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The Following – The Fall

All three of Joe Carroll’s favorite people – his ex-wife Claire, his son Joey and Ryan Hardy, along with the poor store clerk, Megan, have been taken captive by the followers.  Now, a couple of things could have gone a … Continue reading

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The Following – The Siege

Paul, Emma and Jake have spent the night together in the same bed, still working on that let’s all love each other plan.  The thing is that Jake isn’t happy with the plan.  He doesn’t want to pretend that he’s … Continue reading

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reven8e – Sacrifice

Conrad and Daniel are cleaning up the mess Victoria made, or as she describes it “the bitch had it coming.”  As the two men are rolling  Helen Crowley up in a rug, Victoria tells them she has a better plan.  … Continue reading

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American Idol – Lady’s Night

Welcome back  Idol fans. Last week we learned along with the contestants that there were a few new rules to the Hollywood part of the game. All guys one week, Ladies the next. Also, the show’s producers would be choosing … Continue reading

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The Following – Mad Love

Ryan Hardy has a problem with relationships, and with good reason.   In a flashback, Claire draws some information out of him about his family.  He tells her that his mother died of cancer when he was fourteen.,  His dad, a … Continue reading

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reven8e – Union

This episode was about unions – ones that once existed but were lost, those that have been broken, and a new one, with a wedding.   As preparations are being made for Jack and (real) Emily’s wedding, (real) Amanda is remembering … Continue reading

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Christopher Dorner Is No Hero

For  over a week, former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner has been on a twisted mission to clear his “good name”.   In the process, he’s opened fire on several people in Southern California, killing three of them, and leaving … Continue reading

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