reven8e- Sabotage

Someone in a ski mask and black clothing is lying on the ground, bleeding and Aiden is holding a gun.  The apparently dead figure also has a tattoo on their wrist of the double infinity sign.

It’s two days earlier and Amanda and Aiden are having a discussion about the kiss between Daniel and Amanda.  She explains that it doesn’t mean anything and that it’s just part of the agreement she made with Victoria.   Somewhat satisfied with her response, Aiden tells Amanda that he’s made contact with Helen Crowley who also wants his help.   He also tells her about the possibility that his sister, Colleen, may be alive.  Amanda asks him the same question we would have asked, given the opportunity, in fact, the very question we had a week ago – did she offer any proof?   Of course, he says “no”, but he’s waiting to hear from Helen.

Amanda makes a quick trip to New York City – these folks move at lightning speed between the Hamptons and the city – and she drops by Daniel’s office.  When he leans in for a kiss, Amanda isn’t very receptive and tells him that she’d like to take things slowly for a while.  Daniel is a bit crestfallen, but Amanda cheers him up in the best way one can cheer up a Grayson, by telling him that she has an idea that might help Grayson Global’s image, and, their bottom line.   She says that she’s going to hold a wine auction to raise money for her charity which helps foster children.   The two are interrupted by Daniel’s secretary Grace, who hand him a package from Helen Crowley, and tells him that Helen is on hold as they speak.  The package contains a prospectus for Stonehaven United Solutions.   Amanda excuses herself so that Daniel can take the call but asks Grace if she can use her phone to call about some of the arrangements for her fundraiser.  What Amanda really does is pick up on the same line and eavesdrops on the conversation between Helen and Daniel.    Helen wants Grayson Global to purchase Stonehaven,  information which Amanda delivers to Victoria.

Amanda Looks Concerned While Talking to Jack in Revenge Season 2, Episode 11, "Sabotage"

Emily is visiting Jack in jail and wants to call Amanda or Nolan to help him get out of there.  Jack tells her that he was setup by the police and the Ryans but warns her not to do anything because they’d hurt her or Declan or both.  I’m not so sure that Emily is too worried about the Ryans given the fact that she’s already killed Frank Stephens.   Declan visits his brother, too, and Jack tells him everything he knows about the Ryans and the staged raid and arrest.  The Ryans are feeling pretty good about themselves, though, and stop by the Stowaway to tell Declan that he might as well just sell the place to them with the prospect of Jack going to prison.   Emily growls at Kenny, telling him to stop playing innocent and throws some money back at him.   I’m telling you, don’t mess with this woman.

Back at Grayson Manor, Conrad is hosting a visitor, his old friend and business rival, Jason Prosser, a big, successful hedge fund manager.   Victoria stomps in and after a quick acknowledgement of her guest, tells Conrad that she needs to talk to him – now.   She’s all in a stew about Helen Crowley and the Stonehaven acquisition.   Conrad doesn’t appear to be phased by the news, at all.  He explains that Stonehaven is just the kind of company that The Initiative would love – a disaster recovery firm that influences upheaval and then profits from the aftermath.   Victoria wants to know just what kind of aftermath he’s talking about, maybe another Flight 197.   When she sees that Conrad isn’t going to be of much help, she tells him that she’ll thwart them herself, through sabotage.    To get the ball rolling, Victoria suggests to Amanda that she invite Jason to the auction because there’s nothing more beneficial to a charity than  pitting corporate egos against each other, allowing for the measure of one’s manhood by the size of his wallet.

Daniel is having a little chat with Nolan and lets him know that there are a few things missing from NolCorp’s records.   Daniel is really, really interested in the abandoned Carrion project – that super computer decoder, cyber-plutonium thing – and tells Nolan that, under the terms of full disclosure, he wants everything that is or ever was in research and development at Nolcorp – ASAP.    After Daniel  storms off, in walks the lovely but questionable Padma.   “I miss you Nolan.  I want you Nolan.  I’ll do anything, I pinky promise, if you’ll only take me back, Nolan.  Really. You can trust me.”  Well, not to be outdone, Marco manages to make an entrance just in the nick of time and he wants everything Padma does.   Nolan folds, and tells Marco that if they could find room for him, then rehiring Padma shouldn’t be a problem.  Yeah, right.

Following the theme of ghosts of mistresses past,  Ashley shows up to negotiate something for herself from Conrad.  She’s decided that the Graysons owe her, and well, they probably do, but not for the same reasons she has.  Her deal is that Conrad either brings her back on board or she’ll spill all of the dirty little secrets she’s been privy to while serving and servicing the Grayson family.  Not much of a choice there.

The wine auction is going well, and Daniel bids $1 million dollars for a bottle of something or other.  He’d outbid Jason for the bottle and Jason decides that he’s now interested in purchasing Stonehaven, as a sort of consolation prize and as a way of getting one over on the Graysons, once Victoria mentioned Grayson Global’s interest in the company.  It doesn’t matter what wine was, really, because when Amanda and Daniel pour a couple of glasses, they spit it out as if they’ve just sipped kerosene.

Also in attendance are Helen Crowley and Aiden, who leave the event together and get into an elevator that abruptly stops and is filling up with gas.  They wake up, tied up and with their heads covered.  Aiden manages to free himself and gets a gun away from  and shoots one of the masked baddies who have been holding them.  Helen wants to see who it is but a second masked figure is coming after them, so they flee.  The approaching bad guy reaches his fallen partner and looky there – it’s Amanda, and her partner is none other than Nolan – fake bullet, fake blood, revengey stuff.  Helen is making a phone call because she thinks she knows who is behind the whole thing.   Aiden, Amanda and Nolan are just hoping that she’s buying what they did and nothing will come back to them.

Charlotte and Declan want Conrad to help get Jack out of jail but Conrad isn’t too keen on the idea.  Ashley convinces him that, now that he wants to run for political office, his cooperation might benefit his future aspirations.   He pulls some strings with a judge friend and gets Jack released, but the ever resourceful Emily has already stolen Conrad’s watch and traded it for a gun.

Marco is getting even more desperate and tells Nolan that if he doesn’t trust him, he should look at Marco’s emails which will prove that he’s done nothing wrong.   Nolan takes him up on the offer and finds a very incriminating email to Daniel’s private account which mentions the abandoned project.  Marco denies that he wrote it and I believe him –  this time.   And  Padma is calling Helen Crowley.  Oh my.


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  2. Good Morning Empress….and Revengey friends! I missed commenting last week because it was such a busy week, so I am glad to be back again. I watched this epi late last night and thought it was good. But, did anyone else buy the “attack” on Aiden & Helen? I was a bit confused about why the whole thing was going down and….I totally knew it was Emily who was the masked gunman, and Nolan was the sidekick. Was I just psychic…or did you all get it right away too? Did I miss something earlier in the epi as to WHY they were doing this whole thing? Sigh…revengey!

    Regarding the mess with Jack & the Stowaway….I am beginning to think more and more that the “hand” of the drowned guy at the beginning of the season (when the Amanda goes down) is one of the Ryan brothers and Amanda and/or Declon will be behind it. More like Amanda. She is a strong woman and not afraid of the Ryan brothers (she has seen and done worse) and she is a pitbull where Jack and Carl are concerned. I can totally see her taking them down. BUT, this is Revenge too, so I could be totally wrong! 🙂

    Having said all of that, does this season seem a bit “choppy” to anyone else? Last season flowed a bit better and more seamless, while I feel this season I am watching “weekly” episodes that stand on their own rather than weaving an ongoing tale. Maybe it is just me. I have been very busy and haven’t been able to watch the epi’s multiple times and look for details like I did last season.

    Oh, oh, oh, oh….yeah….almost forgot…..ooooh Padma! Did we all call that one?!? We knew she was likely a bad guy…but in Helen’s pocket? Didn’t see that one. Not surprised, but didn’t guess The Initiative. Now Marco…even tho he LOOKS like he may be on Nolan’s side, I still do not trust him and think more will come out about him too. But, Nolan is heading into some murky trouble here. I hope Ems will be there for him!

    OK…..that is my “novel” for now. Can’t wait to see what all of you have to share about this!

    Hello & Hugs to you Empress! Hope you are well!

    • Happy Monday to you, too MarDrag! Yep, they’re throwing a lot of subplots at us and I’m not sure how some of them tie in to the original premise and storyline. For instance, I don’t know why we should care about the problems between Jack and the Ryan boys, and I have no idea where that’s going or if it even matters in the grand scheme.
      This is just my humble opinion, but I think the attack on Helen and Aiden was done to make it look like the Graysons were behind it. If Helen falls for that, then (real) Amanda will have The initiative and the Graysons at each others’ throats – more than they already are.
      Marco, Padma and Nolan – now there’s a strange trio. Is Padma really working for Helen or is she doing what (real) Amanda is and just playing her? As for Marco, who knows? He sure got played with that email, so somebody wants him out of the picture.

      • Oh good…so it is not just me, LOL! i agree about the whole Jack/Ryan Bros thing. I hope they tie it into some relevance soon or I may get bored with it. Maybe Emily (Amanda) will have to come to the rescue or something and jack will find out the truth about her. Hmmm. 🙂

        Now, you bring up something revengey about Padma. Didn’t consider she might be “playing” Helen. That’s intriguing. And why or for what purpose? Great point lady! And yes, someone planted that email to mess with Marco….but who? Gasp! 😛

      • Boobah says:

        Oooooohhhhhh Empress – that is very revengy indeed! Very interesting – Padma playing Helen?!?! Now that would be an awesome twist! We must explore this –
        But I need to jog my memory – Padma first came onto the scene as a disgruntled NolCorp employee how was worried about an audit. She didn’t like that Nolan was never in the office – is this correct?? I wonder if Helen and Padma had known each other at this point? Or was their involvment something that transpired after Padma took the CEO position? If she isn’t a mole for The Initiative, then who does she answer to?

    • Boobah says:

      Hi there!

      I figured it was Amanda also. The first scene showed a body laying on the floor with a ski mask that revealed her eyes – IMO, she has distinct eyes so I recognized that it was her. But I also had my sleuth cap on with heightens my revengy senses.

      YES – this season is choppy – great description for it. Things are more disjointed and nothing is flowing. I hope they pull some of the storylines together soon.

      I bet you are correct – the arm floating in the water as the Amanda sinks is probably one of the Ryan Bro’s. It HAS to be. Who else could it be?? Somehow I bet that Amanda had something to do with this.

  3. melthehound says:

    Revengery! Marco has become an annoying bitch. I can’t think of a nicer way to say that. I actually do believe he put Grayson on to these deleted projects. Only because, who else knew about them unless it’s Nolan himself. Speak of the devil and in she walks. Padma.. I see a throwdown between her and Marco coming. Nolan needs to decide which way he swings. What may end up happening is Marco and Padma team up against him because it already seems that both are working against him.

    I still can’t help feeling that this show has strayed a long way from what I thought the original goal was. Bury the Graysons. This bar plot is boring the hell out of me. It’s moving too slow.. I wish Amanda/Emily would have just shot the Ryan guy and got it over with. She has rich friends, and could make that disappear. She showed her hand though. He has to suspect now that she is packing heat and wants to use it. It will be interesting to see who ends up on that boat at the bottom of the ocean. Does anyone think that Emily/Amanda will ever tell Jack who she really is? There has to be a reason to continue this bar plot.

    • Boobah says:

      Now that would be a great storyline – Padma and Marco team up against Nolan! Omg – I just envisioned them in a mudpit!

      They have strayed from the original goal – to ruin the Graysons and to clear David Clarke’s name. There seems to be a bunch of revegneries going on.

      YES – I do believe that Ems will eventually tell Jack who she really is. While the bar plot is reeaaalllyyy getting drawn out, I bet that this puts Jack and Ems closer together. Maybe the sinking becomes the catalyst for Ems’ admission?? I doubt it. Actually, I think it will be a while before Jack knows the truth. I think a lot of shite will have go down before that happens.

      • I agree too that they have strayed from the original concept and goal and are bringing too many strings of storylines that don’t add up into the mix. I hate it when they do with with good shows…the 1st season is so good….and then they can’t stay consistent for the 2nd season. I hope this turns around.

        LOL at MTH about Marco. And Boobah, it could be that Marco and Padma team up….Nolan is in for a whole lotta shite to deal with. I feel bad for him….but his storyline has strayed too.

        I worked for ABC TV years ago and I saw them mess up soooo many good shows. 😦 I hope this will not be one of them!

        • Boobah says:

          OMG!!! You worked for ABC?!!?!?!? Oh man, can you make a call and tell them they are messing up the show?! Give them a linkk to here! We can write the show better than nthey are at this point! I am totally kidding – LOL!!!

          Seriously though – how cool is that you worked for ABC!

          • Honestly…it was fun for awhile but…it was not as exciting as it sounds. Except to find out how it all works behind the scenes and how they can screw up a good show! LOL! Like they are doing now! 😛

      • mth and Boobah, I hope Jack never finds out who the real Amanda is. I mean, really, this poor guy has been to hell and back thanks to (real)Amanda’s revenge mission. Now he thinks he’s marrying that same girl he knew 20 years ago. I don’t know how he could ever forgive and forget everything that’s happened to him thanks to Emily, Amanda, Nolan, the Graysons, etc. He’d be better off just getting married to the fake Amanda, moving away with his wife and son and living the rest of his life in blissful ignorance, Declan can go fend for himself with Charlotte by his side.
        It may make the real Amanda feel better by ‘fessing up but it sure isn’t going to help Jack.

        • Empress, you are right…that would be devastating to Jack and I don’t see how he could ever forgive Emily/Amanda. But so too….Amanda/Emily is in on the fraud and what would happen to them and Carl if it came out? Jack would be furious with her too. I feel for him…his life is a mess with all of this AND the Ryan Bros.!

          Maybe he needs to join the Initiative and start a new life altogether! Har har har hardy har har!! 😛

          • Boobah says:

            Mardrag and Empress – you guys make a good point. It would devastate Jack.

            Unless, of course, the info was given to him as a means to make him feel better. The way I can see it happening is something bad happened to Amanda. Maybe she is in the boat accident or she kills a Ryan Bro and goes to jail – whatever. Jack is consumed with saddness but as he goes through her things, he sees that things aren’t adding up. This makes him nuts and confused. So in an attempt to ease some of his pain, or at least let him know that he isn’t nuts – Ems tells him the truth.

            A stretch, I know.

  4. Boobah says:

    Okay!!!! I’ve GOT it…..Padma is Aiden’s SISTER!?!?!!! She has been brainwashed and has been selected by Helen to be a mole in Grayson Global. Helen knows this will completely disarm Aiden! Padma was recruited at a young age and reprogrammed to be a spy.

    • melthehound says:

      Good revenery scheme. Could be…

    • Boobah I have to hand it to you, my dear. Padma is Aiden’s sister – now that would be very revengey, indeed.

      • Orrrrrrr….Padma & Marco have similar looks and seem to be of the same nationality sooooo, THEY could be brother & sister (or related)…Padma DOES work for Helen….Marco knows it…..and is trying to save Nolan from her betrayal. But he can’t tell Nolan because Padma is blackmailing him, or has some other power over him. That’s why Marco came back to take over and tried to push Padma out. Revengey! 😛

        • Boobah says:

          OOOooooooohhhhhh!!!! Good one!

          And you know, ths could be. After all, we don’t have any history on Padma. We don’t know anything about her. The same can be said for Marco, except that we know he used to work for Nolan and that they were in a relationship. Other than that, nada.

          Maybe Helen recuited Padma exactly because of her brothers connections to NolCorp!!!

          Very revengy and twisty.

          • “Maybe Helen recuited Padma exactly because of her brothers connections to NolCorp!!!”

            Another good one Boobah. I could see this being true (to the script). That would be some smart script writing. (Notice a pattern here)? Tee hee!

  5. Looks like ABC agrees with us: ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee touted Revenge‘s ratings performance but conceded that the story got a bit too “big” in Season 2. “I know [series creator] Mike Kelley is excited about focusing on our lead characters and their emotional journey.” (source: TVLIne)

  6. not THAT Jill says:

    I don’t know why Amanda didn’t tell Ems the truth about Jack!! I would love to see what Ems would do to the Ryan Bros. I tired of them and the whole Stowaway story line-its getting very boring. I love Jack but he just dumb sometimes!!
    I think Miss Padma is feeling a little too cute and its gonna bite her in ass-soon I hope!! When she called Helen-I screamed!! I knew she was a schemer from the beginning!! Funny about the possibility of her being Aiden’s sis-that would be something!!
    I know its crazy but Im happy Ashley is back-I want to know if she always knew it was Ems who gave her the money way back when.
    These Initiative people are so mysterious-they are everywhere!!!!

    • Hey Jill!!! We missed your brainstorming with us. I take it we’re all in agreement re: the Ryan/Porter brouhaha.
      Ashley does bring her own special something, doesn’t she? She may not have seen who gave her the money that night, but we don’t know for sure whether she found out, at some point, that it came from (real)Amanda.
      “When she called Helen-I screamed!!” So, that was you – scared me half to death. 😉

    • Boobah says:

      Jill!!! There you are! I agree w/Empress – you were missed. As you see, we came up with some whoppers yet again. I think I like our storylines better! Lol!

      OMG – I remember that you did not trust Padma at all. Well, you nailed it. I was on the fence myself.

      I want to know more about this Initative org. What the hell are they??

      • not THAT Jill says:

        The Initiative are a scary bunch-how long until Daniel figures out how deeply he is involved in such a group? He is a bit dense-for someone who is taking over a multi-million dollar company he doesn’t seem to be to “with it”.
        I love reading all of your revengy twists-I was telling my sister about all the twisties we come up with. She loves it too!!!
        Empress-sorry I scared you with my scream-even though I never trusted that Padma I didnt think she would be involved with Helen!!!

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