reven8e – Collusion

Amanda is in bed and having a dream about making love to Aiden who, in the middle of it all, morphs into Daniel.   Dreams are funny things and this one may be more telling than  Amanda even knows.

Conrad and Victoria are having breakfast, and Conrad reads about Jason Prosser’s interest in Stonehaven.   He then starts to talk about his plans to clean up the docks when Charlotte walks in.  It’s her 18th birthday and Conrad gives her an envelope, telling her not to spend it all in 10 places.  On her heels is Ashley, who presents a report to Conrad concerning his beautify the docks project.  Victoria is obviously tickled pink to have Ashley hanging around again and suggests that Conrad do like others before him and keep his concubines in the closet.

Aiden is still having some angst over Amanda’s rekindled relationship with Daniel, no matter how fake it’s supposed to be.  She tells him that she’s having lunch with Daniel, but that Aiden should get some kind of proof that Colleen really is alive.     Daniel’s lunch date turns out to be a business trip with Amanda to Los Angeles so that he can meet with the owner of Stonehaven in person.  Aiden’s proof of life comes in the form of a video from Helen showing Colleen shooting up drugs.   Helen also suspects that Aiden was part of the abduction plot, that he must be working with Victoria – his goal being to save his sister and Victoria’s is to save her son.  He denies it and Helen tells him that if he wants to save his sister he will have to kill Victoria within the next 24 hours.

Conrad is meeting with Emily and Jack at Grayson Manor to discuss Jack’s legal problems – oh, and Ashley’s there, looking as if she’s ready to make over the Oval Office – and the plans Conrad has to clean up the dirty business dealings at the docks.    Jack isn’t comfortable with dealing with any of the Graysons, but Emily blurts out that Matt Duncan was the one who killed Joe Ryan.  Jack shuts her down, though and Conrad exits the room, telling Jack that he can’t help him if he won’t help himself.

Padma is taking another call from Helen while she rifles through Nolan’s office, trying to find the Carrion super-coder.   When Nolan walks in, Padma tells him that she was hiding a key ring she got for him for the key to the new house she scouted out for him.   It supposed to keep him safe from bad spirits – gonna take a lot of key rings with this bunch – and he thanks her for looking out for him.

Emily stops by the Graysons’ to give Charlotte a birthday gift – baby Carl’s hand print.  While they’re talking, Victoria calls to tell Charlotte that they won’t be able to attend the ballet that night in New York as she’s tied up on business, but promises to make it up to her the next day.  Charlotte tells Emily that, as a Grayson, she should be used to disappointment, to which Emily says that she’s not really a Grayson.

Victoria, of course, is in Los Angeles, making sure that Daniel doesn’t buy Stonehaven, and just happens to run into Jason, who’s also there to make his pitch for the company.   Victoria tells him that she wants him to win the bid as Daniel isn’t ready for this kind of acquisition, that Jason would be much better suited at the helm.   As Jason walks away,  Amanda and Daniel find Victoria, and mother and son break into a heated argument until Amanda breaks the two of them up.   Victoria tells Amanda that Daniel shouldn’t purchase Stonehaven and that Jason is the better man for the deal.   To add to the party, Aiden calls Amanda, from 20 feet away.  He tells Amanda that Helen sent him and that their missions may be at odds.  Amanda suggests that may not be the case and that if Daniel gets Stonehaven, it would force Victoria’s hand and revel her real intent.   That sounds good to Aiden and he sidles over to Jason and tells him, out of professional courtesy, of course,  that Stonehaven is risky because of some pending indictment – whoever buys the company also inherits any lawsuits.   More than a bit peeved, Jason calls Donna Carlyle, the daughter of Stonehaven’s founder.

Back in the Hamptons, there’s some more wheeling and dealing going on.  Jack drops by the hospital just as Matt Duncan is getting ready to leave (under his own power – phew).   He tells Matt about the frame job by the Ryans and would like it if Matt would just fess up to killing Joe Ryan.  Matt says that Jack doesn’t know what it’s like to have your child in danger, but Jack says that baby Carl never knew his grandfather, and if the Ryans get away with this, then Carl may lose his father, too.   Conrad is paying a visit to the Stowaway – wanna bet he’s never been there before – and gives Kenny Ryan an envelope with Matt Duncan’s confession for killing Papa Joe and a check for $50,000.   In return, the Ryans are to get out of town and let Conrad run the docks and his political campaign in peace.

Victoria Grayson Has a Target on Her While Talking to Jason Prosser in Revenge Season 2, Episode 12, "Collusion"

Los Angeles is still bustling and Victoria is still trying to control the situation.   She goes up to Jason’s room and finds him packing.  He tells her about the information he got from Aiden – without naming him – regarding Stonehaven.  When Victoria tries to assure him that he’s been lied to, he agrees, but he adds that the lies started when Victoria first dangled the Stonehaven deal in front of him.   Desperate as hell now, Victoria tells Jason that he has to buy Stonehaven, to save her son from the same people who David Clarke was involved with.  Jason says that he really doesn’t care about the company, that all he really wants is her.  She tells him that if he buys Stonehaven, she’s his, too.  All the while, Aiden is training the sights of his rifle on Victoria and almost gets his shot before she draws the curtains.

Amanda and Daniel are poolside when he gets a call from Donna Carlyle.  She wants to see both Daniel and Jason, at dinner that night, before she makes her final decision.  He hangs up and tells Amanda who called and that he’s said all he needed to say, but she tells him that he still hasn’t told her about the competition.   Nolan is called to see if there’s anything they can use against Prosser during this final meeting.  While Daniel is speaking to Nolan, Amanda texts him with the message “I need one more thing.  It’s about Aiden.”    During the dinner, Jason tells Donna about the good work her father did for his own father during the blackout of 1977 and raises his offer for Stonehaven.  Daniel, armed with Nolan’s  information, tells Donna about the gas price gouging one of Jason’s companies w Aiden Takes Aim in Revenge Season 2, Episode 12, "Collusion"as responsible for after 9/11.    Daniel gets the company and Jason is beyond angry.   Nolan has also sent Amanda the video of Colleen, the subject line of which is “a life for a life”.  She tells Nolan to track Aiden’s cell phone because his target is Victoria.  As Jason and Vicotria are fighting over the Stonehaven mess, Amanda finds Aiden, with a bead on Victoria and stops him from killing her.     She assures him that they’ll get back at The Initiative, but on their own terms.

Nate Ryan is none too happy with his brother’s agreement with Conrad and goes to see Conrad himself.  He tells Conrad that he’s like to but back the Stowaway.  When Conrad tells him that he doesn’t care about the bar, that it’s really the whole dock that’s a disaster,  Nate offers to use some muscle to help Conrad’s efforts, something that doesn’t sound like a bad idea to Conrad.

Nolan hasn’t been idle, either.   He realizes that Padma isn’t quite what he hoped she was.  You see, she referred to Carrion as a person the first time she mentioned and then, called it a program.. The whale-cam is back in business and is watching her tear his office apart – he’s on the phone with her, under the premise that he lost his platinum card, but she’s looking for a smart card.  She dumps a drawer on the floor and finds what she’s looking for her.  Maybe.  When she uploads the data, The Carrion Project pops up.   Maybe.   Amanda shows up at what was going to be Nolan’s house, and he’s quite despondent over the Padma/Marco conundrum.   She thinks that while she may be gaining Daniel’s confidence, she may be losing Victoria’s.   She’s afraid that Victoria may spoil it before she can carry out her plans.  Nolan advises her to poison Daniel against Victoria first.   Both Amanda and Nolan are wondering why The Initiative are so interested in the Carrion program  – the one that can turn out the lights on most of the planet – or is the real problem what will happen after the lights go out.

The Graysons have finally gathered for Charlotte’s birthday celebration and she has a surprise of her own.  She’s made her way to the court to file papers and change her name to Charlotte Clarke.  Yea, go ahead and giggle – I did.  I am.    This little announcement is the perfect excuse for Daniel to steal away with Amanda.  She takes the opportunity to “confess” her complicity to help his mother keeps tabs on him.  Daniel says that he suspected that was what was going on, given his mother’s history and his streak of bad luck.

After she leaves, she finds Aiden at her house.  He has a new video from The Initiative and it shows Colleen dying from a drug overdose.  He tells Amanda that this is what he gets for listening to her, that if his sister is really dead, it’s all on her.

Okay, now we have a bit of bad news.  Revenge won’t be back until February 10th – next week is a Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation and the week after is the Super Bowl – a night no other network dares to challenge.   Wait, there’s more –  Revenge comes back for a few episodes, then on March 3rd,  ABC is giving a new series, “Red Widow”, a test-drive.   Revenge will be back after that – there should be 22 episodes this Season and we’re only on #12, but this stuff has to stop.  We really do need to talk to Mike Kelley and those bigwigs at ABC.


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  1. Boobah says:

    Okay, first off – ABC is going to blow it. This many interruptions in a complicated show that relies on our memory and interest should not have this many hiatuses. I bet people have already lost interest just from the Christmas break! Worse yet, Mike Kelley made some storylines confusing while others are uninteresting – it isn’t smart to have viewers wait when we feel this way. Reading that news took away my excitement for the next show.

    I am getting very frustrated with all the networks actually. I was disgusted by what NBC did with the Olympics, Bravo is a network representation of psychiatric illness, and ABC cannot stick with regular programming! So annoying.

    Thanks Empress, for giving us the heads up. And for recapping – I like your recaps better than the actual show anyway! You add humor – the best was when you killed Matt Duncan! LOL! Besides, our storylines are far more intersting. I’ve got a few theories up my sleeve that I want to share but need to do a few things first.

    Thanks again Empress. This show had gotta be hard to recap. I appreciate it very much!!!

    • Boobah, I hated to be the bearer of the bad news about Revenge’s schedule. I don’t mind doing the recaps, in fact, I love them, but these stops and starts don’t help to keep up any momentum or viewer interest.
      I’ve apologized to Matt Duncan for overstating the seriousness of his condition, and I’m so glad he survived.
      “Bravo is a network representation of psychiatric illness” – for sure. 😀

  2. Hello! Thanks for the recap Empress! Hey Boobah!

    OK….this is indicative of the stupid mistakes ABC makes. I have seen them (when I worked for them) take really good shows that are well written and popular…and just ruin the shite out of them by taking these frustrating breaks, which are so unnecessary, and also losing their way in the second season with story lines. (boy was that a run on sentence!)!

    Honestly can not say what the execs mission is with these silly moves, but they are ruining the network. I know the execs who make these decisions….and everyone is frustrated with them….especially publicity. And this was going on many years ago when I worked for them…and still they have not changed their ways. CANNOT figure that one out. I am losing interest in one of THE best shows to come to a network. So crazy! (ok, rant over).

    So…..I am glad Nolan is wise to Padma. I def think he “planted” a fake Carrion data card for her to find, especially since he was watching her. Poor Nolan…no luck in love or business. I hope that changes for him. I still also think there is more to Padma than we know so far.

    The Stowaway story line is just veering off into “stale waters”. Wrap it up already. They are stringing this out into areas we don’t really care about.

    I would still like to see the show get back to its original premise….Amanda/Emily going after the Greysons. But, once again, I have seen writers ruin shows trying to out-write themselves instead of staying with what works…and then they can’t get their storylines to wrap back around each other and they fade off into confusing oblivion. Way to go ABC!

    They really need to hire us as their story writers! What a writing round table that would be, eh? LOL!

    Oh…one more thing, perhaps the issue and fight between Aiden and Amanda/Emily is their way of taking him out of the picture (off the show) so she can focus on Daniel again without that distraction. Maybe a step in the right story direction.


    • Hey Mardrag, The threat that Aiden issued to (real)Amanda made me wonder if he isn’t the one floating inside the sailboat. He’s going a little crazy between his sister and the Amanda/Daniel fauxmance.
      Re: The Stowaway storyline – can you imagine casinos in the Hamptons? Yep, that’d go over like a lead balloon.
      It looked to me like Nolan set Padma up with a fake secret decoder thing – as Amanda said, play her like she’s playing you. So, is Marco now the good guy or another bad guy?
      Now, as for ABC. They have some really good shows and yet they want to sabotage themselves. I love your take on the execs, particularly since you have a bit more inside info than the rest of us do.
      “They really need to hire us as their story writers! What a writing round table that would be, eh? LOL!” Listening to us, the viewers, wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. We want Revenge back!!! 😉

      • Ooooh….Aiden in the boat…revengey! Didn’t think of that. He IS going a little crazy.

        i don’t know if Marco is a good guy yet vs. Padma…but my Spidey senses tell me not to trust him just yet!

        What a concept…listening to the viewers…now whodathunk?! LOL! Seems like none of the networks are thinking of the viewers lately which, go figure, is why they are in business. So many things wrong with that! 😀

        • Boobah says:

          Aaaahhhhhh yesssss……..It must be Aiden in the boat! MUST be!!!! He def seemed to have that ‘snapped’ look about him in the last scene. Even Ems looked taken aback, which rarely happens. II never liked the together anyway. Bye Bye Aiden!

          Marco – good or evil? I am really on the fence with this one. I need to know why he cares about Carrion. His concern with a program that Nolan described a cyber plutonium make me think he motivation is not on the up and up. But is he involved with the Initiative also??? Well, Helen did say to Padma that she has many ‘irons in the fire’. Maybe Marco is one of those irons??

          • Boobah says:

            OMG – I am getting so sick of my typos!! I do not think I have written even one post without some sort of spastic typo!!!

            SORRY guys – it must be annoying to read! By the way, I corrected 4 typos in this post!

          • That could be. And I still have that “niggly” feeling that he and Padma are linked somehow….but at odd ends. I don’t know. I don’t trust either of them. Poor Nolan. 😦

          • trudie says:

            Helen must have a very large dungeon in which she keeps all her hostages. I am convinced that she has members of Padma’s family hostage right next to Aiden’s sister. I have been suspicious of Padma for some time, and this episode convinced me that she is not a willing pawn in this game.

            Does anyone else think that the keychain Padma gave Nolan has recording device in it so Helen can keep tabs on Nolan?

            • melthehound says:

              Nolan, the master of electronic spying, would have to be a complete fool to have not thought of that but, could be.. Maybe that’s why he tossed it aside.

              • trudie says:

                That’s the irony of my suggestion. Tossing it aside wouldn’t disable it. It would be interesting to see Nolan hoisted by his own petard, so to speak.

    • Boobah says:

      Hi Mardrag!!!!!

      I still think it’s so cool that you worked for ABC!!!! I am disappointed with what they are doing. I would love to hear more ‘rants’ about your time at ABC!

      I am also happy that Nolan wised up to Padma. Poor Nolan – so unlucky in love. I wonder how he is going to handle her now that he knows?

      I agree that the Stowaway storyline has ‘sunk’. I just don’t find it all that interesting.

      • I know…I can’t wait to see how Nolan gets creative and sneaky in dealing with Padma. I just had a thought tho….what if Helen is blackmailing her with some “family thing” too, like Aiden? Or, she could just be a creep, but then the Initiative seems to choose people with vulnerabilities to prey on and control. Hmmmm.

        • Boobah says:

          Trudie made a similar point upthread and I think both of you are right. The expression on Padma’s face in one of the last scene’s demonstrated remorse. I could be wrong but thats how I read it.

          I need a refresher regarding the Initiative and CG – Did The Iniative take down flight whatever-the-number-is and use that to blackmail the Graysons? But CG found out and instead had it pinned it on DC? Is that right??? How could CG be savvy enough to dodge that bullet – who does he have in his pocket that is on the inside the Initiative?

          • Conrad was laundering money, through Grayson Global, for the Initiative. When Flight 197 happened, his/their best way out was to pin it on David Clarke, the innocent dupe. I don’t think it’s Conrad who has the connections within the government and law enforcement, but The Initiative.

  3. Boobah says:

    Do you guys believe that the vid sent to Aiden is really his sister?? If so, do you guys believe she is dead?

    If it really is his sister, I think the OD was fake. I think his sister is with The Initiative.

  4. melthehound says:

    Well, I had a pretty long revengery theory written up then my browser puked before I could hit post. So, I’ll just say thank you for covering the show Empress. I hope we all still remember it when it comes back because I had forgotten about it during the ‘Christmas break’.

  5. Sugar Magnolia says:

    I love your recaps! I write the recaps for this show on Lynn’s site, but we post them on Sunday’s before the next episode. I am so mad we have another hiatus! I think Padma is a willing participant with the Iniative and am so glad Nolan is wise to her games now. I knew she was shady! Aiden and Emily’s relationship is so complicated now…He promised to never abandon her again, and he did. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    • Boobah says:

      Your re-caps are also very good! I know whatcha mean about Aiden – he promised he wouldn’t leave but it looks like he does. Did you see the preview for the next episode (that is prolly airing some time in 2014) where Ems says something like, “Don’t you leave me with this”. Her expression looked like real hurt. I don’t know if I have seen Ems feel real hurt over anything before.

      The hiatus thing is such bullsh*t. ABC is really effing this up.

    • Hey Sugar Magnolia, I enjoy your recaps as well – the Sunday morning idea gives me a little refresher course before the new episode airs. I’m trying to give Aiden a pass on his broken promise. (real) Amanda knows that finding his sister is just as important to him as her revenge is to her, but she hasn’t been nearly as helpful as he’s been to her. When he saw the OD video, I felt sorry for him for listening to Amanda. No one who’s helped her has fared well. Even Jack, who she said she never wanted to hurt, has been collateral damage throughout her mission.
      Thank you for stopping by to comment. 🙂

      • melthehound says:

        Empress, this is kind of in line with what I was talking about when my browser choked. I had a lot more words though 😉

  6. Sugar Magnolia says:

    It was a little surprising that we didn’t get an end quote this episode. Yes, Emily/Amanda has a lot of collateral damage. Aiden needs to be super careful because he’s between a rock and a hard place. Who should he trust? Emily or Helen? I hope Nolan get’s Padma out of his company and life. I guess we will have to wait a couple more weeks to find out. Gosh, I love this show! Thanks for your welcome to your sight! Much appreciated.

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