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The Following – Chapter Two

Professor Joe Carroll’s disciple, Jordy Raines, is playing the part he was given by his leader and has killed nine coeds in a sorority house.  The murders were carried out Carroll style, with the symbolic mutilation of the young women’s … Continue reading

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American Idol – S12 week 2 – I thought I was going to hate…..

Welcome back AI fans (and those who aren’t).. Last week if you’ll recall I spent a lot of time griping about the judges. I also spent some time discussing what types of music I would like to see but those … Continue reading

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The Following – Season Premiere

‘The Following’s’ cast  Shawn Ashmore, Jeananne Goossen, Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy, Natalie Zea and Kyle Cattlet. Gritty doesn’t really describe the nature of “The Following”.   It’s a psychological thriller and it’s very violent.  But it’s about a serial killer, well, … Continue reading

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reven8e – Collusion

Amanda is in bed and having a dream about making love to Aiden who, in the middle of it all, morphs into Daniel.   Dreams are funny things and this one may be more telling than  Amanda even knows. Conrad and … Continue reading

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American Idol – Season 12 – The Hallmark moments

Hi Gang.. I hope this finds all of you well. Last spring I wrote about the last half of AI here at the farm and it was suggested I do it again. This time from the start. I intend to … Continue reading

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Lance and Oprah

In case you haven’t heard, and you’d have to have been living in a monastery in Tibet not to have heard, Oprah Winfrey is interviewing Lance Armstrong in a two-part presentation on Thursday and Friday.  By the time this highly … Continue reading

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reven8e- Sabotage

Someone in a ski mask and black clothing is lying on the ground, bleeding and Aiden is holding a gun.  The apparently dead figure also has a tattoo on their wrist of the double infinity sign. It’s two days earlier … Continue reading

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Scandal – Huck and the Enemy Combatant

It seems that as reality television becomes more scripted, scripted television dramas become more real.   Last night’s episode of “Scandal” was a good example of how writers and producers of these types of programs are taking their story lines straight … Continue reading

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reven8e – Power

Amanda and Aiden are on the beach, in hoodies, practicing karate or kung fu or tae kwon do or power Pilates.  Anyway, they’re working out and then making out.   In New York City, Daniel is walking to work as CEO … Continue reading

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reven8e – Rewind

After taking a five week break, “Revenge” returns with a new episode this Sunday, January 6th.   Just to be sure that we’re all on the same page and have our facts straight, I thought I’d put on my Revenge cap … Continue reading

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