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After taking a five week break, “Revenge” returns with a new episode this Sunday, January 6th.   Just to be sure that we’re all on the same page and have our facts straight, I thought I’d put on my Revenge cap and do a quick summary of the episodes we’ve already seen.  I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve had moments when I can’t remember what I went into the kitchen for, so this is as much for me as it is for you.    The highlights of the season, thus far, are as follows:

_ Amanda (the real one) was, and probably still is, in love with a fellow Revenge school alum, Aiden Matthews.

– Amanda  found her mother, Kara,  alive.

– Amanda’s mother was married to the white-haired man, a.k.a Gordon Murphy, and the two had very interesting history.

– Emily (the real one)  had Jack Porter’s baby, Carl.

– We met the Ryan brothers who are the sons of a shady, and downright dangerous man, who often resorted to extortion in order to gain control of businesses along the wharf.  Ryan, Sr. was killed by Matt Duncan using Carl Porter’s gun.

– Declan got himself mixed up in a fake burglary ring which was part of an elaborate plan by the Ryan boys.  The sons are now doing dear old dad proud, and beat up Matt Duncan as a form of payback – it seems that they didn’t kill him, after all, and neither did I.  Declan’s misdeeds resulted in the Ryans becoming partners in the Porter’s bar.

– Nolan Ross was given financial help from David Clarke to get NolCorp up and running.   Nolan’s failure to tell his friend and former CFO, Marco Romero, about David Clarke’s money and the whereabouts of $500 million,  cost Nolan dearly, and now Marco  is hell-bent on his own revenge.

– The white-haired man kidnapped Victoria Grayson, which was actually planned by the two of them.

– Victoria and Conrad tied the knot, again, but the festivities were cut short when Conrad was arrested for the murder of Gordon Murphy.  A few well-placed pieces of evidence and the nosy writer, Mason Treadwell, were all it took to get a search warrant and an arrest warrant.  We know that Aiden killed Gordon, who was kept on ice until needed.

– The Initiative, not happy with the loss of one of their best agents, Gordon,  told Conrad what he had to do if he wanted to stay out of jail and alive.  They needed him to remain CEO of Grayson Global.

– Daniel, through the complicated machinations of Aiden, Amanda, and Padma – Nolan’s new CFO, seized on the information regarding David Clarke and NolCorp, propelling Daniel into the role of CEO of Grayson Global while giving the company a controlling interest in NolCorp.   This left Conrad in a very bad position with The Initiative as they no longer have any use for him.

– Victoria and Conrad are in complete meltdown mode.  Their son is now their enemy and The Initiative has them scared to death.  Victoria was last seen making a phone call to Amanda, arranging for a meeting between the two.   Daniel seems to be the most obvious reason, maybe the only reason, why Amanda and Victoria would be having any kind of conversation.

I visited ABC’s website to see if they had any little goodies for us, and I found a video and a chart, explaining the events surrounding David Clarke’s trial.   I took a look at them both and found something that didn’t make any sense, given what I thought I knew about this show.   You see, both of these visual aids have David Clarke being arrested in August, 1993.  Okay, so far, so good.  Then the date of Clarke’s conviction is shown as June, 1995, when Victoria comes to Court with her newborn baby, Charlotte.   What?    How can this be?    Did Victoria and David share conjugal visits while he was in terrorist jail, during the trial?  Did Victoria have the longest pregnancy ever recorded?  Is Charlotte really David Clarke’s daughter, at all?   This isn’t funny ABC.   I’m not kidding.   We had this all figured out with our Revengey plotlines and conspiracies, and then you go and mess with the timeline.

Here’s the video and the chart.  I can’t make heads or tails of this one, at least not on my own.

Discover the events that led up to David’s death

Empress – dazed and confused

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12 Responses to reven8e – Rewind

  1. melthehound says:

    Thanks for the summary Empress. Can’t wait. Since Mid December there hasn’t been anything worth watching on TeeVee..

  2. yea finally…. I did catch scandal on thursday nite..almost didnt watch ot as my tv guide showed it as a repeat…which it was not….
    i sure do miss SONS….

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Diva-was Scandal a re-cap? I thought it was starting back on Thursday the 10th? I hope it was a re-cap and I didn’t miss a new show!!!

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I just checked the Scandal twitter TL and it shows that Thursday night was a repeat of the last 2 episodes…Thank God-I was thinking I missed the return episode!!!

  3. Boobah says:

    Thank You, Thank you for this re-cap, Empress!!!! I actually just realiized Revenge was back on tonight – I panicked a little because some of the plotlines got fuzzy for me. So THANK YOU for this recap!!

    I am so excited! Woohoo!

    Now regarding the timeline….
    I reviewed it. According to ABC’s timeline, the “newborn” at that time would be 14 months old, if my math is correct. 14 months isn’t considered a newborn, is it?? IMO, the word ‘Newborn’ in the timeline can’t be a mistake. I mean, if the primary purpose of a timeline is to illustrate a series of related events in order, then botching an age would be a pretty big deal. IMO, I would rule out that it was a typo.

    I am inclined to believe that she was able to have conjugal visits but that they were on the sly. Illegal all the way. My question is – did we ever see her or was there ever reference to Vic visiting DC??

    Damn you ABC! *shakes fist at sky* Damn you and your timelines!!

    • Boobah, There may be another explanation for Victoria’s “newborn”. Some types of sharks have gestation periods of 2 years or more. 😉
      For lack of anything better to do, I’m still going to join you and shake my fist at ABC, though.

      • Boobah says:

        LOL!! By golly that’s it! Victoria is indeed a shark! A revengy, twisty shark. So funny Empress. LOL!

  4. not THAT Jill says:

    I cant wait to come here tomorrow and see what kind of REVENGY TWISTY things we will have to chat about!!
    Im so happy Revenge is back so we can all chat and conspire once again!!!

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