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Young Joey is waking up at Camp Carroll and his father is sitting by his bed.  Joe tries to convince the boy that he’s a changed man – after all, he’s a “fun, cool guy” who just wants to be a good Dad.  Joe also tells his son that his Mom was supposed to be there, too but the plan went a little awry.  When he leaves the room, Emma is waiting for him and she tells the cult leader that his followers are downstairs, waiting for him.   Below the landing, in the foyer, are the group of crazies who’ve gathered to do Joe’s bidding.

Ryan is at the federal prison where an FBI briefing has already started and there’s a new lead investigator, Agent Nick Donovan.  Nick is a no-nonsense, by the book kind of guy and he doesn’t appreciate some of the things Ryan has been doing, like torturing prisoners.  He tells Ryan and Debra that Ryan’s role was supposed to be a consultant.   When Debra tries to convince Nick that he’s making a bad decision, Ryan tells her that it’s okay –  he’s a liability and he’ll be in the office, consulting.   Ryan meets up with Mike Weston and tells him that nobody likes him.  It’s Ryan’s idea of a joke but Mike tells him that he can see how some people might find Ryan inconsistent and extreme.

Emma and Joe are outside the cult house discussing Claire when a sheriff’s vehicle pulls up, lights on and siren blasting.  The sheriff steps out, hugs Joe and tells Emma that he’s Roderick.    In a flashback to 2004, Roderick is talking to Joe in prison and tells him that he doesn’t know how he can repay Joe for taking the blame for the murders of two women who Roderick actually killed.  Joe tells him that he’ll find a way.   At an earlier time, in 2003, Joe had taught Roderick how to kill his victims in a very disturbing and almost erotic manner.  Now, in my opinion, that changes the way you have to look at Professor Joe Carroll.  All along, we’ve been lead to believe that he was the lone serial killer, but now we find out he had a partner.  That’s an entirely different dynamic and it might explain why Roderick acted the way he did at the end of this episode.    It could also mean that there might be a power play between the two men.  Roderick did make a point of telling Joe that being the sheriff in town is an important job.

At the command center, Nick tells Ryan that the follower they have in custody, David, wants to talk to him, but that Nick will be there, too.  When they see David, he won’t even look at Nick and addresses only Ryan.   Ryan, growing impatient with David’s silence, asks him if this is some sort of staring contest.   David then asks Ryan if he liked the plot twist with Joe escaping twice.  Ryan says sure, that’s interesting but you’re starting to bore me.  He wants to know where Joe is.  David tells him that he’ll never find Joe.  You don’t find the followers, they find you.  He then mumbles some cult nonsense and swallows something like Cyanide, starts bleeding all over the place, goes into convulsions and dies.

Back at Casa de Crazy, Joe is strolling around with Roderick and they come upon Charlie in the control room.  Louise, the follower who helped Joe escape is also there, and all of them are concerned about Claire’s whereabouts.  Joe tells them that a son needs his mother.  Roderick tells Joe that he has an idea how to find her and that the FBI will help them.  It’s just a matter of picking the right agent.

Mike is in a heap of trouble with Nick because he hacked Nick’s emails to find some background on David.  Ryan tries to take responsibility for the incident, but Nick tells

Mike to go home.   Mike goes back to the motel and there’s a group of men standing around an SUV.  When he gets to the elevator, a woman gets in, but this makes Mike a little nervous, so he takes the stairs.  The same woman happens to be on his floor and follows him to his room.  Mike hurriedly enters his room, but it wasn’t the woman who was the problem.  Louise and Charlie are waiting for him in motel room.    Debra and Ryan can’t reach Mike, so they go the motel and find that his room has been turned upside down and Mike is missing.

Mike has been taken to an abandoned warehouse – there never seems to be shortage of abandoned warehouses for these types of scenarios – and the group of followers, led by Roderick, want to know where Claire is.  Roderick explains that, each time Mike doesn’t tell the truth, he’ll have to engage in a sport of sort.  Mike tells Roderick that he doesn’t know here she is, so Roderick directs Charlie to begin the games.  This meant that the FBI agent and the follower will fight.  Each time he denied knowing where Claire was, the game escalated – first with fists, then metal pipes, then knives.   Debra and Ryan, acting on a hunch, have found the shipyard and the warehouse and Ryan goes in, gun blazing.  Debra fires a few rounds at the getaway vehicle but the surviving followers make it out of there.   Ryan is holding Mike until the ambulance and the FBI arrive, and Mike tells him that he didn’t tell the followers anything.   Debra wants Ryan to know that this wasn’t his fault, and Ryan tells her that he knows but wants to be in the hospital with Mike so that someone is with him when he wakes up.  He’s got that right – this one is entirely on Nick Donovan.

The followers have made their way back to the cult house to tell Joe what happened and that they lost five men.  Charlie is particularly upset, having let Joe down for the second time with regards to Claire.  Joe tells Charlie that he’s very disappointed in him and Charlie hands Joe a knife.  He wants to apologize for his screw-ups by sacrificing himself.  His gift and his apology to Joe mean his death.  Joe takes the knife and while stabbing Charlie, he whispers that Charlie will always matter.  Charlie hugs Joe and the leader finishes him off.   As the others clean up the mess – Louise did think to roll out a sheet of plastic ahead of time to make it easier – Joe walks over to fireplace and has a weird sort of smile of satisfaction on his face.  It probably makes sense to a cult leader.  Two of his minions willingly gave their lives for the cause.

Mike is out of surgery and Ryan is by his bed when Debra walk into the room.  Ryan tells her that Mike kept repeating that he didn’t tell them anything.  Debra explains to Ryan that Mike is the only one on the team who knows where Claire is.  Ryan’s impressed. I’m impressed.  Mike’s one tough cookie.

Joe and his followers are calling it a day back their house.  Roderick and Louise are alone in  Joe’s inspiration room and Roderick is in a very bad mood.  Louise offers herself as comfort and tries to kiss him but he begins to choke her.  Upstairs, Emma is bringing clean towels to Joe.  He’s covered in Charlie’s blood, but it’s all worth it because it gave him a rush.  Roderick and Louise have gone from a near death struggle to making out.  Emma and Joe, who keeps saying that he loves his wife, are also pulling each other’s clothes off, because, as Emma points out, Claire isn’t there.   That cult foreplay has a definite freak factor.  While Emma may have gotten her way – and had her way with Joe in the process – it’s going to be interesting to see how she handles it if and when Claire is back in the picture and in Joe’s life.   It also looks as if, given the previews for next week’s episode,   she’s been keeping her own secrets when it comes to Jake and Paul.


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  1. melthehound says:

    Am I the only one thinking that this Nick character is a follower? Either him or one of the two women in that FBI office. He sends Mike home into a convenient trap. I guess I said earlier that I thought Mike may be one of them so, what do I know? Nothing except, Charlie… What a dumbass.

  2. Buttercream says:

    Was the worst episode to have hubby sit and watch with me, he wanted to know what the series was all about … could not explain the “Charlie gives his life away” scene followed by the women/men sex scenes without his many negative comments … too many suicides for his taste ….oy,… he won’t be watching this show again! Mel, it would make sense that Nick is a mole/follower for Joe recruited by Roderick .. how else would Roderick have Mike’s bio info complete with middle name and KNOW that Mike, with his clearance and background would be the only one in the make shift office in the federal prison to know where Claire is located in the Witness Protection Program …

  3. Lisette says:

    Thanks as always for the recap! What an episode! Notice how they took their time to show you Mike’s fate? It was like they know we think he’s the mole so they waited to show us what a bad situation he was really in. That Louise woman is one piece of work! She scares me. Wonder how she will play out in the coming episodes. Seeing all the followers looking up at Joe in admiration made my skin crawl. On my local network they were going to air a special along the lines of Followers Could It Happen for Real…dun dun dunnnnnn. I didn’t stay up to watch it but please let’s not give anyone ideas!

  4. Okay, so you’ve made some pretty good arguments about Mike being a mole/follower, but I’m still sitting (stubbornly) on the fence. I guess that his being kidnapped and nearly killed could have been one way to make Ryan and the FBI believe that he’s a good guy, but the followers sure put him through the wringer. If Ryan hadn’t come along when he did, Mike would’ve been toast, and Joe wouldn’t have been any closer to seeing his beloved Claire again.
    I’m wondering about Debra. Apparently she couldn’t hear the gun battle going on the in the warehouse (hmmm…sure) and decided to hang around outside. Then, when the followers hightail it out of there in the SUV, she hollers, “FBI. Stop.” because the followers really, really fear the FBI, fires her gun at the vehicle, putting a couple of holes in it and then says “Oh crap. They got away.”

    • Donna says:

      Yes that was strange. I have worn ear protection at an outdoor gun range. :O

      • Hey Donna, I wanted to thank you for suggesting “Touch” to me. I’m about halfway through Season 1 on Netflix and it’s a great show – Kiefer Sutherland and Danny Glover – hard to wrong there..

    • Lisette says:

      I too thought it strange she didn’t hear the gun fight! I did love how Ryan was taking all the bad guys down. That was a good action scene. I will join you on the fence with Mike however Charlie could have stabbed him in the heart…just saying! Debra is back on the list and so is that new boss. I find myself looking for clues on first viewing and not really catching everything. Thank goodness I record it so I can watch it again. Next week is going to be B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Can’t wait!

  5. not THAT Jill says:

    That Debra-I can’t decide what her story is!! She seems all business one minute and then she just kind of hung back last night.
    I want to believe that Mike is NOT a follower so I’m just going with it.
    Emma upped her creepy factor last night getting it on with Joe-ewww so gross and weird
    Louise has added a new lever of “scare the sh*t outta me” scary to the show. Who the hell goes from being choked and half dead to fully turned on? These followers are nuts.
    Charlie and Joe-wow what a scene!! It was like they were having killer sex-so deranged!!
    This show has it all doesn’t it???

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s still rooting for Mike and suspects Debra. It was one wacko episode. Louise and Roderick, Joe and Charlie – OMG!

  6. Buttercream says:

    Yeah … see ..right there …”I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s still rooting for Mike and suspects Debra. It was one wacko episode. Louise and Roderick, Joe and Charlie – OMG!” Not a good episode to explain the pilot to this episode to hubby .. LOL 🙂

  7. WORD says:

    I love Ryan’s display of sarcasm when meeting up with Donovan because we all know that “consulting” isn’t really his thing. This episode reminds me of why this follower thing is very creepy because how bizarre is it that David took a pill to commit suicide just to keep the FBI off Carroll’s trail? I was telling my co-worker that Mike being kidnapped isn’t going to end well for anyone when it’s obvious that he really doesn’t know where Claire is. Luckily Ryan saves the day and makes Nick look terrible on his first day on the job.

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