he? What does he want? The last time a person from Em’s past walked into the Hamptons, it was the RealEmily and she ended up being okay. But IIRC, she also acted like she was willing to sabatoge FakeEm’s revenge plan. Maybe Eli will turn into an ally as well.

    Daniel is not able to handle the pressure. Can’t blame him. He is in hell and starting to drink himself silly. Poor schmoe.

    Thank again for a great read!

    • Hey Boobah, I don’t think Jack bought Nolan’s story either, but it buys both of them a little time to make their respective next moves. With the Carrion program – I think Nolan gave Padma some version of it but, then again, The Falcon, whoever that is, seems to know how to keep Nolan out of it.
      Can you tell that I’ve had it with Daniel? LOL! Really, make a decision, young man, and stick with it.
      I’m not sure what the heck Eli’s up to, but I’m leaning toward the “nothing good” theory.
      Sorry for being so late to the revenge party. And, Boobah, you’re more than welcome for the recaps, as always. 😀

      • Boobah says:

        LOL – I agree though. Daniel needs to do something!

        I can’t wait to see who is behind The Falcon. I wonder if it’s someone we already know or a new character.

        It should be interesting to see what Jack does when he decides to strike. I just hope he lashes out at he right people.

        • Boobah, I was thinking of who The Falcon could be. The producers, if I’m reading this thing right, seem to want us to think that it’s Aiden, as he just joined Grayson Global. The one who’s been off the radar for a while is Marco. He’s known about Carrion since its’ inception and is none too happy with the way Nolan’s been treating him – never mind how he perceives Padma’s friendship with Nolan.

          • Boobah says:

            Holy hell, I didn’t even think of Marco, or Aiden for that matter! I have my doubts that it’s Aiden, but Marco…you are so right, he’s been there since day 1 w/Carrion. Well, won’t that be interesting. Oooohhhh, this is going to be fun.

          • melthehound says:

            Good call, Empress.. I was wondering about Marco too.

  4. Hey Boobah, I don’t think Jack bought Nolan’s story either, but it buys both of them a little time to make their respective next moves. With the Carrion program – I think Nolan gave Padma some version of it but, then again, The Falcon, whoever that is, seems to know how to keep Nolan out of it.
    Can you tell that I’ve had it with Daniel? LOL! Really, make a decision, young man, and stick with it.
    I’m not sure what the heck Eli’s up to, but I’m leaning toward the “nothing good” theory.
    Sorry for being so late to the revenge party. And, Boobah, you’re more than welcome for the recaps, as always. 😀

  5. Buttercream says:

    Great Recap Empress –
    If they had to cut people from the story line, who would you say needs the heave ho?

    • Boobah says:

      Oooooohhhhh, great question!

      Ashley isn’t a huge player in any storylines. Although I would like to see her discover that Ems was the one that helped her that night in the London bar.

    • Hey Buttercream, If ABC would let me borrow a red Sharpie, I’d start by eliminating Padma. I don’t get her storyline and I’m not sure I care. Ashley could go, too, unless she starts playing a more active role in the Grayson takedown with Amanda. Declan should be sent to a Swiss boarding school, returning only after he has a job and his own place to live. I still don’t know what to make of Aiden or if he serves a purpose in the overall Revenge scheme, so he could be farther down on my list of characters to put an X through.

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