FauxAlity Wednesday – SAMCRO – J’ai Obtenu Cette – I Got This

Here we are outlaw biker fans. The end of season 5 and it went way too fast for my liking. When we last left off, Clay thought he was hopping a cargo to Ireland and had asked Gemma to go with him. Tara had decided to take the Oregon job at Providence Hospital. Jax had agreed to deliver Tig to Pope. Jax also had shot Wendy with a speedball. We were wondering last week if Jax would actually hand over Tig to Pope (the man that had his best friend killed). Would Clay slither away off to Ireland.

So here we are this week. Jax wakes up and there is a note from Tara that she’s taken the boys to day care. Gemma wakes and leaves a not for Nero on the birdcage, “you should name them Carl and Carla” :heart: Gemma.. Awe, how sweet. Clay is at his kitchen table, pistol at the ready, while having his coffee, after having his ink blacked out. Jax leaves to go meet Pope at his Oakland RR yard construction site to hammer out a couple other details. Remember when Jax first connect Hale and Pope, he told Hale he wanted subsidized housing for Lila and the kids. He tells Pope that before he hands over a brother for him to murder, he wants something in writing that both the housing and the contracts for Teller-Morrow will come through, and he wants copies for both himself, and Hale. He says that once he hands over Tig, there’ll be no reason for them to talk anymore and he wants insurance. Pope agrees to it and tells him where to deliver Tig.

Back at the garage, Clay is locking up his belongings getting ready for his planned trip. He goes into the office to talk to Gemma and they give something for Chuckie to do so he excuses himself to take some matts to Tara’s house, in French. Last week, everything he said was in Dr Seuss type rhyme. Clay notes the French Gemma says she threatened to auction his hands on ebay if he didn’t stop it. So there you go. French speaking Chuckie. Gemma tells Clay that her suitcase is in the car. She is going to Ireland with him, so she says (I wouldn’t trust anything this bitch says – Yep, I’m back to calling her a bitch and a whole lot more). He asks her to meet at his place at 3pm.

Earlier, while at the hospital, Tara was having her hand examined. Turns out, no permanent damage. She asks Margret to forward the papers to the people at Providence. Wendy shows up at Tara’s office, tells her what happened and tells her what happened the previous night. Wendy tells her that she HAS to take the kids and get out  of Charming, post haste. Chuckie comes back to the office with a flower arrangement he found on her porch when he delivered the matts. WHY he brought them back to the garage, I’ll never know. Gemma reads the card and learns of Tara’s plans for Oregon. You just KNOW this isn’t going to end well for Tara.

We next see Nero talking to one of the shop keepers in his old neighborhood. Some gangster named Dante is moving in and charging her 3 times what Nero charged. Nero is back with the gang, no doubt about it and has SAMCRO backing him. Dante among other things, runs dog fights. Apparently there is one happening right now and SAMCRO pays them a visit. This is very disturbing to me. We see a bunch of douche bags standing around a dog fighting ring containing two pitbulls, one chewing on the other. Seems like a bait dog situation to me or one that has simply given up.

Sidebar- I once saw a comedian act, I think it was Eddie Griffen commenting about Michael Vic and the dog fighting prosecution, complaining that he got 4 years for it. Saying that ‘white people care more about the dogs than they do people’. Steve, or whoever you were (cause I honestly don’t remember), YOU’RE DAMN SKIPPY we do. I would trade everyone of those people’s lives in that dog fighting scene for the dogs. They Are Scum and their lives mean NOTHING to me. Yeah, I know it’s all staged and scripted for the show but this shit actually happens. It’s a HUGE problem in Detroit. In fact, it’s illegal for anyone under 18 in Detroit to own a pit bull because it apparently is mostly the teen gangsta wannabes who are doing the dog fighting. Out of everything I’ve seen on this show, in all 5 seasons, this is the most disturbing to me. End Sidebar..

The dog fight ends with someone taking the loser out and carrying her away, with Tig following behind. Jax sends a couple of the others after them while they go to find Mr Dante. The guy goes outside with the dog, with Tig behind him, he sets the dog in a kiddie pool, and Tig notices the dead dogs in the garbage cans. The guy pulls out a gun and is going to shoot the dog, Tig promises him he will die next to the dog or instead of the dog. The others stop Tig from doing it and they demand to know from this asshole, where Dante is. He tells them, they tell him to disappear, he does. Tig tells Phil to take the dog inside. As they are going to find Dante, we see this woman at a dumpster talking to a stuffed animal. We’ve seen her before I think. She was the grave yard at Donna’s funeral. We’ve seen her in a couple other places as well.

Anyway, they find Dante, counting money and the fight is on. Most give up without a fight while the guys collect all the money (likely from the dog fight). However that’s when the chase begins, ends up outside when Nero and his guys come crashing through the gate. Dante and one of his partners run back into the warehouse, the rest try to escape through another gate and that’s when the Calvary arrives (Was this the Mayans or the rest of SAMCRO?). Anyway, Nero chases Dante through the warehouse, catches up to him, and pushes him through a window. Since Justice was handed out to the S1 Clown, and Agent Stahl at the end of S3, the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen happens. I don’t know what she was doing there but some woman is getting into her SUV and Dante tries to car jack her. He gets in and he gets to say hello to her little friend..  Her Own Pit Bull who is doing his job, quite nicely ripping him to shreds, as Nero blocks the door so he cannot escape. WELL DONE FIDO! They discuss letting him out of the truck (jokingly), Chibs says that would be the good Catholic thing to do.. They continue laughing about it, commercial break.

Now we are back at the garage when the guys arrive and Tara is waiting in the office for Jax. She greets him rather coldly. Tells him that she saw the neurologist and that her hand is going to be fine. She questions him about Wendy without telling him that she’s seen Wendy. As far as he’s concerned she doesn’t know about what he’d done the night before. Oh, BTW, they too, asked Chuckie to go someplace else. He walks over to the picnic table where Unser is sitting. After Jax does his best at reassuring Tara everything is going to be fine, he goes out to talk to Unser. The once again, excuse Chuckie.. Part of Unser’s rent for parking his trailer there at the garage was he was to dig up info on Toric. Toric, is an ex highly decorated special forces guy who became a US Marshall. He was forced in to early retirement for the way he ran shop. Intimidation, racial profiling, things of that nature. You know the stuff you police officers are accused of in certain situations. The person Otto (who is about to give his statement) killed, was Pamela Toric, his sister, and his only family.

I don’t have to watch this next part again to recap it. Somehow, it stands out in my short term memory. We are at the prison in one of those interview areas where folks sit behind a 2 way mirror (Why anyone bothers with this anymore is beyond me. The convicts or convicts to be KNOW there is always someone else watching these ‘interviews’). Toric is sitting behind the mirror. Otto is brought in and cuffed to the table. The interviewer comes in, gets set up, and asks Otto to state his name for the record. Otto then, sticks his tongue out, bites it, and slams his chin on the table, severing his tongue so he can no longer speak. He then throws it at the 2 way window (I’m sure he knew who was behind the glass). Toric says, ‘Well, Way to commit, Otto’.

Over at the hospital, Tara comes in and is heading to her office, with Gemma out in the waiting area. Gawd I hate this woman. She follows Tara into her office, confronts her about Oregon and Providence Hospital. Tara says whether Gemma likes it or not, she’s leaving, With the kids. Gemma goes into Super bitch mode and promises to give Tara up to the police with some cock and bull story about how Tara knew what was going on all along. Tara goes for the throat, Gemma his her in the stomach and says ‘hope you weren’t pregnant’. Whadda Bitch.

At the club house, Jax calls Pope and tells them to head to the meeting place, he’s may be a little late. In the chapel, the guys are patching up the chewed up pit bull (Yes, she’s still alive). Jax comes in and tells them he has intel on the breeder supplying the fight dogs. Tig promises to gut the son of a bitch. Chibs want to come along but Jax says Tig only (we all know why). Earlier, we saw Juice putting something into the saddle bag either in Jax’s or Tig’s motorcycle.

They get to the meeting place and as Tig takes out his gun and prepares to go in, Jax pulls a gun on Tig. Time to pay the piper. We then see Pope and his security squad pull up in their fancy cars. Both Jax and Tig give up their guns, Jax suggests to Pope that they take Tig inside to do their deed. Jax also gets that letter of intent from Pope in exchange for delivering Tig. Jax takes Tig’s cut and the Popes escort him inside of the building.. You know, for a little privacy. Well, as Pope is savoring the moment, Jax takes this package that Juice put in the saddle bag, it is Clay’s SAMCRO gun, loaded, with a silencer. He then shoots Pope’s bodyguard, and goes inside and shoots the others. Then, he frees Tig and hands him the gun. Tells him to shoot that piece of shit who set his daughter on fire (Yes the dog fighting scene was still more disturbing to me). Pope asks Jax if he remembers the bit about the $5m insurance policy.. Jax says he counting on it. Tig shoots Pope twice in the face, can’t believe what just happened and, is pissed that he wasn’t let in on it. It’s all good though, I guess. Meanwhile, Gemma arrives at Clay’s house. She says her bags are in the car, Juice goes out to get them. Clay asks if she took care of everything, she says yes, she’s ready (it is here that Jax and Tig are arriving at the warehouse to meet with Pope).

So what has just happened? Jax has taken out a large part of Pope’s security and Pope himself, and used Clay’s gun to do it.

(this is where my viewing online puked on me so I’m doing the rest of this from memory. I’m counting on you all to fill in any blanks I leave. If it’s a little out of order, sorry)..

A phone call comes in to sheriff Eli’s office about a homicide. Eli says it isn’t in their area but the one that made the phone call, suggests it’s in his best interest to check on it for himself. Eli and several deputies get to the warehouse and see the mayhem that has occurred. When he arrives, he gets a phone call from Jax. Jax tells him where to find the gun and that he’s welcome. Remember it was Clay who set the nomads in motion, who killed Eli’s wife, and Eli wants revenge. Eli finds the gun and will later learn, it is registered, to Clay. Juice is still helping Clay pack his SAMCRO and other belongings to be put in storage. The two chat in the garage and Clay says he knows it was Juice who found the legal stuff in the ceiling vent (I still don’t know why those papers were so important). He thanks Juice for everything he’s done and as Juice is telling him to leave, NOW, there is a knock at the door. It’s Eli and his deputy. Clay is shown his gun and told that it was found at the scene of Pope’s murder. He asks Clay where he’s been during the afternoon. Clay gives his legitimate alibi, suggests it be confirmed by Gemma. She says he went out for a couple hours but she never thought it would turn into Murder… Clay cannot believe what has just happened. Remember he gave the gun to Juice and he Thought he was on good terms with Gemma. Both just fucked him. I’m sure it happened later in the episode but we see Jax talking to Popes right hand guy. Remember him? He notes that he knows who owned the gun that killed Pope (to enact the insurance policy), also notes that it’s mighty convenient that the man who burned Tigs daughter, orchestrated the death of Opie, was killed by Clay who Jax wanted dead. Motive, weapon, opportunity all wrapped in a nice neat little package. He notes to Jax that if it turns out it was not Clay, someone else will be the target of the hit. Jax assures him that he’s after the right guy. Remember last week when Jax was feeling out Pope’s right hand guy? I guess I’m going to have to learn his name now because this guy apparently, is now the head of Pope Enterprises. He orders the hit on Clay.

At the hospital, Tara is meeting with the lady lawyer, Lowman (I think that’s her name) who has drawn up papers for life insurance, guardianship, and I guess a will in case something happens to Tara and Jax. She signs the papers without reading them. We’ll leave that there for now.

Next we find outselves over at Deosa where Nero and Gemma are getting comfy and discussing the events of the day. Nero wants to know where it’s going, as does Gemma. He tells her he’s heading in a different direction (with his old gang) than before and assures her that he loves her. She answers Men need love, women don’t. They need to be wanted. (Really?). There is a knock at the door and it’s Lila telling them that Jax is there. Essentially, Nero and Jax each remind each other of their original end games. To get away from these lives, with Gemma eavesdropping from inside the office (Jax is unaware of this). We’ll leave that there until next season.

Over at the clubhouse, Jax takes his place at the head of the table. Bobby walks in and points out that Jax has become exactly what he was there to replace with a better direction for the club. I don’t remember what if anything Jax said in return but he leaves the meeting room. The last we see of Bobby is him removing the Vice president patch from his cut. As Jax is leaving, he embraces Juice.

Jax arrives home. Sits down at the table and notices the papers that Tara left for him to sign. He spots that Wendy is being named guardian and he questions Tara as to why. She tells him that part of her job as ‘an old lady’ is to help tie the loose ends for their men. Make sure everything along the way runs as smoothly as possible. There is a knock at the door. It’s Eli and his deputy. Jax asks if whatever he’s there for can wait until the next day, Eli says no. Jax asks if they’re good regarding Clay, the Nomads, and all that stuff. Eli says yes but that isn’t why he’s there. He’s there to arrest Tara which he does, for conspiracy to commit murder (with Otto). Remember that promise Jax made to Tara that everything would be fine? It doesn’t look very fine to me at this point. That psychobitch Gemma has turned Tara in (likely when she went to give her statement about Clay). Gawd I hate this bitch.

So, what are the Cliffhangers? 1. Will Clay survive season 6 or will he just rot in jail? 2. Will Tara be convicted? 3. Will Jax find out what that psychobitch mother of his has done and will he finally whack her once and for all? I hope so. 4. Juice appears to be back in Jax’s good graces. Is he really? How about Tig?

There you go my biker fan friends. 13 episodes with a not so neat bow on the season, because, we are left with a few questions and storylines for season 6. I hope you’ve enjoyed taking this ride with me as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you. You’ve all been fantastic with your support and comments and I hope to be doing this again with you, very shortly. I’m sure I’ll come up with other stuff in the meantime but definitely, see you next season for the 6th round of SAMCRO.



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39 Responses to FauxAlity Wednesday – SAMCRO – J’ai Obtenu Cette – I Got This

  1. I believe that the Calvary that rushed in to back up Jax and crew at the dog fight was Nero’s crew.

  2. LaineyLainey says:

    Not sure why, but there was no mumbling on last night’s episode i.e. I understood what everyone had to say. OMGGGGGGG….what a finale. I was NOT expecting any of that crap to happen. Well, as they say…it HAPPENS. But it was like….stuff kept happening and I would literally be shouting “whoah” and then something else would happen and “whoah”, then something else would happen and “whoah” – I can’t stop thinking about it.

  3. Of course, Juice is still a loose end – he could clear Clay, couldn’t he?

    His guilty conscience and those teary eyes are a liability.

    • melthehound says:

      That’s why I asked if Clay is going to survive or rot in prison. $5 mil is a lot of motivation to whack somebody,. I would even consider it at that point (jk) and yes, Juice could clear Clay AND put Jax in the hot seat.

    • melthehound says:

      Gemma could clear him as well

  4. And then there’s Toric – who’s lined up to be the major baddie next Season.

    Let’s say that they discredit Gemma’s accusations and get Tara out of jail – she’s still prey and will likely be tormented and hunted down by Toric. Which, of course, makes for much better TV, in my book…

    • melthehound says:

      Yeah, the last time we saw Toric he had a kind of well, would you lookie there look on his face after Otto bit his tongue off. Unless they are dead, people on this show don’t just disappear. Toric will be back, after Tara I imagine. I can’t really phantom what he could do to make Otto more miserable than he is right now. I think Otto biting his own tongue off and throwing it across the room was, in part, an FU to Toric. How do you hurt a guy who is willing to do that?

      • 🙂 Toric seemed to love that Otto had that in him. Tara…much more vulnerable…I’m afraid he’s going to torture her.

        • melthehound says:

          That whole plot line could go any number of ways. I’m a little shocked at the idea that Jax would allow her to be thrown under the bus like that or in fact, have any part in it. I was really hoping to see Gemma get hers this episode but like Clay, she always seems to slither away.

  5. That was a some show last night. Jax got rid of Clay & Pope & managed to save Tig. Loved it when he told Pope’s guy “if you think I could have done all this then you are giving me way too much credit.” Jax plays dumb, which just might work.

    I agree MTH, the dog fighting was horrible. The woman with the van was the same one talking to the stuffed animal. And I loved the scene with the dog in the van biting Dante. That was great! I liked the softer side of Tig saving the dog too.

    So the last scene was disturbing. Here’s Gemma, holding Jax’s older son, then Jax comes in. What does he do? The final shot has Jax placing his hand on his mom’s shoulder, then Gemma reaches up to hold his hand. This leads me to believe that Jax knew Gemma was setting up Tara. He knew Tara was free & clear after talking to Unser. For now, Jax is willing to let Tara go to jail to stop her from taking the kids to Oregon. Plus he’s mad at her for making Wendy the kid’s legal custodian, if Tara & Jax are both dead.

    I’m hoping that Jax tells Tara that Gemma will drop her statement, if she agrees not to go to Oregon, and not to ever attempt to leave with the kids. Or maybe he will just let her rot in jail. With this new twist in their relationship, how can they get beyond this & stay together? Seems the mother/son bond is way stronger than the Jax/Tara bond. Tara didn’t think things thru did she, even after that evil threat & punch to the gut from Gemma.

    They really know how to leave us wanting more, don’t they?!

    • Boobah says:

      Hi Bluesky!! *waves*

      I thought the final scene was of Jax sitting and Gemma coming in. She said, “I’m here, Baby”. Then she placed her hand on his shoulder but moved it a bit to his chest. The first thing I thought was this scene looked exactly like that old photo of Gemma and JT (this photo was also re-created, so to speak, when Tara placed her hand on Jax’s chest when he was in the chapel where he first took over as President).
      And I also think that Gemma wants her and Jax to be in charge of all things SAMCRO. This might go in-line with why she said to Nero, “Men need love, women need to be wanted”. She doesn’t need love (from Nero, Clay, or JT) – maybe she needs to feel in control, i.e…wanted, like she said.

      • Okay, that last scene with Jax and Gemma was downright creepy. That Mama loves her boy way too much and in a very strange way to boot. I’ve been reading some articles about the inspiration for Sutter’s storylines and I came across this one from Rolling Stone. I think they make a very good point that SAMCRO is Hamlet on Harleys.

        • Boobah says:

          Good article – thanks for the link, Empress! I agree about that last scene. Completely creepy! I was so mad about how Jax handled the whole thing! Tara did think Jax would go to Providence Hospital with her but I think she felt like he needed a push. Maye it seemed clear to Tara, after hearing about what he did to Wendy, that Jax might have crossed over to the dark side, if you will, and she needed to act quickly?

    • I think Tara honestly believed that her husband would have her back and follow her to Oregon. I mean, that was supposed to be the plan – until Gemma stepped it up big time, doing just what Jax wanted her to do and putting her own signature on Clay’s death sentence.
      You’re absolutely right – Tara overplayed her hand when she decided that Wendy should be the boys’ guardian. I guess she underestimated the loyalty and bond between Jax and Gemma. Those two were never going to let Wendy take care of the kids.
      So, even if Gemma takes back her statement and Tara walks on the conspiracy charge, how can Tara ever really trust her husband or his mother again?

    • melthehound says:

      Bluesky, I’m pretty sure it was the other way around between Jax and Gemma. In the final scene, we see Tara in the back of the car, Gemma walking across the street with a take that bitch scowel on her face, Jax is inside holding Abel, and Gemma walks up behind them, puts one hand on Abel’s head and the other over Jax’s shoulder,

      Boobah, that picture is exactly what I thought of.

      Empress, I didn’t really think of the twist that Jax at the very least, let this happen. He definitely wasn’t happy about Wendy being named the guardian and I don’t think Jax has any intention of ever leaving Charming Or SAMCRO. Where would the show be, if he did? It did seem odd to me that he was sitting there all calm while his wife was being hauled off in the back of a police car.

  6. Boobah says:

    OMG! The scene when Tara gets carted off to jail in cuffs….the way Jax handled that….the look on his face…grrrrrrr!! That pissed me off so much. It was like Jax was glad it happened. My feeling is that Jax will believe Tara but it will change things between them. And I think Gemma will do everything in her power to make sure Tara doesn’t take her boy away.

    The dog fighting was really difficult to watch. I had to turn away for most of it. Awful. I don’t even want to remember it anymore.

    Gemma is such a jerk! I mean, a lowly, unstable, scummy…(use any/all words to fill in the blank – I have a few in mind). Jax needs to wake up and see what she is. Pronto.

    I think Nero becomes a major SAMCRO ally and he and Jax develop a tight relationship. Is it possible that Nero gets patched in to the club?? I don’t know how that works – just a thought.

    Eli was blinded my his hurt and rage that he doesn’t even realize that SAMCRO sucked him in. No doubt, just like they did to Unser and just like how they started to with Hale before he died.

    I think Tig will become paranoid. That was an incredible move by Jax at that warehouse. One that could have easily backfired. If Tig is able to feel safe, I’d be surprised. His best bet would be to get some leverage of his own just in case he needs it.

    I don’t know what to make of Juice. He’s be a fool to think he’s safe also. He might still have some proving-of-himself to do.

    This show is pretty fantastic and MelTH – it’s been a joy to read your re-caps. Thank you for the great reads.

  7. I’d like to thank MTH for writing thirteen weeks of recaps of Sons of Anarchy for us. He did all of us, and me in particular, a huge favor with the work he put into this. I know that he does recaps of The Amazing Race and Survivor for the LynnFam blog, which, from where I’m sitting, is nothing short of phenomenal. Oh yeah, and in his free time, he tells us stories about his family and his childhood and his favorite hobbies. We get to see his beautiful photographs and hear some of his music. When something else piques his interest, we get his very unique perspective of the world. Best of all, he shares The Hound with us – I happen to have a soft spot, in case you haven’t noticed, for folks who care about and for animals.
    Having said that, I look forward to much more from him, both here and at Lynn’s Place. Hats off to you, my friend, and to borrow a line from SAMCRO, “way to commit, Jeff.” 😉

    • Boobah says:

      Here, here!!

      MelTH, you do offer a unique perspective and it is greatly appreciated. I have been reading your re-caps for a while and I truly enjoy your take on things and I really like your candid nature. oxox

    • Me, too – I couldn’t wait to come and see the summary and entertain questions w/you guys. Can’t wait for Season 6! Thanks to Jeff and our friend for Empress 🙂

    • melthehound says:

      Thanks for that Empress.. I thought 6 was going to be the end. Glad to know there is at least 2 more seasons coming.

      Something else I hadn’t thought of that was mentioned, the most obvious re Tara being arrested, Toric being behind it. Sutter says though, he wants us to believe that Gemma is the one (the easiest conclusion).

  8. melthehound says:

    😳 Awe Shucks (in my best southern drawl). Seriously ladies, the pleasure is all mine. Doing these recaps for y’all is a huge part of what makes the shows interesting to me. I write the recaps and cannot wait to read what you all have to say about them. I look forward to a lot more. 😀

  9. Question:

    Gemma said that she would tell the authorities that she brought the crucifix to Tara, at Tara’s request, that Tara planned to give it to Otto, and that Tara knew what he was going to do w/it.

    Wouldn’t that make GEMMA an accessory?

    • melthehound says:

      I thought about that too. Especially if she has said she KNEW what was going to happen with the crucifix. Kurt Sutter didn’t give us the info on who spilled for a reason.. To keep us all guessing.

  10. And by the way – if you haven’t heard the SOA soundtrack – you should get it – a great holiday gift!

    We listen to it all the time: http://www.amazon.com/Songs-Anarchy-Music-Sons-Season/dp/B00631VJIC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1354831565&sr=8-1&keywords=sons+of+anarchy+soundtrack

    Theres a new one for 2012.

  11. FLG (Mr. Tigre's Butler) says:

    Mr. Tigre
    ?/??/1991- 12/7/2012
    Hubs and FLG’S entertaining. loyal and loving companion..
    It was my pleasure to serve you for 21 years.
    Warmest regards to Empress and all the posters on this site.

    • Dearest FLG, The hearts of all of us here at The Farm go out to you. Anyone who has loved an animal knows how hard it is to lose them. We are all servants to our beloved creatures and we wouldn’t have it any other way. I have no doubt that Mr. Tigre was blessed with a wonderful life.
      Peace and prayers to you, my friend, Empress

    • melthehound says:

      Sounds like Mr Tigre lived a long good life. I never really know what to say to these things except consider yourself fortunate when an animal chooses you. R.I.P.

    • sparklemuffy says:

      Oh, FLG, saddest day ever. I think we all have felt this pain, but 21 years is a long time. So sorry.

    • Aw, Fare thee well, Mr. Tigre.

      Deep condolences to you, Flg – I know your dear little friend will be sorely missed.

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