reven8e – Sacrifice

Conrad and Daniel are cleaning up the mess Victoria made, or as she describes it “the bitch had it coming.”  As the two men are rolling  Helen Crowley up in a rug, Victoria tells them she has a better plan.  She dons Helen’s scarf and has the limousine driver take her away.   Helen, apparently, is going somewhere else.   Daniel is upset about the files he’s been looking at, dealing with Flight 197 and asks if everything is just business as usual – after all,  Victoria does have a Labor Day party to hostess and Conrad is about to launch his political career.  Conrad tells Daniel that Amanda Clarke’s vendetta makes it very easy for the Graysons to get away with murder.  To ensure that The Initiative believes that, Victoria plants Helen’s scarf and purse under a bed in the apartment over The Stowaway.  She’d just happened to drop by to include Charlotte in the evening’s festivities, and offered Grayson Manor, air-conditioning and all,  as a good place to take baby Carl.  Oh, and Declan can come, too.

Conrad has told Ashley that she should make sure that there are no more problems from (fake)Amanda, either.  Instead, in some miraculous display of a conscience,  she visits (real)Amanda and tells her that Emily has taken the laptop with all of the evidence against the Graysons and showed it to Conrad.   Amanda sends Ashley away – it seems as if everybody’s been doing that – and then finds out for herself that the computer is missing from under the stairs.

Still carrying on the ruse that the Graysons have nothing to hide regarding Helen Crowley,  Victoria and Daniel carry on a conversation, in his office, about a meeting Victoria had with Helen.   Well aware that the place is bugged, they fake an argument about the files.  Daniel insists that what he saw was nothing but lies and that he wants nothing to do with his parents.   He insists that he’s got Helen’s back and Victoria tells him that he better have security at the ready as long as he has friends like Helen.

Aiden is trying to help Padma with The Initiative and their kidnapping of her father.  He tells her to call Helen Crowley and ask for some proof that he father is still alive.   She leaves a message because Helen can’t come to the phone right now.

Amanda stops by the Stowaway and sees Charlotte looking at some pictures of Jack and Emily.  In one of the photos, she spots Nate Ryan and calls Nolan to help her get to the sailboat right away.  Nate spent the night aboard, with the honeymooners, but when Jack and Emily wake up on the deck, Jack finds a pack of cigarettes tucked into one of the sails.  He goes below and finds Emily is being held at gunpoint by Nate.   He tells Jack that the two of them messed up his deal with Conrad with some sort of leverage.   Jack tells him that he should call Conrad to find out what happened.  When Nate can’t get any reception on his phone, Jack offers to sail closer to shore.   Nate agrees, but instead, locks Jack in the cabin and takes Emily onto the deck.   Nate finally reaches Conrad who tells him about the incriminating evidence on the laptop.   He also tells him that Emily has it and, not only does he want it back, but that Nate should make sure Emily doesn’t pose a problem for them again.

Jack hears a conversation between Nate and Emily where she explains all the things the Graysons have done.  She also tells him that she wants to exact revenge on them for what they put her father through.   Jack takes the opportunity to get his own laptop and link up with Nolan and Amanda, who are searching the Atlantic for the Amanda.   Nate lets Jack out of the cabin to help them search for the laptop, and he and Emily feign an argument about her many deceptions.   He carries on, accusing her of using him and their baby, and asks her if their marriage is a sham as well.   Under his breath, Jack tells Emily that the computer is under the mattress.  She goes below and pulls it out to show to Nate.  When he opens it, he realizes he’s been conned, that it’s Jack’s laptop.    Jack and Emily have been busy readying the Zodiac to escape and lock Nate below.   He begins to fire his gun, with one bullet striking Jack.  Emily puts Jack in the inflatable and stays behind to fight off Nate.   As she’s telling Jack that she loves him, Nate knocks her out.

The evening of the Graysons Labor Day party has arrived, and Conrad is getting ready to announce that he’s running for governor – I think he’s been endorsed by the “We Really Do Occupy Wall Street” party.  A guest arrives, uninvited and he’s looking for Helen Crowley.  He tells him that his name is Trask – just Trask.  I don’t know if that’s his first name, last name or only name and I’m not about to ask him.   Victoria works on her story about trading the evidence against the Graysons for her son’s safety, but Trask says that Helen doesn’t negotiate.   Conrad jumps in and suggests that Helen’s disappearance might be tied to the other problem they’re having – the (fake)Amanda Clarke.

Victoria likes that story and plays right along, telling Trask that she made Helen aware of Amanda, also, before asking her to leave.  She tells Trask that he should leave, as well.   Trask heads over to The Stowaway and finds the incriminating scarf and purse.  He also checks her cell phone and finds the message from Padma.  He calls his cohorts at The Initiative and tells them that Helen Crowley has been compromised.  I guess that’s one way of putting it.

Nolan and (real Amanda) come across Jack adrift in the Zodiac, barely alive.  She tells Nolan to get Jack to a hospital and that she’s going to look for the sailboat to help Emily.  Good thing, too, because things aren’t going well there.  Emily has opened the bilge to flood the boat and it’s lost power.   Nate goes below to check on why the “High Water” warning light has gone on, and he and Emily engage in a battle.  Emily hits him.  Amanda hits him.   Our Revenge school ninja is giving Nate the fight of his life, until Emily shoots him.    As the two women try to get away, the propane tank is leaking.  (fake) Emily goes back for a necklace and the wounded Nate strikes a lighter.   Boom.  Big boom.

Amanda pops up out of the water and starts screaming Emily’s name.  She finds her floating on a piece of the sailboat.  Amanda makes her way to her and pulls her onto what’s left of the Zodiac.   Emily is dying in Amanda’s arms and asks her to take care of Jack and the baby.  Amanda  promises that she will and apologizes to her.  Emily tells her not to be sorry because she gave her something she thought she’d never have – a real family.   She then hands Amanda the necklace, which was a gift from Amanda, given when they were cellmates.   In a flashback, Emily says that they’re sisters and tells Amanda “I love you”.  Amanda, now,  finally, says “I love you, too.”  Okay, I have to admit, I lost it here.  Honest to goodness, I was sniffling all over the place.  Even my notes got smudged.

Nolan has taken Jack to the hospital and he’s in surgery.   Nolan is on his way back to find whoever can still be saved at the Amanda.   He looks scared as hell.  The Graysons, sans Charlotte, are reflecting on the day and their future.  Conrad is sure that they’ll be alright.  Victoria says that they’ll go on as if nothing happened.  When Daniel asks “what about Amanda Clarke?”, Victoria tells him that the poor girl picked the wrong enemy.   Padma has received the proof she asked for, but it’s not what she expected.  With Aiden beside her, she sees that it’s a box with her father’s finger in it.  It still doesn’t mean that the rest of him is in tact, or if he’s been “compromised”, too.

In the final voice-over, Amanda is heard saying “Sacrifice demands the surrender of things we cherish above all else.  Only out of the agony of those losses can a new revolution be born.  An undying devotion to a cause greater than one’s self.  A moral duty to see a journey through to its’ absolute completion.”  Yep, for Amanda Clarke, it’s been all of that.  The problem is that the very people she said she loved have suffered the agony of those losses, too.


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  1. designernailsdiana says:

    I dvr’d the show tonight and just finished it. Wow what a crazy twist in this very well written show. Finally a non reality show worth watching.
    Can’t wait to see MTH’s take on AR.

    • dnd, MTH’s recap of The Amazing Race is ready at Lynn’s Place –
      I’ve found a lot of scripted television worth watching – Revenge, Scandal, The Following, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey – all are good, IMHO. 🙂

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Hey Empress do you watch Homeland on Showtime? It is a amazing show. I think there are 2 seasons so far-I watched them on demand and got hooked-All I could think about is when I would have time for the next episode!!!

        • OMG Jill – I love Homeland – I watched the first season over the course of a long weekend. I also can’t wait for Game of Thrones to come back in March. Thank goodness for On Demand or I’d need another DVR.

        • I forgot to mention Newsroom with Jeff Daniels on HBO. Great stuff. I just started watching House of Cards with Kevin Spacey on Netflix. An entire season is available – no waiting a week in between episodes.
          I just realized that I should sleep more and watch TV less. I think that’s why God created naps. SMH 😉

          • not THAT Jill says:

            I haven’t watched The Following yet and my Dad is dying to talk about it-I may have time today to watch a few episodes today. I tried to watch the first episode but my 6 year old had other plans for me…
            Homeland is now on a break but I heard it comes back in the spring? does anyone know if that’s true?
            Scandal has become my favorite show-I love Olivia Pope and I absolutely LOVE Mellie(the same way I love Victoria from Revenge). Every week the whole cast of Scandal live tweets and answers questions-its great- but hard to watch and tweet-I have to DVR and watch again to make sure I know what the hell is going on!!

            • The Following isn’t something I’d recommend for little ones – definitely R rated stuff. There have been a couple of scenes where I’ve had to turn away.
              Scandal is just terrific and Olivia Pope is my hero, well, except for sleeping with the Prez. ITA about Mellie – she’s such an evil little shit-stirrer. That stunt she pulled with going into labor puts her head and shoulders above even Victoria.

  2. Boobah says:

    Damn! What a show! Excellent recap, Empress. Thank you!

    I was so sad when Amanda didn’t survive, but I remember wondering if she would make it. As a result, now the Grayson’s falsely believe they are in the clear, and the storyline between Jack and Ems could open up. Jack is going to replay Amanda’s last words and he will want to know the truth. The question is, will Ems tell him? Maybe. In an attempt to comfort him AND because the info could keep hm safe – she just might tell him the truth. Or *some* of the truth.

    The finger in the box made my jaw drop! But, I still can’t help but wonder if Padma’s father is really captured and if so, is he still alive??! I’m just not sure if I trust this yet. I’m also not sure if I trust Padma…I’m still on the fence about her.

    Poor Nolan!! He was scared as hell! I just love him!

    So, we met Helen’s replacement, I think. He’s quite creepy.

    I also think that Declan and Charlotte will help out a lot w/Carl. I think they might have to step in while Jack’s in the hospital, then I think Jack will be really unstable due to his loss of Amanda and rage towards the Grayson’s, and Declan and Char will have to take care of Carl full time because Jack won’t be able to. I bet Ems will recoginize that despite her promise to Amanda, Ceclan and Char are better care takers. It’ll be hard for Ems to break this promise to Amanda, but she’ll feel it’s for the best and maybe it will only be temporary anyway. One thing I think will be for sure – Jack will have a hard time.

    Somehow I see Jack getting the truth and joining Ems in her revenge against the Grayson’s.

    • Hi Boobah, Last night’s episode was the best one in a long time. I thought that the show turned a corner last night and now we can get back to the kind of Revenge we tuned in for in the first place.
      I was starting to like (real) Emily and it broke my heart, mostly for Jack, that she died. I know that part of the reason he loved her was because he thought she was the real Amanda, but he loved her, that’s for sure. I don’t think he’s going to take this lying down and might just join (real) Amanda in exacting some revenge of his own against the Graysons.
      As for Padma’s father, Aiden could check out the fingerprint, as was suggested, or test some DNA or something, but, no, I agree, that isn’t exactly proof that he’s alive – only that The Initiative kidnapped him.

      • Oh so agree! Great episode!! So, we were right, the hand in the boat with the blue denim shirt on was Ryan Bro.and I am glad he is gone.

        So sad that Am/Em is gone tho….and I lost it a little too Empress when Em/Am had to let her go.

        Now, this is where I am a bit confused. How are Em/Am & Nolan going to explain their involvement in getting Jack to the hospital and Am/Em’s death? How did they know to go after them? Also, now that Am/Em is gone and her body possibly won’t be found, Em/Am gets a reprieve about telling the truth as there is no body to identify. I worried about that before.

        But, as you say, she might be better off telling Jack and getting his help with revenge, but I don’t see Jack taking this info very well. He would be mighty pissed.

        Also, with the gun & scarf that killed Helen showing up in The Stowaway….what will THAT mean? Now that Am/Em is dead?

        So yeah….NOW we are back to Revengey Plots!! Rubbing hands together in glee! 😉

        BTW – many thanks for the recap Empress!! HUGS!

        • Hey MarDrag! I’m not sure that Amanda’s ready to tell Jack the truth, nor is he ready to hear it. I think that he’s going to tell Amanda what he heard on the boat about the Graysons and want to get a piece of them, too.
          Ashely could become an ally as well, if the Graysons keep treating her like a used piece of tissue. She’s wandering around like a woman without a country and extended an olive branch to Amanda in the form of that tip about the missing laptop. The team of revengers could use her as a mole at Grayson Manor.
          I don’t know how Amanda and Nolan are going to explain their 6th sense about Jack and Emily, but they’re pretty clever and resourceful folks, so I imagine they’ll come up with something plausible.

          • Boobah says:

            Maybe Ems and Nolan will tell people that they noticed the Ryan Bro’s face in the pics on Charlotte’s laptop? It’s knda the truth anyway – Ems was visiting charlotte at the Stowaway and she noticed Charlotte was putting together a wedding album. But how will they explain how they found them in the ocean without mentioning how they hacked into Jack’s computer??

  3. not THAT Jill says:

    Holy crap this episode was good. Even though I do not like fake Amanda-Im so sad she is dead-poor Jack he is going to be a mess forever. Im happy the Ryan brother was blown to smithereens-good riddance to him!!!
    The Initiative guy is weird and scary-
    Aiden made me feel sorry for Padma so she is now kind of off my sh*t list.
    Poor Nolan-I felt so sorry for him. he was scared to death that Jack was going to die.
    Jack i guess will now have to know the whole truth-or at least real Amanda’s version of the truth.
    Cant wait to see what happens next!!

    • Hey Jill, The look on Nolan’s face was sheer terror. He didn’t know if Jack was going to make it and he certainly didn’t know what he was going to find when he got back to the sailboat.
      It was a great episode. Haven’t said that in a while…;)

  4. California035 says:

    yay! this is where i can talk about Revenge 🙂

    good morning! i just saw Revenge, and i will say wow – were will the story go? going up to read the recap 🙂

    • California035 says:

      great recap! thanks !!!

      i also lost it on that scene with Emily and Amanda – sad

      • Hey Cali, Good to see you. Yep, we meet here on Mondays and all plot twists are welcome. You’re very welcome, too. 🙂

        • California035 says:

          i some how missed it. i also noticed we are friends on twitter now 🙂

          i will be here Mondays – the problem is i dont always watch Revenge on Sunday nights. i will try to from now on.

      • Boobah says:

        Cali !!! It’s so much fun here on Mondays. My imagination goes buck-wild with trying to guess what will happen next!!!

  5. not THAT Jill says:

    Empress-all caught up on The Following…Maggie(my 6 year old) was busy watching movies on Netflix today so I had lots of free time….cant wait to watch the new episode tonight and check out your blog tomorrow. Thanks for turning me on to a new non-reality show!!!

    • Jill, LOL!!! You’re very welcome, my dear. And keeping little Maggie busy with Netflix was a great idea.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Im hoping that I keep finding new shows to watch and get away from reality tv all together but I know I must ween my way off…Im so tired of the same old crap from the Housewives. After BH I think I need I break. I still have Survivor and Amazing Race and I do love Top Chef-for the most part these shows are more about the game than the drama-that’s what I need!!!
        Oh and THANK GOD FOR NETFLIX!!!!!

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