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Young Amanda and Young Jack Get Married as David Clarke Looks on in Revenge Season 2, Episode 13, "Union"

This episode was about unions – ones that once existed but were lost, those that have been broken, and a new one, with a wedding.   As preparations are being made for Jack and (real) Emily’s wedding, (real) Amanda is remembering the ceremony between Jack and herself, when they were children.  They said some simple vows and exchanged rings fashioned from pipe cleaners, with David Clarke in attendance and Sammy the dog as best man.

Nolan and Amanda are dealing with a couple of relationships that they have concerns over.  She doesn’t know where Aiden is and Nolan is still clinging to the hope that Padma isn’t one with the enemy.   Nolan realizes that Amanda is broken-hearted over the fact that she isn’t the one marrying Jack, but she tells him that it’s alright because Jack, and even Emily, deserve happiness.

Daniel is still angry with Victoria for enlisting Amanda to help her, but he’s willing to forgive Amanda for her part in it because at least she’s honest, which he says, is more than he can say about his mother.  Amanda, meanwhile, has given a check to Emily, as a wedding gift and, hopefully, to help the soon-to-be newlyweds regain ownership of The Stowaway.

Aiden appears at Nolan’s office and wants him to look at the video where Colleen is seen being given an overdose and dying.  While Nolan is using his unique skills to view the video, he tells Aiden that it wasn’t made three days ago, but that it was taken 6 years ago.. The two also notice an electric meter and Noland tells Aiden that, with a little time, he’ll be able to use the serial numbers on the box to find out where it’s located.   Nolan tells Amanda about Aiden’s visit and quest, and when he asks her why The Initiative would take a young girl, Amanda Explains that it was really about their dad, the baggage handler who put the explosive aboard Flight 197.   Nolan then wonders aloud if the group of evil-doers could have done the same thing to Padma’s family members, forcing her to do their dirty work, too.   Amanda says that she doesn’t know, but does need him to cross-check Jane Doe missing person’s reports from Jersey City from six years ago.

Helen is haranguing Daniel about seeing to it that Grayson Global invests in emerging, but unstable, European markets.   Apparently the money and power they just got from their recent acquisition of Stonehaven wasn’t enough.  They’re seeking world domination, like Pinky and the Brain, or Kim-Jong-whatever his name is.

At the Stowaway, Jack shows Emily a brochure of a place on Nantucket where they’re going to stay for a little honeymoon.  They plan to sail to the island aboard the Amanda.  Emily, in return, presents him with Amanda’s check and suggests that he give it to Conrad before the wedding.  Jack tries to do just that, but when he confronts Conrad, and his trusty sidekick Ashley,  He’s informed that their original deal is no longer available.  There’s a new deal, to build hotels and condos and a casino, and Jack’s little bar doesn’t fit the bill anymore.   Conrad also tells him that no bank is going to help Jack because The Stowaway has little value in the grand scheme of things and the property will go to Conrad anyway.  Jack tells Conrad that he’s willing to fight for what is his, but Conrad replies that Jack is no match for a man of means is capable of doing.   Jack returns to the bar, explains to Declan what happened and tells him that it’s just not worth the fight.  Emily is eavesdropping, and she’s not so sure about that.

Aiden, with Nolan’s help, has found the warehouse where Colleen had been held, and Amanda walks in and finds him there.    The two later go to the Coroner’s office where a photograph confirms that his sister is indeed dead.  He’s angry at Amanda and disappointed in himself for not being able to save Colleen, the very thing he had gone to Revenge school to do.  When he goes to see his sister’s grave, he’s followed there by Amanda.  He tells her that he feels that he let Colleen down and lashes out at Amanda for his failure, accusing her of having to feelings.  Amanda tells him that’s not true, that she misses her father and the life she once had, and that she believed that this was something she and Aiden shared.  He storms off, Leaving Amanda behind.

Victoria is raging mad, as well – as usual – and tells Conrad that she’s fed up with Helen and The Initiative.   The more they use Daniel in their plots and schemes, the more danger they’re all in.  She demands that Conrad give her copies of each and every transaction that Grayson Global  made with The Initiative during the 1990’s to use against them.   She wants to show the whole thing to Daniel so that he’ll understand the type of people he’s dealing with.  When Conrad protests, Victoria tells him that they should play along until they can neutralize the group and extract themselves from the equation at the same time.  Helen, of course, is well aware of what Victoria is up to.  She’s watching every bit of it.

Nolan has a visit from Padma, who he’s been avoiding for a while.  He tells her that he doesn’t believe that she’s after his money, but that she wants something more dangerous.  He just doesn’t know what or shy yet.  He then asks her what happened to her father because he noticed that they’ve stopped communicating via email.   She tells him that everything’s fine but passes him a note that says “Not here.”    Later, the two of them take a walk and Padma tells Nolan that her father missing.  She had received a call from a woman telling the daughter that she was to get close to Nolan and find the Carrion program is she wanted to see her father again.   Sounds like a deal with the devil, if you ask me.  No, don’t ask me, ask Aiden or Ashley or any one of the Graysons.   Anyway, Padma tells Nolan that her feelings for him are real, and not just an act to fulfill what The Initiative required.  I hope, for Nolan’s sake, that she’s telling the truth this time.

Emily has been busy, too,  and has managed to find the Infinity box and a laptop under Amanda’s stairs.  She enters the password for the laptop – it’s Infinity, by the way,  which I thought was a little too obvious.   Besides, aren’t passwords supposed to have letters and numbers and other stuff ?  Well, never mind.  The computer is just chock full of little goodies, certain to bring any Grayson to their knees.   With her freshly found  blackmail materials, she visits Conrad and tells him that he really should reconsider accepting that check from Jack.  When Conrad all but laughs in her face, Emily flips open the laptop and shows him exactly what she has – years of secret surveillance videos, just waiting to be revealed to the highest bidder.   Conrad, realizing that he’s been had by the clever girl, gives in to her demands.  The plans for the new and improved waterfront are a thing of the past.  Well, not so fast.  Nate Ryan isn’t going to take this lying down and when Conrad informs him about the change in plans, Nate suggests that perhaps “the leverage” could be handled in a more permanent way.  Conrad tells him that all of that is nothing more than hypothetical and says that this conversation never happened.  Right, because the Ryans are so good at taking no for an answer.

The wedding between Jack and Amanda takes place on the beach, with Charlotte, Declan, baby Carl and Amanda in attendance.  Nolan, of all people, is officiating – guess there’s nothing he can’t do – and according to him, officiant is French for “wedding bitch.”

Nolan Officiates the Wedding Ceremony in Revenge Season 2, Episode 13, "Union"

The ceremony was beautiful, with just the loveliest of and heartfelt vows between the bride and groom.  Of course, Jack thinks he’s speaking to the girl he once knew and loved, but it’s still nice.  Amanda is crying and when it comes to exchanging rings, she hands Emily a ring with the pipe cleaner.  This puts Jack over the moon, that his (fake) Amanda remembered this little detail from their ceremony so many years ago.  Nolan pronounces them husband and wife – whoever that is.  Up on a bluff, overlooking the wedding, is Aiden.

When Amanda returns home, she gets a call from Daniel.  He’s looking at the files and evidence from the bombing of Flight 197 while he tells her that perhaps they should put their relationship on hold for a while.  There’s just so much going on and there really isn’t enough time to dedicate to their romance.  Amanda looks crushed, for a lot of reasons.  She’s had a bad day all the way around.  All of her unions appear to be coming apart at the seams.

Victoria’s day isn’t going so well, either.  While she’s sitting at home, Helen Crowley walks in and wants to know where all of the files are.  She tells Victoria that she’d been warned what would happen if anyone got in the way of The Initiative and that Daniel could just disappear, too.  Victoria tells Helen that the paperwork she wants is in a safe at the pool-house.  While Helen is opening the safe, Victoria pulls out a gun from under a seat cushion.  There must be guns all over that place.  Then again, these are the Graysons, so an ample supply of weapons aren’t just home decor – they’re probably basic household necessities.  Helen turns after finding the safe is empty, sees the gun and tells Victoria that she doesn’t believe that Victoria would kill her.  She doesn’t – didn’t – know Lady Grayson as well as she thought she did.  Helen is no more.  Victoria then calls Daniel and instructs him that the only words he should say are “Hello Helen.  Sorry I couldn’t make it.  We’ll reschedule.”   She then tells him to get home right away and she’ll explain everything.  He arrives home and sees Helen’s body, as does Conrad, who’s right behind him.  Victoria is enjoying a cocktail, cool as can be, not a hair out of place.

Aiden and Amanda have met up on the beach and he tells her that he’s sorry for the things he said.  He promises her that she’s not alone and together, they’ll make the bad guys pay for what they’ve done to both of them.  Maybe her day wasn’t so bad after all.

Jack and Emily board the Amanda for their trip to Nantucket and leave Declan and Charlotte with babysitting duty.  No sooner do they sail away, then the never resourceful Declan realizes that he can’t find all of the baby stuff he needs.  He tries to call his brother by phone, but gets no answer. He then tries to raise him with the boat radio.  While Declan’s doing that, Nate Ryan is cutting the cord to the radio, and he’s on the boat(?).  This should be some explosion.


This has nothing to do with Revenge, but I thought you might get a chuckle out of it.  It’s a short video of the men from Downton Abbey  performing a scene as the characters in Breaking Bad.  Enjoy Breaking Abbey:—breaking-abbey

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  2. Good Morning Empress & fellow Revengey’s! I did not get to watch last night because of the 2 hour Downton Abbey which I can’t resist watching in real time…..but I will watch Revenge later today and come back to comment.

    I will say now though……the hand of the man we saw in the beginning of the very first epi after the boat sank is coming up to be revealed! Who will it be? Well, at first I thought it a real mystery, but this season has become a bit predictable, so I will say Ryan, now that I know he is on the boat. I have a feeling that Amanda/Emily will have something to do with it or Jack will “save the day” when he discovers Ryan’s presence. Or, I could be wrong! LOL!

    See you all later after I have watched and can read up on your comments. HUGS!

    • Boobah says:

      I was thinking the same thing – it’s the Ryan bro who goes down with the boat. It’s gotta be him!

      It was a good epi in my opinion. It wasn’t overly complicated like it has been in recent epi’s. I enjoyed it. I look forward to your revengy theories!!! 😀

    • Powell says:

      The most exciting part was the very end. I kept thinkin kill Helen Victoria. You know you want to. That was good. Now who is next in line in the Initiative? Someone has to start looking for Helen.

      • Hey Powell, I thought the same thing. Killing Helen is just going to bring more of those dastardly Initiative folks right to the Graysons’ front door. Good thing Victoria has all those guns stashed under the seat cushions. 😉

        • Boobah says:

          LOL! She is going to need all those guns when The Initiative comes a-knockin’. I agree that they will. I am wondering the same thing…who will be the next ‘Helen”. Surely Victoria knows they will come after her, doesn’t she? She looked so calm, cool, and collected so I couldn’t tell is she was worried.

  3. Boobah says:

    Good Morning, Empress! Great recap – thank you!

    Soooooo…..Padma claims her father is missing. For now, I believe her. She did look genuine was she told Nloan that her feelings are real. I really want that to be the truth. We shall see.

    I noticed that Marco was missing from this epi – hmmmm, I wonder what gives. Maybe he is Padma’s FATHER!!! Omg – I am totally kidding. I couldn’t help myself. LOL!

    I felt bad for Ems as she watched Jack marry Amanda. I still want them to be together. I think it still is a possibility…..just not for a while.

    I’m sorry but I am so glad Vic took the shot. Helen was a vile woman. I’m curious about what the Initiative will do once they find out – and I have no doubt that they will find out.

    I have a feeling that Aiden will not be around for much longer, no matter he said to Ems. He longer has the motivation. I never thought his relationship with Ems was real. They happen to be in a very similar position and it probably gets lonely being all revengy and twisty – so they got together.

    I also wonder if Amanda dies in the boat accident. Won’t Conrad want to get rid of all that evidence that she threatened him with? It seems like a Grayson thing to do.

    BTW – is there another epi next week?

    • Oh, Helen needed killing. She was even worse than Victoria.
      If it’s (real)Emily who dies, then Jack might need someone to comfort him. Whether he’ll ever know that Emily was not Amanda and Amanda was not Emily is a whole different question.
      I have to agree that the need for revenge that brought Aiden and Amanda together isn’t exactly the kind of thing that makes for a lasting relationship.
      There’s an episode next week and then, on the 24th, ABC is hosting the Oscars. Revenge comes back on March 3rd.

      • Boobah says:

        Thanks for the show info, Empress! I *love* the Oscars so I won’t mind missing Revenge that week. But I am glad to know there are a few more shows left. They better keep on tying up loose ends with the storylines.

        I agree that Helen was worse than Victoria. She needed to go. I remember I was bothered when Aiden didn’t shoot her in the parking garage that time. Oh well, at least she’s gone. I have a feeling that whoever replaces her will be twice as vile.

        If Amanda doesn’t survive, Ems will comfort Jack. At least I bet she would try. But a blow like that might send Jack over the edge, so I doubt anyone will be able to console him for a while.

        The thing that caught my attention was how good Declan and Charlotte were w/baby Carl. Could that be part of a new storyline?? Do they become like parents to Carl??

        • Uh oh, Boobah. I misspoke about the schedule. “Red Widow” airs on March 3rd, so Revenge won’t be back until March 10th. Aaarrrggghhh!!!

          • melthehound says:

            Do you mean Revenge is on yet another hiatus? ABC really should get their shit together with these shows. I remember last year or whatever it was, the final season of Desperate Housewives. It took them so long to get through that season with all the breaks I actually forgot the show hadn’t ended yet but thought it had. Oh and what a weak ass ending to the show.. Then again by the last season, the show sucked anyway.. It was time for it just to go..

            • Yep, we get 1 episode this week, then 2 weeks off. When it comes to doing recaps, it’s a lot like learning to drive a stick shift.
              FWIW, I lost track of Desperate Housewives somewhere around the time they started burying bodies and running people over. I take it that I shouldn’t bother watching the last couple of seasons on Netflix. 😉

              • melthehound says:

                If you can watch one right after the other, it may not be bad but the way it was presented on air, with all the breaks, very forgettable. See? I even forgot about the bodies.

          • Boobah says:

            O.M.G. ABC has got to be kidding me! Well, we can probably kiss this show good-bye. I can’t imagine that in todays fast-paced world, anybody will give a sh!t about it anymore nevermind remember any of the already complicated storylines. . I mean, since Christmas, we’ve had how many new episodes? Three? Four? I could be wrong about the number – but does ABC think this attracts viewers?? Give us a show, then wait three weeks for another?!?!

  4. not THAT Jill says:

    Ding Dong the WITCH is dead….friggen Victoria just shot Helen like it was nothin’!!! Victoria is crazy as hell and I love it!! I did not love when fake Amanda went and took Emily’s computer and showed things to Conrad…big mistake on fake Amanda’s part.
    I still dont trust Padma-I dont have a reason-just a bad feeling about her.
    I really hope the dead guy on the boat is the annoying Ryan brother-Im so over them and the lame Stow Away story line.
    How much trouble is Victoria going to be in for killing Helen?? Victoria was so calm-she is scary. Conrad looked like he was going to have a heart attack!!! Who else is part of the Initiative?? Cant wait for the next episode!!!
    Thanks for the GREAT recap Empress-I actually read it before I watched so I knew all the good stuff to look for-like this gem from Nolan..officiant is French for “wedding bitch.”

    • Hey Jill, I’d love for Nate to be the floater in the sailboat, but if it’s (real)Emily, or even Jack – I could be wrong, but IIRC, the hand we saw in the first episode had a wedding ring on it – then there could be some blow-back for the Graysons’, too. Aside from (real) Amanda, Nolan and Aiden, everybody else believes that (real) Emily is Amanda Clarke. Nate boarded the Amanda to get rid of her, against Conrad’s orders, to ensure that the waterfront resort plans could move forward. If Jack tells the cops that he and Conrad had a deal, even though it fell through, investigators should be looking at Conrad with a little side-eye. Add to that, if Nate does survive, he can point the finger at Conrad, claiming he had him do his dirty work.
      Victoria’s in big trouble, but she’s dragged her whole family into it. Handing Daniel those files might not have been the best idea. He may be CEO, but I haven’t found him to be the sharpest crayon in the box.
      Do we know what happened to the laptop with all of those videos? If it’s still at The Stowaway, then the Porters have more than enough to turn the boat explosion back on Conrad – that’s if Declan doesn’t somehow manage to screw that up, too.
      I’m still hoping for everlasting love for Nolan, so I’m hoping Padma is sincere, and, yes, he has the best one-liners.
      I’m so happy to hear that you enjoy the recaps, but it’s all of you who bring the fun (and the ice cream). 😀

  5. I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!! 😛 So sorry I am late to the Revenge party, I hate having to “find time” to watch it, but I finally did.

    So, regarding the hand in the water, it’s tricky. It has a blue denim shirt sleeve, so I was looking closely at what type of shirt Jack was wearing in the scene as well as Ryan bro…..and as far as I could tell Jack was wearing tan and Ryan bro had the denim shirt on. BUT, this is Revenge so we will have to see. I have never noticed if the Ryan bro had a ring on and wives were not discussed…tho I do hope it is not Jack!!

    I felt a little verklumpt (sp?) at the wedding and sad for Em/Am as Am/Em & Jack exchanged rings. I can’t help thinking that this whole thing will be found out after the boat explosion because they will have to identify bodies…right? If Am/Em is even unconscious, let alone dead, they will do blood tests, etc. to identify her or do whatever she needs for recovery. Revengey!

    Now….yeah that Helen is dead…and wow Vic for being so calm. And, who is the next Initiative peep who will come down on the Grayson’s? It will be interesting because I think we will be in for a twist and a shock about that! Ooooh, what if it is Conrad, and he has been stringing Vic on all along?

    And what DID Am/Em do with the laptop after she showed Conrad the video’s? If she didn’t return it to it’s hiding place, Em/Am will be furious. Repercussions? Or what if she is hurt/expires in the boat blast.

    I really enjoyed this epi like I did the first season. I am glad they are getting back on track and it is getting revengey good again!

    Oh…I still don’t trust Padma….and I loved the jacket Nolan wore to officiate the weeding! LOL!

    See you all next week! Hugs and Thanks Empress!

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