reven8e – Power

Amanda and Aiden are on the beach, in hoodies, practicing karate or kung fu or tae kwon do or power Pilates.  Anyway, they’re working out and then making out.   In New York City, Daniel is walking to work as CEO of Grayson Global when he’s called over to a limousine by the ever-present Helen Crowley.   Now that Daniel is in charge of the company, Helene, in her role as representative of The Initiative would like to ensure that Daniel is serving their needs.  She tells him that NolCorp isn’t the only secret asset hidden within Grayson Global, and that he should dig a little deeper to uncover other buried treasures.

Conrad and Victoria are enjoying a little leisure time together, now that Conrad has plenty of it.   Well, Conrad is trying to enjoy the time, letting phone calls from worried investors go unanswered.  Victoria is still being herself, working to remove her son from the family company, and for this she knows she’s going to have to ask for Amanda’s help.    She also informs Conrad that Patricia Barnes and her husband will be spending the weekend with the Graysons, and that they’ve purchased a table for a fundraiser for Patricia’s Liberty Foundation.  Now, the first interesting bit of information about this visit is that Mr. Barnes happens to be Judge Robert Barnes, who presided over David Clarke’s trial and is now a heartbeat away from being a member of the United States Supreme Court.   The second tidbit is about the Foundation, as its’ mission is to help those who have been wrongly accused and convicted of crimes.  Well, that’s rich.

While the Graysons are going over their plans,  Amanda and Aiden are looking through the Infinity box, reading an unsigned letter which addresses David Clarke’s miscarriage of justice.   They believe that the letter may have been written by Barnes’ clerk, James Palmer,  who died just three days after a press conference in which Judge Barnes fully committed himself to a speedy trial for the man accused of banking terrorists – in the interest of justice, of course.

Aiden shows up at Grayson Global, under the premise that he really needs to see Daniel.  When he’s told where Daniel is having lunch, of course he calls Amanda, so that all of them can be there at the same time.  Conrad is dining with Daniel and Daniel wants to know about the secret accounts – the boy may not be too bright, but at least he’s forthright.   Their attention is drawn to another table where there’s an argument going on – a loud one.  Aiden and Amanda are putting on a performance of how to break up in public so that everyone can see and hear you, and it’s all for the Graysons’ benefit.  It worked.   After lunch, Daniel returns to work only to find Nolan sitting at his desk.   When Nolan asks Daniel “where’s London fog”, Daniel tells him that she – Ashley – is somewhere licking her wounds.  Daniel does tell him that Aiden and Amanda have broken up their relationship to which Nolan responds “quelle surprise”.    Daniel then informs Nolan that he wants his very skillful technical help hacking into Grayson Global’s accounts in search of the hidden stuff.

Nolan, because he’s Nolan and likes Amanda and doesn’t like Daniel, lets her know what Daniel is planning.  He also tells her that he’s heard about her break up with “Remington Steele”,  smirking a little, until  Aiden walks in and Nolan realizes that it was just a “fake-up”.   Amanda explains to Nolan that this allows her to cozy up to Daniel.  Aiden just wants to ensure that Nolan tells him everything he finds out about The Initiative before he tells Daniel anything.

Victoria is flitting about, inviting everyone she needs to dinner to meet Judge and Mrs. Barnes.   Daniel is more than happy to come, now that he can sit across the table from Amanda and look at her with those sad puppy dog eyes of his.   The meal is going according to plan until Amanda brings up the name of a law professor she had – James Palmer.   Judge Barnes acknowledges that he was his clerk during the David Clarke trial.  The judge also goes on and on about how contemptible Clarke was, and that he couldn’t be happier with the man’s conviction – yep, he’s certain as all get out of that guy’s guilt.  Patricia Barnes is looking a little green around the gills, however, as if hearing Palmer’s name and the talk of the trial is about to choke her to death.  She claims she has a headache and her husband hustles her off to bed faster than you can say “power corrupts”.

While the rich and powerful residents of the Hamptons are scheming, the Porters are having their own problems, thanks to the Ryan brothers.   The new partners in the Stowaway are flexing their muscle and, at the same time, are up to no good.    Jack knows it and is trying to get his son and future wife out of harm’s way.  Declan senses something and, while using Charlotte as cover,  starts searching the storage room for something.   He’s especially suspicious about the bags and bags of coffee beans piled up in the room.    His suspicions appear to be well-founded and Declan finds drugs among the beans.   He spills a few, though, raising some eyebrows between the Ryans.   When Jack and Declan finally get an opportunity to talk, Jack remembers that he has an old friend who’s now a cop – a friendship that might come in handy under the circumstances.     That night, the police raid the bar and the boat, where Declan and Charlotte are having a romantic moment.   Police dogs hit on drugs and a gun and, at first, arrest Declan.  Jack intervenes, telling the police that he owns the boat and his brother doesn’t know anything about any of it.   Jack is placed in cuffs and taken to jail.  The Ryan brothers aren’t too happy with this turn of events and warn Declan about any more calls to the police – whoever is making them should be careful.

Nolan has wormed his clever way into Grayson’s security system, again, and shows Aiden a piece of video where Helen Crowley is seen making a phone call, more than likely to The Initiative.   The phone is activated by a code word which Aiden says is “ingress”, the Latin word for entry – among the many other things you learn at Revenge school, they also offer classes in lip-reading and the translation of Caesar’s Gallic wars.  He calls the number, says the code word and finds himself talking to Helen.  She isn’t surprised by the caller in the least and suggests that the two of them meet.   When they do, it isn’t pleasant at all.  Aiden wants to wring her neck, but Helen, very wisely, has brought along a few reinforcements with very big guns.  She tells Aiden that his sister is alive and will remain so as long as he never mentions their meeting to anyone else.

Nolan is having a bit of a problem with his former lover and CFO, Marco Romero.  Marco, it seems, would like to get back into Nolan’s good graces and has candles and wine at the ready, just in case Nolan has had a change of heart.  To further his cause, Marco also shows Nolan a computer coder thingamajig – that’s my tech-speak for whatever the heck it’s really called.  Nolan tells Marco that he abandoned the plans for that device because it was as powerful as “cyber-plutonium”.    To me, it sounds like the perfect gadget for any plans one might have for sabotaging Grayson Global and The Initiative.

The night of the Liberty Foundation fundraiser arrives and Patricia Barnes is still a little under the weather.  Amanda, after greeting Daniel, excuses herself to go apologize to the poor woman for upsetting her the night before.  While the two are alone, Amanda shows Patricia the handwritten and unsigned letter.  Patricia tells Amanda that she is the author of it and cared very deeply for and about James Palmer.    After a speech in which Conrad goes on and on about “truth, justice and the American way”, Patricia makes her way to the podium.  Armed with the letter, and her new found resolve, she tells the roomful of donors about the real Judge Barnes, the one who would sell the Statue of Liberty at a local pawn shop if he thought it would bring him more power.  She explains how her husband convicted David Clarke by withholding information that would have meant a mistrial, and that a tainted jury issued a guilty verdict.    She then removes her jacket to reveal bruises up and down her arms.  As the disgraced Barnes makes his way out of the room, Conrad does his own damage control and throws the judge under the bus.   Amanda scores another one – only this one carries much more weight in terms of the public’s perception about her father.

Helen is telling Daniel that Nolan’s fishing expedition is leaving a nice trail of breadcrumbs right back to NolCorp and it’s secrets.   Jack calls Emily from jail.  Daniel shows up at Amanda’s house and kisses her.  Victoria is watching and smiling.  Aiden is watching and he’s not smiling.


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  2. Boobah says:

    Before I start on my revengy theories, may I first say that I just LOVE your funny quips peppered throughout your blogs!! I enjoy them because they are unexpected and very witty! Here’s a few that got me today and one from yesterday –

    “among the many other things you learn at Revenge school, they also offer classes in lip-reading and the translation of Caesar’s Gallic wars.”

    “Amanda and Aiden are on the beach, in hoodies, practicing karate or kung fu or tae kwon do or power Pilates.”

    And the one that I forgot to remark on yesterday’s blog, “The sons are now doing dear old dad proud, and beat up Matt Duncan as a form of payback – it seems that they didn’t kill him, after all, and neither did I.” OMG – I remember the blog where you killed Matt Duncan!! Funny, funny, funny!!

    I also liked, “Well, That’s rich” when describng the charity for the wrongfully accused.

    LOL Empress. Thank you for an excellent recap.

    • trudie says:

      One of my favs from this recap: “To further his cause, Marco also shows Nolan a computer coder thingamajig – that’s my tech-speak for whatever the heck it’s really called. “

  3. Boobah says:

    I thnk Aiden isn’t going to be able to handle Ems’ fake relationship with Daniel. He had quite a mug on him in the last scene. I wonder if this will eventually make hime turn against Ems and her quest for revenge. Between this and the fact that his sister is alive mght cause emotional overload – can he handle all this despite his traing at the Revenge Academy? Could he go rouge and become another matter that Ems must deal with? As of now, I am not so certain that Aiden’s sister is alive. I need more proof and why didn’t he ask for proof?

    • In the preview for next week, it looks as if Amanda explains the Daniel relationship to Aiden and he responds with “on with the show”.
      Re: Aiden’s sister – I don’t know if she’s still alive or not, but I wouldn’t trust Helen as far as I could throw her. The Russian mobster that Aiden killed in the flashback episode said that for all he knew, Colleen might be dead. Aiden may not have asked for proof because he heard what he wanted to hear – that his sister is alive.

      • Boobah says:

        Aha – I didn’t catch that part of the preview. Okay, so Aiden gets it together. Thats one theory down.

        I do not trust Helen either. Not one bit. Good point that Aiden heard what he wanted to hear.

  4. trudie says:

    Marco is giving me whiplash – first he sells Nolan out and two seconds later he is setting up a romantic dinner for Nolan. Why would he think Nolan would want to get back together after he (Marco) engineered the downfall of NolCorp?

    I am bored beyond tears with the whole bar business and am just waiting for Amanda to exact revenge on the evil Ryan brothers. I don’t think motherhood has changed her homicidal tendencies.

    • It sure looks like Marco is taking care of Marco. I don’t know what the little stalker is up to, but he’s playing every side he can. I’m hoping that Nolan will trust his instincts when it comes to Marco, use the cyber-plutonium device when it becomes necessary and then send him packing. Padma is till out there somewhere, waiting in the wings.
      The bar storyline is about the only thing that keeps the Porters relevant. I agree that Faux-manda could turn into one angry Mama bear if her son is threatened. Other than that, IMHO, there’s nothing about the bar and the boat that really has anything to do with the bigger Revenge plan.

    • Boobah says:

      LOL@ whiplash. Humor aside, I agree that something is fishy there. What is Marco’s endgame? IMO, Marco isn’t being sincere. I really don’t believe he still has feelings for Nolan. Maybe what he really wants is for Nolan to finsh working on that techy thingamajig so he can get a cut.

      Re: The Ryan bros – I bet you are right!! I can totally see Amanda going into a homicidal fit. If she felt she needed to protect her family, hell yeah she would kill the Ryan’s. The other time we saw her kill was when she thought sge was protecting Emily.

      • trudie says:

        Or, why didn’t Amanda tell Emily about the Evil Ryans? Jack sent her to live with Emily, right? Wouldn’t Emily ask why? You know Emily would go all Oklahoma on their asses.

        • Boobah says:

          Yeah – you are right! WHY didn’t Amanda tell Emily about the Evil Ryans??? Ths just HAS to be part of next weeks storyline! Maybe Emily will off or scare away (lol@oklahoma!) the Ryan Bros (oh,oh,oh!! Maybe its the Ryan bros that we see in the shipwrecked Amanda that was shown as a flashback a while back!!!!). After the Ryan bros are out of the picture, maybe Emily invests in the bar, afterall Jack will still be having financial woes in all likelihood.

          At the very least, it will make the Jack and Declan storyline more relevent. But this could also start up feelings between Emily and Jack again because if they are partners then there will be more contact between the two. I mean, at some point Jack has to find out that Emily is the real Amanda – maybe this could be how he finds out!??!

  5. melthehound says:

    Now that I’ve watched it, I think ole Judge Barnsie should have had to walk through a gauntlet of people swinging baseball bats. I’m glad to see that Amanda is getting back to some of her revengery. Marco seems more trouble than he was ever worth and quite the stalker type. As for the bar, what a pair of morons. Partnering with the Ryan brothers without vetting them out first to see what their real game is. Isn’t Jack (?) sort of friends with Nolan? The guy who seems to be able to find out anything?

    As usual, I wait for your recaps to watch so I can pick up on stuff the first time through.

    • Boobah says:

      Omg – excellent point about Jack not vetting out the Ryan Bros via Nolan’s skill set. Now that you mention this, I am annoyed that Jack was smart enough to do this. Grrrrr.

      LOL@ revengery! Great word.

      I don’t trust Marco. There is no way he has real feelings for Nolan. He is up to something.

    • That rocket scientist, Declan, kind of put his brother between a rock and a hard place when it came to the Ryan boys. Jack should have seen some red flags, especially when the liquor distributor told him that Carl, Sr., would have been ashamed that his sons were doing business with the Ryans, but he had to find some way to take care of what Kenny Ryan had (not really) lost during the break-in and repair the Stowaway.
      BTW, I wonder whatever happened to Trey, the one who got Declan to do the burglary with him. It seems as if he showed up just long enough to set things in motion between the Porters and the Ryans, and then “poof” – he disappeared.
      “revengery” 😀

      • melthehound says:

        Perhaps Trey did his only job on the show when he made sure Delcan’s ID got left at the crime scene.

  6. trudie says:

    Saw this on another blog. It made me laugh so I had to share: “Once again, Victoria Grayson stands revealed as the absolute worst hostess in the history of the Hamptons. At some point, shouldn’t the press (not to mention the rest of the population of Hamptons) zoom in on the fact that every time she throws a party, someone dies, falls off a balcony, gets taken hostage, or stands up in front of the room to make a scandalously shocking announcement?”

    • Trudie, I’m LMAO – between this quote and your comment “go all Oklahoma on their ass”. 😀
      I think most of us would send our regrets before we’d attend any function hosted by Victoria.

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